Tuesday, July 17, 2012

me artsy

I am all hyped up on caffeine right now girlies, so bear with me:)  It's been a weird week.  Revisiting the past with my last post put me in kind of a tailspin.  You all know I'm a nut like that.  So along with going down memory lane it made me re-evaluate my present and future, and to be honest I think I'm having a mini midlife crisis.  I won't be looking for a new man or buying a fancy sportscar anytime soon, but I do feel the need for CHANGE.

I'm SO not where I want to be in a few areas of my life. I'm feeling a little bored. HATE that word, but it's true. There is a giant hole of usefullness that needs filled up in me and it's probably due to a whole slew of things...big move, kids are getting more independant and don't need me as much, there's a master list staring at me and I never seem to get anything done etc... Regardless I'm keenly aware that I'm pregnant with SOMETHING and dangit I want that BABY. I need something to nuture, to take care of...to pour myself into...to make me feel ALIVE! Does any of this make sense, or have I really gone off the deep end??

And no I'm not actually pregnant.  I just had the lovely annual visit today.  So fun meeting a new doctor for the first time...NOT:/

I've mentioned this before, but it's worth restating...I LOVE INSTAGRAM.  It has become a big deal to me.  It's so fun connecting with people so quickly and easily.  I love looking at pictures.  It's revolutionary!!!!  If you don't have it...GET IT.  It's super cool. 

This month I've been doing the photo a day thing.  It just a fun way to keep you snapping pics.  Today's word was addiction.  So that got me thinking about stuff I enjoy and I've noticed a little theme.  Outside of my obvious biggest loves of my family and the Lord, I love stuff that I can control...that is all me.  For instance Pinterest.  Uh ME!!!!!  Blogging...ME!  Instagram...ME!!!!!!!!  Not sure if that's a bad thing, but I see a common link.

And here they all are in one pic;)  My phone, computer...oh and my new fav drink...thank you sweet friend for telling me about it.

Mix 1/3C coconut milk, 1/2C chocolate almond milk, 1 1/2 scoops chocolate protein powder, 1/2-1T instant coffee and some ice cubes and maybe a little water.  SHAKE AND FEEL THE RUSH!!!!  Never been an iced coffee drinker, but I crave this.  I NEED this to get me through the afternoon.  It's good.

*****BTW this recipe will be my last for awhile.  I'm officially done with "FEED MY FAMILY FRIDAY"!  I've got something else in mind.  It's fun and it's ME;)

One area that I would like to be doing more with is my creative side.  My paintbrushes miss me.  They do...I know it.  I believe with all my heart that if you just start making stuff the inspiration comes.  And Lord knows I need some of that, so I'm starting a new thing called Me ARTSY!  Every now and then I'm going to post a craft link up.  It won't be every week, because I HATE deadlines and nothing squashes my creativity more than knowing on Friday I have to write a post about ____________!  So keep your eyes peeled. 

I saw this little dog notebook at Target the other day.  SO cute!  Anyway it inspired me to do a paper craft of my sweet dog Fergie.  I haven't started yet.  Hope it turns out cute.  Join me if you like.   I'll post on it soon and you can link up with me. 

Have a blessed day.

668.  my first "fruit" of the year;)  i ate it in three bites.
669.  going to the beach again this weekend.  cannot wait!
670.  my breakfast date this morning
672.  our first moonwalk with the creepy "sheep herd frog" sound.  scared the crap out of us, but made a memory

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  1. Wow that drink sounds yummy. I drink cold black coffee from the pot I made for the office this morning and think I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Looking forward to your new baby. You always have such imaginative and cute ideas.

  2. I can not wait to get all that I need to make that drink....I've thought about it since you sent it to me.

  3. Love you... I'm rushing an SO behind on bloggy buddy reading... but had to pop in. Construction continues!!! Whooohooo!

  4. You made me smile with this post, I totally GET what you are feeling!!

    I LOVE Pinterest too....I use Instagram but don't follow anyone else - although you've now made me feel that I need to!! Great point about them both being things you can control - I've never thought of it that way before.

    I laughed out loud at you're being "pregnant"!!

    And finally, love that first photo of you, it's gorgeous.....LOVE how you clip your hair off your face and always look SO good, like it took you 2 seconds and no thought whatsoever & voila, GORGEOUS!!! I need to be able to do that :)

    Thanks for the inspiration XX

  5. I know that need you feel.
    I truly do.
    What worked for me was actually giving up the thing I though I needed most...
    no, not my husband!!! ( I did think about that...but came to my senses!)
    I gave up blogging.

    Now, by no means am I telling you to stop blogging!!!!
    Just saying...for me...I needed a step back from myself
    I needed to see the road I was on
    and figure so much out

    and then I joined Instagram :-)

    here is my thought...at least, it is what I tell myself...

    BORED is good
    BORED keeps you moving and thinking
    BORED will spark a new flame inside of you
    BORED means you are far from finished

    I think creative types get bored easily
    I think we need to keep our hearts and minds and spirits full of life and color and music and prayer all of the time!

