"Press On" 5x5 Print and Love Letter


I had a friend ask me recently if I could pinpoint the first time I felt rejected.  Tears streaming down my face I instantly recalled a memory from my childhood.  It was something I never thought about, but there it was just below the surface. I was molested by a family friend.  And when I finally got up the courage to share it with a trusted adult they dismissed me.  They made me feel small and wrong for telling the truth. 

This month's letter is about how rejection can turn to shame and how we need to identify when it happens and address it.  We don't have to carry that past with us. It's time to press on.  This may be for someone you know.  Pray about how God can use this letter to encourage someone's heart.


This listing is for a 5x5 art card with an envelope and love letter entitled "Press On".

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