Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It seems that most everyone I know is in crisis mode right now.   Everywhere I look I see people, friends, family calling out for God to help them through a really tough spot.  There's hurting marriages, job problems, financial hiccups, kid issues, loneliness, infertility...loss.  It breaks my heart.  We all are waiting on something to fall into place.  Trusting for an answer to come.  Believing for a miracle.

And sometimes that answer just doesn't come.  We wait and watch, and wait and wait some more.  And we feel ourselves sink into the shadows.  They overtake us whether we want them to or not.  Has God forgotten us.  Why am I here?  Why did that go down the way it did?  Why am I still not hearing from you Lord?

It's so hard to be patient when we don't know the answers.  It's so hard to trust when we don't see the path clearly laid out before us.  When you want something so bad you can't see straight.

I was listening to a song in the car on the way home (appropriately titled shadows) and the singer said "teach me to let go".  Such simple words, but just what I needed to hear.  Really the only way to fight the shadows is to look for the light...and really the only way to look for the light is to shift your focus.

(example of answered prayer...my friend Tamara)

When we lay it down...give it over and just leave it.  When we deliberately walk away and put it behind us...that's when maybe, just maybe we can step into the light a little.  We can feel joy sink into our bones.  Our eyes are opened to good things...BLESSINGS.

Because trust me as soon as this hard place is resolved...as soon as this prayer is answered another will pop up into it's place.  Life is full of disappointments and trials.  There will be another one and another...

Lord help me to not miss out on anything.  Help me to see every good thing in my life for what it is...a gift.  Push me out of any shadows and bring me into the light.  

Be a blessing.

945.  progress in my studio...i will get it done TODAY.
946.  barn lights
947.  a handy honey
948.  lewis genter botanical gardens...where all the pics where taken
949.  lights that make me ooh and ahh
950.  adventures with my girls
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  1. Ohhh gorgeous photos Becky, and a lovely reminder that even though life is messy and hard and we can't understand why, it's still beautiful and we are blessed and loved.

  2. Thank you.
    I needed this today...for the past year or two I've needed to hear this.
    Just yesterday I decided to let go and live my life, not the life I think others expect of me. It's hard for me. I'm slowing learning.

  3. Needed this today becky, thanks for sharing

  4. Beautiful post and wise words Becky! And those sunset shots from your last post...be still my heart...gorgeous! Wishing you lots of light and few shadows in 2013!


  5. My husband and I have ridden the infertility train from heck for 11 years. The doctors show no hope for having biological children of our own. The anxiety and stress over it for years was nothing but a knife twisting constantly dragging and tearing out my insides. To go to a baby shower the first 4 years of that journey were torture. I would go and then come home and drop to the floor sobbing.
    Now, I am blessed with 2 nephews and one niece. I know it is not the same as having your own and maybe one day we will adopt. Until then I have the plan God has given me and I have learned to let go of the worries. I am enjoying seeing the world through their eyes, it has made me get my child like wonderment back.
    My Dad always told us, write all your worries on a piece of paper addressed to God. He said then burn it and let the ashes of worry float up to him to worry about.
    Thank you for opening your heart and your closeness to God to us. :)

  6. What a beautiful FAITH message......one cannot please GOD without FAITH! He is continually teaching us to TRUST in him. I so enjoy your blog...Blessings to you and your family! Roxie

  7. so true. my mom had surgery this morning for her port and starts chemo this afternoon. the verse which is keeping her going is exodus 14:14 which is about God fighting for us...all we have to do is be still. so thankful that he carries us.


  8. Becky, simply put, you are a blessing. Thank you for your post.

  9. I really liked this post, thanks! It really lined up with the last couple of posts that I have written, I have seen a theme lately of how people are changing the way they see things and dedicating to grow as a person. 2013 is going to be a great year!

  10. Uplifting Words of truth and encouragement Becky.... I needed to hear them today...thank you.
    When we come into the Light, WE change, our perspective changes, while waiting for the circumstance to change. And then chaos is replaced by peace & trust knowing that He really does have it all under His control.
    Thank God.
    Love your beautiful photos of "light" and words of "light"!
    Love & hugs!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo

  11. Thank you, dear Becky. I think your words were aimed straight at my stressed out heart. I'm an adoptive mama and a foster mama, and we're about to walk into uncharted territory next week with a court date regarding two of the most precious kids you could ever dream up. You were describing me in this post to a "t" -- I want a certain answer from the judge so very badly that I can't think straight, and this waiting period is eating me alive, no matter how many times I remind myself to simply trust in God on this one (and every other thing).

    So I'm going to take each of these next six days and with every single baby step forward, and focus focus focus on the One who knows my deepest heart's desires and give it over to Him.

  12. Becky This is a beautiful post. When I first found your blog I sometimes resisted reading the the posts that you spoke heavily about your faith, about your laying it down and trusting him. Im not sure why but it made me uneasy. I found it hard to believe how easy you shared it here. Now as I have enjoyed your blog for well over a year I come here to see posts just like this. The ones that lift me and make me believe even when the world seems out of wack. The ones where you are so honest in your love of him and not afraid to share it. Thank you for that. Thank you for your beautiful post and sharing yourself.