    I enjoy the peak into your beautiful artsy life so very much
    in fact...to my surprise...all those blogs I read back when I wrote Piece of Cake, kind of fell to the side...
    except yours

    let this boredom fuel you
    don't let it discourage you
    let it allow you to BE STILL AND KNOW

    then start a new creation...

    now go and have a beautiful day you beautiful girl!!!!

    (it's me...Laura)

    1. This is quite possibly the sweetest most helpful comment ever. Thank you for those words of encouragement. I think you are SO right. Time to turn those feelings into something bigger.

  6. hey...i like this chick's comment above me...what good thoughts. love it! and hey, that baby? it could be a real one and we could have one together...wouldn't that be fun!?! but really? you're pregnant for 9months for a reason...be still and wait for it ;) love you.

  7. Exciting...sounds like something new is about to spring up!
    It's always good to hear your thoughts Becky.
    Oh and that little dog on your notebook looks like a westie. We have 2 westie/scottie pups right now in our home that are keeping me returning to my bedroom to cuddle them all the day long :)
    I'll have to post some new pics...they are one month old tomorrow.
    Blessings my friend!

    Deborah xoxoxo

  8. if you get to feeling saucy, you should give me a call. i am living through this midlife stuff, and i bet i can relate. in fact, i have a book started about premenopause and i would love to interview lots and lots of fun women like you to flesh it out.

    sounds like you are framing this phase as an awakening, a breakthrough not a breakdown. i still call my past stuff breakdowns because breakthrough sounds too pansy to characterize them, but i love love love the spiritual deepening that comes with these and the way change stretches us to grow.

    i'm rambling see?

    love to you.


  9. I turned 30 a month ago and I REALLY struggled with feeling unfinished in a lot of areas of my life. I felt like I should be a lot farther along (married, kids, etc...). Another thing I need to surrender COMPLETELY over and just trust that God's plans are so much bigger and better than my own. It's comforting to know that we are always right where we need to be. God doesn't make mistakes. His timing is never early, never late, always on time. When I feel restless, unfinished, bored... I try to just be and let Him work his magic. I'm still a work in progress. We all are.

    So glad you said you bought that book at Target. Keep me employed, girl! (I work for Target Corp :))

  10. I can honestly say
    I've never been bored
    a day in my life; in fact,
    I'd LOVE to be bored,
    for once!!

    Maybe the Lord gives
    us what we need, when
    we need it....for you,
    something BIG and
    beautiful is brewing?!

    Your new ARTSY sounds
    like fun. And yes: YOU!

    Hang in there, girlie.

    xo Suzanne

  11. Oh my lady I so get this! I so get exactly what you are saying. I too am going through a season and I'm stretching and searching, my kids are getting older and I am needed so much less life is getting easier as a mom but harder at the same time. I am such an emotional girl that I love when you bare your soul like this because it makes me feel so much more normal! Praying for you sweet lady:)

  12. I'm completely get what you are saying. I'm the creative type and what works for me is BEING creative. My rubber stamps have been missing me these days. I need to pay them a visit more often. I'm sure your paint brushes feel the same way. You are so talented.

  13. Oooh, love what "Cake" said! And love even more that you can find creative inspiration on a notebook from Target :)
    Hopefully I will be getting a new phone in a month or so....can't wait to join in on instagram!
    Think I got a buzz just reading your coffee recipe. I LOVE the iced drinks!
    And I think Pepsi came out my nose when I read about your sheep herd frog incident....FUNNY!

  14. You will figure it all out, Becky.That drink sounds yummy! Am I the only one who can't figure Instagram out? Sheesh!!!

  15. Oh, my dear, just wait until you are staring 60 in the face. That's where I am and I KNOW without a doubt that the Lord is NOT finished with me yet. I'm trying to figure out, "where to from here." I've got that bored feeling too and know that HE will reveal my next big step in His time.

    I always enjoy your entries and do hope that you never get bored with your blogging. I'd be so sad!

    Hugs to you!

  16. Love that you are pregnant with 'something'....congrats :) Can't imagine the day where my kids don't need me and I have a void to fill. What will that feel like?!?!

  17. You are so creative and who you are is really comes through in your words, which I love about you and your blog! You have had a lot of changes in your life, so your feelings are expected! Praying for you sweetie!

  18. How about having a baby! Why not? Your not to old and your girls would love it. Babies are so wonderful!!!! I am too old but sometimes I even think it would be neat to adopt a baby. I'm not serious but I do love babies. Maybe someday I can talk my hunny into doing temporary foster care for infants.
    Maybe even babysitting!

    I caught up and read a lot of posts but didn't comment on each one. I love how your house is coming together. It's such a beautiful home. Are you at home now? I still miss Santa Cruz. I miss our friends. That old song about make new friends cut keep the old, one is silver and the other gold; is really true.
    The picture of you is lovely. One of my most favorites.

