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(NON-US CUSTOMERS) Jewelry Box Subscription - MONTHLY


For years, people have told me to write a book.  That's never been a goal because I haven't thought of myself as a writer, but I AM! God reveals himself to me on the daily and for some reason, He's given me the gift to really see His face in the ordinary things.  This monthly compilation of love letters is just that...His love in letters.  All strung together just for me and you.

Each letter of encouragement will come with an art card from either myself or my daughter Maggie.  You'll find more of her work at

The jewelry will vary by month and will tie in with the letters and artwork.  It will most likely be a leather cuff with a heart-shaped etched, stamped and handpainted bronze blank OR a stamped and painted locket.  See past designs for an example of my work.  After making cuffs for years this new level of design is beyond fun.  I can't wait to share my creative process with you.


**If you have a larger or smaller than most wrist size please leave a TIGHT WRIST MEASUREMENT at checkout.  If there isn't a measurement in the notes you'll receive our standard size.  The cuffs usually come in two colors.  Your box will include the standard color mentioned in the listing.  If you prefer another color please message me asap.  Thank you!!


Please note this is a subscription and your card will be charged $88 once per month... THIS IS FOR NON-US CUSTOMERS. Not responsible for additional vat charges.

Your subscription starts the month you subscribe. Expect your love letter to arrive the first week or so of every month.  If you subscribe in March, your letter will arrive beginning of April:)

You are able to cancel, skip, or update your subscription at any time... to do so, be sure to create an account at checkout and leave me feedback pretty please:)


You are SO loved!