Friday, May 4, 2012

so i'm not a size 3 & caprese quinoa

After my shower the other day I went for my comfy shorts.  You know the ones that look sorta cute, but more than anything the fit is just right?  I pulled them on and they were SKIN TIGHT.  We are talking sausage roll tight.  My blood pressure immediately shot up.  I started doing sumo squats to try and stretch them out, the whole time I'm fuming under my breath.  Did I shrink them??  Did I gain more weight?!  Finally I ripped them off and kicked them around the floor a bit, frustrated that another article of clothing was going to my twelve year old.  Then I picked them up and looked at the label.  They WERE my twelve year old's!!!  WHAT?  So then I'm like oooh I could actually pull up a size 3 pair of shorts;)  HA!  Uh can you say psycho?!  It took me about a millisecond to lose my joy and then another millisecond to get it back again. 

I'll be honest.  I've been down on myself this year.  It's been a roller coaster emotionally with the move etc...and I've put on about 15 pounds, which makes me mad.  Going on vacay recently and eating like a banshee didn't help much either, but that's besides the point;)  The thing is as women we can be really hard on ourselves. 

I work out.  I kill it at the gym.  I eat healthy most of the time.  I believe our bodies are worth fighting for.  It's not wrong to try and look good.  Because to me looking good equates feeling good.  What is wrong is letting satan steal my joy when I can't fit into a size 3 or if I don't like how my face looks in a picture etc...  There's some kool aid being passed around in society that we have to be itty bitty to fit feel pretty.  Well I'm not buying in.  Speaking of pretty...thank you for all the sweet compliments from my previous post.  I hope you know I wasn't fishin' for them.  I was referring more to a feeling than an outward appearance, but I'll take it.  Made my head about explode. 

I went to lunch with a friend recently and she started off saying, "I don't want to offend you" and immediately I was like oh no what is she gonna say.  She went on to say that she's starting to think about aging and it's bothering her a bit, and that if it bothers her than it really must bother me.  I was like oh how so??  In a nutshell she went on to tell me she doesn't care about her looks...and it's apparent that I do.  Whew I was worried it was going to be something bad, she didn't offend me at all.  I do care.  I've mulled this one over and there is nothing wrong with caring.  Caring to me means taking CARE of yourself and I think that is what the Lord calls us to do with our bodies.  We only get one.  It's when we get out of balance and either don't care enough or care too much that it affects our lives and that's when there should be a check in our spirit.  That's what I had the other day...a little what the world are you freaking out about check!

Since we are talking about caring for ourselves, this gal has done just that.  I'm so inspired by her fit journey, and apparently she eats a lot of quinoa.  I've never had it, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  I found a yummy recipe here.

Fresh Caprese Quinoa Salad
-1/2 C quinoa
-8 oz fresh mozzarella
-1 carton grape tomatoes, halved
-fresh basil (I only had cilantro)-2T olive oil (I used maybe a tsp or 2.)-salt & pepper

1. In a medium sized pan, bring 1 C water and 1/2 C quinoa to a rolling boil. Reduce heat and simmer on LOW until all of the water is absorbed. This should take anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes. *Cooking your quinoa on low is extremely important. If you let it simmer on a hotter flame, the water will absorb too quickly and the quinoa will turn out hard! (I've heard you can cook it in a rice cooker too.)
2. Cool the cooked quinoa in the refrigerator for at least an hour before preparing the salad.

3. To prepare the salad, slice grape tomatoes in half [hot dog way] and cut the block of fresh mozzarella into bite size pieces. Mix together. Then add the chopped basil and cooked quinoa and give the salad a toss. Next, drizzle on the olive oil and season with a little salt/pepper (to taste). Give your salad a final toss and serve cool or at room temperature.

I'm not sure what I think of quinoa.  While I was eating I took too big a bite and about killed myself on a tomato or hunk of cheese. Geesh!  Cut it up small!  After that I was scared to eat anymore.  It's supposed to be really good for ya.  That's all I know.  I'm sure I'll try it again soon:)

feed my family friday

So I'd love for you to link up a recipe and join in the fun. 

Have a blessed weekend friends.

556.  friends you can talk about anything with
557.  lunch at baker's crust with my first friday girls
(chasing a fly)

558.  how my honey makes me laugh out loud
559.  big chick's new smile;)
560.  having this place to spill my thoughts
561.  you for loving me with your words

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  1. Girlie, you have
    the most beautiful
    spirit....and that will
    never change.

