Monday, March 12, 2012

Talented friends...GIVE-AWAY!

I'm always in awe of how God uses people.  How he puts a desire in their heart and then some people actually follow through and do something with it.  I like to think that I'm on the path to doing following through.  It may be steps;)  I got brave and started the blog;)  A few years ago I finally started my Etsy store.  I eventually got around to doing a show.  But going a little further and getting that book published or creating something and figuring out how to have it made...that's so amazing.

Two of my friends have done just that.  My first "talented friend" is Courtney Walsh.  She writes the blog Telling Stories...which is appropriately titled, because this girl can spin a tale.  She recently got a novel printed.  CAN YOU IMAGINE?!  I knew her before, and can I just say I'm busting at the seams to think of her writing this book.  I just finished it.  SO GOOD!  It's just weaved with goodness all throughout.  It was weird reading a book from someone I knew.  I tried really hard to detach myself, so I could be objective...and I did.  I was able to forget that my Courtney was behind the characters.  I thought it would be fun to get inside her creative process.  Here's a little interview...


How did you come up with the story line?
We were gifted a weekend in a cottage by some friends of ours, and they told us the story of this little cottage community where the homes were passed down through the generations--some homes had been in the family since the early 1900's! I found that so fascinating...the history those homes had seen, and I knew that in that community, people mainly came for the summers...when we were there, I just started imagining what that looked like for the people in that community. I started picturing a group of women who grew up there, but only saw each other during the summer...and I thought a scrapbook was the perfect way for them to stay in touch...

Did you draw from personal experience to develop the characters? I did in a lot of ways, yes. There are elements of me and my story in many of the characters, and I found myself drawing on my personal experiences to shape the character's lives. But then, there are a lot of ways that these women don't resemble me at all too. ha.

Did you take classes or major in writing? I majored in journalism and theatre...and while you'd think the journalism degree helps me most in writing, the truth is, I think it was my time in the theatre that's helped me most. When you're an actor, you have to learn how to develop a character, to bring someone who only exists on the page to life...and I think there's a lot of the same techniques that go into writing a character. Also, dialogue is my favorite thing to write, and I think that's because I started by writing for the stage.

Do you ever get writer's block?
I do...sometimes when I get stuck I meander around the story until something hits me...and then I'm off again. Other times, I have to shut the laptop and walk away. It's funny, I could be cleaning the bathroom when a new idea strikes and I'm back to writing! :)

What inspires you to write? 
Usually it's the characters...I have this innate need to tell their explore them, to find out what happens next. I also want to write in hopes that maybe someone else will benefit from it...storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to change allow people to have an experience. There's just nothing like it.

When, how, where do you write?
I used to do almost all my writing at Barnes and Noble. We lived in Illinois, and my mom came up once a week to hang out with my kids so I could do that...but then we moved to Colorado and everything shifted. Now, I have a work from home job, so I pretty much only write on the weekends. Under headphones, listening to Pandora...

Lots of people have ideas for do you get published? You do a lot of research! There are tons of websites out there with great writing advice. For me, the key was going to a writer's conference and learning everything I could absorb. I read a lot of books and blogs about the topic, wrote a book (not the one that's published!) and the wrote a proposal. The next step is to find an agent and then do a lot of praying. It's a hurry up and wait kind of thing, and it's a TON of work...but it's worth it in the long run!

Are you going on tour?
The most I've done is travel home to Illinois for my first signing and a launch party...then I've done some live events here in Colorado, but that's it! With the ease of the Internet, many writers rely on that nowadays!

What's next for you??
I have two more books releasing this year in the Sweethaven series, so that's what I'm focusing on right now. My final deadline for the third book, A Sweethaven Christmas, is this weekend, so that's my main writing focus right now! But then there's always the science fair projects and swim lessons to contend with! :)

Where can we get the book? It's at amazon in paperback and on the Kindle:


Another friend of mine Suzanne had an awesome product idea.  You know all the little cards that are thrown into your wallet that you can never find??  She came up with a GENIUS way of keeping them organized.  Oh how I love organization!

I LOVE my Cardkeyper!  Now when I'm at the grocery store or standing in line at Sweet Frog...I don't have to hunt for 10 minutes, in my bottomless pit of a purse, to look for that punch card.  It's all in one spot and it doesn't take up my entire wallet. 


