Saturday, January 5, 2013

great expectations...the Daniel fast

Sometimes you get a little peek into the extraordinary. It's rare. It's know it when it happens. The little hairs on your arms raise. The excitement in your spirit man bubbles up and you sit back in awe and marvel. That's what this sunset did to me. It made me marvel. It makes me tear up just thinking about it.  Holy ground...God's creation in all it's splendor. Right there. Over me...around me. Close enough to breath in.  I did nothing to these pics, but crop and add my watermark.  It was just that breathtaking.

I've been in a fasting place. I'm on my fifth day. The first couple were challenging. I just wanted to crawl into bed and never leave. I had no energy. I still have moments of this, but I feel better. I know what to eat...which really hasn't varied much from day one. I know this is where I'm at right now and I feel myself settling into it. There isn't a struggle. I'm not fighting. I'm loving what's coming. I can feel it. It's called expectancy!

During a fast you are supposed to lean in. Tune in to God. Listen to what He's been telling you, but you've been too distracted to notice. I've been reading in Daniel...since I'm doing the Daniel Fast it seemed like a good place to start. It's not the first time I've read Daniel, but for some reason I've got fresh eyes on it. I'm reading about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and the fiery furnace. I'm learning about these great men of God that when challenged to bow before false gods they said no.  

It's like my eyes are being peeled back.  Is this what my God wants?  Am I to have that kind of faith too?  Am I to boldly declare my faith and stand strong against the heat?  Am I to be fearless in the midst of danger??  I don't know, but I feel my skin prick as I think those thoughts.  Would I trust Him enough to be thrown into that fiery furnace?  Oh my...

I have this sense of God wanting to reveal himself to me in a big way.  He doesn't need to prove His power or His might, but regardless He is.  He's giving me glimpses of His splendor and it literally brings me to my knees.  I want to cover my head...hide.  It's almost too much.  I can feel His presence.  I can.

Some of you have asked me about the spiritual component of doing the fast and I've just taken lead from the Daniel Fast book I've been reading.  Susan Gregory suggested reading through Daniel, and maybe reading a chapter of Proverbs and a few chapters of Psalms daily.

I've made a prayer list of things I'd like to see God work out in my life and I've also added the needs of my family and friends.  I've set an alarm on my phone to ring three times a day to remind me to Daniel.  I haven't been perfect in following this.  I don't want to be ritualistic.  This isn't for God to's for me to draw closer to Him.  I'm not trying to be perfect.  I can't be, but He sees my heart.  It's a heart matter.

There is a feeling of great expectancy.  I know that He is going to do a work in and through me.  That truth makes me lean into the future...because I know He holds it firmly in His hands.

Be a blessing.

939.  sunsets
940.  silhouettes of my girls in the night
941.  tamara
942.  adventures
943.  birds that twirled and danced just for us...on cue
944.  a God who loves me and wants to delight me with His presence
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  1. Becky! this post has found me at just the right moment. i am feeling you. i hear you. i am not fasting with you yet, but i am joining you in this because it resonates truth with me. what a sunset! what a God! what faithfulness to enter the fiery furnace. i grew up in the church as a pk so i know these stories, but what a gift when the grownup me finally GETS it and can apply the layers of meaning. right now i am lifting up my heart and cannot wait to hear more about this journey you are on.

    love to you.


  2. I love your "shares" about this fast.

    My pastor just finished a series on Daniel in December. If you want to change things up, the podcasts are available. Good stuff. I learned a lot of new things. The podcasts are on iTunes

  3. Amazing photos that
    perfectly echo your words.

    Sending bundles of love.

