Friday, August 10, 2012

if you give becky a door...

Good morning friends...thank you for all the anniversary love.  It was a good good day:)  We had CAKE...CAKE and more CAKE!  What more could you ask for;)

And now it's FRIDAY!!!!  My In-laws left yesterday and immediately after our farewell breakfast I crashed for the longest nap in history!  4 HOURS!!!!  What in the world?  Anyway I'm trying to get back into normal mode.  Which means a long overdue Me Artsy post:)  Hope you've been doing something creative and can link up.

A few weeks ago...

When a friend calls you and says let's hit the Restore store you don't scratch your head and ask what's the restore restore?? just GO and ask questions later;)  By the way the Restore store is Habitat for Humanity's gently used new and used items warehouse.  It's stuff contractors couldn't use.  It's overstock.  It's windows, plumbing, shutters, wood, tile, lighting, electrical stuff and DOORS!  Lots and lots of doors!!!

Be prepared though when you go with your door crazy friend Joannie that you might just crush hard on the SAME door.  Then expect to have to do some flippin' for the door...cause that's the only way the friendship will stay intact.  So we pulled out the coin, winked at the office lady and had her call it.  She made us swear not to go around saying that's how things were done at the Restore store, but hey that's how we sugar sisters roll;)  I let out a little whoop and a thankyajesus, when it went my way, and on our way we went...4 doors in the back.

By the way I think it's a good thing taking the girls to these places.  They're not in the best hoods.  It's a little sketchy, but we're teaching them a little searching gets you a gorgeous vintage mirrored door for $17 bucks!!  There may be some Sampson and Son humming out of our lips, but that just makes the experience more fun:)

I had no idea really where the door was going, but from experience I know if you love something get it and it will find it's place when you get home;)  I immediately had honey hold the heavy door and carry it all over the house.  He's beyond good to me!  He sat that door here and there and eventually it landed in the spare bedroom.  The corner just needed something.

I was giddy with redo excitement.  When the inspiration hits there is no holding me back.  I got some ivy leaf spray paint...taped, painted and sanded that baby and she was all ready to show off:)

Well almost, but first I had a vision of heart garland.  Don't know why, but whimsy felt necessary with the funky green door.  So I found some fun paper, cut it out with a heart punch and attached it to some $1 bin felt ribbon I'd had forever.  Voila...instant heart garland.

She looks so pretty tucked in that corner.  She bounces light all over the room and ties the colors in beautifully.  She's an artsy artsy redo. 

me artsy at farmgirl paints

So my challenge for you is to find something used and make it pretty.  Link up with me and let's PARTY!  Even if you don't do the challenge you can link up anything creative...I'm not fussy:)

And the winners of the Artful Blogging magazine are:

Have a blessed day.

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706.  fresh laundry
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709.  a good visit with the in-laws

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  1. i love this. like totally. and the good news is that there is a Restore 5 min from our house. it's about time i go there!!

  2. I haven't been to a REstore store but am anxious to go. Love the door and the heart banner. Love that room you are sitting in as well.

  3. Wow, what a great find. You made it yours so beautifully. Me no artsy, I just wouldn't see the treasure behind the obvious. :)

  4. The door and garland are perfect together! What a great find. We have a Restore in a neighboring town that I have been wanting to check out...think you just gave me the nudge to get there. Have a great weekend!

  5. you are like the BEST fluffer ever! you just are. i love that about you. your house is so homey and full and YOU...all good things. love your little corner :)

  6. Funny that you just redid a door...I talked about doing that yesterday!! Right now I am working on a desk, dresser and suitcase....LOVE that darling garland!!!

    Oh and that bedspread looks exactly like the one I have been drooling over at Bed, Bath and it??

    Love your blog!!!!

  7. Oh my gosh LOVE!!!!
    I laughed out loud about your shady neighborhood : )

  8. Oh my goodness I love what you did with color and that garland makes me want to go get my craft on right.this.minute. Fun post!

