Monday, June 4, 2012

filter free and a father's day give-away:)

I switched up gyms recently.  Best move I ever made.  For some reason I hated my other gym.  There really wasn't anything I can pinpoint, but I never wanted to go.  At this gym I can't wait to grab my tennies and get out the door, and it's cheap.  Like practically free cheap...$10 a month cheap!!

I've become a little addicted.  I get that high.  You know the high that comes from pushing your body and feeling it respond.  The gym is hot and normally I can't stand that, but here I like it.  I'm drenched in sweat when I'm done, and I feel completely spent.  It's an awesome feeling.

One of my favorite things about my new gym is the eclectic mix of people.  You've got the buff bodybuilders, the older grandmas and grandpas.  We've even got the middle aged deer hunters, decked out in camouflage and jeans.  Then there is the dude with dreadlocks down to his waist that piles it all on top of his head with a pair of pantyhose.  It balances like a giant egg.

sorry for the blur...she was moving fast;)

BUT the one I look for is THIS lady (i know shame on me for taking this pic at the gym...major no-no).  She's always on the same treadmill, and I get as close as possible to her because she makes me smile down to my toes.  She skip runs on her tiptoes with her hands flying in the air.  She looks crazy ridiculous...every one stares...but I adore her.  She doesn't give a flip what anyone thinks.  She's there having fun.  Listening to her tunes.  Thoroughly enjoying her workout. 

I need to go up to her and thank her for making me smile, but I keep chickening out.  I should tell her that she makes my day...that I love her spunk...her lack of filters.  We do that don't we?  Filter.  I don't know how many times I've stopped myself from singing out loud.  I guess we need filters .  I don't want to bring attention to myself or invade anyone's space, but when it comes to JOY, when it comes to having fun...wouldn't it be great to be filter free?  To let it all hang out. To run Phoebe style;)?? 

I'm on the hunt for some new workout tunes myself.  I listen to the same songs every time.  It's amazing how changing it up can improve your stamina.  I'd love some suggestions. The give-away is going to the person who gives me a heart thumpin'...kickin' it music playlist.  OR...if you absolutely do not have any workout music suggestions leave me a comment about your dad or honey.  What is the quirkiest thing they do? My honey has to check the door knobs several times to make sure the door's locked. My dad cleans his plate to look like it just came out of the dishwasher;) Quirky!! 

The winner will get a custom cuff for their dad or honey for Father's day!  Yep it's that time, and I DO make cuffs for men.  So bring it girls.  Oh and I don't care if it's country, christian, pop or rap...if it makes me wanna run I'll love it!!  I'll announce the winner on Friday. 

Have a blessed day.


610.  my proud of her.  6 chosen out of over 600...recognized for honesty, accountability, respect and responsibility.  woot woot!!
611.  soccer is almost over
612.  that i get to be WITH my dad this year on father's day
613.  lunch with big chick today
614.  homemade Popsicles
615.  pool time with friends    

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  1. Please tell your girl I'm so proud of her!!!

    I'm useless, I'm afraid, when it comes to workout music. I don't think Merle Haggard would work for you in the gym. He might work for you everywhere else, though. I don't know. People seem to love him or hate him. Me, I can't get enough of him. He gives sound to everything that hurts.

  2. First of all, WAY TO GO BIG CHICK!!! :)

    Now, I'm not the most dedicated or enthusiastic worker-outer, but when I do there is ONE song I must start with....MercyMe's "Move." Holy epic theme song, Batman! In addition to making me WANT to move (faster, longer, stronger), I can't listen to it without smiling all over. In fact, I think part of the workout when listening to this song is trying NOT to move like a crazy person with no inhibitions. Kuddos to fun, silly workout lady! :)

  3. this song lacks a peppy beat entirely, but it still makes me run like nothing else: you are my joy, crowder band.

  4. this is a fun and happy post! I want to be jovial too but I can't have anyone thinking i'm weird. ;) I'm hating working out right now. Im in a rut. wish i could get back on the train too!

  5. Oh I love that picture of the peppy work out lady! The thing is- that's how my heart feels (most of the time) but my filter keeps it in! I wish I had her attitude!
    Ok, work out music- please don't judge my character by this suggestion, but Black Eyed Peas has the best work out beats! Just be sure to get the clean versions or there will be a few F-bombs. Clearly music only for your headphones. :) I promise it will make you step a little faster and before you know it you'll be fist pumping the air right next to your new friend!
    LOVE the man cuffs!

