Monday, May 21, 2012

storing up

I was 6 years old when I asked Jesus to come into my heart.  I know that seems really young, but I had a momma that had been teaching me about Him since wee little.  When I started having questions she quickly directed me to the word and explained things.  When the Holy Spirit started tugging on my heart...she was there to guide the way.  When people talk about their testimony usually it involves a life of sin...going the completely wrong direction and then a wake-up moment.  Mine wasn't like that.  I feel like I was born into the family. 

I'm forever grateful that I had a great grandma, grandma and momma that were Godly women.  Whether they prayed over my life directly or not...their walk with the Lord was sowing into my future...a covering of sorts.  Our pastor talked about "storing up" on Sunday. When I think of storing up I remember that scripture that says, Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal." Matthew 6:18-20. 


Our pastor wasn't talking about storing up earthly possessions, he was referring to a storing up of future generations.  We store up when we cover our kids with prayer.  We store up when our lives, because of our faith walk, have that trickle down effect of mercy and grace.  It's passed down from generation to generation. 

He talked about David.  That for generations after David had died God kept sparing his descendants.  There was favor on them, not because of what their lives were showing, but what David had stored up for them with his own life. 

I want nothing more than for my own family to have a destiny full of favor from the Lord.  I want them to not be able to run from His love.  I want goodness, mercy and grace to chase them down the streets.  I want them to be used in a powerful way.  I want them to have both feet firmly planted...not one foot in, one foot out.  I want a covering to keep them all the days of their lives, and that they would never stray. 

I want their lives to be full of fruit.  That they would be giant killers...Champions for God.  That's all;)  I want to carry on that legacy from my family tree, and for them to do the same with their children one day.

Maybe you didn't have that Godly family tree.  Maybe there was no one covering for you or standing in the gap.  It's never too late to start a new tree.  To store up for the future.  I'm trying with all my might not to get caught up in the fleeting here and now.  Oh to be able to keep my eye on the prize...

Have a blessed day.

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  1. I love the verse from Matthew- so true to my life at the moment. Rx

  2. I love the verse Philippians 4:8 whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. I like to think of this as my way of storing treasures. :)

  3. Aaaamen. People often gave me a hard time as a teenager for being "sheltered" but I never regretted one second of the covering of a Godly family. There are so many who did not have that, but it's just as you said, it's never too late to let Jesus be your covering. I am so thankful that just like Job, there is a hedge around me.

  4. I want to keep my eyes on the prize too! Your mama is an inspiration to me. I talk about her and how I want to lead my girls friends to Jesus like she did. She leaves quite the legacy!

  5. This might be one of the best posts you have ever written. Thankful for your Pastor. Thankful for your Mama. Thankful for your heritage.

  6. Thank you for the reminder of how important my prayers are for my child.

  7. These ideas really came alive for me, recently, when I read the diary of a friend's great (maybe great-great?) grandmother and I was able to see the way her influence had trickled down to my friend, who is one of the greatest prayer warriors I've ever known.

    It's a beautiful thing to stay (for all intents and purposes) on the straight and narrow path, and I wish the same for my children. I guess most parents want nothing less for their children. I'm thankful, though, for my crazy, old bumpy and pitted road; it's made me who I am.

    In the end, you're right: anytime is a good time to begin a close and authentic relationship with the Lord.

  8. praise the Lord for this, Becky.
    every day is so very important, yet fleeting so quickly.
    i couldn't agree with this more!
    we must train our children to be firmly planted, banner waving, sold out for God servants because this world isn't getting any easier to live and boldly proclaim the name of Christ in.

  9. Amen!!! My hubby was young too when he made a commitment to the Lord, he comes from a Christian background. I was 20 when I met the Lord and turned to the truth. But He certainly spared me from many dark paths and for that I am VERY greatful!!!! I pray too that my children and their children and theirs and so forth will ALWAYS walk with the Lord. That they will follow and keep His commandments! ♥ My hubby and I are constantly seeking God and His ways for us and our family! What a nice faith filled post you have here! :)

    PS> I really like that picture of you and your daughers! So sweet and lovely!! :D

  10. What a beautiful post Becky. I am green with envy right now though over fresh strawberries!! I am patiently waiting for them here ~ I cut and bagged my rhubarb today in anticipation for berry season. Have a wonderful week sweetie. xo

  11. Gorgeous, friend.

    Love how you share
    your heart. Don't' change,
    despite the naysayers : )

    Can it really be almost a
    year since our Strawberry Day??
    I can still taste that wonderful
    malt at the drive-in! Our kids
    have all grown so much since
    then, both physically and
    maturity wise....

