Monday, January 14, 2013

walk with me...

There hasn't been a stirring in me to write this week.  I've felt quiet on the inside.  I'm supposed to "begin" my new thing and honestly not much has happened with it.  Fear stirs.  Will the inspiration and ability come?  I've set this time aside.  The sand is falling.  The hour glass is tipped.  Why do I always put pressure on myself?

So I took a day and went on a mini adventure with a friend to Belle Isle.  It's kind of a creepy piece of land right off downtown Richmond.   You have to walk a suspension bridge crossing the James River to get to it.  I say creepy because it used to be a prisoner of war site.  Thousands died there.  Many factories came and went over the years...ruins remain.


find the old interesting.  I think about things when I walk it's acres.  I think about the history.  About how there is a beginning and an end to everything.  How nothing stays the same...except Him of course.

I wonder about the old buildings.  How at one point they used to have purpose.  

I think about the people who died there.  I think... 

And it reminds me that life is fleeting.  That people come and go.  That nothing is permanent.  

No matter how mighty it was at one time.

 I think a lot of us stay locked into the past.  We see the broken...we see the ruins...the disappointments.  There are reminders of what was, and we can't move forward.  We're stuck!

We all have a history.  There is no one that gets by in life without pain, but do we let the old things (our old ways) keep us from moving forward??  Do we let the fear of the unknown trap us?  Do we let history repeat, or do we start that new thing, setting fear aside, and bravely take those first baby steps.

Walk with me...

Be a blessing.

951.  warm weather in Jan.
952.  a full rainbow that blessed my socks off this morning.
953.  lights in my kitchen that glow
954.  grace that covers me
955.  new beginnings

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  1. oh Becky... this is so good. Deep Words! I love it and something good to "pause and ponder". Sounds like you were doing that this weekend.

    I love the photos... as always... but the skeleton of that barn/building against the blue sky. Whoa!! That is a crazy cool photo.

  2. Deep thoughts on a Monday morning for sure. I love that you have such a place so close to you. I also love that God has given you so many good friends. What a blessing.

    Thankful for Him.

    Thankful for you.

    Happy Monday and happy week to my friend Becky! Love, Beck

  3. Deep thoughts my friend. I always think about how fleeting things are when I'm experiencing history. Doing deep work over here my friend. Spent yesterday reading that book and journaling and THINKING. some similar thoughts to what you posted... some different but always amazed at how we're kind of on the same pages of life. Love that.

    Love your photos too darling. :)

  4. When I read this I am reminded how temporary this world is. The only constant we can cling to is God and his promises. Thanks for this reminder. So gentle, yet so strong. :)

  5. Beautifuly said. Thoughts that I am focusing on now too. Seeing the old doors that have closed and trying not to focus on them but moving forward to the new door God has given me.

  6. Every time anyone, including Clementine, takes a photo of her feet, I think of you. Which makes me smile. Brave of you to go into those buildings. Have you eaten at Bottoms Up Pizza, yet? (If not, make a point of it!) And I can't remember: have you been to Hollywood Cemetery? Love you! Love the sky photo!

  7. Happy Monday Missy, since my sister adopted her first son a few years ago I've decided not to think about what may/could happen and realized what we can't control could ruin precious moments in life, I would have missed out on all the love and everyday happenings, that were right here right now it's not easy and takes so much work not to let your mind wonder back but so worth it.
    Love the wall of windows, in my perfect dream home I'd have those black iron panes.

    Have a great day!

  8. Lovely touching post....borrow my word for 2013....and "REACH" Becky......

  9. thank you for sharing! perfect timing--truly resonates with where i am....

  10. Baby steps...and He walks with us. Great reminder of what is fleeting and what is sure. And I love your photos!

  11. Becky, by this time next year I hope you will be telling us that not only did you walk, but you ran with wild abandon!


  12. Oh my! I feel like you are speaking right to me in this post! I have been feeling a little envious--it's silly, really, my little brother is buying a nice house with a pool and my sister-in-law is launching a's so selfish, but I was always the one that had my act together and did everything right and they were the screw-ups and I was concerned about them and prayed for them...and now that they are doing well, I almost feel like I have lost my identity as the person who had it all together? It's crazy, I know. I am happy for them, but I am feeling like maybe our relationship needs re-defining. Maybe I need to up my game, but I am not sure how. In the last 24 hours I have gotten all kinds of messages...quotes about living a life less ordinary, "Normal is not something to strive for, but something to move away from"...and now this post...I am going to pray on it.

