Tuesday, June 26, 2012

when God steps in

Hello!!!!  We're back:)  It was such an amazing week.  I was homesick, really homesick and didn't even know it.  Everything about Illinois was so amazingly beautiful.  I truly made the most of the week and savored every second.  One of the most memorable things I did this week involved my daddy.

For the past year my dad has been mentioning a mural for his shed.  When he came to our house last Fall he sat at the kitchen table and sketched out just what he wanted.  He told me all the details....over and over again.  He bought a metal truck at Hobby Lobby several years ago and had a vision to see it driving down an old country road with grass between the lanes.  He wanted a red barn, a windmill, a split rail fence, a mailbox with their name on it...a bunny!  Too funny.

For Father's day I thought that would be the perfect gift. 

It was a really hot and windy day to be painting outside in a shed.  Really HOT!  The wind was whipping my hair in my face, and my dad decided to plop down in a lawn chair and watch me THE WHOLE TIME.  I begged him to leave, but if you know my dad you know he's stubborn to the core.  There was no moving him;) 

He didn't talk...just watched.  EEEEK!  I don't work that way.  For one thing I always have a slight panic attack when I paint.  I'm a fly by the seat of my pants artist...and this was important to him.  I wanted it to be really special.  Having him watch me was nervewracking.  I sent him on little errands to find me a bobby pin and to bring me sweet tea;)  And slowly stroke by stroke the painting started to take shape. 

I always marvel at how God steps in.  I had to go back into the house for something and I more or less pleaded with him to help me and I swear he sketched it out.  His hand was on those brushes!!  It turned out so much better than I could have dreamed.  The truck looked like it was meant to be there.  It blessed him down to his toes.  It will always be a day that I remember.  My Heavenly daddy workin' it out for me and my earthly daddy cheering me on...beaming with pride.  Does it get any better than that!   

Have a blessed day.

631.  wide open spaces
632.  lemon squares
633.  antiquing with my peeps
634.  a beautiful momento for my dad
635.  barns!!!
636.  the porch with the perfect view
637.  the finished bathroom
638.  Lori and Marylynn
639.  feeling missed by honey
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  1. Love that mural! What a special gift.

  2. I love it so much!
    So thankful you could be with him so close to Father's Day. Daddys are the very best, aren't they?

  3. What a gorgeous gift. I wish I had a way I could make my father happy. I think the mural is wonderful.

  4. First of all, I'm so happy you're back. WE need to catch up! Second of all, I love that you say "HEavenly Daddy" cause that's what I say too! And third of all, it looks amazing!!! I'm so blown away by it all. Just adorable.

    Love you sweet pea!

  5. What a wonderful gift for your dad. I will bet he wanted to just sit there and watch you work your talent and magic. So special. It turned out just as you described it and he imagined it. Ann

  6. What a special project for both of you... Love it!


  7. awesome becky! the painting is beautiful and what an amazing memory. love that both your dad and the heavenly dad were with you...you will always remember that.

  8. What a great gift to your dad, and from your Heavenly Daddy to you. I just found you, I don't know how... Instagram, I think. I'm aspiring to art again and enjoy seeing your creativity mesh with your faith. New follower of you.

  9. What a special memory you and your Dad can share for years to come. :)

  10. What a special memory you and your Dad can share for years to come. :)

  11. best gift ever...love it all around...story and painting!!

  12. It's a beautiful gift for your Dad!
    I think it'll mean more to him than any store bought anything ever!!!

    Keep doing what your doing, God's been in all your beautiful pieces.

    We cherish the one you painted for Bitsy!

  13. That is so neat. I love it. The whole thing.

    Missed you - too! ;) Glad you're back.

  14. The mural is so beautiful! Just perfect! But the story behind it is even more beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  15. Amazing! At first, it was hard to believe that the truck was not painted on. You both did a fabulous job. Priceless!

  16. I enjoyed seeing
    your trip unfold
    via Instagram and
    showed my mom
    the gorgeous mural
    the day that you
    painted it! I love
    how you made the
    truck seem to drive
    right off the mural.
    Well done, sweet

    xo Suzanne

  17. welcome home!!!! i love that you painted that for your daddy :) so sweet. it turned out great!

  18. What a precious
    for you

    Thank u for sharing. I love your work,your writing and your blog!! Love stopping by here.

  19. It's lovely. What a beautiful gift!

  20. The painting is beautiful! I cried just reading the last paragraph. It truly is lovely.

  21. You are making me cry! This is the sweeties thing I've ever seen.

  22. Well, that's just the sweetest Father's Day story ever told!

    Was just sitting here hoping and imagining my kids growing up and loving me like you love your daddy.....and visa versa. Now wouldn't that be somethin'?

    He's got good taste....must be where you get your creativity? Such sweetness to have that connection with your dad!

    Glad you're back :)

  23. ah, what a special gift for your dad and what a wonderful memory of your Heavenly Dad helping you! it turned out beautiful!
    thanks for sharing the sweetest of stories!

