Wednesday, January 2, 2013

ready, set...BEGIN

I woke up this morning bright and early.  Scratch wasn't was pitch black.  Man I hate that.  Getting out of bed is sooooo hard in the winter, never mind the day after the long holiday break.  So here I am...the peeps are all out of the house.  The routine is in motion and I'm collecting my thoughts.  Geesh the house feels quiet.  Feeling a little blue:/

I should feel excited.  I've been waiting for January.  January is the month I'm going to make changes.  Turn my life upside down;)  Instead I feel a little shell shocked.  I have so many goals.  So many things I want to accomplish it's freaking me out. 

I do have my word though.  I always get a word for the year and ironically enough this year the word is...BEGIN.  Last year it was rest, this year begin;)  You know how there are things you want to do, and you just kinda shove them aside until the time is right??  I've been doing that for a long time.  And you know what?  The time is never right.  In order to get to completion you have to begin and that's where I'm at.  Today I will begin to straighten my studio, so tomorrow I might have a clear thought and some inspiration when I sit in there.  See there's a plan.  There's a beginning and the key is to just do it.  The rest will fall into place.

I've also begun something really exciting.  I'm fasting.  Yep another reason I feel a little shell shocked.  My church is doing a Daniel Fast.  It's a veggie, fruit and whole grain partial fast.  Water only.  No meat.  No dairy.  No caffeine.  No fun...nah just kidding.  Yesterday was my first day and let me tell you I struggled.  I had absolutely NO energy!  NONE!!!  But I did it and I feel it lines right up with my January.  I wanted to set it apart.  Seek the Lord...begin a new thing and it's shaping up to be just what I didn't know I needed. 

Here was day one.  Breakfast was oatmeal with natural peanut butter and a banana.  Snack was a grapefruit.  Lunch was a veggie burger, baked lentil chips and salsa.  Dinner was homemade veggie soup, rice crackers and natural applesauce.  All in all it was tasty.  The caffeine and sugar withdrawal is the issue.  I think by day three the energy should return and the headache will be gone.  Looking forward to day three.  If you have any questions click here for more information.

Be a blessing. 
934.  a new year...a clean slate
935.  claritin...seems to be helping my little chick
936.  basement projects coming together
937.  that i have a free day to organize my studio
938.  sunshine pouring into my office right now
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  1. what a great word and a fantastic way to start 2013. i am proud of you. don't think i could do that. well i probably could but it would be really hard. so my prayers are with you.

  2. Happy New Year to you Becky. You know, I've been following your blog for some time (came here via Alicia) but I don't think I've ever left a comment. But today I will. I'm always very apprehensive going into a new year. Sometimes everybody else's full of bean's approach to starting the new year just makes me even more scared. Kinda like when you have a lovely new journal but you're too worried to write anything in case you spoil the first page. And I know exactly what you mean about shoving things aside till the time is right. I have a few year's worth of stuff which has been shoved aside. Hope you don't mind if I borrow your word? Maybe I should begin by sorting out all the backlog of stuff. First I want to rewind a couple of weeks so I can relive Christmas minus the flu bug I had. Am I allowed to say I feel a bit cheated? I had been looking forward to Christmas, I did all the prep and then bam! flu struck me down and it's all been a sleepy blur since. Good luck with your diet, I hope it works for you. And I hope 2013 is a happy one for you too.

  3. Happy New Year Becky!
    It's January....again! Wow! The year just flew by.
    I understand the "goals" thing and I am also in that mindset.
    I love your word for the year! I feel mine is "respond" and I am going with that. It came from Him and I trust He'll be working that out and all it means to Him in and through me.
    I'm taking one step at a time, otherwise all this new year stuff would or could be overwhelming somewhat. ;)
    The Daniel fast sounds like a healthy the photos of what you've been eating on it.
    Just think...your next cuppa coffee will be extra-ordinary! ;)
    Sending you hugs and smiles over the miles my friend. xo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoox

  4. that was my word last year : ) still figuring mine out for this year. i am always so excited for the new year, i kinda love January-- although i didn't use to. now if i could only carry my excitement for all things new and fresh on through the rest of the year!! happy new year, becky!!

  5. I hope your new year is a great one Beck.

  6. Good word! As exciting as the new year is, recovering fron the holidays (ie getting back to real life) is always pretty hard for me too. Hope the downs are chased away very soon! :)

  7. LOVE your word.
    My New Zealand
    friend sent me a
    postcard with BEGIN
    on the front, and it
    is pinned up right
    next to my computer!
    Maybe I'll choose
    START so I'm not
    a copy cat : )

    Missing my kiddos
    today, too!!

    xo Suzanne

    PS: E has been
    accepted to two
    colleges; one more
    to hear from.....

