Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Alicia's spring chick virtual baby shower!!!

Good morning friends.  You remember my friend Alicia right?  The one we went to the Outer Banks with last summer?  The one "family" friend we have Thanksgiving with??  Well she's pregnant with her fourth.  Remember this post?  We captured them telling the was awesome.

My girl lives in Asheville away from all her friends and family, so we (me and a bunch of her blogging friends) decided to throw her a VIRTUAL BABY SHOWER!  WHAT??  WOOT WOOT!!!!!  My girl needs some stuff.  Baby chick four can't feel left out.  They had donated most of their baby stuff thinking they were probably done and then decided four felt right:)  So we are replenishing the stock!

Now my friend Alicia can throw a mean party...take a look HERE!  This girl is good.  So it's kind of a relief my shower can be virtual or there would be some major pressure.  Major!

She loves vintage.  Loves the look of anything old school.  SO if I were planning a shower it would have some old chippy white dressers and lots of creams and yellows.  It would have to have that table skirt for sure.  She made me one almost just like it, so I know it looks JUST LIKE HER!

I'd drum up some baby pics of her and Jarrod.  Maybe grandparents too.  I'd have her mom send me toys or momentos from her childhood.  We'd do it up.  I'd try really hard to make her cry.  She's not quite the emotional basket case I am, so it would be a challenge;)

We probably wouldn't play games.  I'm not a fan of baby shower games and since this is my party we'd skip that;) We would however take lots of pictures...'cause that's what we do.  I'd set up a photo booth with some wacky outfits or something and we'd make her try them all on!!!  Ahhhh and maybe we would do a paint project.  ONE giant participant crafty project that she could use later to decorate the baby's room.  Wouldn't that be fun?!

Source: Betty Crocker, Fav Pop, The girl who ate everything

And you know there'd be cake...preferably cupcakes:)  And to go along with her vintage theme we would probably need some sort of white cupcake or something colorless...NOT!  Oh no, not at my shower... ahem I mean Alicia's shower;)  I prefer the ones on the left of course.  How stinking adorable are those!?!  Oh my word.  But really they are all adorable!!!  

And of course there would be gifts.  This part kinda killed me cause I'm a need to know kind of girl.  I NEEEEEEEEED to KNOW THE SEX OF THE BABY!!!!!!  But I don't and I'm really upset alright with it;)  So I got them a cute little assortment of gifts.  If you would like to bless their family as's a link to her Target registry.

First of all I stalked her on Pinterest and found this amazing little lamb print here.  He/she had to have some new smelly goodness and a cute new bib...oh and a soft cuddly take along toy, and one of our favorite books of all time...Time for Bed.  I used to read that to the girls every night before bed.  Love that book!  That's a start.  I'll have to spoil him or her with an outfit or something gender related later I guess;)  

 photo aliciasbloggybutton_zpsebb4789f.jpg

If you know Alicia and want to throw her a shower too jump on board...grab the button and link up.  There's a big giant lovefest going on at Amy's, Amy's, Amy's, Mary's, Suzanne's, Sasha's and Carissa's.

***Oh and a shower wouldn't be a shower at all without a door leave me a comment with a helpful tip you couldn't live without...words of wisdom...or if you don't have any tips maybe some fun baby names:))  The winner will receive a personalized family cuff!!

Be a blessing.

All shower ideas...except the cupcakes came from this awesome magazine Mingle!

992.  my yellow piano
993.  the girls giggling in the backyard right now
994.  sun streaming in
995.  blessing my friend
996.  a community that raises each other high
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  1. Well, someone had to
    be first to the party....
    I tried to be fashionably
    late, but was too excited
    to get things started : )

    Since you know Alicia
    the best, your party
    would surely reflect
    her lovely heart ~ and

    I enjoyed being on
    the Welcoming Committee ~
    thank you for including
    me in the love!

    xo Suzanne

  2. What a sweet sweet shower! Lucky mama :) I had to pin the etsy site with the lamb painting. And Time For Bed is one of our all-time favorite bedtime books too!

  3. I just lost my comment....hmmmm bloggger!

    You girls all amaze me. I am lucky to have all of you to look to for I raise our 9 and 14 year olds, I look to you sweet girls for advice and a shoulder....and amazingly, you are ALWAYS there! This is THE sweetest thing you have done for Alicia!

  4. you guuuuyyyyysssss!!! how can the pregnant one not know about this!?!?! seriously this blesses me more than you know. way more. and if it makes you feel better, you made me cry. totally crying right now...jarrod is wondering what the heck is wrong with me :) love you so much. thank you for blessing me today.


    1. Yippee! We made you cry. Mission accomplished;) Love you friend.

  5. So sweet of you to do this for a friend. She will love this. WOrds of wisdom.............enjoy every minute esp. the first couple of weeks. Favorite names: Mabel and Liam.

  6. What a sweet friend and fun idea! Well, since this is her 4th I'm sure she has all the mommy experience under her belt. My only wise words would be get all the rest you can once the baby arrives (which won't be easy of course!), allow friends to bless you with dinner or assistance (bc it really makes them feel good!) and just enjoy those precious moments because they do fly by so fast. Best of luck and congratulations. A baby is such a joy!

