Friday, November 2, 2012


My stomach was in knots on Halloween for a couple of reasons.  As I was pulling out my crazy red wig I couldn't help but miss my old hood.  It was this unexpected icky pit feeling that just zinged me out of nowhere.  In Minnesota they just did it up big.  One of our neighbors pulled out all the stops and had a huge party every year.  It was so fun to see the costumes, and dress up incognito for one night.

We walked the streets with our stand in "family".  We'd peer into all the houses...letting the kids run wild and free.  We'd bundle up with long underwear, gloves, scarves...hats over our ears.  The weather was unpredictable and we could be battling wind, rain...snow.  It was adventurous and memorable.   We loved it...every minute.

This is not to say Halloween wasn't fun here.  We still dressed up.  We still made the rounds with new friends.  It just made me miss the old...

And then there was the text I got that afternoon from my big chick asking if she could trick or treat with her bestie, in her hood, without us:0  We let her go.  We didn't want to...but we did.  And it didn't help that she borrowed a wedding dress from the neighbors, and looked like a sweet innocent bride!  Be still my mother's heart.   

It just didn't feel the same without her.  Part of us was missing.  I'm not ready for that just yet.  Next year it will be different.  Next year the friend will come with us...ha! 

So that was part of my Halloween stomach ache...and then there was the text I forgot to send out to ask a neighbor girl to join us in trick or treating.  I felt so bad when I ran into her and her mom later making the rounds.  The last thing I wanted to do was leave someone out...make them feel not included or special.  Grrrrrr. 
The fact is I screw up sometimes.  I have a bad memory.  BAD!  And as much as I want to remember every little thing, I drop the ball sometimes.  Then I punish myself later.  So goes the perpetual cycle of motherhood. 

This was me as a wannabe punk rockin' Jesus Freak (in color the wig is red..and I had a fake nose ring in earlier) and my honey was a crazy mountain man...or something like that;)  The jacket is his dad's Army coat.  He wears it for sentimental reasons. 

Anyway I instagramed this pic and people thought this was us when we first started dating!!!  Someone even said his hair was probably what drew me to him;)  I about DIED laughing.  DIED!  I'll have to hunt down an early picture of us.  We were 16.  SIXTEEN!  Good times...good times...  Have a great weekend friends.

Be a blessing.

843.  making new traditions
844.  Heath bars
845.  house hunting with a friend
856.  cracker barrel with my sugar sistas
857.  brandee's baby is coming!

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  1. Um, yes, we need to see a pic of you two at 16! You totally pull off the punk rocker look, Becky! ;)

  2. They thought that was when you first started dating, that's hilarious!!!!

    I loved this post are so good at explaining that thing of "liking the new but still missing the old"....and I love that your old home is still in your heart.

    My daughter came trick or treating with us but then we bumped into some of her new friends and she went with them....not for long and pretty much the same streets we were doing....but I wasn't quite ready for that (actually, I'm not sure she was, I think she felt she had to go with them when THEY saw her with her mother & younger brother & his friends, you know....peer pressure!!)

    Lovely always look gorgeous XX

  3. My kids stopped trick
    or treating after 7th grade,
    so if BC still wants to,
    next year, than good for
    her! It just seemed to
    happen that way.....

    Laughed out loud
    about the IG comment!

    xo Suzanne

  4. 1. what? you wouldn't go for a man with hair like THAT? hahahahaha
    2. do not allow that guilt to whisper lies to you. keep on livin' in His grace, girl. you're loved.
    3. i started dating my hubby when i was 16, too. :)

  5. My guess was Ted Nugent for your hubby! My kids are adults now so Halloween is always a bittersweet thing for me as it brings back memories from when they were little and it was the most exciting night of the year. We too are in a new place, so I wasn't sure how many would stop by, but it's a big neighborhood and I expected hordes. No hordes, but a decent showing. Someone did throw an egg at our house and for some reason it made me laugh when I saw it in the morning. Never had that happen before! What did we do!?!?! Ann

  6. Yes, I was one of the crazies that thought it was you from your earlier days! I think those bangs and the heavy eyeliner make you look like a teenager. So, crazy hair and all, our mistakes were compliments in disguise. :) Dig out some pics! It would be fun to look back with you.

    Sorry your day was not all HAPPY. Sometimes, "making the best" out of things gets old. Still, you guys keep pushing through. I already like your plan for next year! Good call.

  7. You look great with the wig. Seriously.


  8. It's saturday morning, my day of catching up. I almost want to jump into your world when I read your words. We are so on the same page at times. I sit here this morning feeling empty because my house is empty. No kids and my life revolved around those little people and then all of a sudden, they are doing there own things and I am left on the side trying to figure out what now??? My life is altering and I have to get use to it and fast!!! It's not easy..I've cried all week seeing my little one battle exams that will get her into university and seeing the end of school life for her. Not good with change but we have to soldier on...they move on with our guidance and our hearts burst with pride.

  9. Love this first picture of you. Love that color hair. :)
    I know how you feel about big chick. This year is our first year NO trick or treating. It felt sad. A bit lonley. I wanted to drive down the block and just watch everyone running around in costume. They grow fast and eventually we need to let go. Im having a whole lot of trouble with that.

