Tuesday, June 12, 2012

overdue...to do

Hello friends.  I wanted to share a few things that I'm waaaay overdue in telling you.  Not sure if you've noticed, but I've cut back a little on blogging.  Trying to free up my time, and do other stuff as well, but that doesn't mean I don't have just as much to say;)  It's just hard fitting it all in.

A while back I got a package in the mail from this reader.  She wrote me the sweetest letter and mailed me two necklaces that she handmade.  She put owls on it...sooo knows me well...representing big and little chick.  She stamped some keys etc...  Just really went over the top to personalize and make the gift special.  It's so special actually that I have it hanging on my bed.  It blessed my heart that she took the time to make me something and to express her feelings.  How often do we do that?

Normally I don't talk about gifts from readers because if I accidentally forget to mention someone I might hurt feelings and that would make me feel awful.  But this was a pay it forward type linky thing. I'm not going to do the linky thing cause I just don't want to, but I love the premise.  If there is someone in your life that blesses you, maybe it's a teacher at school, a blogger, the lady at the post office...someone...and they don't know how much they mean to you I really encourage you to pay it forward and do something special for them.  Take a minute and write a letter.  Make them something or perhaps bake them something.  Anything to bless their socks off.  I plan on doing this really soon. 

This is me on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  It was the first time I'd read a book on my iPad.  I've always been hesitant because I love a book in my hand.  Flipping the pages, the smell...Barnes and Noble!  But I gotta say I loved it.  So easy and made me feel really high tech.  Ha! 

A few weeks ago I mentioned a blogger friend that wrote a book and self published.  She was one of my very first readers...God bless her and she's still around;)  I downloaded her book and read it the weekend we went to DC.  I was floored at how good it was.  FLOORED!  She wrote a flippin' novel.  Had no clue she could do that.  I fell in love with the characters...the interesting plot.  I couldn't wait to steal away to see what happened and how it would end.  It was just written well.  So well that I'm wanting to read it again.  If you didn't download it the first time when I hadn't read it now you know it's GOOD.  I would tell you the storyline, but it would give away too much.  Here's the link to get your own.  It's only $2.99 on Amazon.  Great summer read!

And finally I wanted to talk about my friend Jeanne.  I've mentioned her Creatively Made course to you before, but lucky for you she's offering it again for the summer.  Yeehaw!  I learned so many new ways to create after going through her videos.  She just has such a fun carefree way of teaching.  Very easy to follow and when you are done you've created some amazing pieces of art. 

Here's a few pieces I made after learning some of her techniques.  They turned out really cool!  I had an amazing teacher:)  I SO need to go back through and revisit those videos and take LOTS of notes!!!  I highly recommend this course for a fun summer thing to do for yourself.  It will bless you.  I promise...oh and I have little bitty part in it.  I did a vlog for her.  Yikes:)

Have a blessed day.

622.  talented friends

623.  restocking etsy store

624.  rainbow cake...didn't make it, just ate it
625.  sunshine on my shoulders 

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  1. Your friends sound absolutely wonderful : ) I am glad God has blessed you with so many! Love that you had a great time with the class you took. I love how you use the creativity God gave you in so many ways!

  2. Your friends sound like blessings. I'm sure you count them daily, too. Life is good isn't it?

    My name is Alita. I've seen your name everywhere lately so I thought I'd stop by to check you out. Glad I did! Your blog is adorable. :)


  3. The blogosphere is full of talented and lovely people. Thanks for sharing your special friends. :)

  4. We made a rainbow cake to celebrate summer...


    Love your paintings!

  5. i have noticed you've cut back...do i get points for noticing?? :) what a cool necklace you've got there...and about the ipad reading...i can't go there yet. just like my books too much!!

  6. So many talented women in this post! WOW! So inspiring! I'm off to go see all your amazing work! Blessings to you!

  7. Becky - thanks so much for your kind words and for encouraging others to take the time to show their appreciation for others - the true gift is in giving!

    So in love with your horse painting - I was away over Memorial Day and spent quite a bit of time up close and personal with wild horses - it was amazing and changed me! You captured the eyes of the horse so beautifully!

    Have an amazing day!

  8. It's all so beautiful...and so are you!
    I love visiting you here and I always come away with sunshine in my heart.

    Much love,
    Deborah xoxoxo

  9. Ok geeked about a new summer read!!! Downloaded it on my kindle!!!! Have a super fabulous blessed day!!!

  10. That is such a sweet gift of your two chicks, she is repaying your blessings Becky you have a great heart that shows in your writing & pictures, thanks for that!

    Have a great day!

  11. Wonderful post as always, Becky. So calm and peaceful. Love it.

    That course sounds really sweet. I wish the money fairy would drop off a BIG pile so I could take some of these amazing classes!!:)

  12. Okay YOU MUST make prints of the horse and girl one because my AVA Needs that in her room!!!!! NEEDS I tell you!!!! You just rock.