    Sending you love and prayers
    today. I felt your spirit, earlier,
    when I sent the picture.

    xo Suzanne

  12. Oh many things come to mind when I read oldest baby graduated from high school today--these things have been on my mind during this emotional time. Have we prepared her well enough? Have we been good enough examples?....I know we've made mistakes, but I know we have brought her up in the Word and the Lord is in her precious heart...He will protect her.

    I also think about my Grandma, who is in her last days on this parents had to leave right after graduation and go back to we were talking about how tired she is from this leukemia, and how she is ready and looking forward to going Home. She is one of the reasons I came to Christ as a little girl...she was a teacher of Vacation Bible Schools and Child Evangelism Fellowship for years and many children will be in heaven because of her service...she will most certainly hear "well done my good and faithful servant".

    Your post was so perfect for me many emotions today, happy, sad, nervous, scared, uncertain...thank you, my friend for your gift to me tonight. xoxo

  13. i do declare this is my favorite post of yours ever. what a gift it is to show our children the way of Christ! that is our legacy! gorgeous pictures, too. love ya!

  14. "It's never too late to start a new tree." These are God words here, Becks. I love your heart. Reminds me of His.

  15. See you write beautiful posts like this and I post photos of my living room! Ha!

  16. You were very blessed, not every child gets that kind of 'beginning'.

  17. So very beautiful Becky!! Your post brings tears to my eyes .... good tears :)
    Your babies are blessed to have a mommy and daddy like you ~

  18. I'd say you will have not problem passing on you're mama's legacy as she did to you it's in your making.

  19. With a power and grace this resonates with me...espaecially now. Especially now.

  20. Lucky you getting to pick strawberries! Jealous! We just made strawberry rhubarb jam, but I had to use store bought strawberries :(

  21. you are sooooo's NEVER too late to start a new tree!

    This post was heartfelt.... you allowed us to see some of your deepest heart prayers for your children...nothing sweeter!

  22. Love this and love you. But Jesus, oh baby, I adore HIM! I am so grateful for the way he loves me. xoxo

  23. Beautiful.
    How beautiful that your family tree is one that bears much fruit!
    May that endure for generations!

  24. I so love your sweet heart for God.

    What's on the agenda for today sweet one? I've got walking, physical therapy, and then some guy coming to do an estimate for subway tile!! (I'm just a little bit excited.)

  25. Beautiful! Love the berries:)

  26. Such a beautiful post Becky. God certainly has his hand on you and on your family. It's a tribute to your parents and their love for HIM. I love how you said, "There was favor on them, not because of what their lives were showing, but what David had stored up for them with his own life." Wow! that is powerful!!!

    I accepted Christ when I was 12 years old and I am so thankful for God guiding me and loving me, even when I've messed up!! He keeps HIS promises!!!

    ♥Lee Ann

  27. This post was so encouraging to me! Thank you for sharing!

  28. Becky - you are speaking right to me today - I am working so hard on my own Faith so I can give the gift of it to my children.

    Thanks for the thoughtful post,

  29. I am SO glad that you read my comment on Kasey's blog and came on by to say hello...


    I think I love you :-)

    I agree with all of this

    I look forward to putting my kids to bed tonight and reading your back posts...
    your blog and art work is beautiful, as is your faith and courage to speak so freely about it.
    LOVE it all

  30. beautiful post and beautiful pictures!

  31. Wow Becky .... this post took my breath away. Your words so beautiful, your heart so full, and special.

    ~ cheryl ox

  32. I just wrote this in my journal this morning that I ...want to finish the race well. Throughout my whole life bit reminded me when you said to keep your eye on the prize.
    I love love way spilled from your heart here. I'm thankful that I have started a new tree:)
    And don't ya just love David? It rocks my world imagining him a youth and coming up to the army and saying - who is this uncircumcised philistine taunting the army of the living God!
    You have a beautiful soul. A heart after His in a frame of dust. Mind blowing isn't it?
    Big squeeze night:)

  33. i love this slant on storing-up. our parents did this very thing for us, and i'm praying God will help us do the same for our kiddos and their kiddos. God's faithfulness is incredible.

  34. oh so good. i so want that said it just the way i felt it. thanks, my friend.

  35. What an awesome post and what truth! I, too, was so very blessed to have a rich spiritual heritage and pray that I will leave that same rich heritage for my children and Grans.

    Your posts are always inspiring! Blessings! Oh, Virginia was totally awesome last weekend. Gorgeous weather and the only thing I missed was meeting you. Hopefully on another trip we can do that.

  36. Love this post - I was raised in church and my hubs wasn't and yet he has turned into such a Godly husband and father and head of home proving you can make a new family tree of faith !
    Love your pictures!!!!


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