Wednesday, April 18, 2012

on the wild side

I was laying in bed last night wide awake with blog posts bubbling up in my mind.  Not sure if that's a sign, maybe it was the sweet pleas for me to say a little something;), but I feel like taking a time out.  I'm officially blowing the hands are waving in the air and I must speak.  HA! 

I've figured a few things out over the last few weeks.  First I'm hard wired to blog.  It's just who I am.  I love to share my life.  I love to write.  I LOVE to take pictures.  The first few days were incredibly weird.  I was so used to writing posts that I couldn't relax.  I even carried a notebook with me everywhere to record my thoughts!  Geesh girl get a grip;)  Then the reality of oh I'm like on a mini vacation set in and it was almost a relief not to blog. 

After the comments died off another shift happened, and finally for the first time in the last almost 4 years I got a little revelation that...wait for it...someday...when the season presents itself...I can stop blogging!!!  I KNOW that sounds ridiculous, but for years I've looked at my friends and family and thought how do they do it?  How do they live their lives and not TELL everyone about it?  It seemed an injustice not to record every moment and to document everylittlething.  But I tell ya girls blogging can become like a in which I presently do not get paid and that's where it gets fuzzy.  So with that said...I'm still on a break, but I just HAD to blog...and I'll be back here and there because I have to.  'Nough said:) 

For Easter we flew out to Palm Springs.  Honey and I have been there 5 times!  We've always stayed over in the lush golf resort area, and almost always had it paid for by his company, and it was wonderful.  This time we took the girls and we rented a house...more on that later.  But there was a shift, and as wonderful as our relaxing vacay was that will probably be the last time we visit sunny California for like EVER!  We are on the East Coast now.  I don't know what we were thinking hightailing it THAT far when our weather here was actually better.  Sometimes you just keep doing the same thing you knew before without even realizing it.  Time to make a change.  I'm thinking Florida sounds nice next time;)

I'm so glad we chose to visit the desert on Easter.  Out of all those trips West we had never explored Joshua Tree National park.  Even as we were driving up I was skeptical.  I mean how much fun is driving through a barren desert gonna be?  Is this a giant waste of our precious vacation time?? 

NOW I can honestly say it was one of my very favorite days there.  We piled into our car.  We filled up our water bottles, took our final bathroom break and prepared for who knows what on our 2 hour, desolate car ride in the middle of nowhere.  Sound like fun??

To say it was beautiful even in it's barren state is an understatement.  If you look really hard you can find beauty anywhere.  I have an appreciation for flowers that can bloom with the littlest amounts of rain, and animals that can survive in the harshest environments and somehow adapt and survive.  It's a lesson in nature and a lesson in life.

I couldn't be in the desert without thinking of the Israelites.  Normally I'm a little hard on them.  I mean come on they had just witnessed miracle after miracle with Moses.  How hard headed could they be?!  It's not every day you see the Red Sea part for you and become dry land.  That's incredible, and yet they grumbled and complained and started doing their own thing in the wilderness.  They deserved to wander around for 40 years right??!!  But while I was out there for a measly couple of hours I'm thinking to myself how in the world did they do that?  I would have been right on board complaining about the cold nights and the HOT days.  I would have surely been mumbling about the quail and manna again...even if it did magically appear morning after morning.  Guess what else appears morning after morning...a new mercies...a fresh portion of Grace...and yet I can forget to give praise and appreciate that daily provision.  I'm just sayin' that little walk in the desert was unforgettable.

And if you think I could go a whole 2 hours without peeing you were so WRONG!  I officially have a bladder the size of a grape, so sue me.  Finding a rock to hide behind became a priority and hoping and praying there wasn't a snake behind me ready to dig it's fangs in my behind was a real concern;) 

My favorite part was the Cholla cactus garden.  There are all kind of warnings and beware signs posted.  They make it very clear that you do not want to get close to one of these beauties because they are nicknamed the "jumping cactus" and will magically reach out and sink their spikes right into your soft flesh in a New York minute!  And apparently getting one out is excruciating.

We respected the signs.  We stayed on the little gravel path...for the most part.  We heeded the warnings, but what is it about a warning that makes you want to test its wise words.  It was hard not to just reach out and touch one.  They look furry and cute.  Could it really be that bad?

We made sure to scare the girls thoroughly before we headed out on our little nature hike.  The fear of painful cactus spikes, and rattlers really did put a love in their hearts for the desert.  I'm sure of it;)

Finally we did spot the infamous Joshua Tree.  Wish it would have been sunset or sunrise and it might have been a magical picture with silhouettes and such, but it was noon.  Not the best lighting.  Oh well, and if you don't want to venture into the park there are hundreds of these trees in Yucca Valley for free. 

