Monday, April 23, 2012

the glass house

(In the bathroom at one of the airports...motion sick!)

Last week was a wee bit challenging.  I had what we like to refer to in the Strahle house...pttdPost traumatic trip disorder.  You see I don't travel well.  I LOVE to travel.  Love to see new places and people watch, but instictively on travel days I wake up and my body just knows.  It does.  Weirdest thing.  Anyway our flight home was awful!  The flight was canceled and booked for two days later.  Finally we got a new flight, one to Denver (with the worst turbulence EVER) and then to DC...2+ hours from our house.  All in all it took us 23 hours to get back to Virginia.  So when I wildly dramatically declared that I would never go back to California it was PTTD related.  I feel the need to clarify;)  I spent most of last week regrouping.  Trying to get my groove back on.  Why does vacation do this?  We are supposed to come back all refreshed.  Didn't happen!

Okay so back to vacay pictures;)  I'm such a goof.  I know there is a parallel between glass houses and life, but I can't remember what it is. So I googled "glass house" and found some lyrics for a few different songs. Uh whatever you do...don't do that.  Man there is a lot of garbage out there.  Anyhoo since I can't remember the point I'll make up my own.

We stayed in a glass house on our vacay. I spent hours on the Internet searching, and since I'm scared to death of getting bed bugs, we thought staying in a house might be better. Especially one made of glass walls and concrete. It seemed safer. Less for them to attach to or something. I know I'm a little paranoid, but bed bugs are the WORST. I know someone and it's an awful, sad story.

The house was a perfect escape. It couldn't have been any more different than what we have back in Virginia. It was one of those mid-century modern homes redone. Completely decked out in retro furniture, sparse decor and all white walls. Like every single surface in the house was white. Could that be any more opposite than my style or what?  It was just the ticket. Every morning we awoke to natural light. HEAVEN! I love my current house, but if there was one thing I would change this would be it. I need light and unfortunately my house doesn't get much. So a week of light was perfect.

The back yard was completely private.  We're talking tall hedge, big fence, low sitting neighbors, lots of bushes, palm trees...the works.  There was no looking in.  Yet it was a little disconcerting having no walls or coverings for privacy.  I went outside and snapped pics of honey one night and he didn't even notice!  How creepy is that??  Even our bathroom was all glass. 

One of the perks of having a house is not having to share.  I know shame on me, BUT I could go out in the morning and walk around in my pj's:)  I didn't have to suck it in or worry about looking pretty in my swimsuit.  Sitting by the pool in privacy was a brand new experience. 

If you look real close behind me...above the couch in the house...there is a naked lady picture.  It's one of the only things hanging in the house.  When I first saw it I was like...nice.  Very kid friendly and appropriate;)  Her face looks just like a young Barbara Streisand.  By end of the week I was almost mesmerized by it.  Wishing I could have taken it home with me;)  Ha!  Wouldn't that look great hanging above our bed in Virginia??

Still not sure of the perfect glass house tie in except to say it was a nice departure.  Getting over the exposed feeling took about a millisecond, but apparently I'm used to having people see right through me;) 

**I'm going to post a recipe Friday...and show the black room:)  Just FYI.

Have a blessed day.

541.  making memories
542.  departing from the norm
543.  fuchsia
544.  hearing my girls giggle
545.  coming home to color

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  1. I am so sorry about your PTTD.
    I hope you find your groove and get to feeling better soon!
    Great pictures though and it looks like you at least had fun while you were in Cali!

  2. I get the same way! I always come home saying 'I need a vacation from vacation'. Lol!

    Looks like a beautify place you stayed, though. A change is good...for a week! ;o)


  3. that house looks dreamy. post vacay weeks are always a bit gloomy for me. you look forward to it for so long and then poof, it's over! glad you have lots of pretty pictures. i lived vicariously through ya! : )

  4. Vacations do wear us out, but it's the travel glitches that are the worst. I blogged about a big snafu today with Holiday Inn, I am just in a knot over it all...

  5. WELCOME HOME!! :D It looked like a real nice and most importanltly, relaxing vacation! (other then the trip home!) I really, really like your new header!!!! Super nice! I like how I can see the wood grain, it makes me think of rays of sunshine!! And those little daisies, CUTE! :D

  6. Vacations always mess with me too. That house is amazing! Your own private pool? So dreamy! Hope you have a wonderful refreshing week!!