  13. i really, really like your works of art.
    WOW! they are so very beautiful.
    and i totally noticed all of the goodies in your etsy shop the other day. :)
    loving the new necklaces!
    and i'm SO excited about the gift for hubby. so special.
    thank for the push to DO SOMETHING for someone else.
    everyone could use a little extra sunshine.

  14. love the idea of paying it forward.
    i told my third grade religion class that if there is just ONE thing they remember that I taught them, i hope it is that THE WAY TO BE HAPPY IS BY MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN ANOTHER PERSON'S LIFE.

    this post is chock full of great stuff :-)

  15. You sure have some wonderful and talented people in your life! I, too, have cut back on my blogging lately. Not really out of choice, but out of necessity. I've decided that with my oldest girl home from college, I need to make time to spend with her and my youngest daughter. Won't me much longer until they'll both be on their own, so I want to relish in the here and now.

  16. Thanks for mentioning all of these interesting things! The book and the art class sound great and I love the jewelry that you got from your reader!
    Hope you are having a good week!

  17. For only $2.99 : )
    Thank you for letting us know, Im excited to get my hands on it!

    My newest post: http://myrandasu.blogspot.com/2012/06/little-things.html

  18. So, tried to go on Amazon this morning to order this. About cussed out the computer screen because Amazon would NOT let me log in and wouldn't take any of my passwords.

    Just tried again. Wrong email address. Silly me.

    Anyway, can't wait to start this book. Thanks Becky!

  19. yeah... i've noticed. Been missin' you.

    enjoy your summer days.

    It was fun to hear from you...and about all of your fun-ness!

  20. that necklace is awesome! how fun! and I love that transparent mama wrote a book! what a great review you gave her! :) love your paintings from jeanne's class! especially the one with the horse!

  21. that necklace is really something special! love.

    you have blessed me sweet lady. you deserve gifts in the mail. : )

    your paintings are fantastic!!! too absolutely amazing. your talent always makes me smile big.

  22. your art is beautiful & still inspires me to pick ip a brush. if only i could create some time!!

  23. What sweet frinds you have! I just downloaded the book and can't wait to read it!

  24. Oh my gosh....I love, love, LURVE your paintings from that course! Yes, DEFINITELY do more!

    I am trying to avoid going mental while layed up on the couch. Soooo, I think I need to go shopping. In your shop. That just might do the trick :)

    I just love ya.

  25. Becky- YOU are amazing and your encouragement about my novel is HUGE to me. Thanks for reading and spreading the word. If any of your readers read it and blog about it, I'd love to link back to them. xo

  26. just had to share... i just finished that same book! was SO good! i very rarely tear up while reading... but i had to stop reading SEVERAL times to swipe the tears away before my husband started laughing. good times! please encourage her to write more!!! :)

  27. I'm just blown away that your readers send you enough gifts that you're afraid to mention for fear that you might leave someone out.....ummmm.that's about the sweetest thing that they love you enough to send you gifts!!! :)

    Enjoy your weekend....my mother in law is coming to see us and we're planting plants/shrubs around the sides and back of the house...YIPPEE!!! can't wait!

  28. Hey friend...
    Just had to share, my oldest daughter works in this cute little boutique that sells Pandora, John Wind, Waxing Poetic, etc. well, she wears my "God is Able" cuff that I won on Janie Fox's blog often...she has people ask her about it ALL the time!! She said, "mama, Im just gonna take one of Ms. Becky's cards to work so I can give people the info!" :)

    We had to make a very quick trip to PA 2 weeks ago, right after my parents were here for McK's graduation...my Gram passed away, sad sad time...but the first thing I noticed when I walked into their new house was the Chicken coop picture you painted for them...front and center on the perfect pale yellow wall in the kitchen. :) It's just a Farmgirl Paints love fest :). Hope you're having a great summer! xoxo

  29. So many fun
    things going on, B!
    Bet you are counting
    the days until you
    head north : ) Put
    my mama on a plane
    yesterday and am
    having a catch up
    day, today. Hope
    your weekend is
    off to a wonderful
    start, sweet friend.

    xo Suzanne

  30. Hi Becky, I am commenting here because I just wanted to let you know you have inspired a post and I hope it is ok, I used your Follower free button. My blog is Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith. http://beneaththesurface-dawn.blogspot.com/
    I am sharing you on my blog because...well I just feel that it needs to be shared...again. Found you through Emily at Imperfect Prose. Please drop by when you can-

  31. Oh my word, I have never heard of her but am now IN LOVE and I adore the pieces YOU created, wow! I love what that last one says, oh my goodness gracious! I have got to get more brave in expanding my horizons! I need to grow more creatively. I'm just not brave in that department.


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