Monday, August 13, 2012

homebodies unite

See this face?  Oh my word...I love this face.  If little chick had her way we would stay home 24/7.  She's a homebody through and through.  She loves nothing more than to play Barbie with her sister in the basement or be with her bestie across the street.  Her idea of bliss is a bowlful of cottage cheese and a snuggle date with Fergie on the couch.  She's simple.

And truthfully since we've moved here I've fallen into the homebody category also.  Not by choice, just by chance.  We live far it seems from everything.  I like warm bodies present with me when I gallivant, and that's not always possible.  So instead I hibernate. It kind of gets to me after awhile, and I get major cabin fever and HAVE to get out of the house. 

So despite the protests of my little we go...that's why I made the summer to-do list.  We've made progress on most of it.  Maymont Park just needed crossed off, so without much thought to sticky temps and irritable moms...ME;) We loaded up our sweet neighbors and went on a fieldtrip.

A definite perk to living in Richmond is this quirky park.  There is a part that looks like Italy, Japan and Hawaii.  It's really cool.  They have a beautiful waterfall that if you close your eyes and listen to the water you feel just like you are in a tropical rainforest.  The effect becomes all the more real with hair sticking to the side of my face and sweat dripping down my back.  It's kinda like visiting Hawaii, but without the super long plane ride...or the beautiful beaches:(

The trees are plentiful.

Critters are everywhere to be found;)

And there are lots of places in general to explore.  Gotta love a day of exploring.

It's no secret I would inevitably be the first person kicked off of Survivor.  I'm not exactly the outdoorsy type, primarily because I hate to sweat unless I'm working out, hate bugs, hate weeds...need food etc...  BUT I love being surrounded by His creation, so a little bit of discomfort is worth it.  I guess...ha!  Even my little chick thought so...miracles DO happen;)

***Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the virtual hugs and love regarding my dad's health.  He sees the doctor this week and will know more about what he can and can't do.  We covet each and every one of your prayers.  They are making a difference...thank you so much!!!

Have a blessed day.

715.  a community of believers that lift up and rally
716.  friends that listen and love
717.  a God who knows the whole plan, so i don't have to wonder
718.  memory making with my girls
719.  summer heat that warms the skin...making me feel

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  1. I seem to be getting to be more of a homebody more and more. I do enjoy getting out but enjoy just being home.
    Cute pictures.....looks like a fun place.

  2. Yes. Home. I like going away but only for about 3 days; then a little homesickness sets in. Even with family there comes a time when visiting and hanging out reach their end. We usually come back from all trips at least a day early.

    I loved your photographs! These are such treasured times.

  3. My little one is a homebody too....hmmmm, I wonder where she gets it???? This summer it has been hard to get her out of her room where she can play legos and Barbies, American Girl dolls all the live long day!

    Still praying for your papa!

  4. Read about your blog in the Sommerset book - had to check it out since I'm a RVA girl. It's great to read about the local sites through "new eyes". I've been to Maymont dozens of times but have never seen that great tree (6th photo). I have to hunt it down now!! Penny

  5. What a lovely way to spend time with your looks amazingly beautiful there! I have to say I'm a bit of a homebody myself and though I don't always want to be, I do mostly love it. Hope you have a great week!

  6. I love her little face.
    I don't know what happened to your Daddy. I am afraid to read it.

  7. LOVE your photos! Sounds like a great park. I have to get out of the house too. After two days, I get cabin fever. I'm crazy like that.

  8. I admire your ambition to GET OUT THERE and work on that list. It's been BLOODY hot here in the mid Atlantic. Today is a nice day, though. I'd definitely be the first on voted off Survivor. I find WATCHING the show exhausting. :)

  9. I have always been a homebody but that park looks awesome!!!

  10. We are major "homebodies" too...but someties you just have to get out & see the world! Maymont Park looks like the perfect place to do just that:) Beautiful photos, Becky!!

    P.S. I've tried to use your contact button and it doesn't work for me. Left you my address in a message in etsy... Or, you could send me your email addy & then I'll email back to you;)

  11. this looks like so much fun!! so pretty :) i love your top...i'm coveting.

  12. i love to see your pretty faces. glad you got out and got in touch with nature! ; ) i totally see the hawaii resemblance. how fun... you have your own little piece of hawaii in virginia!

  13. I have one who loves loves loves family "home" time - and you must convince her that she needs to hang out with her friends because she is going to have fun. She always does - but, we have to nudge her!

    I have to get out a little everyday or I go crazy!