Both of these gals are giving their goodies away today:)
  I'll pick two winners!!  Each will receive a signed copy of  Courtney's Sweethaven book and Suzanne's Cardkeyper

To win leave me a comment about what dreams you have seen become reality in your life. 
I'll announce the winner Friday.

***Oh and I'm posting at Beautifully Rooted today.  Don't forget to head over there and check it out.  It's about Making it Yours.

Have a blessed day.

494.  sunday afternoon naps
495.  longer lightfilled days
496.  spring blossoms...white and fluffy
497.  the freckles that sprinkle my girls faces
498.  a 22 year dating anniversary with my honey;)

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  1. Your friends are brilliant! Those cards totally stress ne out!!!! I hate rummaging for them. What a great idea. Happy Monday!

  2. What a great way to start a new week! That book looks fun, beach reads always draw me right in! I always wanted to learn photography...i'm still not amazing, but I am learning and that makes me happy. I also feel pretty empowered to have opened up shop too and sell my creations! Happy Monday!

  3. Two years ago my husband and I both felt as though we were in the movie 'Groundhog Day'. We had both been in our jobs for a lot of years - 20 for me and felt as though nothing different ever happened. We thought - is this it? We plod through life and then it's over! That's when the opportunity to move to America happened - now no two days are ever the same. Be careful what you wish for - it might come true!

  4. Loved getting insights
    about Courtney's writing.
    I will be ordering her
    book on my Kindle, for
    sure! I could relate with
    the funny places that ideas
    and words seem to drift
    into my brain.....not usually
    sitting at a desk! Thanks
    for featuring the Card Keyper.
    I know your winners will
    love it! Off to do the bus
    rush, but will be back to
    check out Rooted.....
    Love ya girlie,
    xx Suzanne

  5. congrats on your anniversary! i keep track of that stuff too. our 13th dating anniversary is this summer :)

    and yes!! sign me up! what talented friends you have! i can't imagine writing a awesome!

  6. Great giveaway! My dreams? Learning how to garden independently, teaching myself to sew. Future goals and dreams - creating a homestead and teaching myself to knit.

  7. I live my dream. I'm blessed with a fabulous husband and two healthy, handsome sons. I work a couple part-time jobs all of which allow me to be home with them when they are home. My life is truly blessed.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  8. I came to visit you through Leslie's Words of Me blog roll, and I really enjoyed reading through today's post! I have had so many dreams come true this past decade--marrying my husband, having two beautiful daughters, finding a church community that embraces me, pursuing my art and crafting daily, maintaining a blog, beginning to jog and exercise for the first time in my life. I feel like there is so much goodness to celebrate right now!

  9. my dream: since moving to the States a couple years ago, I love to daydream about buying an old retro camper(you know one of those cute ones), packing up my family and traveling all over to see and learn more about my new home, no responsibilities whatsoever... oh it's so nice to dream

  10. Still dreaming about owning my own pottery studio and selling my work. But for now I'm blessed to throw in a community studio and continue to grow and learn in my art.

    Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  11. I've always wanted to build the cutest little playhouse EVER and just completed this life long dream. My daughter is the proud owner of this beauty and I feel like I accomplished a life long dream. It's terribly adorable!!!!! I'm thinking it could become a lucrative business :)

  12. I've seen her book floating around blog land! It is SO fun to read a book when you know the author, and makes you just so excited for them!

    Lots of dreams have come true for me in the past 6 years especially. I always wanted to be a wife, and a Mama. Got blessed me with those dreams a lot sooner than I could have ever imagined. I've always dreamed about being able to photograph people I didn't know, and that has come true as well. God truly does care about our hearts desires when we honor Him.

  13. Hi Becky! Thanks for sharing your friends creativeness through writing books and making and sharing the idea of the cardkeyper! I always love to read your blog and looking at photographs and arts! Very inspiring!