  24. So glad you had a wonderful trip home...I know the feeling of missing mama and daddy...25 years and it doesnt get any easier!! Your mural turned out Fabulous!!!! I know your dad has shown it to everyone who came within a mile of that barn...as well as he should! What a precious story, loved it all and love it when the Lord gives us direction that is too clear to be denied!!
    Missed your posts, glad you're back!! xoxox friend.

  25. awesome possum

    Welcome back to Virginia!

  26. Becky, that is beautiful! What a blessing. I wanted to thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog- I thought your visit was a special blessing today! I also noticed (and missed before) the necklaces which are on the sidebar. I will check out. I so wanted to have one made when I just celebrated my one year anniversary of coming out of the closet to write over at Beneath The Surface: breath of Faith...and there was someone who made cute similar (somewhat) necklaces. Do you do specific orders? Around themes like for instance a blog? Anyway...checking these next. Maybe , just maybe? ANyway...my birthday is in AUgust...;) Let me know so I can check with my hub!

  27. Ok now I am crying... such a sweet writing and to think your dad was a part of it. Oh that just touches my heart so much. Good job making memories on many levels.

  28. Glad you're back!

    What a special gift! I know he'll treasure it forever.
    I'm with you on the audience painting, though. That's a tough one. I know your dad appreciates your perseverance. :)

  29. WOW! God has blessed you with such a gift! It turned out AMAZING!
    What a special time with your dad- priceless!
    Welcome home! Hope you have a week of relaxing and catching up!

  30. Your Dad looks SO proud in the last picture. What a special memory you'll have forever. :)

  31. what a breathtakingly beautiful mural - it really touched my heart!

  32. Becky - I am not sure what is more beautiful - your painting, or the story of your Dad and you pulling it together. So great! I am kind of obsessed with windmills these days and I just put a little one in my backyard. Makes me smile so much when I see it from my bedroom window. Now if I could just get the red barn and the red truck right along side of it!

    Glad you had a great trip,

  33. this is such a special day and mural. wow! it is really something, girl. your creativity and gift points right back to the Creator. love that. love you! so happy you enjoyed home... i'm looking forward to going home next week... woot!

  34. GOR-GEOUS! (i hope you can hear me singing that in my biggest, gushing, i-love-you-becks kind of voice.)

    and i'm loving your sweet dad too! no wonder you are all manner of awesome. :)

  35. Awesome Possum! What a blessing for your Dad to watch you paint and have the result and a blessig for you to have done it for him.

  36. What a beautiful post!!!! And a gorgeous great mural!!! Love it and Thank you for sharing:O)

  37. Nope...it doesn't get any better! :) Love the mural.....

  38. That painting is amazing! Great work girlie!

  39. My earthly daddy has been in heaven since 1992, and this post touched me so deeply. Your Heavenly Daddy helped you to hold those brushes, Becky, so you could create such beautiful work. I give all glory to God as do you!!!

  40. Awww, I love your story and I love the photo of you and your daddy. What sweet memories you made ;)

  41. I love this post. Your dad reminds me of my dad. What a sweet and special gift.

  42. this is absolutely precious.
    brings me to tears!
    what a BLESSING to have such talent and to share it with others.
    i know both of your Fathers are very proud of you!
    you can see it in your papa's eyes for sure.

    the mural is breathtaking, a TRUE heirloom to be treasured.

    great job, Becky!


  43. I absolutely love that mural Becky ~ I can only imagine how much your Dad loves it ~ and a bunny ~ too cute! Bravo girl ~ you are truly amazing. xo

  44. What a gift! I love the way it turned out, but I especially love the story. xo!

  45. You are just the sweetest daughter ever, Becky. Such a blessing to your daddy. Your mural turned out just beautifully and he'll treasure that forever. :) You are so talented, girlie! Love it!

    xoxo laurie

  46. That is rad! Hahahaha... haven't used that word in a while, but that is the word that popped in my head when I saw your amazing mural. What a good daughter you are. :)
    I love the Charlottesville post. I miss my VA!

  47. this might be one of my most favorite works of yours...(and God's :))

    it is absolutely beautiful and I love that it is 3 dimensional with the truck included!

  48. Oh my goodness! I cried reading this :) Totally LOVE the mural. It's perfection!

  49. mine too...one of my favorites for sure!
    I SO really want to do a big painting..I mean YOU do one for ME.
    I might have to have you paint my imaginary farm...
    YOU SOOOO rock girl!

  50. No it doesn't get better than that Becky!! Having both of your daddy's loving you, supporting you and being sooooo proud of you is amazingly wonderful!! You are so blessed to have an earthly daddy like you have, who wants a part of you to show to the world through your art and so he can just be reminded each day by looking at it of his special girl. I wish I had had that kind of relationship with my earthly father. He passed away about 15 years ago, and yet I really didn't know him very well or felt he knew me. But there is always a part of you, no matter how old you are that yearns for a daddy's love like you have in your wonderful father. I'm so glad that you celebrate him and know how blessed you are. It had to make you feel so wonderful to finish that beautiful painting for him. I love that truck...you are Miss Talented Becky!!!

    Love and Hugs to you!
    Lee Ann


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