    Thank you.

  13. I'm trying to match
    you, step for step,
    but I have a feeling,
    despite what you say,
    you are leading the way : )

    After much thought,
    I changed my word from
    start/begin to: FINISH.

    Because I have a lot of
    good intentions and start
    many projects, but I don't
    see them through.

    This year will be different.

    Love & hugs to you!

    xo Suzanne

  14. he makes all things new. my life motto. : ) and you helped me find it. so thank you sweet friend. beautiful pictures!! and take the pressure off your shoulders. breathe and take one day at a time. i'm telling myself that, too. we can do it together! xo.

  15. Moving forward... 2012 (and previous years, it would seem) were hindered with medical issues I didn't even know existed. I have been frustrated by all I could not accomplish these past few years. Now that I'm beginning to feel well again, my word for 2013 is: Let's Go!

  16. walking with you and feeling the quiet with you. i'm more than ok with quiet.

    my package arrived a few days ago, and we are enjoying the TJ goodness. thank you. the chips are delish, and including all those uses for the coconut oil was so generous!

    those abandoned buildings...they can no longer hold anyone in chains, right? so they are a reminder to me that evil may have a grip for awhile, but it's only a matter of time before freedom comes, leaving behind only an empty shell. i'm also reminded that i don't ever want my heart or home to become one of those empty shells. i want them full of life and goodness and nourishment.and i can't just hope. i have to be intentional about not grabbing or holding on too tight. i can't lock them up.

    peace to you.


  17. you are an inspiration to me, farmgirl. :)

  18. Darn it, this is an amazing post. You are speaking to me.
    And I can't believe I grew up in Richmond and am learning so many things about it through your eyes. :) Thank you.

  19. What a great day Becky ~ I love adventures like this although thinking about how many people died there makes me sad. Change is hard ~ it is the fear of the unknown ~ but faith and love will pull us through the other side. xo

  20. ooh love old places like that, great pictures becky :)

  21. Yeah!!! That's what I'm talkin' about....Re-write, Begin!!!
    Love these pics, love your adventures, your insights, your heart for The Lord!
    Maybe one day I can truly walk WITH you (with the two of you ;).
    So much love,

  22. love these words.
    so grateful that God continues to call me to deeper work through the old stuff in my heart so that I can MOVE ON with him. :) Freedom tastes GOOD!

    My word this year is Action....he's done so much heart work in the past two years....he has me at the place to put some action into the freedom he's given me!

  23. just keep on listening for His voice. glad to be walking out this life with you.
    what a beautiful place to capture with your camera.
    you'll take me there when i come, ok?
    love you.

  24. Wow! What an awesome, inspirational post! Thank you for sharing!

  25. you and me were cut out of the same cloth i think. i think about the deepest craziest stuff...always have. i always thought i was the weird one but since blogging came around i have met others like myself and realize God did weave just as He wanted...we are all just stitched so differently and then live happens causing little knots in the thread but God has proven He is able to use even those places.
    love the pictures your heart..always xo

  26. Sometimes getting out and about with a friend is just what I need to prepare for the next thing. Thanks for inviting us along.


  27. You know, Alex is at that ever inquisitive age of 4 or should I say "a torturous game of 100 questions." Lately she's been asking a lot of questions about death and our souls and about heaven and our bodies. And your pictures of these ruins remind me of the shells our bodies really are. Do we stay or do we go? Do we hold on or learn to move forward? Do we let the loss of one person/job/friendship hinder our ability to experience life? I love your thoughtful soul. Questions will be answered. Things will change, pressure or not. We must trust, take it a day at a time, a step at a time, and have faith most of all. Know thyself. Be thyself.

    And on that note, I'm taking a step forward from something that has intimidated me for a year - trying out a serger that was given to me by a friend last winter. I'm a longterm sewer, but this thing…well it makes my belly ache with nerves and my palms sweat. And now I'm vowing to attempt to load it and test it out. I say this while laughing….God help me…

    Peace Becky,

    Jennifer (aka Happythis)

  28. what a fun adventure, neat photos!!


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