Cactus Print and Love Letter


On a recent trip to Santa Fe, my eyes continuously rested on these funky looking cactus in the landscape.  As I picked up one of the purplish bulbs to bring into the art studio, the tiniest of thorns got me.  It was shocking how a hairlike prick could hurt so badly, and stay with me for so long. That sting got me to thinking about our daily annoyances, so this month's letter is appropriately titled "the thorn".  Paul had a thorn and it caused him to rely even more on the Lord.  What if we take that hurt, (we all have something) and instead of wishing it away we use it as a reminder to run to Him?  To cast our cares daily...  In this month's letter, I share a thorn of mine.

This listing is for a 5x7 art card (painted by Becky Strahle) with an envelope and love letter entitled "The Thorn".