Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hello friends...long time no see.  I hope you've missed me;)  For those of you without Instagram you've missed a lot!!  I literally feel like I've been around the world.  I'm not the best at readjusting after long trips.  The time difference screws with me greatly and I'm just...well...possibly getting too old for travel.  Naaaahhhh!  Totally just messing with you there;) 

I should be posting vacation pictures (I've got a ton), but I've had a post on my heart for awhile and I just can't ignore it anymore.  A lot of you know my girlie big chick is on Instagram.  Her name is bigchick7

When we first decided to let her get a phone it was an adjustment.  I mean what 12 year old really needs a phone right?  It's not like she's calling anyone, but the opportunity presented itself and we thought it might help her make friends and keep connected to the old ones. 

It wasn't long after that I found Instagram.  LOVED IT!  It has completely changed my life.  I know that sounds melodramatic, but it has.  The ability to just snap a moment and "postcard" my life...well it's almost better than blogging.  I said almost;)  Not to mention the wonderful new friends I've met and the old ones that I can stay in better contact with.  It's really aMAZing!  


With a little fear and trepidation I decided to let my big chick open an Instagram account.  I was a little scared because well you know what young people can do with pictures...not that I didn't trust her I just had no frame of reference.  And then when my people started to find her and follow and comment...a whole new level of oh no is she being exposed to too she vulnerable??  It can be a sick sad world and the ability to read and leave comments was scary at first.

It didn't take long before it started to appear...and by it I mean my girl's gift shining bright.  I would look at her pictures and be transported.  Instead of a normal snapshot of an average thing, she showed the extraordinary in a new, and gloriously wonderful perspective.

She was a light seeker.  
A beauty explorer
A sweet spirit with her innocent captions. 
A photo ARTIST!!! 
 And best of all, to my utmost surprise...a BOLD witness for Christ!!

I've had several of you mention her gift and talent to me and I have to say as a momma...this new feeling of pride is almost overwhelming at times.  I look at her and want to burst I'm so in awe of her.  I've always been proud, don't get me wrong, but when you see your children unfold their wings and innately use the gifts God has buried in's surreal! 

All of these pictures are hers.  Taken by her cheap little phone.  I wonder what she would do with a real camera and actual knowledge under her belt??

My little chick is her muse.  If you follow her feed at all you'll see countless pics of her doing everyday mundane tasks and somehow big chick makes it magical and interesting. 

And a few of her folks...which crack me up. 

The other night I sat on her bed and took her face in my hands and started weeping.  I had a complete mental flashback to when my mom used to do that to me as a child.  I had just looked through her feed...through her gift and it came.  The big tears of gratitude.  The big tears of thank you Lord for giving me this daughter.  Words of praise and affirmation covering her.  We need to do that as parents.  We need to take the time to see praise them and to be thankful for what incredible gifts they are.

Anyhoo I just HAD to share.  I'm officially a fan. My girl has me swooning and it's all kinds of wonderful!  Sorry for the sap.  I'm a momma what can I say:)

***Oh and the winners of the Katie Evans photography book are:

Have a blessed day.

777 the gift of capturing life through a lens
778.  a momma's pride
779.  HOME
780.  little blue sleeping pills
781.  lots of orders this week...the Lord knows just when I need it;)
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  1. Love her photos. I am not on Instagram because I truly don't need one more media in my life :) I am camera-less right now, but hope to fix that soon. I am not a great photographer but reading blogs makes me want to get better.

  2. there's not doubt...chicky's got talent!! i'm especially partial to the one of my little bird ;)

  3. She is one of my fav ig'ers!! She truly has a great talent!!

  4. Wow! She has the eye for beauty. You know, I'm beginning to think that an eye for beauty, like a singing voice, is an inherited trait. I'm not sure it can be taught. That being said, I'm super happy I won the book. THANKS

  5. Her talent IS amazing. LOVE her photos on Instagram. I hope that as she grows older and does get a good camera that we are able to continue getting peeks at her work. It is truly inspired. Clearly, the apple doesn't far from the tree in your neighborhood. ;)

  6. Oh, and I forget to mention that the ending of your post touched me to the core as a mama. I have such young kids right now, but can't wait to see their talents develop and have awesome moments like you described. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank *you* for sharing your gifts and talents with us as well.

