Saturday, September 29, 2012

picnic in paradise

When Sasha mentioned taking me on a hike up into the mountains at first I was a little freaked out.  I love nature, but had no idea what to expect.  How hard was she going to work me?  I mean were we going to need ropes and stuff?  HA!  Weren't there bears and critters that could maul us to death?  It was a little intimidating.

What I didn't really consider would be the overwhelming, almost hush of reverence I felt for the Lord and the beauty He created.  It felt like we were walking on holy ground.  HOLY GROUND people!!

Every branch, every vista...unique and surreal.

I felt like I was in one of those landscape pictures in an antique store.  I could almost hear the music building and could visualize Julie Andrews running over the hill twirling her arms singing "The hills are alive with the Sound of Music....ahhhh ahhhh a ahhhh.....

How is it possible this exists?  It was postcard worthy...

And I was actually standing in it!


The hike was challenging, but doable.  We saw a lot of older people.  Mostly older people, and honestly at times I was chanting to myself...if they can do this so can I...if they can do this so can I;)

There are rules not to get off the beaten path.  The rules are so you don't destroy the flowers or get attacked by wild animals.  For the most part we followed the rules.  There was just one time we moved off to get a better picture of some flowers.  And of course don't you know we had a scare that I'd lost my phone.  We eventually found it buried in my backpack:/  I'm kind of a mess, you should know this about me;)

This is where we sat...on a boulder and ate our lunch and took in His creation. We picnicked in paradise. 

This girl KNEW bringing me here was going to blow my mind.  She knows me so well.  She loves me that much!  We had a spiritual experience on that mountain and on the way down we drank in praise music. It was amazing!

At the end of our hike we collapsed on the damp earth and stretched our legs.  The cool air was refreshing...the sun was warm on our shoulders.  I could have sat in that spot all day long.  There was a little creak running nearby.  It was cool from the melting snow.  And I had this scripture pop in my head... from Luke chapter 19:39-44

39 Some Pharisees from the crowd told him, “Teacher, get your disciples under control!”
40 But he said, “If they kept quiet, the stones would do it for them, shouting praise.” 41-44 When the city came into view, he wept over it. “If you had only recognized this day, and everything that was good for you!

Many years ago I heard a praise song about rocks and trees praising the Lord.  It stuck with me.  When I'm out in nature I still think about that.  It's His creation...all of it.  They are living things.  If we don't praise Him...THEY WILL!  How unbelievably crazy is that!!!  Vibrating, swaying...worshiping their Creator.  Too amazing to even imagine.  I want to be the one praising Him.  I can do it so much better than a rock:)

*It may take me a month to share everything.  Hope you don't mind;)


Have a blessed day.
782. Sasha
783.  God's glory which overwhelms me
784.  simple sandwiches that taste heavenly, on a rock in paradise
785.  a body that allows me to move and climb
786.  that i found my phone!!
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  1. Wow, and I thought our walk today was lovely till I saw this! It looks like a film set- utterly stunning and untouched.Rx

  2. God is such an amazing artist!
    Your pictures were breath-taking! So beautiful!

  3. Sounds and looks like your whole time together was glorious!
    Moments in the quiet and beauty of raw nature just does something to you...deep down inside.
    So glad you two were able to share this together, and then shared with us too!

    Deborah xoxo

  4. Gorgeous photos of my precious Northwest mountains! Looks like such a fantastic experience.

  5. What a gorgeous spot Becky!! There are so many places like this that make me sit back in awe and take it all in. I already waiting for your next post! xo

  6. yes yes yes. it's where i was yesterday. in a canyon in arizona. i kept saying. this is biblical. the painful joints also felt biblical. there was so much beauty, life, stillness, and peace!

    so happy for you to experience the mountaintop.


  7. You always live live to its fullest...I love that about you. (PS My little one followed your big chick on instagram...I am so excited!)

  8. Dearest Becky,

    You took my breath away.
    As you know via IG life is crazy hectic here right now.
    Reading this post I felt like I was right there with you.
    I literally just felt a peace fall over me like a big warm blanket.
    Thank you for sharing, for your beautiful way, for your prayers and support!
    I love returning the favor!

    Be Blessed,


  9. Captured beautifully and reminded me of our trip to Yosemite.....gorgeous, gorgeous.

  10. I have never seen pictures like these and have certainly never been near anything nearly as breathtaking! It's wonderful that you overcame your fears and embraced the might never had had such an overwhelming experience!


  11. How in the world do non-believers NOT believe in God's grace and the sheer beauty of these majestic peaks, the flowers, the creeks and lakes, gorgeous trees, you name it! These photos are spectacular! Thanks so much for sharing.

    It's amazing that our bodies allow us to move, climb, etc. isn't it? :)


  12. so absolutely gorgeous. reminds me so much of when we lived in the sierra nevada mountains in california! i miss it so!! but i definitely know what you're talking about with the Holy Ground thing... God is so good and extravagant to give us such beautiful places and creation to see!

  13. Oh my heavens! What beauty! I have always wanted to venture to that part of God's country!!! I can't wait to see more of your pictures!

  14. Holy Ground, what a lovely description! And, that's exactly what it looks like in your pics. I felt I got a small touch of what you experienced. Thanks for sharing! Blessings to you!

  15. SO gorgeous! I bet it totally was a reverenced feeling of awe. Love how even His creation acknowledges His presence. :)

  16. What beauty you both experiienced,such a special way to spend the day with such a special friend.

  17. there are no has left me speechless
    i often think when i see the trees swaying that they
    are praising Him..all of creation
    that was such a gift for you and sasha..xoxo

  18. we want to go there so bad.
    it is stunning...breathtaking....striking...

    i praise the LORD for his beautiful creation.

    keep showing us!

  19. Absolutely amazing! So glad you got to experience that in person.

  20. Love it! Really beautiful photos as well, although I am sure even they can't capture the awesomeness that He has created and you got to revel in for the day!

  21. Oh my goodness, Becky! What an INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL place!!!! What mountains are those???? You were in heaven on earth, girl. Totally. Your photos took my breath away and I could see God in them all. :) And you, my dear girl....are beautiful, too!

    xoxo laurie

  22. these pictures are so absolutely amazing, Becky!
    i have been marveling in the beauty of God's creation a lot lately, too.
    the fall colors are SO vibrant and nearly take my breath away.
    truly, His creation sings His praises!

  23. Wow... no words to describe how beautiful. What an awesome experience you were able to enjoy.

  24. That is beautiful. It reminded me of Switzerland. I felt like God was walking with me when I was there. Can you even imagine the beauty of Heaven?? We will dance together for sure!!

  25. Ah, girlie, just the medicine
    that I needed tonight. You
    know that these pics were a
    tonic for my soul....from the
    state that makes my heart
    sing. We hiked Mt. St. Helens
    {a mtn. in Oregon} when I was
    a kid and the terrain and flowers
    were just like that. Hallowed
    ground, indeed. Just amazing,
    and I'm SO glad that Sasha
    shared her love for it, with you.

    Big Hugs,
    xo Suzanne

  26. I know I tell you this all the time but I love your heart for God and I LOVE you!!!

  27. a BEAUTIFUL post with BEAUTIFUL photos.
    Made my little cubicle world a little brighter today!
    (I love littlechicks instagram photos, what a gift your daughter has!)

  28. what amazing, amazing pictures, becky... i can almost imagine being there-feeling the cool mountain air and the warm, warm sun. these images will stay with me today.

  29. Holy Ground for SURE! Somehow I missed where all this glory is to be found! Do tell!


  30. lovely to hear your tales. Keep them coming!! Heather x


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