  6. "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill Me)" – Kelly Clarkson
    "Set Fire to the Rain" – Adele
    "Harder to Breathe" - Maroon 5
    "Pump It Up" - Elvis Costello
    "Runnin' Down a Dream" - Tom Petty

    There's five. I know it's not christian music, but I'm guessing you've got a well developed palate. :)

  7. Hey Becky! Love your gym inspiration. It is cool to see people making their workouts fun. Def. tell her. You will make her day :). My favorite tunes to listen to while I'm running is P.O.D.'s Satellite CD. I've found that the song Satellite's beat is perfect for my pace and keeps me from going too fast or too slow. I also like that the last few songs are more mellow/slow for when I'm cooling down. Happy exercising! I'm 12 pounds down. 21 more to go!

  8. Ok, favorites right now...

    Glad You Came - The Wanted
    Wild Ones - Flo Rida
    Good Feeling - Flo Rida
    Just Can't Get Enough - The Black Eyed Peas

    They aren't christian but they will make you want to dance in the middle of running ;) I just download radio versions so you keep it clean :)

  9. first, big amen to "You are my joy" suggestion from nic. i'll add: Tighten Up/Black Keys, Roll Away Your Stone/Mumford&Sons, Restless/Switchfoot, Shake it Out and You've Got the Love/Florence, Gimme Shelter/Rolling Stones, Somebody to Love/Queen, Born to Run/Bruce, Accidentally in Love/Counting Crows, From This Valley/Civil Wars,Kick Drum Heart/Avett Brothers :)

  10. Anything from the Black Eyed Peas works wonders for my workout!!!

    $10 per month!!!!!! That's a steal!!! Your gym sounds like a pretty cool place.

    And let's start a Phoebe revolution!!!! I think we'd all be a lot happier if we lived more carefree!!! I'm always doing silly stuff to make my kids laugh and smile. But when I'm out in public I find myself singing softer and making silly faces when no one is looking?!?! WHY??? Maybe my crazy antics would make someone else smile too?

    My hubby has to pull the tags out of every shirt he owns...and he's passed that crazy quark on to our son. I'll never be able to sell his clothes at a garage sale because I'll have no clue what size they are!!!

    Your cuffs are so rad and totally dude friendly!! I can totally see Chris Daughtry rockin one!!

    Ok I've wrote a book...but no filters right!!!!!! Peace out!

  11. i totally love the man cuff!
    my husband loves my daughter's bracelet so much, that he suggested getting something stamped by you for him!?
    he doesn't wear jewelry, but he thought that a vintage leather Bible cover with a custom metal stamped blank would be so cool!
    this coming from a man who said he didn't want anything for his birthday!
    is this possible?
    do you have any bigger metal blanks? :)

    i LOVE that you love to workout! some days i'm so excited to run, and some days i'm not{maybe it's because i run without music??}!
    have a great day!!!

  12. my father in law will eat foot left on anyone else's plate, maybe even while you're still eating off of it! one time we were over eating waffles. my kids all ate them and mine sort of tasted good. but, when my husband poured the syrup on his toast a big hunk of mold came out. we were all grossed out, especially the kids considering they had already eaten all of their food. not my father in law. he scooped up the waffle, mold and all, and just ate it all up!! he's crazy like that!! i was in shock!!!

    i love that cuff on your honey!

  13. Love the $10 gym. There's a guy at our gym who puts on quite a show while he is working out, totally into it too. We call him CWD, code for Crazy Workout Dude. He is always fist-pumping and singing while he works out. Here are some tunes from my running playlist in no particular order, because that's how I roll:
    Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
    Jump - Van Halen
    Shackles - Mary Mary
    Family Affair - Mary J. Blige (has a** in it a time or two, but fun to run to)
    Gonna Make You Sweat - C+C Music Factory
    This Beat Is Technotronic - Bass Frog
    Single Ladies - Beyonce

    And nearly entire albums by Family Force 5, Grand Incredible and Toby Mac

    Hubby's quirk: Re-loading the dishwasher after me. Apparently, there is a secret method of loading that only he knows. Somehow they come out cleaner. Hubby has strong, manly forearms that still make me weak in the knees after 18 years together. Could only be enhanced by one of your cuffs! :O)

  14. First, congrats to your daughter! Well done!

    You have got to get some Tina Turner on your playlist and a little Kelly Clarkson. Those ladies will get you moving!

