Monday, February 3, 2014

SHOP opens NOW and the official tour!!!!!!

Good morning girlies.  It's a special day!!  Not only is the shop opening...YIPPEEEEEE, but I've been waiting to show you the finished shop space f.o.r.e.v.e.r!!!  So glad this day is finally here:))

It was late last summer that the switch finally flipped for me that we needed to swap out the girls playroom in the basement for my cuff shop that was currently in our upstairs bonus room.  We were cramped and hot.  Honey was working from home, so all the hammering and helpers coming and going was a big distraction.  So an idea took root and this is that beautiful beautiful flower!!!  Welcome to the new and improved FGP SHOP:))

These letters were the final special thing I was waiting for.  Last fall when I went to the Rose Bowl Flea I met the coolest gal...Anjanette.  So here we are months later with a SHOP sign design that literally surpasses all my expectations.  I sent her a picture of what I wanted and voila.  Gorgeousness!!!  The reclaimed wood even matches my floor in that space.  I LOVE it!!!  Her etsy shop is called American Vintage Inc.

This is our shipping station.  My hope is to eventually plaster the sides of the corkboard with your sweet cuff/selfie IG pics and map pin where the cuffs are heading off to:))

("Be awesome today" came from here. The "she turned her can't into cans" art came from here.) 

I wanted this space to be like a home away from home, so we've got a mini fridge, microwave and a Keurig coffee pot.  We pull up our TV trays at lunch and cozy in.  I seriously have to pinch myself that this my job.  That I get to work with my friends!  God is SO good.

We finished off the bathroom when we remodeled the basement.  This is our new girlie room:)  The vanity was purchased at an antique store for a really good price and then we bought the sink at a RESTORE store and inserted it.  I painted and distressed the dresser and added pretty glass knobs.  I've always dreamed of having a sink like this.  It was a perfect fit for down here.

I have a collection of handmirrors and I just kept having this vision of a handpainted one.  The words came to me and this is the final product.  From my favorite passage...Psalms 139 You are fearfully and wonderfully made...

The string art is just a handpainted chalkpaint background with nails surrounding it and yarn wrapped around the nails.  The hard part was figuring out the design and keeping the yarn from popping off the nails.  Other than that super cheap and easy peasy focal point for the space.  I HEART my string heart art!!

Obviously I have a thing for words and COLOR.  I got the Humble sign in Orange County last fall and the HOPE letters are from Joann's.  I recently painted them rainbow stripes.   

And here are the basement pics I've been promising you forever:)  We had a dark brown corduroy couch that was really ugly, so to disguise it I thought colorful afghans would do the trick.  From that the whole color me happy theme just kind of happened.  The girls and I punched every single heart and threaded them to string.  Then we draped lights (from World Market) across the room to help give the basement more light.

The BIG art is just draft prints I had made up at Office Max.  Super cheap.  I used spray adhesive to attach them to large pieces of wood that I had painted with chalkboard paint.  

This space gives me goosebumps.  It's exactly what I dreamed of.  If you would have told me a year ago this would be my life.  That working with friends and having a real business was in my future I don't think I would have believed you.

It's all been a wild daring adventure.  Stepping out in faith...believing for continued favor...and now having HELPERS.  It's out there.  My faith is stretched.  But honestly I believe that's right where God wants me.  He wants me to rest in his arms, trusting for every turn.  He wants to use me in a bigger way than I can obviously see.  So let's do this thing!!!!

The shop is open from today until FRIDAY.  That's only FIVE days!!!  We had to shorten our shop days because we'll be open in March as well.  It takes us several weeks to restock the shop.  So I hope you've got your words picked out.  Also the cuff give-away is still happening on IG.  To enter just post a pic of you and your cuff or future word you want and tag...#farmgirlpaintsetsy.  I'll announce the winner on Monday evening.

Oh and if you are following along on my @farmgirlfitness IG post a pic of the words that motivate you for a chance to win a fitness cuff.  Notice the little peek a boo blank on the back.  Such good motivation!!

A special THANK YOU to our February sponsors.  
Check out their blogs and IG for coupon codes:)
Laura from Finding Home
Tiffini from House of Belonging
Erin from IG @tweetpotatopie

**Art studio tour coming up soon!!

Be a blessing.

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  1. Wow, wow, WOW....this space is absolutely gorgeous Becky!!! So warm, comfortable & inspiring, I love all the colours, the artwork & those lights are fabulous.

    How exciting for you, I love seeing how far you have come....well done!! Xx

  2. So happy for you Becky! Such a beautiful spot to inspire creativity! What a blessing!

  3. What a wonderful place to work. Love it all!

  4. WOW!! Who woudn't love to work in that awesome space! Congrats on your faith walk!! You are doin it!!

  5. WOW!!!!! Simply amazing .... I want you to come and redecorate my whole house because I love the mix of old things and LOVE all the color but feel like when I put all those things together it just looks crazy! hahaha ... CONGRATS!!!

  6. Yay! It looks perfect. Good luck to you and may God Bless you BIG! XO

  7. Love your space, so colorful and so you!!

  8. Such a warm and inviting space. Love the colors. What a wonderful place God has given you. Hoping to someday own one of your beautiful cuffs. I have been pointing people to your esty shop.

