Angel Army print and letter


In my last love letter, I mentioned that we bought our house sight unseen. That crazy step of faith unleashed a tremendous amount of fear. Gracious! I wish I could say it didn't, that we just breezed through that whole journey, but it was really hard. Just because you are following along with God's leading doesn't mean you won't have to combat some big giants.  The bible tells us over and over again not to fear. He knew as humans it would be our biggest struggle.  This letter is our journey through it.

**Because it's something that we all struggle with on the regular this ornament-suncatcher/letter & artwork will be available in the shop year-round.**

Even after the drama of renovating and all the struggles that came along with that was over I still struggled with anxiety and fear.  There was a heaviness on our land.  One day the Lord showed me a picture of our property with angels camped out in the front field. That image of His army residing here reminded me that even though I live in the natural there is a supernatural that I can't see.  His presence is here.  His army is here, and we are safeguarded on all sides.

I took forever starting this painting.  I had zero ideas of how to sufficiently paint angels.  That one is a little intimidating, but He just told me to begin.  So this is my simplified version of our home and the angels that live here.  You have them too!  


This listing is for a 5x7 art card with envelope and love letter entitled "Do Not Be Afraid".