  15. Oh my husband Nicknames EVERYONE. He can't remember anybody's name so he makes a nickname for them and when he can't remember that, he shortens it. SO he calls guy at work Cobra Kai (from Karate kid) and has shortened it to C.K. I told him last night that hes a weirdo. LOL

    I have no good tunes on my playlist either so will you please do a recap list afterward with a big great playlist for me to just download? Just do the work for me why don't you? Hahahaahahaha! But seriously... can you give us that cause yeah I need a new playlist too!

    Love you girly.. Oh and I always want to raise my hands and praise while I am walking... and I don't cause of my filter. Sheesh.

  16. Why is it so hard to find good walking/running music? I will definitely be using some of the suggestions people have listed. I usually just find a Pandora station that is upbeat.
    I do get in to my music while walking, but many times is dark outside, so people can't really see me. :)

  17. "So What" by Pink gets me going extra hard when I work out- it is definitely on my playlist. I honestly can't think of any more right now. As for telling you about my honey, I have finally met someone fantastic, and I never thought I would after my painful divorce. He is a cancer survivor and father of 2 boys and the sweetest, kindest soul I have ever met, so if you pick me-I would want a bracelet for him. He has made me smile and cheered up my heart when I least expected it and most desperately needed it. :-)

  18. Crazy in Love - Beyonce
    Empire State of Mind - Jay Z
    Soak Up The Sun - Sheryl Crow
    Just Another Day in Paradise - Phil Vassar

    these are on my jog playlist!

  19. Beautiful people - Chris brown (warmup)
    Rain over me - pit bull feat Marc Anthony
    Kissed It - Macy Gray
    My Body - young the giant
    Last Friday Night - Katy Perry
    This is what rock n roll looks like - porcelain black
    Gettin over you - David guetta

    Hope this gets you started :)

  20. well it's funny you should ask because i just downloaded three new running songs. check out the Temper Trap... (if they are old news to you, forgive me)their songs, "Love Lost," "Sweet Disposition," and "Fader" get me wanting to move even faster!! love the guy cuff- too cool!

  21. Discovered you on Flower Patch Farmgirl's sidebar! *Love* your blog...LOVE! :-)

    My pastor-husband isn't into jewelry of any sort - all he has ever worn for 25 years is his wedding band. But I have two sons who would fight over a man cuff! So sign me up...

    I heart country music. It is my besetting sin. ;-) Believe it or not, a lot of it is "run worthy".

    Blessings, grace, and peace!

  22. My hubby, being the new Daddy that he is will do anything any everything to get our baby girl to giggle.
    The quirkiest thing he does is talk in a ghetto fabulous woman's voice.
    He will say things like "GIRLFRIEND" and "Oh No You DIdn't"....he always uses the ghetto fabulous voice.
    When that fails he falls back on so Little John and hollers out "Whhhhaat?!" or "Oookay!!".
    It always works.
    He always gets a giggle with that.
    I love him and I love what he does for our daughter!

    He would have a ton of music for your workout of his workout playlists has songs such as:
    Red - Innocence & Instinct
    Big Daddy Weave- Set Me Free
    NewWorldSon- Salvation Station

    Hope those help!

  23. Okay sister, here ya go...

    I start slow, with my iphone on Pandora tuned into Josh Wilson...I get a nice beat and mix of my favorite Christian contemporary music...Lord knows I need HIM to get my ass running!

    then I bag my faith and get DIRTY with Christina Augulera's Dirty album...

    to get up those big hills, I put on eyed peas...gets my booty moving!!! And hopefully, smaller....

    I start to get out of breath here...but I have at least 20 minutes left, so, I call on my girl, PINK...

    her BEST HITS rock...keeps my legs and arms moving!!

    now time to slow down...

    might work in a little Train, or Jason Mraz..Colbie...Christina Perri...and then I work my way back to my good ol' Christian Contemporary...

    LOVE to stretch in my driveway when I am all done, and listen to Laura Story's BLESSINGS...or anything Third Day...

    I can NOT run without music.
    And I walk the dog with my rosary beads :-)

    enjoy and happy working out!

