Sunday, March 25, 2012

secret garden

Hello my sweet friends.  It seems this last week that every living thing in nature has finally awakened.  The birds are full of song.  The little buds have burst forth on most of the trees, and they are filled with blossoms, and now the leaves are starting to unfurl.  It's breathtaking.  Nature seems to be showing off and I'm it's biggest fan... practically clapping my hands with delight!

I was watching an episode recently of Yard Crashers on HGTV.  Have you seen that show?  Ahmed Hassan...master landscaper person, goes to various home improvement stores and ambushes people.  What I wouldn't give to be in one of those Lowe's or Home Improvement stores when he strolls up with the cameras and crew.  Seriously if you happen to work for the show and know where he'll be next let me know...wink, wink;)  My yard would be perfect for your show.  It would be like hitting the landscape lottery.  If you saw my backyard you would understand my excitement. 

Nice green propane lid.

Oh wait you CAN see my backyard!  Here it is in all it's glory...ha!  One giant mudpit.  We have someday dreams of a patio, curvy edges, firepit...GREEN grass!  It will happen, but for now we are in waiting.  It takes some major moolah and/or know how to pull of a beautiful yard.  Unfortunately we don't have either right now, BUT we can dream and who knows maybe Ahmed could help a girl out;)

Speaking of dreaming.  Remember my sweet new friend Tammy??  THIS is her backyard!  Uh I think if I lived here I'd never go inside.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Her honey is all about gardening.  That's his passion and it showed.

She was so sweet to take me on a little yard tour.  We talked veggies.  We talked herbs.

I took pictures of every little thing.  Cause that's what I do.  The sky was so pretty through the blooms.

They had a sweet little path that led to this...

enchanted area.

They had sweet little flowers here

and there.

Nothing really speaks to me or makes me see God's beauty more than nature.   It's His gift to us.  Too bad the land has to be toiled!  Wouldn't it be great to just walk outside and throw some seeds into the air and magically have yourself a secret garden??  Dang that Adam and Eve!  They really messed it up for the rest of us;)  

Here's to a bright new week ahead.  I'm curious do you have a secret garden??

Have a blessed day.

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  1. awe, look at your girl with her friends. so sweet! hope you had a fun time at the movie. : )

    that backyard is dreamy. ours looks almost like yours, but we do have some weedy, ant hill covered grass. so maybe we one-upped ya. ha!

  2. I enjoyed your photos; your friend has SOME YARD! I don't have a secret garden, but I do have a few special trails that border our farm. The redbuds and dogwoods have bloomed. This is my favorite time of year. I surely wouldn't turn down the Yard Crashers. That young man is just as cute as a bug's ear - a bonus! 8-)

  3. Your friend's garden is GORGEOUS. I am jealous. On the other hand, my hubby has no interest in yardwork, yet with moss and weeds are backyard is gloriously green. :)

  4. "Nothing really speaks to me or makes me see God's beauty more than nature..." I have always felt that way as well.

    Maybe your friend's hubby would like a challenge? After all, it looks like their yard has reached perfection - beautiful photos! And the girls? Sweet!!


  5. Sleepovers are fun! I wish our back yard was a secret :) It is a little TOO natural and needs a lot of help. We just feel totally overwhelmed by all that needs to happen back there. Have a great week.

  6. your friend's garden is!! I wish someone would do mine too!!! so pretty! and sunny! :)

    love ya!

  7. oh do I hear you!
    Our grass is LONG..thanks to the early warm weather and heapings of rain last week.
    I don't even know if my mower will run yet!
    but yes..I love the gift of nature.
    We can see Him everywhere and it never fails to lift my eyes above myself.
    Maybe you will run into him at your local Home Depot/Lowe's;)

  8. i am totally smitten with God's beautiful creation, too.
    i enjoy it so much, especially right now with all of the new life springing up.
    and i only WISH i had a secret garden! i am so jealous of your friends'.
    i need to get out and get to the gardens before the weeds and grass take over, but it's sooo early!
    your pics are stunning, and they make me want to plant a million things!

  9. What a yard, I love the adirondack chairs I have my eye on a couple of these to do just the same out of the way rest area only it will be a much shorter trail to it.
    Have a great week!

  10. Well, no I do not have a secret garden, but I have been playing in the dirt lately and getting my potted plants all lined up for the spring. We've lived here for 30 years and, even if I do say so, we have a gorgeous yard that Hubby has sweat blood and tears in. He loves a manicured lawn and I have done very little, outside my pots, to help him with it. Yours will get there. Blessings!

  11. Our outside everything was GORGEOUS when we moved in; the people who lived in out cabin before we did really cared about landscaping. Sadly, we've been here for four years, and it's obvious. We still have some amazing trees, but everything's pretty much a hot mess, now. Because, you know, it's us. Oh, well.