  10. Hilarious! And you both do look 16 here ....except pretty sure most boys that age dont have goatees ;)
    I love that you have such a big heart and are always thinking of others. Dont fret the small stuff. You will be a wreck if you try to remember everything! Thats why we can blame it on age as we get older....hehe Anyways, true friends know that we all forget the small stuff sometimes. No biggie. Thats why they are our friends...

  11. We all drop the ball as Moms sometimes and our babies have a habit of wanting to trick or treat with their firnds. It is hard. You guys all looked great though! Blessings.

  12. I think you are a pretty punk rocker! LOVE the fake nose ring!
    You are a good Mama for letting your baby spread her wings and trick or treat with her friends.
    It is so hard to let them go as they grow. Trust me, I am TERRIBLE at it.
    I have been dropping every ball this entire month.
    I mean every.single.ball.
    My work is crazy and I can't get caught up.
    My picture taking is crazy and I can't get caught up.
    Our home life is chaotic and I am not being nice or kind to anyone because I am so stressed about work and picture taking. I don't know what to do to make all this craziness stop. I really don't.
    And then the hurricane came and the power has been out for 6 days. 6 DAYS! Now I am more behind than ever.
    : (

  13. You have such a good heart...of course you didn't mean to forget the neighbor, that happens to the best of us. As much as you miss your old neighborhood, I miss the days when all of us mothers on the block went door to door with our kids and then ended up back at my house for a big pot luck supper. The kids have grown and all the mothers have drifted apart. Life changes and it can be sad. I did however have a great time watching this new generation come to my door all evening and when my kids came home I said, "Hurry up and have my grandchildren!" lol!


  14. Oh, sometimes things just catch us off guard and our emotions act up. :o) I bet your friends in Minn. missed you just as much as you missed then.

    And, our kids do grow up and one day they leave us. Talk about tough! But, it's all a part of God's plan and they start with baby steps which is what you are experiencing right now.

    You and Hubby are just so cute!

  15. Awe, MN misses you too! I'm so excited to see you next weekend!!!

  16. Well, my computer just did something crazy. I was in the middle of commenting and something weird happened. At any rate, you guys are adorable! And in spite of your sadness about missing the old, you look so great and happy in that last picture.
    I like your idea about next year...they're with you and the friends can come along! :)

  17. And I just caught the ring in the first picture! It's actually cute. :)
    And you look much better in that wig than I looked in mine! haha! (I was myself as a sixth-grader.)

  18. your nose ring rocks! You could totally pull off that look. And your husband looks so different. I'm not a long hair on men kinda girl. I like short and preppy. Nat was with us but so were her best buds! Don't want her to ever go without us. that would be weird!

  19. How Fun! You all look great~Cheers Kim

  20. Oh, how I needed this. Bad day. Really bad day.
    Your pics cheered me up, though :)
    Thank you....

  21. Great pic. You both do look quite young. Yep, growin up is hard to do. Just wait 'til they pack up their car and move to Colorado and you start crying and look over at your sweetie and he's crying too. killer.

  22. Oh, and I can't wait to meet Chip, too.

  23. i'm missing things too :( boo. you look awesome as a crazy red head tho! but i think mr. honey needs to stick to the shorter hair-do...just not feeling the mountain man look. i've got too much of that look in my life as it is. :)

  24. hilarious.

    i bet your man was border line offended that people would think he'd ever willingly choose to have ever looked like a mountain man. :)

    those kind of men are a dime a dozen in my hometown. we call them rednecks.

  25. ha! that wig!
    you guys are so fun!

  26. YOU GUYS ROCK!!....Rockin' with JESUS that is! Roxie

  27. Oh hun. I am so sorry. Those little stings of missing come out of nowhere sometimes - praying for you and an extra dose of peace this week.

  28. Love that last one of the two of you! The kids are getting older and times will change and you will adapt just like you have making your new house a home. Hope you had a good week-end sweet friend. xo

  29. I have laughed so hard at that photo of your honey. That look on his face... the costume all of it. Adrain even laughed.

    Love you in a nose ring. let's get them on our 40th! LOL

  30. You LOOK 16 in that last photo, Becky! I adore that your family always has so much fun together. What a complete blessing!!!

    xoxo laurie

  31. You both look so great, I'm sure your Chicks loved it. What fun...
    PS I thought your thankful was HEALTH BARS!!

  32. I LOVE all of this...your heart emptying out..I do!
    It makes up YOU and that is what we all love - and the nose ring of course:)

    How is your heart this morning friend? was just visiting Sasha and saw the sparrow verse...that makes me cry.
    May your Monday dawn brilliantly:)

  33. great picture!! I actually think the short hair really suits you...and don't feel bad about things, there is only so much you can think about at once! Heather x

  34. Oh girlfriend I can soooo relate. Halloween was awesome in Ohio. School parades and class partied, neighborhood pumpkin carving parties, huge grown up dress up party every year.
    Here in Chapel Hill, nada. No party at school, no nothing. I got the stomachache big time!!! I wanted to jump in my car and haul my kids up to Ohio- where things are fun!!!


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