Tuesday, July 24, 2012

paradise found...flower arranging

I think y'all knew I grew up country...hence farmgirl;)  I played for hours outside as a child.  My brothers were 11 and 12 years older, and that kind of left me all to myself...which was alright.  I made up my own friends;)  "We" swang and roller skated.  "We" sang under the big tree in the front yard, and "we" played cook and explored the corn crib.  The land was my playground and my imagination had no bounds. 

I've been struggling with this desire to recapture that for my own girls.  AND for my own selfish desires of having chickens and flowers and a level yard where a pool won't collapse;)  I've been in want mode lately, so recently when my craft club met at Clara's farmhouse I have to admit I was struggling with DISCONTENTMENT.  Don't ya hate that word??  It's icky. 

Joannie and I drove up and we let out a collective gasp and a little shriek of an EEEEEEK!  It was perfect.  Her perfect green farmhouse complete with a white picket fence and HUGE yard full and overflowing with gorgeous flowers.  It's quite possible a little tear even popped out.  Geesh!

It was country all the way with boots lining the front door and fishing rods ready to grab at the spur of the moment.

There was warbled old glass panes and charm and and and...it was lovely.

And SHE was lovely!  Meet Clara...aka flower whisperer;) 

She lovingly took us by the hand and shared all that was hers...all her floral secrets...all of her flowers!!!  It was beautiful and generous and just plain awesome. 

I now know that when you cut flowers you need to immerse them in HOT WATER immediately.  This opens up all the little pores or whatever and hydrates them.  Then after you cut the stems you need to quick dip them...into a bacterial kill.  Can't remember the name.  And then you need to add floral powder to your cool water to arrange them...this extends the lifespan. 

I have to admit I was obnoxious that night.  As soon as I got there I was almost in a panic to capture pictures.  It's like I couldn't snap enough.  I wore these crazy hot Hunter's cause they were cute.  My legs were sweating like CRAZY!  It was HOT...we're talking mid-90's and air THICK with humidity.  And there I am in my ridiculous boots...traipsing through her garden. 

But can you blame me for going a little nuts??  It was eye candy everywhere.  Big bold blooms and butterflies fluttering around.  And this is what she does for a living...wow!


Despite my inner voice YELLING at me that this is what I want...right now...I know I'm where I'm at for a reason.  Not sure if I'll ever have the farmhouse or the chickens, but regardless my life is pretty full and blooming even without them. 


me artsy at farmgirl paints

Okay I think I might make this my first me artsy post...because arranging flowers is an art form.  It really is.  If you want to link up, grab my super cute new button...thank you Carissa Graham...and play along.  It does NOT have to be flower arranging.  You can be artsy any ol' way you choose.  If you want more information on arranging flowers one of my favorite HGTV designers just did an awesome post last week.  Check it out here.

Have a blessed day.

673. sitting in a tree swing...with my awesome flower arrangement;)

674.  stumbling onto a sunflower patch...more pics to come

675.  freckles!!!! 
676.  joannie
678.  sweet neighbor girls

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  1. My childhood sounds like yours, except instead of a farm, we lived on a mountain in the woods. I would be outside as much as possible and constructed whole towns out of acorns and sticks and moss. My mom didn't have to worry like we would today if I only re-appeared for meals. I really wanted my kids to have that kind of experience too, but it is just a different world. We visited my grandfather's farm most weekends so I did have the chicken-pasture-farm animal experience too. I am not likely to be able to have chickens here in Short Pump, but it is fun to think about! Love all your photos from Clara's farm...what a gorgeous place.

  2. We grew up very similarly it sounds like....on land....with corn abounding....huge trees standing tall......running outside with our wild imaginations....it was the best bringing up ever.

    I'm so impressed that you have a craft club.

    I have so many friends that are becoming dearer and dearer here in Athens, but there isn't a "group" of us. In fact, I really haven't had a group since my college days. I know we can't create these kind of friendships...they have to organically happen, but still. I am still in contact with my group from college that I lived with....I miss the specialness of a group of girlfriends that can know each other deeply. oh well....contentment calls my name. I must find it!

    Anyway, your craft group seems special. I think I might have to have a craft night at my house very soon!!!

    Hope you're having a great day, friend.

  3. Discontentment. It happens to every on of us. I am so blessed and so happy and yet it sticks it's ugly head out now and then.
    I adore her yard and flowers. What one doesn't see is all the really hard work she puts in.
    I used to be in a craft club. We have all let life get in the way. Parents, kids. etc. I have to occasionally fight longing for different stages of life and forgetting to really bask in the stage I am in now. I miss those days when my girls were growing up and my folks were well.
    Hugs sweet friend...post up that great mirrored door!!