  9. What a bright and cheery space! I'm in love with that SHOP sign :)

  10. If you ever sell that "Humble" sign, tell me first!

  11. It is perfectly cheerful, inspiring and lovely! Those SHOP letters are so cool and your yarn art is just rad!

  12. I'm new the IG thing, so hope my WORD post made it to you for the drawing! Love your cuffs, and would love to win one! Blessings to you...and extra strength during the next 5 days. :)

  13. Love, love, love your space! If you don't mind, what size are the prints you had printed out and mounted to wood? Thanks!

  14. your space turned out amazing! what a fun and happy place to create in...

  15. Oh, Becky! It's perfection. And so *you*! Every detail shouts JOY. Blessings on your shop re-opening, girl!

  16. I ♥ your decorating style-- probably because it's close to what I'm trying to do in my humble little house. Your whole post just gave me goosebumps, made me smile and brought tears to my eyes! I am beyond excited and happy for you and I've been looking through you're shop all morning trying to decide on the perfect cuff..! So.many.choices..! You go girl! ...i also want to work for you!! haha! Just an awesome thing all around!

  17. Oh Becky...I just LoVe every bit of your shop space!! It's so you:) Beautiful, colorful, amazing! Keep shining & inspiring, sweet friend! xo

  18. Yep...give me goosebumps too! Awesome space!! Enjoy every minute in it!

  19. Wow, congratulations. Lots of beautiful vintage office and workspace wonderfulness going on. It must be fun going to work. The walk isn't bad either.

  20. Your job is amazing!! I believe it is what we all dream of doing (:
    Your work space is even more incredible!!!!

  21. I LOVE IT!!!!! You outdid yourself Beckster!! I would still complain that I didn't see enough photos but only because you left me wanting MORE. :) Now I have to go back up and re-look at everything. LOL Just gorgeousness and So YOU!!! Love you and know you're going to rock the socks off this new shop!

  22. Becky this is amazing. I wanna come set up my studio in yours :)
    I hope for great things for you this year!!! xo

  23. Oh MY GOODNESS! It is beautiful. I want to move in. SO happy for you!

  24. I have said it before but it needs repeating ~ when I think of colour I automatically think of you! What an amazing job you guys did in the space Becky ~ it screams you and I know you are tickled about it! I see my little province on your map and hope you'll be pushing a pin in there soon for me. Hugs and love girlie to another successful opening. xoxo

  25. Congrats on your new space, it is awesome! I wish you all the best! :-)

  26. This space is just so you!! I am so excited for you and thrilled that you have found joy in your journey!! I love the encouraging words, the colors, all of it!! Go girl!! Susan

  27. What a FUN place to work, Becky! You have created a space that is sooooo YOU! Pretty, happy, spunky, creative, and cozy! Congrats, girlie!!!

    xoxo laurie

  28. Your basement looks incredible, Becky! What a happy, inspiring space. If I lived in Richmond, I'd want to work for you. :)
    Here's to a fantastic week! xoxo

  29. gorgeous space…love screams YOU!
    really digging that sign that I spy in one of those pictures!

    Keep my name close by next time you need sponsors for the shop..I'm always happy to do it!

  30. Happy day! What an amazing thing you have created thanks for sharing and many more happy years to you at Farmgirl Paints. God is always good.

  31. Oh.My.Goodness.....
    You turned yourself
    into a ROOM! It's so

    We need a serious phone
    catch up when your shop
    is closed and you have a
    minute....I want details : )

    Congratulations on making
    your dreams come true. I
    knew it was just a matter of

    xo Suzanne

  32. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Praise the Lord for His creativity through you! Wow, Becky --- what blessings.

  33. THEEEE most amazing space I have ever seen. I could not love it more....well, unless I was physically standing in that room ;).

  34. Becky, I love, love, love your space! It is so fun, so girlie, so inspirational and just plain old fun! You are amazing. Praying for more favor to pour over your shop. P.S. Can I come work for you ;)

  35. The shop is so lovely, Becky. It makes me happy for you.
    I love the heart garland and lights.


  36. friend? what a beautiful space! ohthecolor!! i'm sure you feel eneregy and inspiration there... awesomeness. have a wonderfully successful cuff season!!

  37. Becky!!! Your new shop space is SOOOOO awesome!
    Happy for the {teeny tiny} part i get to play in your grand business venture...
    you bless the pants off so many of us.

  38. all that color in your home and those big family photos are so you! It makes me happy. What a happy place to be! :)

  39. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!! I LOVE your beautiful space. Love all the HAPPY COLOR too! It just shouts JOY, Whimsy, Create Here Please, You are welcome to join in, Enjoy working here and I LOVE WORDS that INSPIRE. It is so YOU BECKY!! I really am excited for you. Congratulations on making your dreams come true and in being BRAVE and having the Faith. You are such an INSPIRATION.. I always find inspiration and HOPE when I come to visit you.

    Jumping up and down with joy for you,
    Lee Ann

  40. So absolutely fun and inspiring! I love how happy it is and comfortable at the same time. I'd love to know more about the metal chandelier frame thingie.

  41. How absolutely fun and inspiring! I love how happy and comfortable it is. I would love to know more about the metal chandelier cover thingie.


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