After the park we were driving home and I saw a cute little strip of antique malls and a fun coffee shop.  I had to do some begging because Honey is not the most "off the beaten path" person you've ever met, but he finally gave in.  Bless his heart.  And so glad he did.  We found a great place to eat and hit up some so so antique spots.  Antiques in the West are very different than what I'm used to.  Lots of rusted metal junk, mining equipment...cowboy stuff.  Not really my cup of tea, but it was still fun.

Okay so that's all I got.  Phew it feels good to share.  Thanks for listening.  I'll be back. 

***EEEK and I almost forgot to tell you I'm officially on Instagram!!!
Three days into my break I discovered that Instagram is now offered for the Android smartphone. YEEHAW!!!  Instagram is just a fun little app you add to your phone to jazz up your pics and share your world instantly.  It's super fun, so while I may not be blogging much I'm still around.  If you want to see some more of our vacay pics or just what's going on in my super exciting life;) look for the little camera on my sidebar or look up farmgirlpaints on Instagram.

Have a blessed day.

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536.  readers who missed me
537.  time spent with my family
538.  memories that will stick with me forever
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  1. Looks like you had a great vacation! Glad to have you back; I have so many recipes that I have to share!

  2. I was just thinking about you this morning!! I have missed your posts tremendously! Loved seeing all your pics of your family adventure! I pray that you are being refreshed on many levels! Blessings to you!!

  3. I learned blogging was hard work while I was sick and couldn't even muster up the energy to blog. I was floored. I've never been to Palm Springs, but I've been in the desert. I know how the Israelites could find it within themselves to complain. Glad you checked in. :)

  4. uhm, you were in Palm Springs and you didn't come and visit me? WHAT? I am only an hour and a half from there, sniff sniff! But it sounds like you had a wonderful vacation, and you all look so happy and relaxed!! Happy Wednesday~ xo, T

  5. love this on many many levels!

  6. My in laws life in Yucca Valley so we are there a couple times a year it is very pretty & always have fun visiting most of the old towns around there, it's very relaxing. Palm Springs is so cool old Hollywood style.

    Glad you're having a relaxing time out!

  7. It's so good to hear from you what the Lord is revealing in the most dry places. What a beautiful reminder! Thanks for popping back in to share. I've missed reading.

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  9. well! i had that same heart shirt from old navy. but then i returned it. now i wish i didn't!

    i totally agree on your blogging sentiments. i go back and forth with it all the time. but since i'm on blogher i have to write at least twice/week. it does feel like a job!

    love your vacay pics. and i love your little life glimpses on instagram. it makes me feel closer to ya!


  10. Looks and sounds so beautiful Becky!!
    Its so good to hear from you!
    Bless you!!!
    Deborah xoxo

  11. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Becky! I really like your new vintage trailer painting, by the way; I dream of someday owning a little teardrop trailer for venturing out and sort-of-roughing-it! My favorite of all the photos in this post is the one of your husband and the girls grinning over the milk shakes. Awesome family memories here. Have a blessed and bountiful day!

  12. Hope you'll pop in to post pictures from time to time. You take beautiful pictures! …I am always stop'n in to see your pictures! It gives me ideas of how to take my own pictures, since I’m just a novice.
    Thank you for sharing the picMonkey link. It is GR8!
    I know what you mean about sharing ... that is why I recently left FaceBook - feeling overwhelmed that everyone and their Grandma new what I was doing and where I was. Until I figured out, it was me freely giving that information out - like I was clocking in!! Do you know since I closed my account (silly but) it was almost like I could breathe better!

  13. It's so nice to have you back...
    It was the middle of last week when I was thinking I haven't posted up a recipe with Becky yet...and then I saw that the last post was from March 30th and I was like, "Oh yeah...she's taking a break".
    Needless to say, I missed you.
    I hope you found some peace in your time of rest!
    Big Hugs!


  14. I was so excited to see your post. What a wonderful vacation. Thank you for taking us there too. :)
    Please don't stay away too long. Blessings! ♥

  15. oh Becky! You are adorable! I love your enthusiasm and passion to share your life and what the Lord speaks to your heart!! Don't go changing!

  16. That looks and sounds like the most wonderful trip. Beautiful photos.Rx

  17. Fun little recap - thanks and glad you came back for at least a bit - by the way, there is a Palm Springs in Florida - all beachy and golf resorty also!

    Take care,

  18. omg the pic of your honey and kids (and deliciousness!) is beyonnnnnnnd. i absolutely love it.

    keep sharing your voice. some of us just have a song in our hearts we need to sing!

    smiles and love.


  19. You always crack me up. Glad you are back : )

  20. What a fabulous vacation! I love the desert. Beautiful photos.

    I don't know what problem is but I haven't been able to post a comment on your blog in, I don't know, forever. I'm not giving up, however, and am trying again!

