How do I know when you'll be open?

We are an occasional Etsy shop.  Which means we are occasionally open 3-4 times a year for 5-10 days at a time.  We spend the rest of the year shopping for leather, making/designing cuffs, taking photographs and listing.  We're not truly on "vacation":)  

To keep current on open dates, receive coupon codes and to find out all the latest information follow me on Instagram @farmgirlpaints, on my blog at Farmgirl Paints, or sign up for the newsletter at the top of my blog at "sign up".  This way you won't miss a thing!  Make sure to check your spam folder for verification.  Also, we only mail these newsletters out a week before open and on opening day.  So if you don't get one that is doesn't automatically send one.

Why are you not open year round?

God spoke... I listened:)

The easiest answer is obedience.  A few years ago I had a dream where God whispered to me "let it go and watch it grow".  I was struggling.  An Etsy shop can RUN YOU and I was majorly burned out.  I felt led to trust Him and started opening occasionally.  That was the best scary decision I ever made:)  We close to restock/recuperate, go at our own pace and spend time with our families.  It keeps my priorities in check.

What is the process for ordering a cuff?
Go into my "cuff shop" tab at the top of my blog and pick out a cuff you like.  There will be a drop down menu so you can pick out which metal blank you like.  ***Leave the words you'd like us to handstamp in the notes section at checkout.  We will contact you if they will not work or if you know they are wordy go ahead and purchase the wordy listing with your order.  If you are in doubt about sizing please leave a TIGHT wrist measurement as well.  TIGHT!  We allow for wiggle room. See below...

Where does the coupon code go?
At checkout there is a spot to add a coupon code.  Please do this BEFORE you checkout.  We do not apply discounts after the order has been placed.  I hope you understand.

I put a cuff in my shopping cart and it disappeared:/
The first few days of an opening are very busy.  Because we are only open a few times a year there is a bit of a frenzy on opening day.  We suggest if you love a cuff...BUY IT IMMEDIATELY!  Don't wait or you'll possibly lose it.  If you don't have your words picked out we can hold it aside for a day or two.  Just leave us a note at checkout that you'll get back to us asap:)

What's the benefit of a pre-stamped blank?
The pre-stamped blanks simplify and speed up your order.  They are our most requested words, on one of our favorite blanks and you already know what it will look like:)  Just make sure if you request one that you choose a cuff that is at least 1" wide.

Can I still pick out my own words?
YES!!!  All our cuffs are custom.  When you checkout you'll leave your words in the notes section.  If you need ideas...we have some word ideas under the picture and find me on Instagram @ farmgirlpaints.  Look up hastag #farmgirlpaintsetsy and #fgpboxshots.  There are tons of words for inspiration in our box shots:)

I don't know what blank to pick:/ HELP!
If you are struggling with choosing a blank metal piece for your cuff let us choose for you.  Leave me a note at checkout with your words and I'll be happy to match it for you.  We are pretty good at this sort of thing;)

How many characters will fit on a metal blank and what is the WORDY listing?  
This will vary based on the blank you choose.  We don't set a word limit because it depends on line breaks, word lengths, font size, etc. Leave your words for us at checkout and if it does NOT fit we will contact you.  

We've set up a WORDY listing.  If your selection could use punctuation or you are questioning whether it will fit on a blank it's probably wordy.  Please purchase the Wordy listing with your order. We find that less looks best:)

Do you ship internationally?  
Yes we do!  Please note we are not responsible for customs/tariff fees.

Lowercase/uppercase...which is best?
From our experience lowercase or a mix of upper and lower looks much better than ALL CAPS! This is definitely a personal preference.  Please type your words as you would like them to appear.  

Can I choose my font size?
YES!  We will use our artistic judgement to fill in your blank nicely using a mix of larger and/or smaller font unless you prefer one or the other.  Again this is based on the size of your blank and what will fit.  If you have a preference please leave it in the notes section at checkout.

Do you make different cuff sizes?
We do!  We don't give out the exact length measurements because we find it causes customer confusion.  We allow for wiggle room and there are two snaps.  ALL the cuffs are able to be downsized if you have a tiny wrist.  We do our best to leave extra leather to accommodate a larger wrist sizes as well.  So if you are in doubt if a standard 'fits most women's wrists' size will fit (or need a child or man sized cuff) we'll need a TIGHT wrist measurement.

