Thursday, July 26, 2012

utterly yours

It's funny how God puts people in your life to help you along the way.  A conversation with a friend, a forwarded email and a decision to pursue an assignment really opened my eyes to some beauty this week. 

I've been struggling a bit with self worth.  Where does my worth come from? Why do I feel like I'm on a constant roller coaster of acceptance of who I am??  My favorite scripture passage of all time is Psalms 139.  My assignment is to read it every day this week and rewrite it in my own words. Maybe you should too.  This is my interpretation.

You know me so well Lord.  You know what I'm going to do before I do it!  You see my struggle, my anxious thoughts.  You put me on the right course by placing your hand on my head.

No matter where I end up you are already there.  You keep me from falling, you keep me from that hole.  You are right there every step...protecting me.  Helicoptering my every move...ready to scoop me up if necessary.

You love me so much that you had a plan for me before I was even conceived.  You watched me take shape.  You orchestrated the whole breath and life to my being.  You know me inside and out.  You are my Creator and I am your beloved creation...utterly yours.

Because of that fact you think about me all the time.  You want the best for my life and countlessly check in on my daily walk. 

Because of your devotion to me shouldn't I despise sin and those in opposition to you?  Shouldn't I defend you at all costs??

More than anything I want my life to be pleasing to you.  Use me Lord.  Show me what needs to change...the things that make you unhappy and reveal to me your perfect plan...your unwavering path for my every footstep.  This is my prayer.

Love it when His words become my words.  This is where my self worth comes from!! This is who I am!  His beautiful, one of a kind creation.  Perfect in His sight.  Made for a purpose and a plan.  I don't have to have anything figured out.  He already does. 

Have a blessed day.

679.  wide open spaces filled with beauty
680.  God's words written as a love letter to me
681.  tears that heal...
682.  yellow
683.  belonging to someone bigger than myself
684.  my girls who remind me daily how to love

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  1. love love love! love Him! love you!

    ps can you resend me that itinerary. I must've accidentally deleted it.

  2. Oh sweetest friend!
    You have blessed so many because you are blessed.
    You are perfectly made.

  3. Instagram follower that has now found your blog. I loved the scripture you shared1 I sooo needed that1 Going to make it mine also :)

  4. where does our help come from?
    our help comes from the Lord...the maker of heaven and earth.

    He comes in and shows us that our worth is in him.
    there is nothing in this world that satisfies our hearts except him.

    so glad you saw your worth in him...
    and so glad you showed us the beauty of his creation in that sunflower field.

    on a sidenote..tell me how you make your pictures so big.

    1. when I resize my pics in lightroom or picmonkey i just make sure to resize the largest deminsion to 1000. then in blogger i click on the pic and choose (extra large) for the horizontal pics, and (original size) for the vertical ones. if my margins were bigger i could probably choose original size for all of them. hope this helps. i'm wanting a make-over so i can make them as big as possible:)

  5. Becky, this post reminds me of the article posted this week about one of the survivors of the horrific shooting in Colorado. God was orchestrating things in her life at her conception.... it still blows me away to think of the full scope of this..... below is the link if you have not already seen it!! This. Is. God.

    1. goosebumps! God is so good. a-maz-ing!!!

    2. I wrote a little post ( about that same blog post! Such crazy ways that He's always at work!

  6. just lovely.
    i'm SO glad that i am His and He is mine.
    so often i find myself wanting to be what i think someone else wants me to be, and then He reminds me to be what HE wants me to be.

  7. I dont think it could have been said any better!!! I will do this..or a similar thing by tomorow...u did say end of the week right? Lol love u.

  8. What a great exercise, Becky.

    He WILL NOT and CAN NOT leave you!

    (Random aside. I love that your girls still dress like girls and not teenagers. That's all.)

  9. Oh MY GOODNESS! What a BeAuTiFuL post Becky! You penned your thoughts perfectly in describing this passage. YOU ARE SO SPECIAL TO HIM...and you are special to me too! ♥ HE created Y♥U perfectly with every ounce of His masterpiece, artistic genius!!!...and when He was finished, He looked at you with such adoration and delight and said: this one will bring all those around her such joy and encouragement through being the real and beautiful soul I've created her to be. Others will see my beauty through her real heart and eyes!!! Becky, you really do shine forth realness and HIS beauty! Thank Y♥U!!

    You know, Psalms 139, for me also, has been my favorite scripture passage since I was in the 7th grade. I remember our youth pastor telling me to read this chapter back then, when I was having difficulty feeling God could really hear my prayers. He also suggested I start writing out my prayers from time to time.(therefore my LOVE for keeping a journal to this day) These special scripture from the Lord has helped me through so many trials and low self thoughts of myself over the years.

    Oh and your photographs are so beautiful and tell such a sweet sweet story. I think you need to write a book using your photos and posts- especially include this one.