  7. yes YES. thanks for sharing your sweet chicks. bigchick blesses my socks off, talented darling she is!

  8. Great photos! My very favorite is the shadows on the lawn; it feels Peter Pannish. Lots of love to you and yours...

  9. I have loved following bigchick7 - her photos and insight are amazing. You have great reason to be proud! I'm glad to be both of your IG friends! We should have a RVA IG walk one day...

  10. I'm in LOVE with this post and the girl behind the post. (All of the girls, actually.) :) She truly is an artist!

  11. awwww, this makes my heart proud for you and for her. she really does have an amazing eye, but you knew that already. sometimes when she comments on things or what she writes on her posts i have to stop myself from saying; girl, how old are you again? : ) she is an old soul and so mature and i would be so proud of her if she was my daughter. it's funny and strange that you can know that about a person through their photos but you can. whether she continues on with photography or not one thing you know already is that she is able to find beauty in the little things and i think THAT might just be one of the greatest life lessons of all. love me some big chick7!

  12. Big Chick has such an eye!!! How wonderful to discover this in herself and share her gif!

  13. She's just like you...

    and artist-y and cool like that...

    But, you're right. Without Instagram I am missing out. I guess. I wouldn't know.
    Just by these photos though...I see it! it is amazing.

    Again. You're a good teacher and inspiration. ;) You have every right to be proud.

  14. LOVING your Momma heart, and am right there with you in gratitude for my girls and being themselves, even when it doesn't jive with what I saw in them:-) I would burst with pride at the talent and heart your girl is showing in these pictures. I adore that God doesn't just use adults, but His precious children with their pure hearts.

  15. You have captured the joy of parenting in a beautiful way here, Becky ... which helps for the days when parenting is not so fun.


    ps. I love her pictures.

  16. well said. she does rock....and you do too :) xo

  17. Your family truly is a blessing! Your daughter truly does have an eye for awesome pictures and a way of capturing them in a way that communicates the amazingness of even simple things. Thanks for putting her out there, so that we can enjoy her gift too!

    Stay close! Keep loving her and telling her just how much you do. She'll be able to look back just like you are now, with pure JOY in her heatt for the Momma you taught her to be!

  18. Oh Becky. As a mother of a daughter (4 years old), I read this with tears brimming, on the brink of boo-hooing. She really does have a talent. And what a great message about celebrating them...encouraging them. Thank you.

  19. Aww, this made me want to cry. I have been wondering what you thought about Big Chick's IG account. I would have been hesitant as a Mama, too. However, I'm glad you let her discover her beautiful gift via IG. I LOVE seeing her photos and reading her sweet thoughts. Her heart for Christ and eye for light and detail are astounding. She is blessed to have such amazing parents who take the time to see her and let her fly the way God intended. Good job, Mama! Your Big Chick is one amazing young lady!

  20. Ummm...uhhh WOW! I don't know what to say other then that! Your daughter's photos are AMAZING!!! Seriously - I'm in LOVE with them!!! I even showed my hubby and he was impressed too! Such natural talent!! I can't imagine what she'd do with a real camera either! Fantastic!!! I'm so glad you shared them here, since I don't have instigram (...yet! ;) )

    Oh and YAY!!! Thank you - I am SOOOO excited I won!! I have some family photo shoots coming up and I was just thinking yesterday how helpful this book would be!!*tee hee* I'm so giddy with excitment!! Thanks again! :D

  21. Yes that chick has talent! It looks like she found a true passion, I'm sure she will do a lot of good with it!

  22. I love Instagram too! Now that I am working it makes it more difficult to check in, but I love those few minutes where I can visit my Instafriends!