    When I was a little girl I always envisaged myself living on a farm with a loving family. It came true when I've met my husband 13 years ago and having our beautiful son which is 11 years old now. The farm didn't happened until 2007 but the main important thing is having a loving and harmonious family like I have! ; )

  14. Wonderful! I always wanted to be an artist as a small child, years of art classes in High School, I got married and started having a family, then began creating after the loss of our second child...I needed an outlet to let out feelings that were welling up in my spirit...Later I started selling through shops and sites,by God's grace He has allowed me to be a wife a stay at home Mama who homeschools and still live my dream as an artist of sorts... Currently I am still living that dream out, creating in the safe haven of home with my beautiful family surrounding me. What inspiration, I have my very own cheerleaders rooting me on every day. I pray I never wake up, this dream is too good, I am grateful for that! Thankyou for giving me a chance and opportunity to share. Thanks for the giveaway and your blog! Mica from The Child's Paper

  15. I just took a peek at this book on Amazon & it gets great reviews! I am new to scrapbooking & love that it has elements of that in the story. (Also love the main Character's name!) ;) I think this one is going to the top of my wish list! The organizer looks great too! I'm always searching for my cards!

    One of my dreams was to work with a paper crafting magazine... which came true a year ago. I would really love to design my own scrapbooking line - so that's a dream I'll be working towards in the future.

  16. WOW! Very talented ladies! What a huge accomplishment! My Grandma is 82 and she just wrote her first book- so it's never too late to follow a dream! Thank you for the fun give away opportunity! So fun!

  17. my best dream was to be a mommy... and that I am!

  18. Oh how I love Courtney. I met her at CHA several years ago. She is so warm and genuine and funny. I love her blog and we are FB friends. That's how I found you! On her blog:) She is always supportive of me, too. I don't have her book yet but I told my Mom about it...thought it would be right up her alley...I think we are gonna get it soon {funds are so tight rigt now...}

    Love your other friends idea, too. Would love to win either!

  19. The book sounds like a great read, one that's right up my alley :) And what a great idea for the cards!

    My dreams coming true:

    Recently moving into a bigger house and, of course, being a mama. That was my dream since I was a little girl pretending to "nurse" my babies under my shirt. I remember vividly that one side held orange juice and the other chocolate milk. How funny :)

    Happy Monday to ya!

    Angie from Ohio

  20. I finally started my etsy shop!

  21. What enterprising and inspirational ladies!

    My dream? Well it was one I didn't even know I had until it came true... living in the country on 20 acres in an almost 100 year old house has been the best thing in my life... well other than my family of course :)

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


  22. The dream of getting to be a stay at home mom is one that became real!
    It continues to change daily as this is one of the most dynamic careers I've ever had!


  23. Congrats to your very talented friends. I dream of one day being able to work from home doing something creative. Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. The Dream of becoming a mama and owning our own home. Both have come true :-)

  25. What lovely and talented women! I would love to earn a living being creative! ♥

  26. A dream that has come true for me thus far in my life is that I finally found an awesome, man of God that appreciates me, rather than cuts me down. He treats me the way every girl should be treated :)

  27. The one dream that became a reality for me was giving birth to my son. I had fertility issues and was getting older and I didn't think it would be possible. I thank God everyday for my beautiful son.

  28. Some of my dreams have yet to become a reality {like getting married, having kids, etc}. But, God has sure blessed me in ways I never dreamed of. A great church where I get to touch many lives, my 1 neice and 5 nephews {for now}, and in so many more ways I probably take for granted. :)

  29. Such neat accomplishments for BOTH! The book looks likes a sweet read, and the cardkeyper......SOOO cute and cleverly named :)

    I'm such a late bloomer. Due to "unpleasantries" (is that a word?) growing up, I never thought I'd amount to much. I'm now 44 and just tapping into my creative side. I always had a fear of creating; being deemed "lazy", "unmotivated", "indecisive" and "ugly"----yes, ugly. Can you imagine calling your child ugly???? Ouch!) didn't help much. But by Grace I have been saved, and now I'm dabbling in photography, furniture restoration, crocheting, and other various crafts. And of.those.things I have been able to donate to our amazing Christian school auction to help raise funds for our precious kiddos!!! Now if I could just figure out how to help meet the educational needs for Down syndrome children....We want our girl to go to the same private school our boys attend....makes me well up thinking about it.

    Oh, and I also have a dream of starting a blog.....something to this effect.... "Tugs: A Blog About Things that Tug at My Heart Strings." Hope the title hasn't already been taken ;)

    Sorry to be a blog the comment section :)
    Blessings to you today, Becky!!!

  30. I used to read Courtney's blog all the time and then "lost" it during my merging transition. Thanks for posting about her! The book looks awesome. As for dreams coming true and I can honestly say being a mom and wife and having a healthy "normal" happy life is a dream!