    1. This cracked me and my honey up. We are definitely past the baby thing. Actually we've made it permanent:) I've always been open to adopting, but my other half...not so much. That's definitely something you have to be on the same page with.

  19. oh yeah! i downloaded 6 of the 12 software updates on my computer and wa-la! :))
    get ready for a barrage of comments! :)

    i can't believe it's been a year that you are in VA... i'm glad you're making it home! it really is a lovely place and i've enjoyed seeing it through your camera lens!

  20. Thought about you as we drove through Richmond on our way back to Athens from N. J.

    I'll miss linking up with FMFFridays, but I'll keep my eyes peeled for your art link--that's right up my alley, too. :)

  21. I think if your bored you should make a whole lot of your cute stuff and just mail it to me - ah haaaa :) Good luck with your artsy stuff - I know it will rock....what ever you do :) xo

  22. you know what I see?
    I see your heart really looking for what it is God wants you to do with your gifts..you are wide open and it is VERY uncomfortable but that is exactly where we need to be to meet Him
    AND your listening:)
    good things around the bend girl. keep going. keep moving forward.
    you will know because that feeling when you hold that baby for the first time?
    you will have it with your art or whatever He leads you to next.
    love Target and I would LOVE to join you on your craft link up. I have several things on my projects list that I think will work:)
    sleep well;)

  23. Go ahead and buy that cute little roadster! I'm sure whatever you decide to let out it's going to be wonderful and fulfilling. Big Brother love it hope they do not bring back Rachael again!
    Happy day!

  24. OH! I love this post, and I love your honesty! And you know what? I truly believe that even now when you are a little bored and trying to figure it all out, you are right where you are meant to be~ because you are in HIS hands! I know He will show you what He has for you and know it will be wonderful, because He is faithful! :)

    I LOVE your blog, by the way, and the name is perfect! I am going to go add you to my blog roll right now so I don't lose you!

    Blessings to you,

  25. This is exciting! I can tell God is stirring something in your heart! :) And it's going to be GOOD! Can't wait to see . . . you are so talented girl!!

  26. your transparency is like a breath of fresh air, Becky.
    when we seek God''s will, He promises to reveal it to us.
    i'm excited for you to see what He has in store.

  27. I hear ya. This past year I have said or thought so many similar things as you have said in this post. Thanks for your authenticity. Looking forward to your artsy you. I've been trying to get back in touch with my creative me and it's so nice to connect with creatives.
    P.S. I found your blog through Instagram. A friend of a friend, or something like that. I love Instagram for the creativity it brings to my life, and the #photoaday thing for the same reason.

  28. How very exciting! I was the same way with just a feeling that I was supposed to be doing something more. I think I've found what that is in a lunch catering business one day a week. God is truly blessing it so far, and I'm excited for the possibilities! I look forward to seeing what He has in store for you!

  29. oooh HOW EXCITING!! I'm giving birth to art ' n creativity too...I can't wait to see what you do, Becky!

  30. Doing anything creative always gives me a high. I look forward to your artsy bits and pieces,whenever they come.

    I have been craving a little something myself ... hmmmm.

  31. You are something else, Becky. You continue to amaze me with your ability to truly listen to and follow what God is telling you. He's setting your heart on a new path, and I'm really excited for you! I know that it'll be good. Everything you do is! :) Oh, and thanks for the recipe for that yummy looking drink! I'm picking up the ingredients tomorrow!!! Hugs!

    xoxo laurie

  32. excited for your new creations. you always inspire me with your art. He has gifted you. and i enjoy it! : )

  33. Have that baby already ~ I want to know whether to send you pink or blue!! You will figure out what is missing Becky ~ I can tell by your words that you already may have an idea of what it is. Love that Big Brother is on your list ~ the only reason to turn the tv on over the summer! Hugs to you. xo

  34. Loved this post! :-) And hey - I hope you´ll get a BUNCH of tomatoes, maybe they are just a bit slow? :-)

  35. I love it! Go for it girl. I am so with you on the bored. I am BORED! Bored with work and bored at home. Love my family, but at the moment I need some creative RELEASE! Felt a little inspiration reading your post. Thank you!! ;)

  36. I stop by and read your posts and find that they always resonate with me. I'm at a different time in my life than you, yet they are similar. We are moving in a month and I look upon this as a rebirth of sorts. Not sure where it will take me exactly, but I'm looking to really make some changes at 53 that I wouldn't have dared to do at 23. And while I don't necessarily consider myself creative in the traditional sense, I surprise myself sometimes with the things I do. Ann

  37. I get it...
    Im trying new things here to help the create part of me. It's fun when you sell something and feel that others appreciate the Artsy in you. Just sold my first pc last week on my B-Day and it was pure joy!

  38. Hey there, Zakynthos is a Greek island - and soon we'll be off..! :-)

  39. Soooo going to try that drink! Sounds divine! And a perfect afternoon pick-me-up! LOVE!


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