  7. you know your girl so well. love this. all the vintage is gorgeous. and what a sweetie/genius you are to let everyone else join in with a door prize. this was so fun. i loved it! i love that there is real community like this in blogland. :)

  8. this is so fun, Becky!
    i love all of the inspiration and the lovely gifts.
    this is just TOO much fun!!!
    and she cried! that's sayin' something! :)


  9. Awww, this is adorable!!! I love that lamb painting!!♥♥♥ And I'm going to check out that book, we're alwasy on the hunt for new books!!

    Hmmm, helpful tip.... TAKE THE HELP WHEN IT'S OFFERED!!!! I'm soooo bad for not doing that but if someone offers to help you in anyway - TAKE IT!!! Swallow up that pride and let them, cook, clean, fold laundry (even if it contains your unmeantionables!) whatever they can do, let them! Bless someone by letting them bless you! :)

    Oh and don't know if I said this yet or not, so I'll just say it (again?!?) I love your new logo/watermark!!!!!

  10. What a great way to bless your blogging and real life friend. I love it!
    Tips: I agree with the comment above, take help when offered and you can never have too many spit up diapers.

  11. WHAT AN AWESOME IDEA. You are such a sweetheart. Can you email me her address - I would love to send her a little gift. God Bless you BIG!!!! xo

  12. What a wonderful shower and such great ideas for throwing a real life shower, too!
    Thank you for letting me know about the book. I am a brand new grandma and will be looking for things to read to my precious little one.
    An old school "helpful tip" for mama might be to keep a heating pad beside baby's crib and when he is up for his night feedings, turn the pad on warm and place on the crib mattress. When you put baby back down, his bed will be nice and warm and he will settle down more quickly. Be sure to remove the heating pad.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. What a cute shower! My fave book for baibes is Love You Forever. I cry when I read it. My advice is always make time for daddy. When the children are all grown it is back to the two of you :)

    1. that is some amazing advice sweet janie. :)

  14. What a fun shin dig!! LOVE all the sweet vintage touches! Thank you for organizing this special way to bless our gal!

  15. I love this idea. I love the love that you all share as friends. She so must be on cloud 9 thanks to all you ladies. So my "best" advice?... As a mama to a 19 yr old and a 10 yr old, two boys that have become the center and greatest joys of my life, I can say that as I watch them grow, I can see that perhaps the most valuable gift I have given them is the comfort of knowing that I am here for them. That I can listen. That I can hold back judgement and simply love them unconditionally. With one being 19 now, I can tell you that I am most grateful for his calls, his impromptu chats with me after a hard day and simply his comfort in coming to me for those challenging moments in his life, or even those ridiculously awesome moments. Every time I have a moment like that with each of my boys... I look up to Him... And I say thank you... Thank you for having blessed me with affectionate parents... And teaching me (and hubby) to be as loving and affectionate and open hearted with our children. I take comfort in feeling they will always know they come to us. For anything. Love to you. I love your post.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I'm the one stumbling into the shower three hours late because I just WOKE UP. LOL!!!

    It's official, I want to come to your shower. Throw one for reals and I'll get on a plane. :) I love that you know her so well and what she likes. Makes me want to meet her in real life even more! Sweet baby gift and I LOVE that print!! Isn't Pinterest the bomb? (does anyone still say "the bomb" anymore?)

    Okay I gotta check out the others.

    happy shower day Alicia!!!

  18. Oh and I guess did my button wrong. Dang.

  19. SO great! Loving all of these online babyshowers. It's a great way to celebrate across the miles! :)

  20. Alicia is a great mama and Spring chick will be well loved! What a great shower idea! The best advise I ever got what you feel is best for your know your baby the best and know what's right.

  21. Oh I feel so blessed by this online show of love and friendship today. Thank you for "inviting" me. It has blessed my day, and I am sure it has blessed Alicia's. As one who does not live in an area of strong Bible-believing churches, I often read your blogs for fellowship and friendship. As for advice..I am mom to a lovely and sweet 12 year old girl, as well as a labor and delivery nurse. I have an endless supply of advice but the most important thing I tell all moms is to hold your baby as much as possible. Pick her up when she cries. Love and cuddle her every second you can. Not only is the baby time fleeting, but babies need to be held(: Thanks again for the invitation. Oh, I almost forgot - my favorite name is Emily(: Susan

  22. Such a fun and sweet idea! Love it!
    Best advice- don't buy all the gadgets that make things easier. You need wipes, diapers, butt cream and powder.
    I thought I needed all the new gadgets when I had my daughter and quickly realized I didn't use them or need them.
    Do what feels natural to you! You are the mom...and know what is best!

  23. I did it! (I think!) Yay for learning something new! Also, totally thought I was in labor last night, so sorry I was late on the uptake. Forgive me :/ My advice? Sleep when the baby sleeps. For real. So honored that you included me in this love fest, what a sweet friend you are. xo

  24. I say the best advice is to rest when the baby rests & do what you feel is best for your child no matter what others say-you know your child best & Mom's seem to have that Mom's instinct

  25. What a precious shower. My only advice is to enjoy every moment. Sometimes with the busyness of a new baby, we can find ourselves in just survival mode.