  24. How bout 'In the Summertime' by Mungo Jerry?

    If it doesn't want to make you run, it might just fuel you to have a dance party in your kitchen with your kids ;)

  25. I'm a 70's fan!

    KC and The Sunshine Band:
    *I'm Your Boogie Man
    *Get Down Tonight
    *That's the Way (I Like IT)

    The Bee Gees:
    *Jive Talkin'
    *Stayin' Alive
    *You Should be Dancin'

    You'll have to break out some John Travolta on the treadmill :)

  26. Congrats to your daughter! I'm just getting back into the workout groove and it does feel good. We went to a gym for $10 before and we LOVED it, but we moved a couple of years back and now we're gymless. Going to the gym always motivates me, especially when I'm on a treadmill next to an old person and they are working harder than me. Makes me kick it up a notch. You know?

  27. That woman on the treadmill rocks! I get pretty crazy when I run, too, but I'm in the privacy of my own basement. In public, I wouldn't dare - I totally know what you mean about filtering.

    What really gets me going when I run is the Workout Radio station on Pandora. Not all the songs are clean, so you have to keep an ear out and "thumbs down" the songs with dirty language, but overall the station is great to run too, if you ask me.

    I hope you come up with a great new playlist (or two, or three...!) to run to :)

  28. LOVE your thoughts
    on filters. That will
    stay with me for a while!

    When I walked into The
    Barre last week the sound
    system was belting out
    Kelly Clarkson's STRONGER.
    A truer song could not
    have been playing!

    Love the idea of the man
    cuff. I may have to order
    one for my guy!

    xo Suzanne

  29. I suggest "Stronger" by Kellie Clarkson...pretty hip tempo. Please, please go up to that lady and tell her how you feel! Everyone loves to be complimented. I LOVE complimenting strangers (of course, friends & family too!) You never know how your words can just make someone's day. Make it about them, not you.


  30. I suggest "Stronger" by Kellie Clarkson...pretty hip tempo. Please, please go up to that lady and tell her how you feel! Everyone loves to be complimented. I LOVE complimenting strangers (of course, friends & family too!) You never know how your words can just make someone's day. Make it about them, not you.


  31. Ooh....I would love to watch that awesome woman when I'm working out. Sadly, it's usually just me and the road. Here's a few of the songs that keep me moving:

    -I.T.W.N.O.I. - Sho Baraka
    -God is Enough - Lecrae
    -iLove - Trip Lee
    -Dog Days Are Over - Florence + The Machine
    -From Now On - The Features
    -Suitcases - Dara Maclean

  32. I love Switchfoot's Afterlife... I do all the Beachbody workouts and they have music. What does Honey's cuff say...Elbows and Chefs? What is that?
    My man won't wear jewelry but that looks super cute on your guy.
    Congrats to your baby girl!!

  33. I love hanging out with people like your gym girl. They are not insecure and know how to have fun.

  34. I can't think of any good songs. I listen to a rocky rappy station every day in Philly when I am social working. My very first year one of my kids asked me to listen to it, and now, as soon as my car hits the streets of North Philly, I have to change the station to their songs. The music of my kids. Sometimes I cry because the lyrics are so bad and it makes me sad my babies hear that. Sometimes I rock out. Sometimes I just pray harder for the children.

    What a nice thing for you to do. You are a kind soul Becky. I would definitely talk to the lady at the gym. Some people would be very sad if you were taking their picture at the gym. She doesn't look like someone that would care though.

    Happy Monday night : )

  35. My Dad: Must eat every meal at the same time everyday. Not a minute later. Drives us all crazy...7:00 am breakfast, 11:30 lunch, 5:30 dinner. The older her gets the worse it is...HA! We still love him.

    My Hubby: Loves to watch The Real Housewives of the OC with me! He won't tell anyone he does though. He probably wouldn't even admit he knows all the characters...heehee. His firefighter buddies would probably give him a very hard time if they knew. I love it though.

    P.S. Congrats to your big chick on her award. That's what you want to see in your children. She's a great girl.

  36. I love this post - don't all gyms have a Phoebe??? I love all the quirky people! Today on my run I thought of your post - I have exactly 4 running mixes on my iPhone - today the songs that got me going were "Beautiful Day" by U2 - Nikki Menage, Katie Perry, Lady Gaga - my workout music is so different from what I listen to in the house or in the car....isn't that weird?