  31. I love my Courtney girl!! :) So fun to see her answers to those questions. I would LOVE to write a book someday but I don't think my mind works for a novel... maybe a memoir. ;) LOL

  32. Dreams I've seen come true: dancing solo on stage, owning an old home I love, homeschooling my children, starting a blog.

  33. Dreams a plenty... becoming a reality? Well... practically speaking my husband got a JOB after months and months of nothingness. We are rejoicing over this to be sure. today is his FIRST day on the new job! After almost 30 yrs of self employment and then dreaming of just being an 'employee" for the last 2 or 3 years, this is a biggie but I have another dream that's even bigger. My daughter and her 3 babies moved to Florida 4 years ago and skype just isn't doing it for me. We recently came into a small wind-fall and after dreaming about visiting them for forever, we are going to visit for 10 days in June. I am so excited-- June feels very far away but it's going to be a time for fun, the reknitting of hearts and lotsa lotsa gramma time!

  34. That question is leaving me stumped. I think I'm still dreaming every day, but feel so blessed with all that I've been given. I know some great things are on their way as I continue to learn every day. :) Thanks for the fun opportunity to enter this giveaway!

  35. so many of my dreams have materialized (and in ways that have surprised me) that it's hard to pick just one...but if I have to pick one it would be our wedding. I had dreamed that I would meet a man who loved God more than me and who would treat me like a princess...and the wedding was such a perfect showcase of those things :-)

    Great giveaway! How fun :-)

  36. So to share about MY dreams becoming a reality... one childhood dream was to adopt a child. We have 5 children, 4 are bio and one came to us through adoption from China. I feel very blessed to have been able to adopt but it has come with many challenges. My biggest dream come true is to have the family today that I always wish I grew up in as a child. My current dream in process is to publish a book. I am in the process of writing it. I'm not sure if that dream will come true but just writing it has been quite a journey. Thanks for the giveaway! I love the interview with Courtney!

  37. I've dreamed of being a mommy ever since I can remember...Greeting my kids with hugs as they run off the school bus. Pulling warm cookies from the oven. One wonderful husband of 12 years and 3 kids dream came true!

  38. Talented friends for sure. You too have great talent. I hear how beautiful my farmgirl necklace is everytime I weat it. I dream big every day I wake up. My biggest dream came true a few years ago when I was able to move into my home on some land. We now have two horses and a few chicken running a muck. LIFE IS GOOD!!

  39. well, i can't win, because i already won the book from sasha. : ) complete with courtney's note to me inside. SWOON! i started reading it yesterday and i'm obsessed. and it thrills me to know it will be a series. THRILLS me.

    the cardkeeper idea is so good!

  40. thanks for having me here, Becky!! I loved your questions so much! :) I wish everyone could win!!!

    :) (And that card organizer is pure brilliance!!)

  41. My dream was to get married & have kids. That goal was accomplished & then my new dream was to get a job at the school so I would be off when my kids are off & I could be there for them. A few days before my second daughter started kindergaten I went in to talk about subbing & they offered me a regular job. M-F off when the kids are off well let me tell u I jumped at this oppourtunity. It's now been 5 yrs!

  42. Oh girl I want to read that book! Don't even get me started on those cards! Watching my babies grow into awesome older kids who are kind and caring is my dream turned into reality! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  43. Hubby and I have known since we got married nearly 11 years ago that some day we'd be on the mission field. Enter jobs, two kids, buying a house, finishing college degrees and working on becoming debt free. We've been content knowing that we were in the right place at the right time, according to God's plan for our family.
    Well this past weekend we booked our tickets for our first ever mission trip(this summer). We're excited to see how God uses us and next year's trip is already in the planning stages too.
    Sometimes things dont happen in the timing we think they should, but there are no Plan B's with our God. He knows just what He's doing!:)

  44. Such beautifully talented ladies! Thank you for a chance to win such lovely things. Dreams? So many...but, the closest to my heart is simply having a wonderful, supportive family...a devoted hubby & 2 healthy children. I am blessed!

  45. I'm turning 50 and retiring this summer! The dreams that have been on a shelf for years are going to be dusted off and accomplished. I'm going to keep my grandson several days a week and the rest are mine! One of my goals is to travel to all 50 states, I'll check 2 more off the list this summer.

  46. I totally love that card idea!! if i don't win one, i'm going to have to get one anyway!!!

    a dream into a reality, I guess that would be living somewhere as gorgeous as Fernie and being able to mountain bike the trails from my doorstep!