    I agree that life is
    about balance and
    we feel yucky when
    we are out of balance.

    My hope for aging is
    to FEEL great and to
    let my spirit always

    xo Suzanne

  2. i want to make this. i love the dish it is in, too!

    weight has always been a constant struggle for me. it's kind of sick how much i think about it. yes - it's totally good to be healthy and active. i just have to be balanced with it. i think about being content with my weight - and when i am - i am usually a humble, gracious, joyful person. probably because i am obeying TRUTH! ha. why can't i always do that?!

  3. I bought a package of quinoa while I was on the Daniel Fast, but I never did cook it up. I don't remember what I'd planned on doing w/ it, but whatever it was didn't include big hunks of tomato. I wish I liked tomatoes; they always look so good...

  4. What a great post. Satan has such a sneaky way of messing with us girls and our weight. Urgh!
    I love your water pic- hilarious! I wish I killed it at the gym. Another urgh.
    Your quinoa looks delicious- maybe I should be a bit more adventurous with food!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. So funny - two nights ago I was out with some girlfriends and they asked me if I care about how I look. I took a second and said I would be lying if I said no - that although there are some days I put on a hat and sweats, that I do care. I am with you. I think that It is okay and healthy. I work out to be fit and feel strong but also because I want to look and feel good. I too am inspired by Kasey. I know a size three will never fit over my frame but I am workin towards a rock solid 8! Good luck on your goals - but you are already beautiful. I am intrigued by quinoa as well - I will have to give it a try.

  6. girl. you are SO STINKIN HYSTERICAL.
    like that scene you described in your room...oh my word!
    i've done the SAME thing! man, you have me laughing out loud today. ;)
    but you are so right about how we view ourselves and our self worth based upon looks.
    our bodies are God's temple, so we should take care of them, but we don't have to be a size 2 to please Him!
    like you said, i want to FEEL good and that is why i work out/run. i feel better and in turn take better care of my family.
    thanks for this recipe. i LOVE quinoa! gonna make it.
    have a blessed weekend.

    ps. i have had to give my 12 year old many clothes of mine. it sorta stings at first, but i get over it. i think.


  7. sooooo, i think you are super hard on yourself. you are. you look great. you are beautiful. so yea, let's cut ourselves a break, but still be healthy. a hard balance to find, but so necessary. i was going to get up and jog at the park before jarrod went to work, but i didn't sooooo....oh well. it's ok :) love you, sweets.

  8. Haha, sorry, I had to laugh at the whole short escapade! ;) I understand what you are saying - I've been feeling God showing me and convicting me on how society has made us view ourselves as women - it's really quite terrible! And though I do try to take care of my appearance, I have to often check with my heart as to the 'why' I care. Society has tainted the true beauty that we are to find in our Lord and His love for us! I have just started a study with a few women from my church about our Devine Design as women - should be good!

    I'm linking up this week - it's an old post but full of yummy good things! :D Have a great weekend!

  9. I'm feeling SO yucky right now. Totally not taking care of the me God gave me. Thanks for the inspiration today. Did you rinse the quinoa? If you don't, it can taste a little "off" and bitter because of the saponins on it.

  10. I've been thinking about this very thing A LOT lately. Im one of those "dont leave the house without my make-up, got the (fairly) skinny genes of the family, eat a lot of junk and cant tell cuz Im 5' 10" type of people...but Im not treating my body well enough. I drink too much Mountain Dew (my husband just read about two diseases named after Mtn Dew and scared the bejeebers out of me, so I am trying to cut down) I dont excercise, I'd run only if someone were chasing me with a big knife, and I snack all day.
    Iknow that this body is only temporary, and it is a gift from God...I should take better care of it. This has been a hard week, we lost a dear dear friend to esophogeal (sp) cancer on Sunday. He was only 50 and was just diagnosed 6 weeks ago. This is the third close friend my husband has lost in 3 years...It has haunted me that he passed at such an early age...thats just a few years older than I am. I keep asking myself, "what are YOU doing to treat YOUR body well?" Im putting junk in and Im expecting to stay healthy (and look good to boot). School is about out for the year, praise the Lord, but I am determined to eat better, get more excercise and do a better job of taking care of this vessel the Lord has given me. Life is short, I've learned that once again this week, but I do not want regrets about how I have treated my vessel.
    Thank you for your encouragement and for keeping it real! xoxo

    1. You go girl...take care of that vessel. And I'm secretly hatin' on you for having the skinny genes. So not fair!

  11. Oh, dear, I have never stopped caring and I'll be 60 in just a couple of months. I think it's all about balance and sometimes it's hard to get a handle on that. I do know what you are talking about and I can't imagine that you will not always be a sassy gal no matter your age. Have a great weekend!