    It is great that your daughter is developing her talent and what a great way via Instagram; the people that are following her photo journal are people who will encourage and support her. What a blessing.

  23. Oh how sweet this post is! She is such a gift and watching your relationship is a gift to us!

    Your words..
    and her talent!!

  25. Wow! She IS an amazing photographer already. Those are gorgeous photos. I can't believe she took them with a phone. I only dream of taking those kinds of pictures.

  26. That is what Momma's are for, to be proud of their kiddos! What great photos with such uniqueness. I'm so impressed and certainly share your proudness! Glad you are back!

  27. These are absolutely GORGEOUS - love the last one especially, your whole family has the most beautiful smiles. She has a great eye.

    I love what you wrote about her too.

    Love that you got to spend time with Kim....isn't she fabulous?! Loved seeing her photo of you tow beautiful girls together :) XX

  28. What a gift she is to you and to God. Her eye behing a lens is inspiring and insightful. I love her instagrams!! Good job Mama :)
    ps - Good people make good little people XOX

  29. Beautiful girl with a beautiful mamma! Her photos are so inspiring and what a blessing she is! She is so encouraging too. When she leaves a comment on a photo I have taken it always blesses me. Amazing, beautiful soul! xoxo

  30. She truly does have a gift. I've been following her for awhile now, and you too! Hearing you describe your love for your daughter(s) just makes me realize how much I yearn for a family myself. I'm trying hard to be patient but God hasn't seen it fit for me, just yet. God's time is always the right time though. Happy Thursday to you and your beautifully blessed family.

  31. I've been reading your blog for while now but never comment and I certainly couldn't pass up on this post. Your big chick's photo's are very heartfelt and wow, she can take better photos than I think I ever could! I hope to see more of her photos to come.

  32. she is really, really gifted....I love seeing her new pics when she posts them!

    I know you are so proud...I think a "real" camera should be at the top of her Christmas list. :)

  33. She definetly has talent. It's all about the "eye". It helps to have a good camera but with editing it isn't all that important. Good for

  34. i will say that i'm a little happy because i remember being one of her first followers... : ) i'm even proud of her!! and i remember praying for her last summer about the move and now, just to see her blossom has been such a gift! God is so good!!!

  35. I've had the honor
    of watching her blossom
    on IG, but the tears,
    the tears now on my
    cheeks are from your
    sweet heart that can
    truly SEE a soul. That's
    some powerful stuff,

    Love to you both.

    xo Suzanne

  36. You know how much I love how you love your husband well. You also love your girls so well too. They way they love you shows that.

    When bigchick first requested to follow me on IG, I hesitated. I assumed that as her parents, you were supervising her activity on IG (look at me finally knowing what IG means) so I approved her and followed her back. As you mentioned, it felt a little weird but I knew you guys were observing.

    Anyway, her point of view on the world is always so encouraging. Her photos and sweet reminders to not miss the little things in life are so encouraging.

    You are raising awesome little women!

    Oh, and I also love how she loves Little Chick well. :-)

    1. I love how IG peeps have encouraged her. I actually think it's been an awesome confidrnce booster.

  37. Oh Becky I can hear your Mother's heart all the way over here! :)
    And I love that!
    Big Chicks gift of photography is so unique and beautiful!
    I love what she has captured in every photo! Little chick must be so excited to have her big sister snapping shots of her fun!
    How wonderful that she is so blessed to have her Momma to build her up, and affirm your love for her, and encourage her and stand by her in every stage of her blossoming! Both your children are so blessed.
    I'm so glad that you shared this here with us..its so good to hear!
    And oh my goodness Becky, I came home from work to find your email
    and I am thrilled and so grateful to have won!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you ...I can't wait to glean from this beautiful book of photography! Yeah!!!!!!

