Friday, February 8, 2013

the soft place

Happy Friday friends.  I hope you've had a great week.  To be honest I've been kind of a hot frazzled mess.  I'm 100% blaming hormones.

The other night I dreamed I was sitting in my daughter's third grade class getting ready for her Valentine's day party when in saunters Kelle Hampton.  Love her!  She's my blog crush.  She's also 9 months pregnant.  Anyway she sashays in...looking gorgeous and all put together as usual and she starts handing out lovely handmade Valentine's to MY daughter's class.  Meanwhile much to my horror I realize I don't have any Valentine's for little chick to hand out and she starts sobbing on the disappointed in me.

I mean what in the world kind of convoluted dream is that!?!?  I woke up in a teary panic..heart saddened.  I mean isn't that every woman's worst moment...dropping one of the many balls we have flying in the air. Letting down the people we love the most.  Grrrrrrrr!

Then there was the lunch with a friend that had me in a sobbing state when she just casually mentioned she might move. Might.  Probably won't, but might.  Did I say might??  I lost it.  Seriously I couldn't even make eye contact.  It's no secret moving was hard for me, but finding and keeping a friend that I have so much in common with...who gets me.  Well that's like a lifeline right now.  It took a feather to push me over that edge.

Seriously I blame hormones, but I also know that I love deeply. I'm emotional and sentimental and one giant sloppy mess most days, but that's okay.  I care a whole lot about the people in my life and sometimes that sets you up for big hurt.

As much as I love them, I know that I know, that it's just a teeeeeeny tinnnny speck of how much my Savior loves me...Valentine's in hand or not...emotional hot mess and all;)   Resting in that soft place of reassurance.  

**Thank you all so much for sharing your love stories with me.  I read each one.  It's so good to remember back isn't it??  Okay so the winner of the Eco Natural Soap give-away is:
Lindsey at Piecefully Home!  Congrats girl!!  
Her love story is here.  It's a good one.

Be a blessing.

985.  my big chick who turned 13 today!  
986.  cuban food with tamara
987.  sunsets that set the sky on fire
988.  cupcakes in my near future

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  1. Big Chick is 13, wow!! Happy Birthday to her :)

    Love this post Becky....I'm emotional too, I think that's a really good thing. I too cried when a friend told me she was moving!!

    And I laughed at your dream :) I didn't know Kelle was pregnant, how lovely.

    Happy Week-end :)

  2. I know we've never met...but we love the people in our lives very similarly.
    I get being a giant sobbing mess....lets do blame it on hormones!!

  3. Wow, I stopped following Kelle's blog a few months ago and had no idea she's pregnant. What fun news!!!

  4. I am making my daughter's class braided friendship bracelets I found on Pinterest. They are so fast to make....will attach to a printed card. I am never home during the school year long enough to do this!

    I am so sad you are stressed.I hope your friend stays is so difficult to forge and keep friendships with our fast paced ever changing lives.

    Smiles have a lovely family!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Big Chick! Speaking as a mother of a 14 year old, I have to say so far so good - I LOVE this age! Aren't we lucky moms! And by the way friend, you look younger today than the day you had her! Really!

  6. Hormones bite!
    A big day for your family, 13 how fun for her. Have a great weekend with her, if I'm not mistaken cupcakes balance your hormone levels out, so eat two!

  7. i love it when i'm not the only one who blames hormones. and they are for real the devil. i have figured out when my estrogen level suddenly surges, that's teary depression time. when it depletes, that's panic anxiety girl time. problem is, these levels can fluctuate 10 minutes to the next. which is why we end up feeling so nutty and why testing doesn't do a lick of good. to cope, i write really awful ballads for the insane, some about menopause, some about how vogue i am because i blog. it helps a little.

    it's honorable to feel things deeply. means our hearts are closer to the surface.


  8. Real or imagined I blame hormones for a lot - surging or lagging, whatever they are it messes with a person. But in some strange way I feel better that I have a "reason" for being emotional or irrational or eating two cookies instead of one : ) Have a great weekend!

