Monday, December 10, 2012

my holiday house and the BIGGEST discount ever!

Good morning friends.  I thought I'd show you a few pics of our house this season.  It's not overboard.  We don't even have a big tree up.  Weird I know, but it's alright.  The outside won't be decked out or anything either because we are heading home for Christmas and it just felt like too much work. 

This is the front entry.  I like color so it's in bright fun cheery tones.  Bright blues...lots of RED!

My favorite little rusted out toy truck.  One of my treasures that I collected at the Whatever Craft Weekend.  It was $10!!  Score:)  I just happened to have a whole collection of vintage brush trees that I got antiquing the year before.  Perfect spot for them.  It's probably my favorite wintry thing I have out:)

This is the scene of our Christmas card picture this year.  I promise to show it to you.  Just haven't had a chance to mail them out yet.  I want there to be some sort of element of surprise;)  See that awesome quilt?  It's also from Kansas...$30.  I've got BIG plans for that sweet piece.  Just waiting for time to get it done. 

I made that O Holy Night banner from some burlap and chalkboard cloth.  I just clipped it to the string we had up there and voila...instant Christmas banner.  O Holy Night is my all-time favorite Christmas song.  It seriously makes me take a huge inhale...that part...FALL ON YOUR KNEES...O HEAR THE ANGELS VOICES!  Chills...tears...every.single.time.  As a matter of fact I have goosebumps just typing those words!!! 

That little tree in the corner is our Jesse Tree. We put up an ornament every night that ties in with the Bible. There is a little devotional that goes along with it. It's an awesome Christmas tradition that we just started LAST year! Better late than never;)


Baby Jesus!  My girls used to play with these little figurines all the time when they were little.  Several have been glued and put back together.  I miss those days.

 Sweet little Christmas banner from Target.

The star was from IKEA!  Oh how I fell in love with this giant star when I saw Meg's craft house.  I knew I had to find one.  Meg said they have smaller ones at Michael's too.  Ya might want to run to Michael's this afternoon to grab some.  They put off the prettiest glow!

So there you have the pretty part of my house...

You all said you want to see how the basement is coming along.  Let me tell ya...white is not fun to paint.  It wasn't hard or anything, it just wasn't satisfying.  And since I've never been an "enjoy the journey girl" I pretty much hated painting down there.  Hopefully when it's all done it will be worth it.  I've got a lot more to do.  Pictures will definitely come.  I've got to be patient too;)


I've been feeling so overwhelmingly blessed lately.  You have been keeping me busy...really really busy, and because of you I've been able to contribute to our family budget.  That's such an amazing blessing.  It's been a long time in the making.  Starting a business and actually seeing a profit takes awhile, but you've made it possible:)  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, and for all your sweet emails and posts on Instagram.  I appreciate you SO MUCH! 
Anyway my shop is closing this Sat. the 15th and staying closed until February so I can start working on some other things that God has put on my heart.  I'm offering one last coupon's the biggest one ever!!!!  Enter reader25 to get 25% off your order.  That's major people!!!  Take advantage.  Love you...friends:)

Be a blessing.


907.  my big chick got to try out for the Sound of Music (her favorite musical).  she didn't make it, but we were reminded that regardless of big disappointments God has a plan.  there is always a reason a door is closed.  finding comfort in knowing we prayed for His will to be done.
908.  a phone call with my mom always makes things better
909.  peanut butter mm's
910.  friends who sit with you while you paint

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  1. I love your home. It's absolutely gorgeous! You have an amazing eye for decorating.


  2. Your home is SO gorgeous, I love that little truck with the bottle brushes too!!

    Merry Christmas Becky XX

  3. Lovin' all your red! So fun and festive!!

    I'm off to go shopping now . . . .!
    (thanks for the fun discount- woo hoo!)

  4. Your home is very cozy and cheery!

  5. your house looks great! you have way more out than i do!! but i do love our tree. that's good enough for this year :) i feel so bad for your little sweet girl...but you guys are being so strong!

  6. i love your house. it just makes me smile so much. that blue wreath is my favorite part! and what a discount! ladies are going to snatch that right up - you sweet woman, you!

  7. everything looks great - peanut butter m&m's are my favorite too. xoxoxo

  8. your house looks beautiful, becky!
    your touches are just perfect. :)
    so sorry about big chick, but i just know something better is waiting for that sweet blessing, even though it's hard now.

  9. it looks beautiful becky. love the chair vignette by the door and that target banner. hmmmm. might have to pop in there today. have a great day.

  10. House looks great Becky! The truck is awesome and I love the entry wreath too, can you tell I love blue? Thanks for the discount--will be heading over soon. Have a great week girl.