    I have not been blogging much lately either. Just too busy. Still, it's fun to be able to read your posts and catch up, even if I can't add my 2 cents worth. Still, I hope this'll go through and you can see that I'm still out here and still checking in when I can. :)

  21. I didn't proofread my comment. I think I should use the word STILL one more time in my comment, don't you?! STILL!!!

  22. A blogging break and a wonderful break with your family. Perfect.

  23. Been thinking about you, Becky, wondering when or if you were going to return. Reading your posts is such a bright spot in my day, I can't even begin to tell you. Your words and pictures paint such a beautiful story. Take all the time you need, but it sure was nice to have you back, if even for a little while!

  24. Enjoy your beak but please don't stop blogging.
    Try St. George Island in Florida. It's in the very north in the panhandle. It is so nice and peaceful.
    Love your new banner. I want one of those campers.

  25. I feel so much better now. Thank you.

    I too have a bladder the size of a grape which is why I love you.

    Also, been totally studying and chewing on some of the Israelite stuff you touched on. Love that.


  26. I really hope you don't stop blogging I like your blog. Look forward to all your adventures and paintings too.
    Pray about it God is using you whether you get comments or not. I know it feels hard when comments don't take place, my own blog is the same, but I must and you must remember 'we blog' for God to bless someone, not us.

  27. Hi Becky! I've been missing you! I just stopped by yesterday because I thought maybe my feed wasn't working and that's why I haven't been getting your posts. Turns out you just hadn't posted anything in while. Let me just say you were missed. I loved reading every bit of your adventure. Please keep blogging...I love hearing what you've got to share.

  28. So glad to see you "back".

    I took a few weeks off from blogging too (imposed by a crashed computer) and I missed it but also was a little relieved.

    Seeing your "break" post was really freeing.

    I have posts swirling in my head too and wish I had written them down!

    Rambling. Clearly I need to get back on the blogging bandwagon.

    (OLD computer is fixed but I also ordered a new-to-me one today in hopes of no more crashes... moving to Mac)

  29. I echo every dang word that you said about blogging. Nailed it!

    What do you say we do FL together??! GIRL TRIP!

  30. I enjoyed your post! Between you and Lemonade Makin' Momma, I am always blessed in my daily blog reading. I've missed reading, but totally understand the step away and the decision to post as you feel the need. Really, shouldn't that be what it's about? Enjoy your blessings!

  31. i'm so happy that you had a nice vacation. :)

    i've definitely been checking in to see if you've posted, but i knew you were enjoying precious, relaxing, rejuvenating time with your family.
    glad to have you back, sweetie.

    oh! and i KNOW your excitement about instagram! i almost peed when it came available for android. i downloaded that APP SO FAST!!!
    so very fun!
    i'm gonna have to search you out now. :)

  32. You are too funny. And I hate to tell you girl, but that waking up in the night feeling can't be ignored. That is a writer's feeling. A real writer. So maybe that feeling doesn't mean you absolutely must blog immediately...maybe it is your soul craving the creative word to express who you are...kind of like a painting or a beautiful bracelet. It's in your genes! Can't be ignored! However, it can be guided in different directions. perhaps you have a local magazine or newspaper? You" re amazing. I don't want to stop reading your blog, but maybe your instinct is trying to guide you. Good luck in this journey :)

  33. ok, so can never quit blogging. was that bossy? but seriously, never. and you can also never move to arizona. both of those are forbidden. thinking of you today. i am officially picturing you trying to pee behind a rock with a swarm of rattlers behind you. (i said rattler with an australian accent...rattla, you know? just call me later if you want to hear me say it.) bye now. love you to pieces.

  34. Love your heart! Love the way you think! that is all...

  35. I completely understand this. I am hard wired to blog, too and share my life and I don't get how people don't do that...but it also sometimes feels like pressure...

  36. what a gorgeous park...God's ability to fashion beauty from arid ground is just astounding. and i am watching you guys near those chollas, wanting to nudge you a little bit farther away from the spikes through my screen! haha, i am a mama through and through. :)

    enjoy your break, but also pop in and chat with us when the mood strikes. love you!!

  37. Okay, just so you know......I haven't even read your NEW POST yet!!!! I definitely teared up, and I almost peed myself.

    ...back soon....

  38. YES!!! That's exactly why I want to blog......I just HAVE to tell every detail. I'm sometimes an open book, and sometimes private, and blogging can allow for BOTH!

    So glad you shared a bit today! I'll definitely check up on you on instagram.....if I'm able??? Do you have to have a fancy phone? Again, so not technical here.


  39. it was so good to hear from you....I'm with you on the blogging's SO good to connect with people but at the same time....when it starts to feel like a NOT PAID FOR JOB, it's time to take a break.

    I've done breaks before, and I'm always glad for it. The hardest part is getting back into the groove when you feel like you want to dive back in.

    keep in if you can ever once in a while...I'll check in, too!