  9. i hear your voice in this whole post...this IS you! you DO love deeply. i love that about you. praying for you and finding you core "group" that you've been looking for for a long time. you'll get it, i know you will.

  10. Oh, what a dream or rather a nightmare! :o) I love Kelle too! I have cried my entire life and I think it is so theraputic, or least for me it is. Tears are like a dose of medicine for me. Awe, Mom to a 13 year old, that's enough to make one emotional for sure. Sweet times!

    Oh, Becky, love my cuff bracelet and love that you made it! Happy weekend!

  11. What a great post, Becky! Thank you for the way you turn everything into something for Jesus!

  12. MY HEART SANK FOR YOU! No moving friends allowed! And I sooooo relate when loving deeply! Oh boy...always so teary over every little thing. But I love that about me. Love that about you :)

    Happiest of birthdays to your sweet girl. My Gabey (he'd cringe if he knew I called him that to other people ;) turns 12 next month and Jim is planning their guy trip for "Passport to Purity." They'll be talking about all "that stuff"....cringe! I miss him as a baby terribly, but so far though, I've enjoyed each stage of my first born. I get that same feeling from you and your Big Chick :)

  13. what a fun surprise to find out i won the contest! :) thank you so much! we've had some pretty rough days lately around my house and this was a bright spot...oh, and often my dreams seem to be about "dropping the ball" i guess b/c as a mom i put so much pressure on myself!

  14. you DO love a lot and you do it well. i knew it as soon as you opened your mouth at the airport. :)
    i'm really, REALLLLLYYYY missing you right now.
    doesn't our weekend seem a bit like a dream to you, now? it happened, right?
    is it wrong to hope that God's will doesn't include your friend moving selfishly for your sake?
    let's go somewhere together!
    i'm just babbling now....
    so, i'll go.

  15. This is why I love you.
    I love hard, too : )

    I hope the one talking
    about moving isn't who
    I think it is....dang.....!

    I also hope that it was
    a beautiful day for your
    beautiful girl, sweet mama!

    Happy Weekend,
    xo Suzanne

  16. Happy 13th to that ravishing girl!

    Truly, you're hotter than you were when she was an infant. WTH-e-double-matchsticks?! If I were you, I wouldn't cry about anything, ever. Well, yes, I would. B/c you're an emotional girl. And now I think I'll break into a Billy Joel song: "Well, I know you're an emotional girl. It took a lot for you to not lose your faith in this world. And I can't offer you proof, but you're gonna face a moment of truth. It's hard when you're always afraid; you just recover when another belief is betrayed. So break my heart if you must; it's a matter of trust! You can't go the distance with too much resistance. I know you have doubts, but for God's sake don't shut me out!" I could go on and on, but I won't. Here; listen to the whole thing here:

    And cheer up!!! Even if your other friend moves, I'll still be here. I'll be here longer than you will. I'll be here forever. Do you need me to bake you more brownies?

    1. Yes please...on second thought getting fat will not cheer me up. Ha! I'll take a lunch date soon though.

  17. I love people that love big.
    I hope you have a much better week this next week with no sadness!
    I am impressed you are even thinking about valentines. I am dropping every mommy ball there is lately : (
    Every. single. ball.

    Happy weekend Beck.
    Chin up.

  18. I totally understand hormones!!! Happy B-day Big chick hope you have a wonderful week-end. Becky where did you get the pin? I had one just like it back in the 70s. Your pictures were awesome in this post.

  19. Loving deeply is a good thing- what a blessing you are to your friends. I have no doubt that your friends know that they are loved by you. Finding that friend who 'gets you' is hard- I hope that 'might move' doesn't happen.

    Happy birthday to your sweet girl. I LOVE that picture. Hope you have a sweet weekend celebrating with your family!