  8. Happy New Year Becky!! Going to have to check out the Daniel Fast sounds interesting

  9. begin

    it's a good word
    for what will be
    a wonderful year

    my word?


    i'm not saying no
    to the Lord this year

    (and i'm a little scared about it)

    happy new year!


  10. Begin is a great word. The beginning is always the toughest for me. Once I get the routine going, I'm golden. Good luck with the Daniel Fast. :)

  11. Begin...I like it. Great word! And it sounds like a great plan for your year:) Happy New Year, Becky!!

  12. Great word, Becky! Mine is "do"-as in don't just think about something, do it. I have been thinking about the Daniel fast, but to be truthful I'm scared to start it. Looking forward to reading your posts about it!

  13. Love that word Becky ~ good luck with the fast ~ I don't think I could do without the caffeine but I am sure you will be better off than me. Sounds like you had a great day in the studio and getting "back to normal" after the holidays. 3 cheers for sunshine!! xo

  14. Great word...BEGIN! I wish you all the luck and joy in your BEGINnings this year!

  15. Kristen Feola was a lifesaver for me, when I participated in a Daniel Fast, last year.

  16. Such a great word girl. So many possibilities. So excited for you with the fast! Hang in there! Giving up the natural to recieve something supernatural.... It's gonna be worth it.

  17. You're going to rock this thing. I know it. :)

    Can't wait to see your basement by the way!! I know this falls in line with earlier texting conversations and not anything to do with your post... LOL

  18. Thank you very much for sharing about this fast. I'm SO doing this. I've been feeling led to do something like this but had no idea what plan or where to BEGIN. Now I know! Thank you!


  19. What a great word for the year! I'm still praying and thinking about mine.

  20. My word is in re-writing my life's story. I don't want to follow the story that has already been "scripted" for me. I don't have to live out the words that were used to describe me when I was younger...I finally know that THAT wasn't me in the first place! I'm so thankful for God's Grace, Love, and Protection, and mostly for His interest in me...for truly knowing me and helping me believe that I am something, I am worthy, and I am interesting. I know this sounds like gibberish, but I'd need a whole week of conversations with you to explain ... Maybe someday ;). But that's why I've been thinking sooo much about YOUR word. It is intertwined with mine...I just know it. But again, that would take time and a lot of explaining :). Just know, I love your word!

  21. hi friend. :) I just love ya. i hope that God does some amazing things through you in this daniel fast. You're dear to me. very very dear. mush. me

  22. that was supposed to say muah. not mush. ha!

  23. I was wondering what your 2013 word was going to be, Becky. :) "Begin" is exciting and encouraging! Mine is actually three words: "Abide In Me". I'm wearing my "lay it down" bracelet all the time and it truly helps me abide in Him at all times, knowing that He's carrying me through the hardest now.

    I was intrigued by the Daniel Diet. It looks sooooo healthy! I want to try it!! How long are you all doing it for? I'll bet that you are going to feel so fabulous by the time you get done with it that it'll change your lifestyle forever. :) Keep us updated, ok? Hugs to you!

    xoxo laurie

  24.'re at day 3...feeling better? headache gone?
    for some reason, when I've done that fast, I can't REALLY get my head into the game until around day'l happen! Hopefully, it doesn't take 7 days for you. :)

    love BEGIN.

    working on my word post today....

  25. love your word.
    God choose peace for me. :)
    i'm curious how you're feeling?
    i've done that type of fast before and the first few days are always the worst!
    you're going to feel SO good!

  26. beginning is off to a great start. i'm so proud of you.

  27. I dunno, no meat, no dairy, no CAFFINE - does sound like NO FUN!!!! ;) lol!! Good for you for going for it! I've HAD to change my diet for health reasons - but seems to be the best motivation of my life! Gone gluten free (but who isn't these days - sheesh!) Anyways - I feel great - so stick with, you'll do well I'm sure! :D (but I think I'll take my diet over yours! ;) more fun! hahaha!!!)

    ps> can't WAIT to see your basement project...eeee giddy! :D

  28. I'm in he headache phase but the giving up of these things is to draw us closer to Jesus to embrace him more than our palates. We are so easily consumed by consuming. I'm fasting too and memorizing scripture. I started to do the Sermon on the Mount last year and lost my little booklet. We found the booklet this week and it's a new year. When at first we don't succeed try try again, right?
    or as you said just BEGIN!! Exactly! My word is CHANGE

  29. i have a friend who fasts with her husband over lent. i think they just do it a few days, and it's fluids only. she always feels better after... can't wait to see if you like this in the end!


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