  9. i'm loving it!
    i know just what you mean about getting a creative itch!
    it's SO fun to transform and i LOVE your door...and the fact that your still friends with joannie...haha! of course!

  10. Love that door!!!! I wish I could find some here!!!I just have to go look:O)Love the color you picked too bright:O)

  11. That looks awesome. I'm bummed - my Barnes and Noble does not have the magazine :( Have a blessed weekend.

  12. You forgot to mention that we had to dig through about 15 doors and dust and dirt to get to the sweet dusty vintage goodness. Once we managed to pull her out and you got the glimpse of the back..the mirrored side....and almost forgot your "Jesus"!!...oh i will never forget your So much fun! A great day in the memory book of summer. I made out pretty good....three doors and a headboard...great hunt!

  13. Oh my... Becky! That is awesome. I love that color green and it looks so right. So "weathered" like it was meant to be. I have always loved doors. I used to have a beautiful shabby chic cream and pink door that I used as my headboard for bed. And, then I got married.
    Needless to say it wasn't allowed to "come along". We have to pray for my man. ;) You're lucky. You're guy lugged that door until it found the right spot. How AWESOME! is that?
    I sure miss my creative masterpiece in my bedroom. Shucks! I don't know if I even have a photo of prove it was there.

    Congrats to LeAnna (and Leah) for winning the Artful Blogging magazine...
    LeAnna is so fun!
    I'll be sure to look for the magazine to get my own copy somewhere, sometime. :)

  14. the door is a great find! looks good with all the colours you have used in your room, nice idea. I will think if there's is anything I can do for your challange! Heather

  15. Love the door AND that garland is FANTASTIC!! Great job! I LOVE the Restore!! We have snagged some amazing deals there!!! Glad you got to go and got such a great find!! :D I want to link up - but I've haven't been taking photos of the room makeovers we have been doing...too busy or something. But I really like this whole "Me Artsy" thing - hopefully soon I'll be linking up....maybe I have an older post...will have to look!

    Oh and that cake looked great! :D

  16. Love, love, love the door!! Great job and what a great find!!
    Wish we had a REstore in our town.

  17. Ivy leaf is my favorite color ever! You are amaze balls girlfriend.

  18. Oh, please come & do over my house! I love, love, love the colours you use. I'm so tired of neutral~UGH! All of you blog friends inspire me with your amazing talents...I see colour on the horizon for my humble abode. I'm going to start with my spare bedroom~a catch all for everything right now~soon to be my office/artsy/crafty room. I'm giving myself free reign with colour in there & then I'll slowly, courageously move on to the rest of the house. Wish me luck & thanks for the imspiration!!!

  19. That door is perfect and the spare room is just the spot for it! I have not been to the restore here in ages ~ there may be a road trip in my future!

  20. Where (and how) did you get the mirror? I am loving this. I wish I had a boatload of time and a truck load of money so I could whip my new house into shape... someday...

  21. Love that door, as well as that Ivy Green paint. I've painted a lot of fun accent pieces that color! Your beautiful home truly inspires me!

  22. I think I might have cried had I been the friend on the losing side of that coin.....Oh my WORD, I love that door! And your GARLAND.....sigh. I need some new craft supplies.

    Wish I could link up, but I DID make a wreath today ;)

  23. loving that door!
    our headboard is from the Habitat Restore. :)

    loving the garland, too!

  24. Oh I love what you did with that door! You and your creative magic always inspire me:) And wow...I can't believe I won a copy of Artful Blogging! What a sweet surprise, thank you friend!

  25. Oh man, I'm playing catchup from the weekend absence!!

    I LOVE the wedding cake thing... and you look amazing in these pictures by the way and YES I am talking to you!! I see you, cutie pie.

  26. this sounds fun... i've been redoing my "scrapbooking" room for the last few weeks... organizing, throwing away, repurposing all the things i've had ahard time letting go of. i'm down to the beads. i have so many beads. what was i thinking!? when it's all done... all quiet and less chaotic, i hope to get back to the art. ... :)


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