    xo Suzanne

  4. WOW - Absolutly breath-taking sunset!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is a most masterful...THE most masterful artist, isn't He!!?!! :D Gorgeous photos Becky - I love the third one and the one with all the birds taking off!!! I think God wants all of us to be like those mighty men of God, to stand firm in our faith and declare Him Lord of ALL!! So I pray that the feelings you have magnify and that He reveals Himself to you more and more! I know I have grown in leaps in my relationship with the Lord in these past few years and it is wonderful - I also know I have a long, long way to go! I love to think that I would happily be tossed into a furnace to bring honour to God...but I don't think my heart is fully there yet! :( But I pray that He works on that in me this year - (see my new year post "Emphatic Yes!" - and if you haven't already heard the Sarah Groves song I posted, I'm thinking you are going to LOVE it!! OH and turn it up loud! ;) )

  5. You're such an inspiration, Becky!

  6. I love the idea of setting the alarm on your phone to help you remember to stop and pray. Thank you for that lovely idea!

  7. These photos are spectacular Becky ~ love them all and this post. Hugs. xo

  8. Breath taking photos and such a beautiful example of our God's handiwork! I"m not fasting but I am seeking to know God as I have never known him this year and to lean on Him as I have never before. It is a constant battle for sure and one I want to end before my time on this earth ends. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  9. Would you be willing to share more specifics about the diet? What exactly are you eating?? I NEED to do it. But oh how I dread the actual doing....

  10. Many blessing on you, Becky, as you hear from God in fresh ways.


  11. Amazing sunset. God's artwork needs no editing, that's for sure. I'm a lover of all things sky and often miss my exit trying to watch a sunset in the making.

    I stumbled across your blog tonight and am leaving inspired. Thank you!

  12. "stand strong against the heat"
    That's an amazing way to put it...this makes me want to read Daniel right now!
    I love the way you talk about expectancy. That is perfect. It makes me think of being pregnant. It's hard, it hurts, there's labor...but what a reward! Blessings on this part of your journey.

  13. Good for you for giving something hard such a good try. I like the idea of setting the alarm to remind you to pray. I might have to try that. Beautiful photos too!

  14. both of my daniel fasts have provided great wisdom and discernment for us.
    major moves of God came in both of of them in particular.

    praying for you as you journey with God this month...beautiful words, friend.

  15. I've been reading about the Daniel Fast and trying to decide whether or not to do it. Your post came at just the right time. Thank you....again.

  16. Ms Becky, I love your heart and your need to draw closer to God. I've been running for a long time and over Christmas and New Year my heart has been changed and I want Him in my life and I want Him to change me and draw me to Him.
    Thanks so much for always sharing your journey with our Father who holds the universe in His hand. He's big. He's really, really big! But He knows every single one of us and that is such a secure feeling.
    Have a happy day xx

  17. I love this post! I am beginning the Daniel fast too. God is working on me too and peeling away so much from my grubby little two year old hands.Expectancy indeed and change!

  18. You go girl! Fasting can be so hard at times but so worth it. Daniel is one of my heroes in the Bible and so this post came at just the right time. Helping me to keep pressing in and not worry about the spots where I failed to so much. You are a blessing.

  19. can't wait to hear about what all He does through this time.

  20. I have been reading Daniel also...aren't the first chapters challenging?
    I haven't started the fast yet because I have to be healthy for my surgery and I got to thinking that changing my diet might cause me to flare...thinking but I have eaten pretty clean the last two days...kinda:/
    I am excited for what He will share with is so amazing when you is like your whole being is more conscience of God in everything
    love ya:)

  21. A couple years ago I did the Daniel Fast for 21 days. The year prior I did it the first 3 days of each month to ready myself for 3 weeks. I know EXACTLY what you are going thru and the presence of the Almighty God. By day 7 when I bowed in prayer it was as if I could hear the Holy Spirit praying for me. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Everything was clearer. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and yes spiritually. May God be pleased and find favor with you sweet sister in Christ. God God!

  22. Bless you for blessing us!!! The last photo is beyond amazing!!! Fasting so hard at get weak...but then God pulls thru.

  23. such beautiful photos, can't wait to read how the Lord touches you during this fast. Thanks for sharing.

  24. beautiful photos. wonderful challenge you've taken on. i hope you find great things in this, becky.. sounds like you already are!


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