    Love ya Becky!
    ♥Lee Ann

  10. So full of fun, hope and beauty.

    Love this... post! and your photos.

  11. I am sad you are feeling so much like that : (.
    I find that the less time I think about me and how I am feeling, the better my life is : )
    I could go around all the time feeling sad about a million things. I just try not to think about myself that much. Life is much better for me that way. I hope you feel better soon.
    I love sunflowers. Glad you could take the girls there! What a beautiful place.

  12. beautiful post and beautiful pictures LOve the sunflowers that awesome field of them:O) You are sooo inspireing and blessed:O) Hugs Isabel

  13. Sometime I forget and base my worth as a human being on what other people think of me. Satan can really get a good grip on that area of my life. Even when I tell myself that my value is based on Jesus and his sacrifice and that I am worthy because he loves me. Whatever any other person, or even myself, for that matter, think about me doesn't matter. I think your exercise in improving you concept of self is excellent.

  14. Found your blog through Instagram. Lovely pictures and text speaking truth.

  15. i'm so bad about this. i wonder who the heck i am sometimes, but then other times i feel so full and confident in who i am in Him. daily thoughts. daily choices.

  16. Can I just say that you blessed my heart with these words and I am going to copy them down and reread them in the days ahead. I'm so hoping that one day I get to meet you face to face and give you a big ole hug! You are precious!

  17. Becky,
    I love the way you were speaking God's words after him ... in such a beautifully personalized way.

  18. Beautiful pictures, even more beautiful words...Ann

  19. Amen. Going to look up that passage now. Thanks for sharing!

  20. You are a beautiful person Becky.Your talented,have a big heart,love your family and they love you I'm not sure why you have a problem with self worth but I hope that you will be able to see and feel it soon.I love Psalms 139 and I hope that you will find comfort and your self worth. :)Oh and I love your photos Becky. The irls and the sunflowers are beautifuil.


  21. Hi Becky, I am doing the same thing with Psalm 139 through Girlfriends in God. I actually had taken a break and in my mailbox was your post. I know my self worth needs to come from God because this world is superficial and we can't rely on the words of others to build us up. We can only rely on our Heavenly Father. Blessings to you!!

  22. One of my most favorite of all passages. Psalm 139... Yes HE knew us way before we were ever born. Isn't that amazing?

  23. WOW! Love! Love! Love! Love the words, the Truth, the embrace His Word gives us. Love your beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing this!

  24. Beautiful post and fantastic photography! This is an inspirational site. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  25. Just found your blog, I live in Illinois grew up here too. I am in love with your blog! I share your love for our loving God, love the music I'm currently singing along as I type. I actually just was reading Psalm 139, it's funny how God lead me to your blog for reasons he already knew of. Thanks for brightening my day:)

  26. oh becky, psalm 139 is so important to me too...recently God spoke to me about my self-loathing and now i am holding it as a gift. to be able to maintain humility, empathize, and love the unlovely in a deeper way. without this gift my life would remain in the physical realm. but we're meant to be spiritual people and some of us need such anchors, such crosses, to be centered in Him. keep sharing your heart and know that it is touching, changing, enriching, brightening, and nurturing others you may never meet.

    you are a beautiful blogger and i have tears now (and i rarely get tears these days!!).



  27. Your faith is a beautiful thing. And YOU are beautiful and so one-of-a-kind!! Big hugs, Becky:)
    P.S the photos are GOrgEoUS!

  28. Your faith is a beautiful thing. And YOU are beautiful and so one-of-a-kind!! Big hugs, Becky:)
    P.S the photos are GOrgEoUS!

  29. my heart wandered out into these sunflower fields with you,
    wallowing in the sunny grace poured out generous
    and nourishing
    and joy-bringing
    and i'm lifted, lifted, lifted
    up to see
    the trueness
    that was shining there all along:)
    BIG grateful thanks,

  30. Beautiful words ~ beautiful flowers ~ beautiful person. xo

  31. Wish I had words
    of wisdom as you
    struggle, but all
    I can give is my
    love and my total
    admiration, as I
    think you are the
    greatest, my friend!

    xo Suzanne

  32. becky, this is so, so beautiful. the photos, the words... i would love to repost it sometime at my eating disorders blog... would that be okay? if so, could you email it to me? ( love you friend. you are worth so very much to me.

  33. first, a bautiful, beautiful post. i think most of us struggle w self-worth... especially us girls. you are beautiful and you see this world so beautifully.. you show it to others. that is a gift. love what you share here.

    love also your photo processing in this post... my goodness! was it just the light?! or did you use a filter? or editting? each photo is so beautiful! these are meant to be print and hung on your wall! gorgeous

    1. i used picmonkey and i think orton to soften and give a little blur...thanks friend. that means alot from you!!!

  34. love this sweetie pie! I may just use it as an example in my class. :)


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