  40. florida all the way, girl. :)
    anna marie island...
    st. george island...
    longboat key...

    can't go wrong!

  41. well, it's not news, but i sure do appreciate you, and your heart.
    love this post!

    palm springs is calling my name, your pics are just so fun! xo

  42. I have hardly been on all week so when I got your reply about your post last night it took everything I had not to rush right over! What an amazing place Becky ~ a girl I used to work with got some of those cactus spines in her hand and she had to have them surgically removed ~ they are scary little creatures aren't they. Although I do understand your break I have been missing you like crazy. Hugs & Love sweet friend. xo

  43. Yes, more vaca pics!! Looking forward to them. I loved seeing your Instagrams from there. Y'all looked to warm and happy living it up in the desert. Joshua Tree is gorgeous. I've never, ever been out West and all always been enthralled with the desert landscape. That said, I think you should follow your gut and head somewhere new next year....branch out! We always used to go to Florida but have enjoyed the (closer) Gulf Shores area the past couple of years. For me, just getting out of the Michigan cold and away to somewhere even a little bit warmer is a gift.
    Enjoy your bloggy break but I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

  44. oh....
    and p.s.
    i'm totally crashing the florida shannan/becky girl trip!

  45. Oh my, is Big Chick
    taller than you, now?!

    I'd go back there in a
    minute; sorry that it
    wasn't what you'd hoped.
    So cool to see the desert
    in bloom, though!

    Enjoy your break. The
    blog world will still be
    here when you get back!

    xo Suzanne

  46. I was SO excited to see your post this morning...I check every day, hoping you just cant stay away :).
    What an amazing trip, so happy you could take the time and have such a great vacation. Your girls are so stinkin' cute :)
    Last week I was wishing you'd post something, and checked in with the hilarious Ms Janie Fox only to find out she was waiting for me to send her an email...I had won your cuff. You'd have thought I won the lottery. ( My people just didnt understand my excitement!!)
    Dont leave us hanging, those of us who would love to share, but dont have your gift of words (or photos) are living vicariously thru you!

  47. what gorgeous pictures and what a fun vacation! and it never occurred to me until you said it, but it's so true...i want to document every funny moment in my life now that i have a blog. what did i do before. but, when nothing funny happens that day, i'm at a loss!! happy friday!

  48. Oh, so excited to find this post from you today. Hubby and I are on vacation so I haven't been on the computer much this past week but was browsing blogs this morning. I'm with you, I do love sharing my life through my blog and find it very theraputic but I do think there must be balance and sometimes that is hard.

    Love your pictures and sharing in your time away. Blessings to you!

  49. yay - Don't you love that our phones now have Instagram - I was so jealous of people with Iphones just for that reason :) However, I LOVE my phone so I'm glad I waited. Loving this little app and loving following you along. Be blessed and have a wonderful weekend :)

  50. geesh...
    i gotta catch up
    forgot to tell you LOVE the header
    understand totally where your at with the whole blogging've been in it A LOT longer than me
    Graci wears her hair like big chick..
    love the new pics of your all are so darn cute
    love how your heart thinks so like mine and reminds me i'm not a loon
    love knowing your on instagram:)
    thanks for prayers. grace is better...just going bonkers again getting ready for this sale. SO much work!! I'm dyin..thankful but dyin..ya know?

  51. I think you've been reading my thoughts exactly on blogging:) I just wrote a similar post on my blog about needing to take a step back. So glad you took a "time-out" from your break to give us an update; your photos are gorgeous, as usual! And as for peeing in the desert...hope it wasn't too prickly!! Thanks for giving me a smile today, Becky;)

    P.S. Loved finding you on Instagram! Isn't it sooo fun?!

  52. it was a delight to find you on instagram! and truly, it satisfies my desire to blog quite a bit! :)

    Looks like such a fun trip-great photos!


    Patty @findingserendipity

  53. It was so good to read a post from you. I missed seeing your wonderful photos and hearing about your adventures. I'm glad that you have decided not to give blogging up. :)

    Big Chick looks like she is as tall as you now. Little Chick looks taller too. You have a beautifu family Becky. I am excited about Intagram being n the Android now. Now all I have to do is remember my email address so I can get into it. Ha-ha. Oh and I love your new banner it is awesome.


  54. I don't always comment but I love all your posts and photos. Sometimes I leave your blog up on my screen so I can hear your playlist and look at your gorgeous photos every time I pass by my computer! :)

  55. Becky,
    I have been away from blogging for a bit too and just stopped by to realize you have been on break too! I am glad you posted~I love the pics! and "catching up" with you! XO

  56. Love your photos. Love instagram. And can't believe there is an actual Joshua Tree. So silly, I've driven to Palm Springs tons of times and never hiked there.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.


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