Hi friends,

I'm laying down the making of cuffs, and instead, I'm going to host workshops to teach YOU to do it!!!!  I've always held on dearly to my calling, but I believe with every fiber of my being it's YOUR TURN and my calling is to just continue on in a different way. Those years of sewing seeds first in cuffing, then in art, painted cuffs, and writing; are now going to become a season of original art and teaching!! 

So, with that said November 30th will be the last day cuffs will be available in both the "Love Letters" shop and the custom Etsy shop.  A decade of cuffing is changing for the better! 

**If you are a subscriber I am SO beyond grateful for your monthly support. Your subscription will move out for several months (after next month's box) until I figure out if I'm going to continue with the new idea I'm dreaming and praying about! I promise to keep you in the loop:))  You have been so loyal to this ministry and I would love your prayers as I change gears!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!  I have truly loved serving you.  Believe me when I say voluntarily stepping away from guaranteed income in this climate, and with the changes in social media making it harder than EVER to be seen, I'm trusting the Lord to provide.  We built this art barn for a reason.  And its purpose is to be full of creativity, with hearts and hands postured to further His Kingdom! Love grows here on Hesed Hill.  I pray that you come along for the journey.  Stay tuned!

SHOP NEWS:  Both shops will be heavily discounted from October 28th until November 30th!!  Be blessed!!  After a brief sabbath time of rest, next year the "Love Letters" shop will be transformed into a gallery for newly released art and workshop signups.  The past Love Letters will remain available for purchase.


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