Hawaii Print and Love Letter


This month's letter was inspired by our family's trip to Hawaii last year.  If you've experienced grief you know how hard the holidays can be. I had lost my dad earlier in the year, and I desperately needed to escape that overwhelming numb feeling.  I just wanted to feel joy again and if you know me you know that Hawaii is one of our happy places. 

On Christmas day I stood on the edge of the ocean, toes buried in the sand, and the Lord spoke over me His own love letter.  He reminded me that He is my safe place.  My place of refuge.  My confidant and protector.

I hope this image of tranquility and shelter reminds you of Who you belong to and that He is your safe place.


This listing is for a 5x7 art card (painted by Becky Strahle) with envelope and love letter entitled "Safe Place".



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