Monday, April 30, 2012

vacation pretty

There is something about vacation that makes me feel pretty. I'm not sure if it's the extra effort I put into feeling the coconut lime lotion I wear or the spray tan that gives my skin it's glow. Maybe it's the outfits that I never wear at home that seem too fancy for every day, but magically make me feel special when we are far away.
Maybe it's the casual summer dresses or the platform sandals that squeeze my toes, but make me feel tall and sexy. Why do I save these for special occasions? 

Or perhaps it's the lack of doing that makes me blossom. The free falling of the days that remind me there is no concrete plan. We are here to enjoy every minute.   I want to bottle up that feeling of bliss...of no expectations and wear it around my neck like a gentle fragrance. 

I want to remember the wind whipping my hair.  The feeling of cool sand between my toes. I want to imprint how the sun warms my shoulders, how the laughter of my children pulls my heartstrings, and how Honey's hand fits perfectly in mine...every single day.   I want my senses to be tuned in, no static, to notice even the littlest of blessings. Yes, I want to feel pretty from the inside out...vacation pretty...even on a plain old Monday.

Have a blessed day.

551.  honey's birthday
552.  getting "it" done
553.  new neighbors
554.  lush green everywhere
555.  feeling pretty;)

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  1. there's not a feeling in the world like when you're on vacation.....

    it's hard to muster up that feeling on a regular old Monday, but it sure wouldn't hurt us to try!

    beautiful images.

  2. you are vacation pretty and everyday pretty. inside and out. and the stress-free feeling vacations bring definitely helps us all feel better too, huh?

  3. A spray tan before vacation sounds like a wonderful idea. I love the stress free days of vacation. They make me feel good, if not pretty, too.

  4. planning our vacation as I type...just trying to decide on a cottage...i am putting more into this than in choosing the house we live in! but this post made me smile :)

  5. such a cute post! you are adorable. :)

  6. pretty pretty girl! how i love a wedge too!!!

    smiles to you.


  7. Eh. I've never seen you that you weren't pretty, and I see you very often right after you leave the gym.

  8. I like that, Vacation pretty, even on a plain ol Monday YES!!!!

    Such a cute unique fun pretty post!!!
    It was fun following along on Instagram!

  9. I am definitely in need of a little 'vacation pretty' myself! I love to just kick up my feet and unplug from the rest of the world and simply BE. Love those shoes! :)

  10. i think we all feel like a different someone on our vacations...or maybe just a better version of ourselves.
    i love these pictures
    especially #3--looks like an ad!!

  11. Vacation pretty? I get it but girl you are everyday gorgeous, I mean seriously you are stunning ESP when you smile and show the real you :)

  12. Good for you, cute sandals I'm on the hunt for a cute pair that I can wear to work.

    Happy Monday!

  13. Beautiful pictures and a lovely post!
    You are making me long even more to go to the beach. Someday, I hope to someday.

    And, the hand holding bit made me smile.

    This year I began a relationship adventure. (I even wrote and posted a poem about it today.) The fellow and I haven't held hands yet, but reading, "and how Honey's hand fits perfectly in mine...every single day." made me smile and look forward to the time being right for us to hold hands too.

    Enjoyed your words.


  14. So pretty :) There's nothin' like vacation! And I LOVE that white cuff!!

    Angie from Ohio

  15. so lovley. i want those shoes. they are stunning. love the color. where did you get them. and please don't say you've had them for ten years.

  16. Oh my gosh, Becky! You are GORGEOUS as always....I know this without even having met you. Your inside heart makes your outside face radiate true beauty!

    Sitting here on a mini vacation in Texas reading this with my niece (I had to show her your blog).....she loves your shoes and your cuffs <3.


  17. And once again the sharing of a brain... I just ran all my errands and realized that I had loaded up on soft polish, eyeshadow, shimmery lip gloss, pretty smashed gold hoops (Target) and a few other PRETTY essentials. I would have totally been talking with you about it if we weren't playing phone tag today... but seriously I was needing a pretty BOOST. LOL You are SO pretty friend. Must be said. All the TIME>

  18. super cool shots girl! you are always always pretty to me.

  19. I agree with you Becky ~ we seem to do things when getting ready to go away that we don't do when we are home and we need to change our way of thinking. I think I will book myself a pedicure tomorrow ~ thanks for that! And I think you look pretty all the time ~ except that one time..... lol

  20. Why do we do that?? All those extra special things we don't seem to do in our everyday life??

  21. I am so glad you had fun on your vacation : ) Love your sandals.

  22. Becky, you are pretty inside and out.
    You couldn't take a bad picture if you tried. :-)

    The love of Jesus is always shining from your eyes, friend!


  23. Coconut lime....? Are you serious?? That's one of my most fav scents, Becky! What brand do you wear? I'm so glad that you're having a great time on vacation! You are beautiful - vacation or not, sweetie! Hugs to you!

    xoxo laurie

  24. Oh, I've got to remember this, "vacation pretty." Love that! And, you are pretty whether it's vacation or not. :o)

    It's so easy to forget that vacation feeling once we get home and back into our routine.

    Great post!

  25. I love this post!

    My middle daughter and I are leaving in a couple weeks for three weeks in England with a little jaunt to Paris via the Eurostar.

    We, along with my oldest daughter, crossed the pond last year and simply fell in love with England and France.

    I haven't even begun to think about packing yet but I need to get on that. I also need to pick up a pair of those darling wedge sandals you're wearing... So cute!

  26. What a cool title! I have been following your blog for a while now and while you are beautiful on the outside, your inner beauty shines through your writing and reaches out to touch your reader's hearts. Oh, and those shoes, they rock! Do tell where you got them! :) ~Jena

  27. I got those sandals at DSW recently girlies. I bet you can still get them:)

  28. Got off the plane
    last night and am
    in re-entry mode,
    on a Tuesday, so
    YES, totally get it!

    Plus, you are pretty
    pretty pretty every
    single day....both
    inside and out, my

    xx Suzanne

    PS: Happy B-day to
    your hubby!

  29. It is so true isn't - you feel different when you are not in the midst of making dinner, talking homework/and how was your day, getting one or the other to practice, folding the laundry, buying trash can actually feel sexy polished and pretty!!
    That last photo is so cool!!!!!!!

  30. My grandfather used to say "pretty is as pretty does." That's you! I love that you took the time to capture yourself in vacation mode!

  31. ok, i love the shoes, and even more, i love your heart. :)
    you are gorgeous inside and out!

  32. You are all kinds of pretty, sweet lady. And the shoes. I'd love to squeeze my feet into those!

  33. ok, so I for one think you are gorgeous all the time. i also think the place to vacation is ASHEVILLE. just sayin'...also? you make your camera strap look pretty too.
    love you love you.


  34. i LOVE your blog! thanks for coming by mine.

    I can't wait to check out more of your awesomeness.


  35. You are beautiful...vacation or no vacation! But, I know what you mean about that feeling:)

    P.S. the collage you asked about? I put it together at on mosaic maker!

  36. Love that feeling. I totally get what you are saying.

  37. See that's why you are so worn out when you get home!!! It's a pretty tired! So work it!

  38. ok. i love you.
    and your shoes.
    you ARE pretty. and i'm with you.
    let's get free of the static and have vacation any old day!


  39. ok. i love you.
    and your shoes.
    you ARE pretty, and i'm with you.
    let's get away from the static and have vacation any old day!



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