  47. Oh I want that book ~ lol. I am an avid reader and the storyline sounds like one I would really enjoy. The cardkeyper is cute cute cute ~ what talented friends you have. As for a dream that has become a reality ~ I would have to draw from the latest one and that would be traveling with the one that I love... once we came to the realization that children of our own were not going to become a reality we decided that we would take the opportunity to travel. We have marked 2 destinations off our bucket list and there are more places to check off.

  48. The book sounds so good!!!

    I went to school to become a journalist. Now I'm home with the kids. I wanted some sort of outlet to continue writing - now I have my blog!

  49. I always dreamed of being able to be a stay-at-home wife with my furbabies. God answered my prayer 10 years ago. Then I dreamed of living in an old farmhouse out in the country, and he responded by graciously placing me in Heaven's Walk 6 years ago. Hubby and I both dreamed of returning to our little Florida island someday, and we were given the chance to do that last year WITH my best friend in tow. God is soooo good, Becky. He knows my needs before I do....and I'm glad he does. :)

    Hugs to you, sweetie!


  50. Wow, how cool to have such talented friends. A dream that became reality for me was getting married for the first time at the ripe old age of 46. It's never too late with God.

  51. I've fallen in love with your blog after learning about you from the Lemonade Making Momma!

    Loving the cardkeyper and the book sounds like something I would totally enjoy!

    For me the dream that has come true is that my husband was saved 4 years ago. What a blessing!

    But, as far as personal dreams - I guess I used to spend a lot of time saying, "I should try that" or "I wish I could do that" and now I just do it. Oh, many times I have fails, but I'm never disappointed at trying!

  52. I was just looking at your friend's book on Amazon. Looks like a great spring break read. The card keyper is a genius idea too. I can never find the card I need.

    My biggest dream that has become a reality for me was becoming a mom. There was a time when I was afraid it would never become a reality - so I try to remember to cherish every moment of it. Even the potty training messes!

  53. Awesome interview Becky!
    I'm sure that would be a wonderful read and the cardholders...what a great idea!
    One of my dreams is to be able t work & play daily in the creating aspect of home decor...I've always had a passion for it and would love to wake up to "living that dream" everyday! I do live the dream creating for our own home, but I'd love to take it a little further.
    Have a wonderful week Becky!!

    Deborah xoxo

  54. What sweet, giving friends you have!
    My dream was to be a lot of things but most importantly a wife and mommy and I've been blessed beyond measure!

  55. I am itching to read this after Lemonade Making Mama featured it :) I have always admired people who make their dreams a reality. It is a bold and beautiful thing to do! So many dreams of mine I am living right now...married to my best friend, mama to my three sweet kids and fulfilled daily in my walk with Jesus. I am working on some others :)

  56. I've had my little car on a separate key tag for alot of years, your right it makes it so much easier to find them. At least I am not searching for the key I need for all the cards.
    I am finally taking that leap of faith and starting up my own sewing and crafting buisness and also opening up an etsy. Thank you for a very inspiring blog, please continue to inspire us with youor faith and love.
    Misty and Pets.

  57. I love that card idea...and I have been a fan of Courtney since I have been a scrapbooker.

    Dream into reality? The birth of my last baby after losing her sweet sister 2 years ago!

  58. I would love to win these!
    What talented friends you have. You are very blessed.

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. What creative friends you have, Becky! I love good books and that card organizer is brilliant! Thanks for the chance to win.

  61. Oh, how I love a giveaway! Your friends are pretty amazing, Becky! I love creative people! I've always wanted to write a book, a memoir, perhaps, just don't know where to start! Definitely one of my biggest dreams I've seen come true was becoming a mom 20 years ago. We went through several years of unexplained infertility and I had two miscarriages, but we knew all the while that God would bless us with a family...and He did!

  62. One of my dreams, since I was little, was to go to Holland where my ancestors came from. It came true last week!

  63. awesome give aways!
    I love that they've fallen into something that God had planned all along.... He is good to give us the desires of our hearts!

  64. either of these would be lovely...
    'what dreams have become a reality?' you ask...hmmmm I'm not sure I have an answer. I think the dream of just having a stable, loving Christian family ...does that work...
    also the dream of getting full nights of sleep after kids...with bigger kids I usually get a full 8, but last night I had the pleasure of cuddling on the couch with boy child and his cough for most of the night!