  7. Isn't it, "those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"? Something about not complaining about others when they can see all of your needs for complaint... my mother used to say that a LOT!

    How crazy is it I have NEVER been to California! I live two states away! Haha... it was great living through you for a moment there though! What a fabulous outlook, even with post travel mommy stress. (YOu ever notice it IS the mommy that gets this?)

    Here's to a wonderful first week back!

  8. Vacation is always tiring. You look adorable in the last pic. I swear I thought it was Big Chick at first!!

  9. i always come home form vacations a BASKETCASE!
    all the laundry piled up and putting away to do just freaks me out.
    how selfish am i, right? :)
    i LOVE that house! something about the sparseness and light just relaxes me.
    our house is really dark and tucked in the woods.
    and bedbugs...don't even get me started. i totally understand your fear!
    cheers to a new week full of happy and blessings to thank the Lord for!

  10. Hi Becky!
    Looks like a fun time and the sun...oh the sun...:)
    I usually allow a few days before I go back to work after a little vacation...helps me relax more.
    Love the tootsies, and the water, and of course...the barbie dolls! I loved playing barbies when I was young...hours of fun and daydreaming!
    Love to you!!!

    Deborah xoxoxoox

  11. I have always said that I need a vacation to recuperate from my vacation because it does take a lot out of you! I can't imagine taking 23 hours to get home...YIKES! You must have been pooped! Of course, just look back at the good times you and your family had...and let us not forget about the memories that were made! The house looks gorgeous...with a private pool and all! WOW! Oh, and my oldest daughter dealt with bed bugs in her college apartment this year. Talk about a nightmare! Even when she comes home, I still make her leave all of her belongings out in the garage, then I put everything in a HOT dryer first. I wash everything in HOT water, then back in the dryer they go. It's a real chore, but I refuse to take any chances. She hasn't had any problems now for several months...thank goodness!

  12. Oh how I love you. All I know is that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. LOL

    Happy Monday and you look so CUTE in your swimsuit. Sheesh girly. I need to work on that myself... LOL

  13. Love the house, so cool you lucked out sometimes pictures can be deceiving when searching for hotels or vacation homes. I guess if your not a little spent when returning from vacay if may not have been all that.

    Happy Monday!

  14. looks dreamy
    i would love to have a week to myself to wander a glass house.

    kinda movie"ish":) you could even your birthdays suit..
    how in the world did I get that from your post I will never know.
    I'm hungry..maybe that is it. Can't wait to see this black room!!!!
    and I appreciate your glass heart and how you let us see through always reminds me I'm ok
    love ya..happy Monday thoughts your way

  15. i am not a traveler either. i don't sleep well and end up with digestive issues and it's just a mess. i actually have pre-trip anxiety attacks about going away, but like you said, i like to see new, i have to suck it up..

  16. I get travel asthma. I just have a hard time catching my breath just before I leave the house for the airport. When I get in the car, I'm fine. Looks like it was a nice trip. :)

  17. I dont travel well either:( Glad you had fun and what a neat house loved the pictures:O) Thanks for sharing:O)

  18. What a fun adventure. I am so glad you could have that experience! I love it! : ) I think a naked lady picture would be very nice : ) I wish you would have tried to take it on the plan to Colorado with you. ; )

  19. Landing in Denver is always bumpy. A couple years ago I flew from Tampa to Denver. (I started in Ohio) The flight from Tampa was to take 2 hours. We kept getting many times that we had to land in Texas to get more fuel. The pilot came on the pa and said, "Don't even think you are getting off the flight, we are refueling and will be right back up in the air" And.....we were in the air 6 kidding.....they kept giving us peanuts and pretzels and drinks. Finally when we were allowed to land the tuberlance was unreal. They had just had a tornado. The little girls sitting next to me got sick. People were looking out the When I went into the bathroom after landing everyone was green....not kidding they were green. It took a whole day before my body felt normal again.
    Hope you had a little fun.

  20. I love that house! I want one just like it. Sounds like you all had a great vacay. Love the lounging poolside Barbies. :-) It always takes me a while to get back into the groove after I've been away.

