"Joy Comes" 5x5 Print and Love Letter


I painted these citrus branches in the dead of winter.  My orange tree was laden with fruit and the thought of spring made me a little teary-eyed. Blue jays live on our farm, so it seemed like a natural place for his feet to land.  

This month's letter is about uncovering joy.  I share a bit about my journey to freedom from depression and anxiety.  Not to say I don't still have the occasional dark day, but He's given me the Word, biblical examples, and a very practical "tried and true" list to help me fight off the blues.  It's packed with scriptures for you to have your own little bible study at home.  I pray it imparts encouragement.  You are not alone!


This listing is for a 5x5 art card with envelope and love letter entitled "Joy Comes".



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