  11. Your home looks so warm and inviting, Becky. I love the little truck with the bottle brush trees. Hope you have a good week :)

  12. I love your house! Not too shabby for having no tree! Happy Holidays, and LOVE your xmas card. xo

  13. looks so festive & beautiful!!
    merry christmas !!

  14. Merry Christmas! Love all your festive touches! Congrats on contributing to the budget! It's nice to see the fruits of your labor! :-)

  15. Love seeing your house, and especially seeing where your craft weekend treasures ended up! Love, love, love seeing that fab quilt on the couch! I too felt the need to find one of those stars at IKEA after seeing one at Meg's! My hubby and I drove 40 minutes to IKEA, walked out of there with a bunch of frames and shelves, and forgot the darn star! I was so disappointed! May need to make another trip soon! Have a great day Becky! By the way, Love your porch too! Hugs!

  16. Loving ALL your touches... Christmas or otherwise! My friend was trying to order a cuff but had some glitches (not sure of the exact problem), but thinking maybe you only accept payment through Paypal? Or can you do Visa?

    Blessings to you and your Big Chick has SO been on my heart

  17. I love how similar we are. I am head over heels over the truck and bottle brush trees!!! And i do hope you love that basement....i think you are going to love it to death when its all said and done. I hate the process of painting but love the end proud of all your orders!! You go girl!!

  18. I love it! I don't love "over decorated" at Christmas and your home is just right. Love it all. :-)

  19. Looks lovely -- you have the touch! Merry Christmas to you and your most adorable family!

  20. tell bigchick that punkalotta here was the star in every show when she was little..and then went off to college to major in musical theatre, auditioned ONCE..didn't get cast...and NEVER TRIED AGAIN.

    i did not have the 1/2 the faith..courage...wisdom...and talent than your bigchick has!!!!!!

    keep on going and putting yourself out there bigchick...i dont even need to tell you this...because you have an awesome mama and a talent that is bigger than anything!!! God has something better planned for you, that is all...

    now, those trucks and bottle brush trees....I WANT.

  21. pretty home! love the little vintage truck with the bottle brush trees... and the truck with the jar of peppermint sticks... you have a nice way of displaying things :) thanks for sharing!

  22. Love your house all decked out for Christmas!!! And bringing a lamp post inside?!?! Why didn't I think of that?

  23. Decorating outdoors is so much fun. Pillows and prints to boot!

  24. Your home is beautiful! I love all your decor, it looks so festive and inviting!

    I am so happy for you that your business is taking off! How exciting, I truely LOVE my cuffs from you! Each one has a special meaning to me and every time I wear them, it makes me so happy! I hope to someday be in your shoes, with my etsy shop taking off; you are a great inspiration! :)

    Take care and Happy Holidays! to follow you too on instagram!


  25. Such a beautiful home!
    The truck and trees = perfectly adorable!
    Do you like mint and chocolate? If you do, then you must MUST try mint M&Ms. They are out-of-this-world crazy good. Like, eat a whole bag at once good. :)
    Can't wait to see your finished project (basement). :)

  26. Love all of it! Looks just like the kind of home where I would love to sit and stay awhile. I love your blue wreath. It looks very "Becky" ;) happy week.

  27. So funny. Last week during the tour of homes I was wishing I could see the inside of yours and wishing it was on the tour. Thanks for sharing. It looks so nice.....not overdown. I love all the banners. It will be easier to put away since you will be visiting over Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday.

  28. Loved it....and you know I want that truck!!!!!

  29. your house is adorable! love those trucks-every one of them. thank you so much for the discount. i'm going to check out your things right now. merry christmas!

  30. Everything is so lovely. I love "O Holy Night" also. It's my all-time favorite Christian Christmas song. Have you heard Point of Grace's version? It gives me goosebumps every single time. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  31. Love your little bottle brush trees and this is the best spot for them! Trev collects vintage Tonka trucks so you would have a blast up here with him! Your decorations look great and how exciting for you that you are going home. Heading on over to your shop ~ checking out your cuffs girlie ~ I think I need one. Love & Hugs to you. xo

  32. Oh how beautiful Becky! Just perfect! I was belting out "Oh Holy Night " on the way to school the other morning. Christmas songs bring me back to being a kid and listening to my dad's Christmas albums over and over...and memorizing the face and name of every singer off of the back. I loved the Andy Williams specials too....but you are too young to remember! Little Drummer Boy is my other fav...Bing and David Bowie's version. Peace on Earth.

  33. LOVE all of your decor-you have such great taste. Thanks for sharing.

  34. LOVE, love your red door! Red is my favorite color and makes me happy when I see it. Your home looks lovely...lots of unique decor. I hope you have a wonderful visit home ~ isn't that one of the best things about the holidays?