    Deborah xoxoxo

  38. Yay for Deborah. She is such a sweetheart.

    Love your post Becky. You should be proud of your sweet big chick. Her pictures are amazing. You can see the talent already. So exciting to watch our children grow their wings. You're watching her grow because you've taught her how.
    Hugs, Valerie

  39. What a blessing to witness her gift.

  40. that bottom pic is one of my absolute favorites she's posted! she's definitely raw talent! Love that she shoots with her heart! Fun to see ya so proud too!

  41. she has been given such a gift, and you are so right when you so she has a deep love and boldness for the Lord.
    i have found her pictures and inspiration challenging this 33 year old self!
    she always shines as a light and constant encourager.
    just think what God has in store for this beautiful bigchick7?
    the possibilities are endless!!!

    praise God for your encouragement on praising our children in their gifts...something i need to seek out to do more.

  42. The smile never left my lips reading this. Every word is truth. Your girl is a gem. She is joy and love and fun. Just like you, mama.

    Yay IG!

  43. Hi Becky~
    Me thinks Santa should bring bigchick7 a camera this Christmas. Just sayin'.
    I can't wait to join Instagram..I am so inspired & so excited by the whole concept of it all & the group of talented lovlies out there that I follow, bigchick among them. She is awe-inspiring. What an amazing girl you have there. I love her outlook, her joy, her innocence. Her photos are just lovely.
    We just bought my nephews, ages 4 & 5, their first "real" cameras. They use ours (the real ones!) all the time & have since they were practically babies & we are stunned by the photos they take. The ones they take of our family are some of the most beautiful pictures ever taken of us because the love we have for these two boys just shine through each photo. Photography is such a gift & I'm so happy that your daughter has picked up your love of it. She is blessedly talented. Loved the post & love her & her work. You should be very, very proud of her.

  44. This post comes at the same time that I have been feeling about my girl. Was sitting there in the late hours of the night watching her while she is hurled into study and university entrances and portfolios and then again, she is back at it early this morning and I sit there and wonder how on earth did I deserve her. Complete opposite to my boy who has the talent and brains but choice not to use them (up until now at 23 - he is a whole different story). She made a wonderful speech to her father and I the other night on her 18th and your daughter reminded me of this when I read her post on your instagram. We are blessed beyond words and I tear up every time when I think of her. She has made us so proud and when I think of what other 18 year olds are upto these days, she is totally on her own course. No peer group pressure but just some amazing friends who are all on her level as well - trying to strive and do good. Loved your words and love that I have come across your little world.

  45. what sweet, sweet words about your daughter! What a little treasure you have. Love her pics and love that you see that talent and praise her. You are a great mom. Love your pic on the truck. My son was sitting on my lap and pointed it out saying, "look, its the real Mater"

  46. Absolutely beautiful pictures! What a great momma to recognize her gifting and encourage her! It is amazing to see our children growing into themselves, isn't it? :)
    Glad you're back.

  47. What an amazing baby girl you have there! It's wonderful when we can step back and see glimpses of the amazing "big people" our children will be someday. I received the leather cuff you made for me with the beautiful reminder of "I am with you always" .. I will cherish it forever!! Thank you! Denita

  48. WOW! WOWWOWWOWWOW! I am blown away by her pictures. This is such a powerful post, Becky. I did Instagram for a little bit on my phone but thought it was terrible. I don't know if my phone just took really awful pics, and even Instagram couldn't make them nice, or if I just don't have "it"...but Big Chick? She's got it. You recognize it. How awesome is that! I love the way you describe her - "light seeker" and a witness too. So inspiring. All of it. Beautiful girl, beautiful talent...thank you for sharing!

  49. She certainly does make it magical. My favorite is the one of her in a tree and you looking up at her. I remember when she posted that one. Give her a big squeeze for ME!

    Love you sweet friend.