    That park looks so beautiful - even with all of the critters and dirt : )

    Your pictures are gorg!!! xoxo

  14. how super fun!
    i'm a total homebody, too.
    unless i get an itch and then i'm really crabby until i get out of the house.
    preferably alone! :)
    see? i am so hard to please!
    LOVING those freckles and the sweet time shared between your precious girls.

  15. What a cool spot Becky ~ so glad that you were able to get out and explore amongst the bugs and stuff!! Loving little chicks freckles and that little red headed girl is adorable ~ I saw her braids and thought of your love of all things Anne! Will continue to keep your Dad in my thoughts and prayers Becky ~ stay strong ~ feel that hug?? xoxo

  16. first of all, your pics are always beautiful!!! i can totally relate to the 'homebody' one of my girls was ALWAYS a homebody. it's amazing but i have turned into one, which i NEVER thought that would happen. i was always the one on the go go go from morning until night, from the time i was birthed! now, i love nothing more than to be at home, even if it means doing absolutely nothing! big hugs to you! p.s. thoughts and prayers to your dad!! xo

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  18. in one of the pictures, your little is trying to hold bigs hand and her friend's hand...she's SO sweet.

    And, I LOVE the picture of you and big chick. :)

    and that tree...oh my word...look at those roots!

  19. I loved going to Maymont Park during the two years that I lived in Richmond! Seeing your pictures brought back memories. :)

    Praying for your dad and your family.

  20. I've been out of touch a few days, so missed out on your Dad's situation. I do hope it is nothing serious. We've experienced our own heartache and working our way through it. LIfe can just be really tough some times.

    This was a great post! Looks like a fun day with cute kids and a cute Momma that took them. :o) Blessings abundant!

  21. Such a happy post! Girl, you know I live far away from EVERYTHING, so I feel your pain! Somedays I love it and other days I just have to get out! It's always so fun to explore new places! hugs.

  22. I'm all over these outings like a bee on honey Becky!

    the photos are just perfect and what fun thing for you to do for these girls:-)

  23. Beautiful and sweet photos!! Wishing you a blessed week! xo Heather

  24. I loved looking at all of your photos.It looks as though everyone was having great fun. The photo that you took of all the little girls peeking from behind the trees is awesome.Your girls are growing up so fast!They are both so loveley looking.I love parks and this one looks like a lot of fun. The way that you described the park sounds like my land minus the waterfall. We have lots of critters,trees,and places to explore. We have a lovely brook so we do have the sound of water going by. Thanks for sharing your trip today.

  25. Such beautiful pictures! And STUNNING girls!!

  26. Beautiful Pictures! We are homebody's here, too. We are just comfortable when at home! (not that we don't love getting away, too!)

  27. Oh I have become a serious homebody this summer. And going back to school makes me want to cry. Still looking for someone (other than my husband) to sponsor me a s a stay at home mom :0 Looks like you had a great outing with the girls.

  28. my boy is a homebody and i am a bit of one myself...until i feel like i am actually going to lose it if i stay in the house for one more minute...then we have to get out! my girl loves to go and is always up for an adventure : ) your girls are just adorable and i die over those freckles-- i have always wanted freckles!

    hope your dad gets good news, sending love and prayers to you all!!

  29. I love to stay home too! Sweating and bugs are not my fave. I am with Amy, I do NEEd to get out though when the girls are driving me crazy.
    That park is so beautiful. God is so good!
    Ps...still praying for your sweet dad :)

  30. Okay seriously look at YOU. You are so cute!! I'm loving that little green top on ya too. and I was reading and went "I sat on that tree!!" LOL

  31. Look at Big Chick being tall enough to lean on your shoulder. Watching her grow is like seeing my near future - my Big Chick is just behind her in age and the seem like kindred spirits in many ways, and my little chick is also a homebody!

    Okay, I am with the rest - love the green top, look comfy but cute, cool because of sleeveless but then no strap issues. Please do share where you got it.

    Oh, and I am in the midst of putting together a "Becky inspired" project.

    Take care, Laura

    1. I got that shirt years ago. I think at Express or New York and Co. I have an orange one too I loved it so much:)

  32. Sounds like a great park, Little Chick I can relate I was a homebody at that age too and you brave Mom to take 5 girlies out hats off to you, sweet Mom.

  33. You warm my heart. love you girl.

  34. OH.... we love that park! So glad you had a fun day there.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. I so love your photos. Its stunning. I can see that you guys had a lot of fun int the park. Those all out smiles can attest to that.
    House Extensions Perth

  37. i read half way through this post and got interupted a few days ago. i love so many of these pics, but especially the second one down... i feel the same way about sweating in street clothes! yuck! sweat buckets in my workout clothes, but when im dressed, i loathe it! :)
    looks like a lovely day!


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