  13. ...wait and wait some more... :(
    So hard ... And lonely.
    Like I said on one of your ig pics: can we all just live together on a commune? Hahaha! But seriously...
    Well said lovely friend!

  14. Beautiful post Becky and so true, every word of it!

  15. You took some super cool photos, Girl. I think the 3rd (the one of the star) is my favorite.

    It's a good message, too. I think letting go can be especially challenging when one's burden is for someone else. Letting go can feel like not caring enough. But I'm working on it.

    Lots of love to you!

  16. Well said dearie. This is a message that many need to hear.

  17. very cool pictures, friend.
    looks like you guys had so much fun together...love these kind of family outings!

  18. I hate when I hit enter to soon...trying to type while a little one gets out of the bed to tell me one last thing....

    anyway, love the truth behind this post. it is so hard to keep faith and hope when we are waiting on something in our lives....
    I'm so grateful that the Lord has given me such a peace in his sovereignty...it helps me so much in times of waiting or when things happen that don't make any sense. I've spent so much of my walk with him sort of "demanding" of him at times...it feels so good to be at this new place of trust.

  19. What a wonderful post and full of such truth! I've been allowing the dark clouds to cover my light and this was a great reminder. Blessings abundant to you and I really think you need to write a devotional book and you could even ad artwork to it. There you go, a project for 2013!

  20. it's all about the journey isn't it. we were reading in Job today and he had it tough. i have never had it that hard. But God who shows up and keeps giving more of himself to us, more and more. We need so much more of him and so much less of us.
    loved loved loved the pics very cool.

  21. I just love this we always need a reminder for this otherwise it can eat you up, thinking that he has forgot, then you forget to go on with our life and the people that need you and most importantly you need.
    Happy day!

  22. Amazing. Just what I needed today. So right on that I read it to hubby at dinner and watched him start shaking his head in agreement.

  23. Trust, patience, laying it down, letting it go- if only we could do this every day0 just imagine the peace! So beautiful Becky!

  24. What a beautiful post! You are such an inspiration.. This reminds me of my favorite Psalm 18:11 He made darkness His secret place; His canopy around Him was dark waters And thick clouds of the skies. Even when we cant see God - He is there... Thank you again for sharing!

  25. Such true words, yet so hard to "let go" when in the midst of a trial. Thanks for the encouragement you are to so many, you have such a gift Becky.

  26. Thank you for writing thing...for allowing The Lord to se you to speak to me. I am struggling so much now, and even as I stare at a print that says "Let Go", I still am desperately holding on, as tight as I can, to what I want. I want so much...big thing..important things...but ultimately hanging on so tight only hurts me because it doesn't change a thing. Thank you again....and the pictures? Amazing!

  27. Come out from the shadows - and let go. Good words!

  28. Hey sweets!! Love this!! Love you! :)

  29. "Keep your face to
    the sunshine and
    you cannot see a
    shadow." ~ Helen Keller

    One of my favorite
    quotes and, I think,
    the only way to truly

    Love your sweet spirit
    and our photos are really

    xo Suzanne

  30. i love a switchfoot song that says "the shadows prove the sunshine." it's my all-time fave.

  31. My prayer this year has been that God would help me let go and give control over to him. My husband and I desperately want another child - but can't afford to do IVF again. So I've been trying to let go and give our longing and our desire over to Him. Who knew it could be so hard to let go. Thank you for sharing this!

  32. Wow Becky..this is an awesome post and such a blessing. Out of the shadows and into the light....You are so right on. We have some friends who are going through such pain in their loves right now, but the peace of God is making them such an inspiration and testimony to the community. She is young and with a young family and just found out she has a brain tumor that cannot be removed and is now on hospice. Their faith is AMAZING and so is the peace that God is showing through them. I've always loved the book "Don't Wrestle, Just Nestle" by Corrie Ten Boom who survived the German concentration camps. Those words..don't wrestle just nestle...have so often helped me through tough times...much like your out of the shadows and into the light and letting go. What we don't understand, we can rest knowing that HE does.

    Love to you my friend!
    ♥Lee Ann

  33. Thank you, Becky, for inspiring me everytime i come to your blog. I noticed your at 950. on you list of gifts. I just started the 1,000 gifts Bible study and although I've been making lists for years and years of things I love and am thankful for, you have inspired me to start at 1. and list them on my own blog. I hope to start on that this weekend. =)
    Also, in our study it encouraged us to write a note to someone who inspires us this week~here is my note, this one to you.
    Thank you and God Bless you everyday for the blessing you are to so many!

  34. Thank you Becky... I so needed this today. You are such a blessing!

  35. Such a good reminder for me!! I missed being over here - I didn't blog much over the past 5 or 6 weeks. I have to catch up with you! xo Ashlyn

  36. I absolutely love these shots Becky ~ what an amazing place. xo

  37. a beautiful post (i'm never disappointed here) and beautiful photos to accompany.
    i hope all is well there with you. you offer such comforting words for others; do you feel it reflected back to you? i hope.

    missed being here. my "vintage" (6 yr old) computer is giving me trouble, and typing from my phone stinks for an old lady. :))

    belated happy new year to you and your family!

    patty@ findingserendipity.com


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