Friday, February 1, 2013

Open for business...occasionally

Happy February 1st friends!!  Can you even believe that?  I thought taking a breather from my shop in January would feel really long.  I would get soooo much accomplished, but it didn't really pan out that way:/ 

I did organize my studio...that was MAJOR!! And I did a few things I've wanted to get done, but beginning that new thing didn't happen yet.  But it will, and it will because I'm doing something drastic. Well not drastic, but different.  I've decided to make my Etsy shop occasional

That means...

I will only be accepting orders and have my shop in view from the 1st through the 15th of the month.  I hope this isn't too hard for you to remember, or that it will discourage you from ordering, but I just need to continue to set aside time to pursue this thing;) 

With that being said I'm OPEN FOR BUSINESS today!!!  I've found some reliable new suppliers, (so no more hiccups!!) and I'm ready to create something special just for you. 

As an "open for business" gift I'm offering a 15% discount this month.  Maybe a cuff with your word for the year...or a Valentine's day gift to yourself or a loved one:)  Just enter occasional15 in the coupon code.

Be a blessing.
975.  flipflops in January
976.  supplies that came in
977.  letters in the mail that make my heart sing
978.  possibilities
979.  carving time to begin
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  1. what a great idea! i love your new stuff AND your header!! hope you didn't pull all your hair out ;) xoxo

  2. I am adoring the new look! Really love it! I think it's great that you are going "part time" on Etsy. Gives you time for other things as well :)

  3. Oh and I saw this yesterday on Etsy and thought of you

  4. What a great idea for your shop! I often get tired but don't want to stop selling because I LOVE it and it is a huge blessing for our family. Can't wait to hear about what you are going to start doing! My guess is a picture book...children's picture book. hmmmm. Can't wait to hear all about it when you share!

  5. love your new blog look! ok, I just took a quick look before school but will be back to look at your shop later today.....I love your cuffs!

  6. I think your occasional shop is a terrific idea! It's all about balance right?
    I was just telling my hubbie yesterday that I 'need' another cuff. I LOVE mine so much and wear it almost every day!

  7. cute header! :D
    also, i think that you are so brilliant for setting up shop this way.
    my daughter and i want to open up an etsy, but it overwhelms me, so this could be a game changer! :)
    please PLEASE give me all of your best shop advice!!!
    and all that swoony LEATHER!!! soooo gorgeous!

  8. hey, another new header? lovely!
    that occasional shop is an awesome idea.
    hope that will free up time for your
    big thing.
    i miss your laugh.
    a lot.

  9. I love the new header. Planning to change mine very soon: kids are growing so quickly. Looking forward to breaking bread (or a brownie) with you, tomorrow evening. Love you, Girl.

  10. May your spirit be lofty with this new business change : )
    Happy Friday Beck!

  11. You are such a smart (and creative!) cookie....only open 1/2 the month is fab for you. Leaves you the rest of the month for FUN stuff!! And the rest of the month for the rest of us to save some moola for a cuff ;)

  12. Now, I call that balance, all work and no play doesn't make for a happy Becky. So, this will probably work and speaking of work, your work is awesome. I'm going to have to go check it out because I'm thinking a bracelet with my word for the year, expectation, might be neat! Blessings to you!

  13. I think it's great that you're open occasionally.
    These shops have a way of taking over our lives, if we let them.

    So, have I missed something? What's this "thing" you're starting?

    Happy Weekend~

  14. I just love you Becky and the way you share your heart. I'm not as good at it as you, the way you just tell it like it is. I feel like I know you. I'm getting a cuff this time around. The one that says BEGIN....because like you I haven't started my "thing" yet either. Scared, lazy, don't know where to begin...I have to stop with excuses because I feel God nudging so I have to stop denyiing it. Happy weekend xoxo

  15. Brilliant idea, Becky! I was afraid that you were goig to close, and I certainly didn't want to see THAT happen! I just ADORE my leather cuffs you made me and wear them all the time. They are a reminder of how blessed I am to be a child of the King....and to have you as a friend! ♥

    xoxo laurie

    PS Love your new header, too!

  16. i LOVE this Becky...good for you
    you are listening and doing something about it
    i can't wait to see what this thing is going to be:)
    but i too am learning that boundaries have to be set and things weeded out to pursue the highest good..
    happy weekend

  17. Yeah!
    I've been thinking about a cuff with my 2013 words on it.
    And Sierra lost her cuff we gave her for Christmas. :(
    Soo…be looking for an order from me! :)

    ps--love that your giving yourself margin. So healthy.

  18. Did you make the necklace in your photo? Too cute!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. What a good idea! I love how your cuffs turn out. I've tried making a couple for my sister and a friend - found a belt I loved at Goodwill - but I'm not having a lot of luck finding the plates to stamp. I've tried Michaels and Hobby Lobby, but they don't have much selection. Can you recommend a mail order place?

  21. you GO girl!! What a great way to do this. :)

  22. Woohoo ~ I have been getting so many comments on my cuff I just may need to order another. It's your shop so you do what you need to do Becky. Love love love your new header ~ did you make it in Picmonkey?


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