  26. GREAT POST:)
    Your blog is so wonderful and Im following...I hope you follow me also:)

    If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration...check out my blog:)

    Have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria at

  27. A virtual cool is that! I will be a nana for the first time in July, so I have babies on the brain. The name will be it! Would love to win the cuff....would be a great piece of jewelry at such a special time! Thanks!

  28. The soon to be mom of four should be giving all of us advice...she is way more of an expert than me. The only thing I would recommend or remind her to do is make time for herself...even if it just is a quick trip to Target. Becky (and the other ladies participating)-what great friends you are!!! I am sure that Alicia feels so blessed to have you all in her life.

  29. You're so sweet to do this for ALicia! Baby Chip has a Fisher Price Rock and Play. I didn't have one for my other kids but wish I had!

  30. Having a new baby can be overwhelming at times...lack of sleep, time, etc. and especially with 3 others to pay attention to. I recommend:
    1) A MUST ~ time for herself
    2) Scheduled date night with hubby
    3) Treasure each moment with the little one ~ they grow up so fast!


  31. Oh to have the blessing of one more baby. Sigh.

    Ergo baby carrier. Buy one. It's the best baby carrier that can carry up to a 50 lb child. I would buy that carrier 1,000 times over. Also, I was told to be kind to myself (finding grace) and to make time for a shower. You can't take care of the baby if you can't take care of yourself - both inside and out.

    This virtual shower. Oh how spectacular. How original. Love.


  32. ok...advice from a girl who has had 5..with our 5th being the one i wasn't so sure...i had to pray and ask God to change my heart and i prayed for a girl. long long story short
    breath in and out
    i swear she was just a little baby and now she is 13. my last one. and i truly don't know what i would have done with out her. she is my joy - God's gift of grace to me. she was easy peasy and i was 32..much older and been there done that several times..much like you girlie.
    this little bit of heaven is going to woo your heart in such a special will be forever captivated.
    i am mailing out your gift..promise. now we are getting 8-12in. snow tomorrow so it maybe friday...but its a comin!
    thanks becky for being such a sweet hostess:)

  33. what an amazing virtual shower! i used to have words of wisdom, but that was before i had actual kids. ;)

    but baby names! i do have some of those guys. right now my faves are piper and cohen. almost yummy enough to make me want a sixth...

    congrats to your sweet friend alicia!

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. this is the sweetest idea!
    Some of my favorite names, never to be used (except to now name Nora's baby dolls :):


    And of course, I have to suggest my very favorite names: Gabriel James, Elijah John, and Nora Evelyn :)

  36. Beautiful lovelies for a beautiful family!
    I wish I could be at this virtual shower, I mean I wish it wasn't virtual.
    I like that you don't like either :D
    I know Alicia is feeling blessed beyond belief right now!

  37. This shower is full of love, great job Becky! My advice is live 100% in the moment and bask in baby goodness!

  38. You out did yourself Becky what a great shower!

    Best advise is to enjoy every crazy, busy, exhausting, beautiful moment, it passes by so quickly.

    If I ever had another they would have been either a Julian or an Olivia odd because my two begin with A's

    Thanks for hosting a lovely shower!

  39. You are a great friend, indeedy, Miss Becky! And how genius is an online shower? Love the style!

    Man, advice? I should have some, right? Um...don't stress when things feel crazy (and they will). Sleep when you can. Lay low and savor this time. Hold all 5 of your babies lots. Let others serve you so you can heal quicker (seriously).

    Names... favorites right now...boys: Atticus, Asher, Oliver.. girls: Adelaide, Olive, Piper. And of course Spencer, Kate, Ezra, Jiles and Zoe. : )

  40. How awesome, hmm advice I would say sleep when you can, enjoy the little moments while you can as it changes in the blink of an eye

  41. p.s. forgot to include my baby name idea Asheville ?? !!

  42. My fourth baby is now 15 months and if I have anything to say about having a fourth is that it is all kinds of wonderful. I don't know, it's like to you finally learn that they grow up too fast and you dress them up in the cutest clothes everyday, not just to go somewhere, not caring if they do ruin it. You savor so much more deeply those little things like a slobbery, stinky face from sucking a passy all night. Those little things are so much sweeter the fourth time around. And just chill and don't be in a rush to get everything back to normal and back in routine, etc. Take the time to get well and enjoy all the precious first moments. Who cares if your house is a mess...that's not what you're going to remember. =)

    P.S...This is such a grand idea to have a virtual baby shower for her, you gals are awesome. =)

  43. love your virtual shower idea! so many fabulous ideas! my daughter & I are putting on a shower this weekend (grandbaby boy #2) since his name has already been chosen, we are doing our theme around it : EAT, TREY, LOVE :-)
    advice to new mum ~ enjoy this wonderful phase in your life ... it goes by so quickly ♥

  44. The is such a wonderful idea! I love seeing all the special parties! My advice for Alicia for the 4th baby is to really try and enjoy those precious first few months, by holding the baby as much as she can!

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