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This month's new release

Prints & Love Letters

So. Beautiful. All of it. The packaging.  The art.  The tape. The linen bag.  The pendant. The letter with the stitching.  The explanation card.  All. Beautiful.


I'm honestly choking on sobs.  I can't tell you how perfect this was and HIS timing is everything.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

S. - Los Angeles

Every detail is precious and lovely! It's even sweeter than I pictured it being!!!


A love letter between you and God and a love letter for what God is doing in my life. It was a blessing - a real joy and comfort to read. Thank you for sharing your heart.


I just received my hen cuff and I love it! But what I loved even more is the letter. You just always know how to touch me when I need it the most. Whether it be an Instagram post, or a picture.

- Cathy

Transparent letters

This is a catalog of letters, written by friends, who have went through some major valleys. My hope is they encourage your heart. You are not alone.

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Hand-painted jewelry minis

Art included with every order!