  50. Loved this! I do follow you on IG, but after reading this I started following @Bigchick7. Her pics are gorgeous and I find myself going over to her feed to 'like' her pics often, usually after getting an update from your IG feed. And I get so happy (silly, I know) when I find that she 'likes' my pics! Ha! Beautiful post, my son is almost 12, and lately he's been driving me crazy, I just don't know what he's thinking half the time! But after reading this, I am reminded that he is a gorgeous, talented, compassionate, (very mellow!) young man, and I love him so much, everyday! Thanks Becky.
    -Ann (@rymina) :)

  51. These shots are amazing Becky ~ she does truly have a gift doesn't she. Alas my Android phone does not support Instagram and I do feel like I am missing out! I did see that you got to meet my girl crush Kim ~ jealous over here! Glad to see you home ~ can't wait to see what you did!

  52. Beautiful post! Tears welled up as I read your post....I KNOW that moment when you actually SEE a gift in one of your children. Her pictures are stunning...and when you realize it's of the so-called "mundane...everyday"... makes you think differently of each days' potential! Thank you Lord for opening our eyes!!

  53. Yes! Simply beautiful.... I always look forward to her pictures and then her captions are like the cherry on top with extra sprinkles! She is wise beyond her proud momma!

  54. Oh Becky, that Big Chick of yours is AMaZiNG!! I have been a follower(fan) of hers on IG for some time now...I love her photos!! She really has an eye for finding beauty:) Thank you for "sharing" your talented daughter with us. And from one momma to another, you don't have to apologize for " the sap"!! Big hugs:)

  55. Oh Becky, that Big Chick of yours is AMaZiNG!! I have been a follower(fan) of hers on IG for some time now...I love her photos!! She really has an eye for finding beauty:) Thank you for "sharing" your talented daughter with us. And from one momma to another, you don't have to apologize for " the sap"!! Big hugs:)

  56. Oh my sweet friend...I so get this! That girl is an amazing photographer but more importantly an amazing spirit. I am so excited for you on this journey of motherhood. Only having daughters I only know about girls but the years ahead are going to be so full. Dances, dates, disappointments, moving out, marriage, babies. It is truly my biggest blessing to mother my 3. I cannot find the words to express how much joy I have in my daily life just watching my 3 be mothers themselves. It is just an awesome, awesome gift. God is so smart and so good. I know your momma is just pleased as punch to watch you and Big Chick. (and Little Chick) You are rocking this parenting gig! xoxo

  57. I agree with every word you wrote. That girl of yours is amazing! Not only is she insanely talented at such a young age, but she is the sweetest, most thoughtful and considerate soul. I enjoy seeing what she'll photograph next. It's always amazing.
    Having girls, I totally understand your initial apprehension. And also your pride. There is something so beautiful about watching your child realize their potential. Instagram is an amazing platform and a true community, and your girl is a shining light in that community.
    ~Naomi (Finnlee's mom)

  58. Wow! She has talent, no doubt! And you cried in her hands, so precious.

  59. what a keepsake this letter is....a precious tribute to your special, beautiful, talented girl. She's "got it" and you gave it to mother like daughter :).

    You BOTH are SO blessed, and I don't say that lightly. I didn't have "that", so in a way I feel like it makes me an expert in spotting it. But hopefully now, I can give it. Thanks for such an AMAZING example of unconditional love!

  60. love her photos... they are amazing! they evoke such emotion. and her sweet heart. oh, my. i hope you make a book w her pictures... great xmas gift.. just sayin'! ;)

  61. Isn't it an amazing thing when we can see our children appreciating beauty...and seeing it through their own eyes in their own unique ways? Awesome! I love her perspective. OK, now tell me, do I really need to be on Instagram. I love photography, but I feel like I can hardly handle another online thing. Does this suck you in and take up loads of time? Do tell!


  62. Wow! Big Chick's photos are AMAZING!!!!!!!! She really has a gift...She is creative just like her momma and I'm sure she is proud to be also.

    I'm giving out my age by telling you I just have a tracphone, that you put money onto when you want more minutes by purchasing them at Walmart, and not a regular cell phone. I don't think you can get Instagram with my kind of phone can you? I think I'm missing out!

    So proud of your Big Chick right along with you.. What a great daughter you are raising!

    Lee Ann


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