    Oh, and by the way, you're not the only with bed-bug paranoia. ;-)

  21. Welcome back to
    reality....hope it has
    been a soft landing,
    despite the UGH travel
    travails.....Those pics
    have me longing to go
    back there. My honey
    and I hope to own a
    little place there, at
    some point....or at least
    we dream : )

    Be kind to yourself. I
    think it is important to
    take a week or two to
    decompress when you
    get home from a holiday.

    That said, I'm off to pick
    up my boy from baseball

    xo Suzanne

  22. helllllo there! what are you doing besides BLOGGING again!!??! yeah for you! i'm just sitting here painting a naked lady on a huge canvas to hang over my bed. i know i texted you a picture of that driftwood thing, but i decided a nakie painting would be better...see? you should always answer when i call you ;)

  23. I always find it hard coming home, getting back into a routine, it is a letdown for sure. The glass house thing is a little freaky but I love the thought of the privacy! So nice to see you back! xo

  24. I have a hard time leaving - and a hard time coming back! Must be a change-thing. I am always amazed, though, how I can look at my own surroundings with new eyes, if only for a few minutes. Makes things I thought looked not-so-good look okay and things I thought looked okay look great! Glad you had some time away with your family. Love the pics of the yard and the trees!

  25. I think my favorite part of this whole post, other than the pretty pictures, is when you said, "apparently, I'm used to people seeing right through me!"

    I'm one of those people, too....people see right through me. :)

    glad you had a great trip!!!

  26. Looks like a great time. I know exactly what you mean about getting back in the groove. It's almost like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation.

  27. Oh, I know what you mean......we just got home Sunday from a 9 day trip and I'm still searching for "my groove." But, the trip was wonderful and as soon as I find the time I will blog about it.

    Loved your pics!

  28. OMG that looks amazing. I want to know where it is...even though I live in California I would consider staying there. I don't travel. period. Afraid to fly. Really I'm claustrophic so I panic on a plane. I want to open the window. Thats why we have a vintage travel trailer...we can go to our favorite places in our home away from home. No need to worry about bed bugs. It is the kind of vacation you don't get wiped out from.

  29. On travel days, when my girls were little ... they would wake up in the morning and say, "how do our stomachs know we are traveling today?"

  30. Eeeuuuwww....about the bed bugs! Do I dare ask to elaborate on this person you know??? I DO NOT travel well, I don't sleep....not even for a few minutes. I finally discovered the highest dose of Lunesta works for me. But I don't think it would work if I went to bed worrying about BUGS! Help! I'm going to Texas next week to stay in a NICE hotel--but that probably doesn't matter, eh???

    What a GORGEOUS yard, and the Barbie pic made me laugh!!!

    So good to see you back :)

  31. Hey, it's working on my end now. I can finally post!

    I just cannot get over how Big Chick is growing up. She looks so much older in this photo from your vacation.

    I'm the same way about being very picky about where we stay on vacation. It can really stress me out.

    So glad you are home!
    I've missed you.
    ♥Lee Ann

  32. Hey there,
    What a great place to stay!! I love the style of the house and all of the light!

    I am soooooooo with you on the bed bugs. I don't even know anybody that had them - but I still check out the hotel online to see if they have ever had bed bugs. I check the beds the minute we get in the room, never put our luggage on the floor etc. Then when we get home I leave all of the luggage in the garage for a couple of weeks - and of course wash everything that was in the suitcases right away. Makes me feel better! Aren't you glad to know you are not alone?!

  33. Hey Becky! How nice to see you back to blogging, girlie! I missed you - and your entertaining, thought provoking, and inspiring posts. ♥ As delivered! :) It was fun hearing about your trip! I may be weird, but I LUV looking at other people's vacay photos! Sending you a big "welcome home" hug!

    xoxo laurie

  34. Cool house. It's like out of a seventies movie set in a chic California bungalow. You look amazing. xo

  35. Ha-once after complaining from our third vacation to California in a year and how I was never going back, how I was staying on the east coast-we were returned 6 weeks later looking for houses. My husbands job changed and you know the saying -never say never...

  36. I like that house! what a great trip. I've never done that. I like to people watch a LOT!

  37. I had the hardest time trying to comment on this post a few days ago!? From my phone, so it's probably me!

    What an amazing home, and I love the glass & openness, also opposite to me & my house!

    And I'm gonna ditto Suzanne's comment!


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