Farmgirl Paints Luxury Candle Line - Travel Edition


You're in for a treat. Our luxury candles are developed with a high dose of fragrance oils, and 100% clean burning soy wax. Carefully poured by hand in Nashville, TN, these candles are packaged in glass mason jars with artwork of each design by artist Becky Strahle. Travel with us to the most amazing destinations...Maine, Palm Springs, Capri, Hawaii, Tennessee, and Paris.
Maine - Do you dare take off your shoes and meander through the fields of lupine?  The soft breeze bends the blades of grass.  Your hands graze each stem.  Every step calls you deeper.  The earth feels cold and damp beneath your feet. You feel connected...alive. peace-filled, full of pause and contemplation. (spearmint, eucalyptus, tomato leaf, and lavender)

Palm Springs - Coffee in hand you make your way to the pool.  You dip your toes in, finding a spot to lounge.  Dirt mountains, cacti, and zooming hummingbirds fill your view.  The light desert air expands your lungs as the sun warms your face.  You are untethered. Free. (powder, amaretto, bergamot, oakmoss)

Capri - You pull back the curtain to your hotel room and the view takes your breath away... shimmering diamonds.  As you step out onto the balcony, rooftop after colorful tile rooftop reminds you of your secret hideaway. Is this a peek into heaven? Nestled in the lemon groves you feel the disbelief that such a place exists.  No noise.  No cars.  No cares.  Just you and the view. (fig tree, freesia, lemon verbena, sparkling grapefruit)

Hawaii - Birdsong lulls you into a sweet slumber.  The palm branches fluttering in the wind give you the perfect white noise to make your shoulders relax... your pulse slow.  It's just you, a hammock, and the birds.  Wafts of plumeria intoxicate every inhale.  This a reminder that today is a beautiful gift. (coconut milk, almond, plumeria, and sea salt)

Tennessee - Windows down, music up.  The fresh air whips your hair.  Sunflare filters through the passing trees.  You catch your breath as you wind your way through the hills.  This feels like home.  Comfortable, worn-in... your favorite blue jeans on a Sunday afternoon...kinda home. (alpine balsam, wassail, rainwater, fresh-cut grass)

Paris - Flirtatious laughter pulls you down the street.  Church bells sound in the distance.  Dishes clang...aromas entice.  Rhythmic poetic voices keep beat.  Every beautiful window display and doorway begs to be captured.  Fresh excitement to explore carries you forward and flickers intrigue about the past.  This is the city of light and love.  You are in the center of it all. (cherry blossom, bergamot, sage, orange, grapefruit, lemon peel, and clover)