  12. I think I have the same pair of shorts! I've been going through the very same thing. I do care about how I look and feel...but it's really hard to face the cold hard facts of aging.

    You are beautiful! ...inside and out! I think it's ok to work on ourselves as long as it doesn't take over.

    You. Are. Beautiful.

  13. Ohmygosh Becky! My comment posted! I haven't been able to comment on your blog in like forever! Yay!! =)

  14. you go girl. and you said it perfectly. thanks for sharing. xo

  15. Okay I"m calling ya soon and we can talk about this post! Dropping kiddos off and running to physical therapy.

    Got my first mean comment last night on a post from 2010!

    Talk to you soon.

  16. I agree with taking care of your body not your weight number. You have it right eat right, exercise and faith.
    Kasey has an amazing story!

    Have a great weekend!

  17. You have no idea how much this just blessed me. It's been a rough week with the scale! I kinda wanted to chuck it out the window. It's hard when I workout 1.5-2 hours a day, six days a week, eat pretty well and end up gaining four pounds instead of losing the five extra from baby number three....who's TWO! Thank you for being real. It's so very refreshing in blog world to see someone being honest instead of faking perfect!

    P.S. I'm so glad you sold cuffs due to Shannan & me...although, you KNOW that was all Shannan. I have no clue how to add links to my posts. I'm sure it's the simplest thing in the world...however, I have the amazing ability to complicate these things!

    I know I said it on my last comment but I LOVE that white cuff!! I need to talk to my hubby, I think he needs to get that for me for mother's day :)

    One last thing (sorry this is so long!)... I know on Instagram you said running isn't your favorite thing but don't ya think it might be fun to get a bunch of ladies together and train for a half marathon? We could all train and then meet up for the race/Girls weekend! Just a thought!!

    Angie from Ohio

  18. Awwww, gotta love Big Chick's pretty new smile. All three of mine had braces and they all have beautiful smiles to show for it ;). Let her know it's all worth it. Love your post. I'm so down on myself and my weight gain. I swear I haven't done anything different but turn older and it really slows down the metabolism, ugh, but after reading your thoughts I feel better about myself. Thanks Becky, have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Thanks for confirming we all ride the roller coaster of ups and downs!! I'll have to try out your recipe!!

  20. Balance. So right. I need it. Some days I think I'm mentally unstable.....urg! Thank you for giving me something so simple, yet so powerful & important to think about, to PRAY about! I'm CRAZY, I tell ya!

    You are such a dolly in braids :)

  21. I think I'm about to defeat the point of this entire post but... you look ridiculously cute smack in the middle of a workout!!!

  22. LOVED this post and I love that recipe thanks!

  23. You are making me laugh out loud!

    Much love,
    Deborah xoxo

  24. I'm not a size 3 either, and I really dont wish to be. I think my body is pretty rocking for having two kids and no time to work out, other than the occassional walk pushing a double stroller (which is harder than it sounds!), but I really do eat healthy and am conscious of what I put in and on my body. I love that you're proactive about it, and yes, you are beautiful! Added confidence doesn't hurt either. Wish all women could think they way you do.

  25. Hi Becky, I've missed reading your posts. It was so good to be able to pull up a chair and read about how you have been feeling. Hmmm, a size 3. I've been slim all of my life but I have not been a size 3 since I was in my early 30's? I have lots of body issues and I wasted a lot of time and energy on worrying about how I looked. I agree with you about taking care of our bodies. I use portion control, walking as my exercise. I miss using weights but that's life. :) Anyway, I no longer stress out that I may have grown another size etc... I am just trying to be healthy and try and look as good as I can. I put a recipe on Tuesday on my blog for baked stuffed shells. Not a healthy meal but I only make it once a year and I use portion control. You are such a beautiful person both outside and inside so you must be doing something right. :)


  26. I love it when women are willing to wrestle out loud as you have here. Refreshing!

    I think the key is to take care of yourself without it becoming central. So many ways to git check what is central (how you spend your time, money, where your thoughts go, etc.).