What is the "simple" listing?
The simple listing is an easy way to order a cuff.  You choose from brown or black, stitched or unstitched, and width.  To make it even more simple you can choose from our pre-stamped blanks list or choose custom words of your own.  

I think mine got lost in the mail...
Every domestic order is sent out USPS first class with insurance (as an OPTION) and a tracking number.  You will receive a shipping notification once it leaves our hands.  Please check tracking before contacting us.  If you haven't seen your cuff within 21 days of shipment and you purchased insurance let us know and we will file a claim on your behalf.  It will require you to fill out an affidavit form before a full refund will be given.

Do you have symbols?
Yes we do:)  We can also do medical alert cuffs.  Please choose a large blank so we can fit your necessary information legibly.

How do I care for my cuff?
We suggest you do not get any of the leather cuffs wet.  This will affect the fit and eventually it might develop an odor.  The blanks may weather a bit with wear.  To brighten them you can use a Magic Eraser on the metal...dry not wet.  Most of the cuffs sold are made from distressed leather.  If yours is becoming increasingly cracked or weathered, you can use a leather conditioner.  We don't really have a specific brand to recommend.

Can you make something out of a belt I already own?
We can!  We call these sentimental cuffs.  Mail your belt to me at:

Becky Strahle
P.O. Box 1103
Nolensville, TN 37135

Please include a detailed NOTE with any special sizing, words, blank selection and if you want the remainder of the belt returned. NO WOVEN BELTS PLEASE. This can be mailed in at any time.  I'll contact you and set up a reserved listing after I receive the package. If you have questions, convo me through the shop.

Are the Box Shot cuffs available to buy?
No, sorry these cuffs are sold!  We show them to give you ideas and perspective.  It's a great way for you to see first hand the different finishes on our various cuffs.  It's also very inspirational for word ideas:)

I didn't see mine in a Box Shot. Did you get my order?
We are not able to show every single completed cuff in a box shot.  We'd love to, but then unfortunately we wouldn't get anything else done!  We pick cuffs for the box shots based on unique wording and/or leather we'd like to show off:)  

I love this one. Can you hold it for me?
I'm so sorry, but unfortunately it's first come first serve.  We'd LOVE to be able to guarantee you the cuff you want, but we have to be fair to everyone.  We suggest setting your phone alarm so you don't forget opening day.  That's when the unique patterns and styles sell out first.

My cuff came to me damaged or incorrect...
Well that stinks...but it occasionally happens.  Please shoot us a convo on Etsy, including a picture, and we will do our best to fix or replace your purchase.

I made a mistake. Can I get a new metal blank plate?
If you made a typo with a date or want/need different words you can mail the cuff back to us and we can make you another at any time.  There will be an additional fee.  Please include a note and I'll contact you once I receive the package and set up a reserved listing for you.

Becky Strahle
P.O. Box 1103
Nolensville, TN 37135

I DM'd you on Instagram and didn't hear back:/
I don't have a lot of time to check Instagram when the shop is open.  If you have a question regarding an Etsy order please convo me through Etsy.  I don't want to miss any of your questions.

About how long will it take to get my cuff?
We make every effort to stamp and ship your order as quickly as possible -- typically, 1 to 2 weeks plus transit time.  However, in times of extremely high volume, do take note of our posted shipping times on the shop’s front page as they may increase. 

I need mine ASAP.
We offer a RUSH shipping option.  It will pull your order from the pile and place it at the very top:) You'll receive a shipping notification with tracking as soon as it mails out.  IF you want additional shipping attention we also provide priority domestic shipping as an option.

It says you're closing.  Is that forever?  Will I still get my cuff, or do I have to wait until you open again?
Most of the stamping and filling of orders happens after we close.  We use our open dates to print orders and handle convo questions.  We try to get every item mailed out within a week to two week period after we receive it.  You will get your order before our next open pinky swear:)

Will you donate something for our auction?
On a weekly basis we get several requests to donate to various auctions and fundraisers.  We've added to our mission statement to be a company of giving and therefore are turning over a generous portion of every sale to a ministry near and dear to our hearts. Because of our focus and commitment to that specific giving vision we are limiting the number of auctions we participate in.  We hope you understand.  To learn more about our giving vision sign up for our newsletter at the top of my blog under "sign up":)

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