  65. Thanks for the dream is to win it! ;)


  66. Oh Hello There, I just wanted to let you know that I have recently found your blog and I think it's Dreamy!! I dream of one day writing a children's book, Lord willing! I am putting this book on my "to read" list....Love to get lost in a good book! Thanks also for doing a give away, what Fun!!
    Blessings on your day!

  67. I dreamed of having the corner office, business cards, my own assistant. I got it - and then I found my real dream job... being a mom.

  68. 1. Both of these look great!
    2. Becky, I have that Ikea pitcher too. Love what you did with it.
    3. Thanks for asking this question. I can dwell on the hard stuff and it is wise to stop and thing about...

    what dreams you have seen become reality in your life.

    I own a home I love. So thankful.

  69. What a fun way to celebrate your friends creativity. Go, Courtney and Suzanne.

    A dream I have accomplished ... raising two wonderful, creative, godly daughters ... who think I am cute. :-)


  70. Becoming a mom was a dream of mine. It became a reality about 5 1/2 years ago when I adopted my daughter.

  71. Ooops, I missed this when my computer was down.
    Hmmmm dreams.......being a grandma has to be the best dream come true for me.
    SO glad you feel good about where you live now.....Wednesday's post. I knew you would but it's hard to see that in the beginning.

  72. Well, my first dream was to be a wife and mother. That was realized with a son and a daughter after being married 4 years. The marriage didn't work out but those things happen. I had a very successful career with a major airline with many opportunities.

    My one dream that has not happened? I've always wanted to have a B&B....or bake professionally. I do bake a lot...and give it away. :-)


  73. So many Dreams! So many Blessings! I'm thankful for them all. The ones that have come before and the ones that I'm still waiting for. God is so faithful! Thank you for a chance to win this wonderful giveaway!

  74. I have always dreamed about many things. My craft table would be a great testiment to that!!! I have many dreams that are 'works in progress' and a few that have been fulfilled. I have always wanted to make a difference in people's lives. As a believer and a Christian, I think that to be so much more important. We are called to be different and make an impact for Christ through our lives. It is only what is done for eternity that will truely last!

  75. That is amazing!
    I have been painting alot recently and i never thought i could do anything with it, but i sold my first paiting ;) and i am thinking about opening an etsy shop!
    I thank God for the talent he has given me and i hope to sell one of my paintings for charity someday!!

  76. I know I'm not doing this correctly but I was just thinking about you yesterday and my thoughts were that you had not mentioned any gray mornings or lonely feelings and you weren't questioning your move. I am so happy to hear that you are "settled in" and you have another basket full of friends in which to share lives with. I'm always going on about "this favorite blogger of mine" to my friends. A couple of them even finish when I say, "I have a favorite blog" (this is where one of them will pick up my story"-----ger and she just wrote something you want to tell me about.--I know, Joy.!" It's always funny. So I just wanted to take this time to say "HOORAY for BECKY!" and the entire family. I'm so happy everything has come together. Peace! Joy

  77. Oh, I would LOVE to win. Why do I feel I know Courtney from somewhere. She looks so familiar to me. :)

  78. My dream that became reality is marrying the man of my dreams and then having a family of my own. 25 years and four children later I am still married to him...and it only gets better!

  79. So glad I'm not too late to enter this fabulous giveaway Becky!

    When I was young and growing up, I had many dreams but the one that topped them all was becoming a wife and mother. I thank God that he made that blessing of a dream come true for me.
    When I look at our grown daughters and the passion and love they have for life and pleasing the Lord, and raising their own families, I get so overjoyed!! I'm working on some new dreams,and hopefully our daughters will always remember their momma for being a life-long learner with courage to believe in her dreams so that they will have a head start on their own!

    Love ya Becky!
    ♥Lee Ann

  80. I have been following your blog for a while and so enjoy your creativity, the struggle with moving states, your being REAL - amazing.

    An immediate dream is getting our own new home set up to be a creative, welcoming, comfortable space. I also write, paint, craft and help others - a huge dream is to help others establish their abilities and feel fulfilled with that. The dream crashed here in UGanda, maybe it will work better in my own country, SA.
    Blessings to you.

  81. Congratulations to those awesome ladies! Can you imagine having a book published? What a dream come true.


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