Psalms 139 Print and Love Letter


This month's transparent letter was written by my friend Savannah Locke.  She's a truly gifted writer with a heart for the Lord.  When I read her letter I was like, YES!  This is for me.  I turn to social media when I'm bored, lonely or blue and many times it leaves me feeling even more hollow. If you've ever felt this way you're not alone.  Read what Savannah did to combat this.  You'll love her!

This month's artwork is a re-release from my daughter Maggie Strahle (@audaciousdaughter).  Psalms 139 is my favorite passage in the bible and this print with her feet grounded in truth is pure gold!  The print is 5x7 and blank on the back so you can share it (comes with an envelope) or frame it as a keepsake! 


This listing is for a 5x7 art card with envelope and love letter entitled "Psalms 139".



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