"Beautiful Soul" Designer Hand-painted Handbag - Winter/Spring 2022-23 Collection


This collection is a "three years in the making" dream come true.  During a trip to NYC in 2019, I saw the most unique handbag.  It was made from a painting that was found at a flea market in Denmark.  The bag was beaten up and beautiful, and I left that shop inspired to the core.  I just KNEW I was supposed to use my gifts of painting and leather work, along with my love of vintage fabrics, to create something special just for you. 

The Lord put the words "beautiful soul" in my heart; He gave me a seamstress named Rebecca to come alongside me, and here we are 3 years later with all my handbag dreams an actual reality.  These are truly one-of-a-kind masterpieces.  There are no two alike.  Each bag is handpainted and the straps are stamped with words to inspire.  


#1 - Yellow house. Leather stamped with "Be Still", measures16.5x13

#2 - Owl, Leather stamped with "Salt Light", measures 15x15

#3 - Bouquet, Leather stamped with "Strength Dignity", measures 17x17

#4 - Cactus bird, Leather stamped with "Apart Set", measures 17x14

#5 - Yellow bird with a vase, Leather stamped with "New Song", measures 16.5x14

#6 - Parakeets. Leather stamped with "Highly Favored", measures17x15

#7 - House with red poppies, Leather stamped with "He is Able", measures 16x13

#8 - Field of blue flowers. Leather stamped with "New Creation", measures 16.5x14

#9 - Desert woodpecker, leather stamped with "Shine Bright", measures 17x13.5

#10 - Orange flowers, Leather stamped with "Born Again", measures16.5x14


This is our Winter/Spring 2022-'23 collection.