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Love God * Love People heart angel ornament (includes "Tumbled Heart" letter and art-card)


Months ago the Lord revealed the sweetest letter to me on a plane ride home from Colorado.  The "tumbled heart" art immediately followed.  I hope you love this new addition to your tree or window.  The crystal is 3" French-cut and the heart-shaped blank is handpainted and stamped with the words "Love God * Love People".  This is a sweet gift for anyone!  And a beautiful addition to your Christmas Collection.  


Excerpt from the letter:

"It's a process, this tumbled stone, a new heart.  You have to submit and stay to the end.  You can't jump off because the tossing about is too much.  Hurt hides, hurt retreats.  It lashes out to be heard and needs to be understood. Love pursues.  Love extends.  Love listens and invites you in.  Let me live to be love.  That's the only way to reach beauty.  Let my resolve be that my edges will be polished.  That my inner "color" would be sparkly and bright."


This keepsake includes our Heartfelt Collection love letter entitled "Tumbled Heart."  The ornament, love letter, and art-card will arrive by box in a sweet little tin container:) Delivery will be within 2-4 weeks after purchase. The artwork was created by me and is 5"X7" and includes an envelope for passing along.



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