  20. Girl you need to give yourself a break...sounds like you pressure yourself a lot and believe it or not dreams are God's way of talking to us. Your dream is telling you that you feel pressure to keep up. You know what? that is a lie of the enemy. It is so easy to admire others and let that cause us to feel bad about ourselves but we are all created to be ourselves. You are awesome and wonderful and God has a special plan for you that only you can carry out. Keep abiding in Him and remember He loves you. He made you to love deeply and to care deeply...that is your design. Don't hate it, embrace it. So what if you fall to pieces once in a while. All of us do, most just aren't honest enough to admit it. I have struggled the past few years with keeping a friend (that lives close to me). Something that has never happened before. Seems like as soon as I find a friend then they are moving off somewhere. At first I was frustrated and hurt about it but I finally figured out that God wanted me to press in closer to Him. He wanted to be my friend. And oh what a wonderful friend He is. Praying for you...hormones and all.
    Blessings to you.

  21. You're the mom of a teenager! Welcome to the club. She is beautiful, like her mama!

  22. loving deeply=hurting deeply.
    sometimes i'm so afraid to get hurt that i don't reach out to love. been dealing with that a lot lately, but i know that He will never leave me or let me down. :)
    your vulnerability is beautiful.

  23. One of the things that I love about you Becky is your big heart. Can I say that I adore finally being on Instagram ~ loving your feed along with Big Chick's ~ the pictures you two are taking are amazing. Love that last shot with the old picture and her in the background ~ time sure does fly. Happy weekend. xo

  24. i hope your BigChick's birthday was absolutely sweet from head to toe to tummy. : )

    you have a big heart, becky, that's what i love about you. and i can totally relate to mary's comment... i'm afraid too. so thanks for being our example.

  25. happy birthday, big chick! you are a beauty.

    and becks, i had that kind of week too. wish we lived close so i could hug you up tight. xo.

  26. Just wanted you to know I related ENTIRELY to this part:

    "...finding and keeping a friend that I have so much in common with...who gets me. Well that's like a lifeline right now. It took a feather to push me over that edge."

  27. We love your hot mess ( even though I don't really think you're a hot mess :) )

  28. If I didn't think you were at the gym I'd call you right now. Maybe I will anyway and just see if you're done. This made me want to cry with YOU!!

  29. I had a seminary professor (during my very brief stint in seminary!) who told the class that we would all be trying to spin a lot of plates, because most of the students were married, some had families, and many students also had full-time jobs on top of trying to get through seminary. He told us right up front that we could be sure that we would not be able to keep all the plates spinning. There would be broken plates. We just could not physically keep them all going. His point was one of reassurance though. We must know our own need, know that we cannot do it all, much less do it all well. It's something I've never forgotten, at least in the back of my mind. There is some comfort in knowing that we will drop the ball, because God does not expect us never to drop it. Does that make sense?
    I really love what you said in this is a wonderful thing, to speak of that place of reassurance as a "soft place." I love that. Have a good week, Becky!!
    And here's something that might make you smile: I am one of the moms who is supposed to help with my son's class Valentines' Day party this week. I had it on the calendar for Friday, since that is the end of the week. But yesterday, I checked on the website/class page and saw that it is actually on Valentines' Day!! Aahh! I'm so glad that I happened to catch my mistake! ha! Close one! :)

  30. those kinda dreams are nightmares for me...wake up all crazy and can't go back to sleep because it seems so real.
    and yes...dropping the ball with those you love most is ugh! don't know if it is because i seem to feel everyone else's feelings so i take it extra hard and have to work at letting it go or what but i have been this way my whole life -- drives me crazy
    and i have tried to change but no luck...i am slowly ( emp. slowly ) realizing and accepting that this is the way God made me and i need to be open to how it wants to use it for Him and not look at it like a horrible curse. but it is HARD..and a soft place to land is what i am learning to use God as ( not in "use" like a bad but when you don't have a man that is a soft place often you keep it bottled inside and i need to find a friend or two but i have trust issues with all of our baggage...just seems better to keep it in the family..ok i am rambling so i will be quiet. girl i love ya!you always make me smile or know that i am not the only one and for that i am grateful today...xo


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