  4. I love your little freckled face princess! She is such a beauty : )
    I am glad you got to spend an evening amidst flowers because I know you love it so much.

  5. You know what? You are just so danged refreshing. I love this post.

    This yard is magnificent! The house-oh so lovely. The boots are cutie pie cute too...and it pleases me that you would see that, and capture it, because days when mud & boots...and old farmhouse is driving my CRAZY and I'm feeling discontent...I will remind myself that it is all picture worthy.

  6. Wow!!! Awesome flowers:O) Alot of work to keep them living I have potted plants everywhere and they are alot of work, she is doing a great job:O) Craft Club ohhhh how i wish i could find one here!!!:O) have a great day:O)

  7. Oh me oh my...I think the "want" bug has been out in full force lately.
    I catch myself 'wanting' more now than ever.
    Maybe it's because we have a budget or maybe it's because we have little say in where we live for the next 20 years, but wanting the perfect 'home' is a bug that I am constantly working to squash.
    I asked Bud if we could start praying together each night before bed.
    Praying for peace in what we have and anything else that we may be on our hearts.
    We know God has us here for a reason, we are patiently trying to see what it is and what we will learn from this stage.
    Praying you will find peace also.

    Big Hugs!

  8. What a beautiful place. I would have felt the same way. Does the inside look like the outside of this wonderful place.
    I bet your legs were suffocating in the cute books.
    I didn't grow up on a farm but in the country surrounded by farms. I spent the entire day outoors by myself wandering around.....and I am alot older than you are. We have to worry so much now. I can't even let my grandchildren play on the front porch without me being outside.
    Questions.....I have been wanting to start up a craft group. Could you give me some pointers?
    Love the picture of you on the swing and with the brushes. I also love that freckled face.

  9. Well, you definitely looked like you were in your "happy place" boots and all. Love your pigtails, you wear them well!

  10. Such a FIND. I know of some very beautiful horse farms in VA. I'm so glad you found the flower farm. btw, I got flowers delivered to my desk at work. All the other secretaries are so jealous. LOVE it. :)

  11. you know, I kinda love that you admit there are things in life you want but don't have...I think we all do, but it seems lately everyone is in "I have the best life-look at me on facebook-twitter" whatever mode. Your friend's house is beautiful. I see that and wish I were her. then i see a bungalow and wish I had that...then see a loft in a city and love that...but I also love my life too :)

  12. yay! love what you have going on... but you already knew that! ; ) oh i so totally know the feeling of having to capture every inch of what's around you on camera. that's exactly how going home is for me! these photos are amazing. well worth the hot sweaty boot wearing. you must frame them to bring the farm to you! xoxo.

  13. I LOVE that you look so happy. I think you're fitting into your new community ;)

  14. Love the swing shot without the boots ~ I would have shucked those off and run barefoot ~ it is a farm!! What a beautiful spot Becky ~ I can see why you went into snapping overload.

  15. What a fun day! Such a weloming soul Clara must be!

  16. Okay my mom just left and I'm about to call you!!!! I linked up b/c I had flowers in my post. LOL that counts RIGHT????

    I need Carissa to make me a 365 button!!!

  17. Oh so dreamy!
    Happy you got to do that, and your bouquet is so farmy, so pretty, so you it seems :)

    Wish I could link up some projects I was working on before I got hurt. They are motivating me to get better...beckoning me to finish them. I'm so excited to have something to look forward to. I think you'd love some of the pieces of furniture I'm refurbishing :)


  18. I am so 'jelly' of that farm house too!! I also grew up in farm country and SO long for a home in the country like that! For now I'll just keep dreaming, I love looking at all your wonderful pictures. You capture life so well!

  19. Not sure how Blogger
    slipped this one by me,
    but it sure made me smile.
    Wearing the Hunters in 90
    degrees is so cute...so you.

    I think it's natural to want
    what we think will make our
    heart sing, whether it's gardens
    and chickens {you} or water
    and docks {me} and to always
    have a dream!!

    xo Suzanne

  20. so i tried to comment on this the other day and blogger was being wonky. ummmm, i WANT that house. and that property. like i just want a house in general right now, but especially THAT house. wow! i love your flower arranging. that's what my mama does. did you know that? she's good.

  21. flowers grow well here in Illinois, however, the bugs are quite the challenge...do you find that where you are now?? (just curious) - can you have chickens? that would be great!
    those grounds look so naturally beautiful...I love how it doesn't look all "pompous"

  22. Oh I want to see more!!! How about the house???? We have five hens and one rooster and we love them!! So much fun. I have so many ideas for a huge raised gardens but need to get my husband on board to help me:)


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