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For years, people have told me to write a book.  That's never been a goal because I haven't thought of myself as a writer, but I AM! God reveals himself to me on the daily and for some reason, He's given me the gift to really see His face in the ordinary things.  This monthly compilation of love letters is just that...His love in letters.  All strung together just for me and you.

Each letter of encouragement will come with an art card from either myself or my daughter Maggie.  You'll find more of her work at


Your subscription starts the month following the month you subscribe. For example, if you subscribe in March your subscription will start in April.

Expect your love letter to arrive in the middle of the month.


The subscription includes FREE USPS FIRST CLASS SHIPPING! 


Due to the amount of time put into the design of each monthly love letter, no refunds are available for the one year pre-paid subscription. 


You are loved!