  37. Bahahaha! Pheobe style! I love it! Even though its a big no no, I am so glad you shared the happy lady with us! What an awesome lady!
    I wish I had your motivation because I so need it. I used to work out and I loved it but haven't been back in so long. What am I waiting for? grrrr!
    Congrats to your girl too!

  38. I know that gym feeling your talking about. And back in the day before 3 babies I knew that gym feeling well.

    But now,
    Now I'm a country mama...
    A stay at home, homeschooling, granola making, bread baking, garden planting and raising country kids mama.

    And while my husband push mows our little acre {and sweeps the mower when he's done mowing{quirky habit}..sometimes this mama gets to push mow and I love it! Best workout EVAH.

    And if I had the time to listen to music anymore...

    I'm certain that sugarland and Dolly Parton would be top pick on my playlist.

    1. All I want to do.sugarland
    2. Stuck Like Glue.sugarland
    3. Jesus and Gravity. Dolly Parton

    If these ain't on your playlist Becky...GIRL YOU'VE GOT TO GET THEM ON THERE!

    afterall, you are a girl from the south now:)

    thanks for the chance!!!!

  39. I love Christian and country music to workout to. Most any will do.
    Fun fact about my husband. He wants to live in Williamsburg. He'd live in the actual settlement if he could. Thanks for sharing your happy workout inspiration. Wish I was more like her.

  40. have you ever heard of the website, :)


  41. oooohhhh i just saw the comment above sounds like a good one!

    do you have on your phone? you totally should. i have a "black eyed peas" station on there and rock that everyday. sometimes there's some questionable tunes, but i just skip's all good :)

    love your man cuff. super cool. jarrod? father's day??

  42. first of all

    yay for great workouts
    and actually wanting to go
    to the gym

    i just found out
    that i can join my college gym
    as an alumni for

    get ready for it

    $25 a year


    and my girlfriend and i
    started taking Zumba classes there
    at the end of the school year
    (and we were the only not-20-year-olds
    in the room!)

    i wish i could recall the names
    of the heart pumpingly awesome songs
    they used for our class
    but i know we had a couple Rhianna songs
    that were great

    thanks for the chance to win
    one of your cool cuffs!


  43. way to go BIG CHICK!
    what an honor!!!

    And, I laughed at your mention of running phoebe me some friends reruns!!!

    workout music::: here's a link to a HUGE list from pinterest, no doubt.

  44. I don't think you would want my playlist...I have a man hater!
    Back in the day when I was running everyday it helped me get through those times. SO many of the songs hit my heart in just the right place. There are some Kerrie Roberts songs on there...which are Amazing
    One of my other favorite exercise CD's and I love almost every song is Nickelback's newest album. They are rated R sometimes but when I'm working out I need songs that push me hard not Amazing Grace...don't get me wrong I LOVE LOVE that song it is just that I hate to you get it?ugh:)

  45. Okay this may sound crazy...but a long time ago in college, my roommates and I would put on "World Wide Message Tribe" and just go crazy dancin. Every now and then I whip out my old cd and have a dance party with my kids. It WILL make you want to move! But I want to be entered in the giveaway! And quirky? I married the king. But to narrow it down to one... He honks at random strangers when we are driving around. No reason. Well, maybe just because he knows it SO embarrasses me. :) I love him.

  46. Treadmill lady fear not, love it ok I love the following songs for working out or whatever...

    Lets get loud- J Lo
    Forever- Chris Brown
    Just got paid- N Sync
    Everybody Dance- C+C Music Factory
    Forget you (clean version)- Cee Lo Green

  47. I love working out to Skrillex! :)

  48. Love this post and I so think that you should tell this "free spirited" lady that she makes you smile. What a compliment it will be to her. Appears she isn't stuck in a box. :o)

    Good for you, finding a gym that makes you happy and "fuels your fire."

    Happy weekend!

  49. So funny because there are all these characters in the gym who make me smile for similar reasons. Love that you were brave enough to take a photo.

  50. sorry, Becky - no tunes or playlist for you tonight. But had to comment to say CONGRATS to Big Chick! I teach in public school and awards like this one are never given out lightly. She must be some awesome student to be recognized in such a wonderful way!


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