    P.S. O Holy Night is a favorite of mine too...chills & tears. :)

  35. I love your home...pinned several of your images...the bottle brush trees in the truck stopped me in my tracks.

    Your home is beautiful, screams YOU, and I love it!

    I've been so busy making signs that I haven't been very "in touch" hard to balance it all...miss our little emails, friend.

  36. First of all, I love all the little touches in your house. And those trucks…I have rusted toy envy. LOL.

    Keep up the energy related to your store - you're almost there. Try Listening to Mumford & Sons on Pandora. They are Christian too and you can hear it in the lyrics. Moving. And also make you want to move. Trust me…I got it on right now while I'm sitting behind the sewing machine.

    And one of your last comments made me giggle - you're not about the journey girl - I never would have expected to hear that. And for me, it's all about the journey. I think that's a residual of learning to sail, seeing that it's about the process, not the destination.

    Anyway, back to my own crafting. Peace out. And thank you for sharing the loving nooks and corners of your home.


  37. Love your charming colorful holiday house! You know I love all those vintage trucks too ;)
    That is a generous discount, I'm going to have to get shopping! I love your camper /trailer blog header by the way...I'm assuming you painted it?? Love it!!!!

  38. Your home looks soooo cheerful! Love all the color! Oh Holy Night ALWAYS makes me catch my breath and brings tears too! WOW...what a Loving Savior we have!!! Thanks for sharing your home!

  39. Love all the sweet little holiday touches to your home:) And O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas carol too! Wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas, dear Becky!!

  40. Yay! The little truck with the trees made it! I remember that from last year I used to play with my mom's nativity scene too :)

  41. Oh, and would you mind sharing the book or advent story that goes with your Jesse Tree??? I have been looking for a new story to go along with our advent activities. We read a scripture each night, but my boys would get a lot more out of it with pics and ornaments. And the boys have the perfect sized tree in their room to do it at bed time :)
    Thank you friend!
    And again, I LOVE your colorful touches...your banners and quilts and lights, oh my!!!

  42. thanks for taking the time to give us a peek into your cozy, Christmased-up home, sweet becky.
    praying rest for you.
    love ya, girl.

  43. forgot to say.....when you say "going home for Christmas", do you mean illinois??

  44. love your christmas home, Becky. looks just like you : ) i sware i have been looking for a truck like that for a couple of years but haven't been able to find one for a decent price! love, love, love that target banner.

  45. oh i love the real coziness of it all.
    i know your tired to the bone...i know about the thankful of the heart when it comes to income. people have been so generous and encouraging..they made it possible for me to buy christmas for the kids and all the people i love for the first time in a long time.
    to be able to pay some bills...i know.
    God is you SO much girlie.
    take your naps underneath all those sweet afgans

  46. In love with that little truck with the bottle brush trees..

  47. love your beautiful holiday house! love the pastel colors... and that bottle brush tree truck is my favorite, too, tho the ornaments across the doorway are wonderful, too!

  48. i love your house. It looks so cheery and warm! Merry Christmas to you!

  49. Your beautiful
    home reflects
    the beautiful
    spirit behind
    its doors! Love
    it and loved your
    card : ) SO happy
    your business is

    xo Suzanne

  50. Lovin all the little rusty trucks and details you've added to make your décor all your own! AND LOVE the extra discount on the site! That IS major! Heading over to shop now! Yay!

  51. YOur home looks beautiful! I love the tradition on putting an ornament on the tree each day with a devotional what a great way to celebrate the season! Merry Christmas!!

  52. Awwww, your home looks so festivly lovely!! I LOVE that little truck with the trees in it, CUTE!!! And the sign with it - I just love that saying!! :) Ooooh I can't wait to see your finished basement...I think I'm shying away from doing I need to see some inspiration! ;) Blessing for Christmas!!!

    Sorry Big Chick didn't make the musical but I'm happy to hear you/she found comfort in our God - He does know what is best...even when we can't see it! ♥

  53. Oh I'm so glad you get to go home for Christmas Becky! This year our daughter and family in PA cannot come home and it's always sad when we cannot all be together. Enjoy every moment with your parents and family.

    Your home is as cute as ever! And a BIG Congratulations with your art business growing so! Not a surprise!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Becky.
    May His blessings be abundant in all or your lives.
    ♥Lee Ann

  54. everything looks so cozy and festive, becky!

    i remember the huge anticipation that went along with each and every production i auditioned for - such a rush! tell her to keep at it in the future, you just never know what each individual director is looking for or what quality only you can bring to a role, no matter how many rejections you've had to overcome. :)

    happy christmas to you!

  55. Your home looks so warm and welcoming! I love it! I hear you about not really decorating the outside of the house. We kindof skipped that step this year, too!


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