    A pet peeve of mine in Christian circles is when women use "my body is a temple" as justification for obsessing over their exercise routine, skincare routine, etc.

    When eating well and moving our bodies becomes a way of life, it's not an obsession. It's just how we background music to a bigger show of God's glory in our lives. This coming from a girl who HATES the gym and resists conventional exercise. I know I need to treat my body a little better in that department. :)


  27. I love the honesty of this post Becky and I also love the shorts story ~ size 3 ~ wow! It is sad but true that society has brainwashed us into thinking that only thin people are pretty people. I have also read Kasey's journey and she looks fantastic ~ healthy is what we should care about after all it is not about the size ~ but 3 does sound nice. xo

  28. Our bodies are our temples. So why wouldn't we care? I care. I kill it at the gym, too. I am proud that I can physically do what I can do. I've lost some weight and I want to lose more!
    You look beautiful.
    xo, Cheryl

  29. I agree with you. I often care to much and that is not healthy or attractive to be around. Always putting myself down...yuck. By God's grace I have stopped doing that...yay!!
    I can't eat quinoa...the little spiral things gross me out:/. Looks sea urchin"ish" ya and keep workin it girl
    Fist pump...xo

  30. ha, i LOVE the 'chasing a fly' photo, and i adore how your family has such a fun time together. :)

  31. I am one who definitely cares about how I look too - not in an overly crazy way...just in the I want to stay fit and healthy and not to have my daughters worry about me way. Oh...and also in the I love clothes and jewelry way ;)
    There are definitely ups and downs (I so get your trying on the pants moment) (must have been pretty hilarious when you realized they were your daughters) but, I mostly just want to be as healthy as possible for the kiddos.

  32. I am pushing 46 this year and feeling like it too.I try to eat healthy and get my exercise but I have a heavy load of duties and it isn't always easy.I would like more me time but also enjoy all the togetherness as well.I just want to be able to keep up with them all too and be comfortable with myself.Best of luck~Cheers Kim

  33. Loved this post girlie! Hope all is well with you!

  34. Oh how you made me laugh when I read you put Big Chick's shorts!!!! ha ha ha Hey, I'd say you are in greater shape then you need to be, since you got them all the way up and on.

    You are beautiful just the way you are. We each know what makes us feel good about our bodies.. I know after injuring my foot this winter and a lot of life changes, that I've paid for it with some extra weight that has shown up in the way my clothes feel. You are an inspiration to me Becky.. The way you take care of yourself inside and out motivates me a bit more. Thank YOU!!!

    Continue being beautiful Becky!!!
    ♥Lee Ann

  35. Oh my sweet know I care about aging. I care about my weight too. I have always fought it. I am finally seeing what I need to do to be healthy and fit. I used to say to my sister in law "will we ever quit caring about the physical when we get older?" We have agreed "no we will not". Call me vain but I am now honoring my temple and am grateful for what my body can do.
    You are a beautiful girl on the outside but even more lovely on the inside. :)
    I also have a box of quinoa I have yet to cook. It kinda scares me!

  36. We LOVE quinoa here. My girls prepare it at least weekly. We usually use chicken broth instead of water and add chopped up veggies and eat it warm. Truly, it is delicious. Make sure you rinse it well before you cook it or it can have a bitter taste.

    We buy ours in bulk from our local co-op, it's a better value that way. :)

  37. If you eat healthy and kill it in the gym then don't worry about your size. I don't think women can be the same size as girls. I don't get the whole hard body 6 pack thing for women anyway. Being comfortable in your own skin is what you want your girls to see and role model. Besides you are little you posted a picture of your "fat" abdomen awhile ago and I cracked up. You had your back swayed and your stomach was sticking out an inch. I wanted to holler at the computer stand up straight put your shoulders back and then look for that "fat" it won't be there!!!

  38. That is interesting : )
    I think it is much easier for you to care about your looks when you are very pretty and you are thinner than many. To each his own, personally, I don't care if someone is skinny and gorgeous or fat and ugly. I just care if they have a nice heart. And honestly, almost everyone I encounter does have a nice heart.

    Congratulations on still being a size 3. Very nice for you.


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