  12. this time of year makes me want to go outside and grow something BIG time! i love your friend's garden! it's gorgeous!! we're doing container gardening on our deck this year. i'm excited to get should be easy and fun :)

  13. The chickens are wrecking my secret garden! oh well. Another part of nature. I will do pots this year.
    xo, Cheryl

  14. Oh how I wish I had time and the land for an amazing garden...I dream of someday ;) You know living in LA I will probably never have a very big yard. But it's quality not quantity, right? Love your friend's garden. So blissful! P.S. First slumber party? Did you survive? I realize after being a mom that my mom was a saint for letting me and my sisters have slumber parties, hee hee.

  15. Gorgeous garden...Lucky you to be able to inhale it!!

  16. I am the gardener in our house ~ Trev does the balance of the yard work. Your friends spot is gorgeous ~ love that little hideaway ~ perfect reading spot for sure. xo

  17. Geez I wouldnt go inside either if I had that yard too!! Beautiful and love the picture of the doggie:O) Thanks for sharing:O)

  18. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!!

    Hey, your photos are HUGE, how did you do that?

    P.S. Your purty cuff you made me is going to be featured in my bio photo in an upcoming artcile on me, wheeeeee!!! :-)

  19. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing.

  20. I loved seeing that yard!
    So many incredible spots and creative things.
    Lots of work there! Maybe he'd come do yours since it is his hobby :) ?

  21. I don't have a secret garden but I did have a beautiful landscaped front and back yard (thanks to my hubby) when we lived in Washington. Now we are in Texas and it just isn't the same. I have always loved spring, but this year my heart is sad that I haven't seen a single dogwood in bloom or even a tulip. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Tammy's garden is beautiful.

  22. GOod Morning sweet pea! I am desperate for yard help this year too! We are putting in a veggie and flower garden (dare I say "cutting garden" and sound all cultured? Ha!) and it's going to need a lot of help. Our yard is pathetic to be honest but we are hoping to plant some trees, love on our grass, work on a BBQ pit/counter, restucture some flower beds and fence off our garden. Whew. I'm tired just thinking about it. Neither Adrain or I have green thumbs. THat sucks. LOL Love ya and Happy Monday!!

  23. Love every single one of your photos of beautiful, Becky!! Spring is here and I'm clapping my hands right along with you! Here's hoping you get that "meeting" with Ahmed...but until you do, I'd hang out in Tammy's gorgeous garden if I were you;)

  24. Oooh, so happy for your big chick! She's adorable, and I love her shirt :) I'd wear it!

    We just worked a tiny bit on our "secret garden" this weekend. It's been a yucky mess for the 12 years we've lived in this house. But a firepit has made it a little more motivating to be out there, and adirondack chairs have been on my wish list FOR YEARS! My husband is NOT a landscaper nor a project kind of guy, so it is sloooowww progress. But I am accepting putting the firepit together as progress :) Oh, and I am in the middle of envisioning stepable ground cover plants in between our flagstone pathway....which someone else put in for us :)

    Oh, and btw, I am racking my brain to come up with a yummy recipe to submit.....I fly by the seat of my pants too often. My "recipes" don't make sense to most ;)

  25. That last picture is a keeper, Becky! So cute! Oh, how I love your friend's yard! Talk about my dream come true! We've lived here for 7 years and we still have a lot of work to do in our yard. It's a never-ending work in progress!

  26. That's beautiful!
    We've been WORKING in our yard too! Hopefully, we'll get it all done soon...neverending job, I think.

  27. I would love to be at the store and have him ask to redo my yard. And how about the blonde that comes home with you and does a makeover on a room in your home. Wow,,,,ooops, not because they are cute but just to have the experts and the helpers. (smile)
    Yes, you need a bit of work in your yard. YOu might have to call some professionals in.....BUT the inside of your home is to die for.
    Love the pictures of the girlies.
    I love the dog......who's sweet dog is that. I have a Springer.

  28. oh my goodness...I dream of an outdoor escape too, but I know how much work they are!! Someday...someday!! :) (PS. I love that show!)

  29. hey there sweet girl, her garden is absolutely gorgeous!! I wish I had half of what she does, all those flowers and little areas to sit, i wouldn't want to go in either!!

  30. oh I agree with "Dang that Adam and Eve! They really messed it up for the rest of us;" You made me giggle!! he he he Your photos are gorgeous Becky...Nature in all of it's glory... I'm a nature girl for sure too!

    Oh and Big Chick's first slumber party!!!! That is such a precious photo of her and her friends and oh my, but she is growing up and has friends that are growing up too. I bet you were the bestess mom hostess with the mostest!!!

    Keep shining your joy through your posts Becky...your joy is contagious!
    ♥Lee Ann

  31. Those flower pictures are amazingly beautiful! I wish everything here was THAT green. But we're getting there :) Orelia and I just discovered a secret garden while on a walk last week, although it doesn't happen to be in our yard. We found the perfect picnic spot for the summer, right next to a pond where we can feed ducks and watch turtles sun themsleves on rocks. She says Milo and Nick are not allowed to go there with us. I love that we'll have a secret little place, just the two of us!

  32. your big chick looks so much older with those girls....these kids are all growing up way too fast!!!!

    Does she have sweet friends? praying so!!!

    love your friend's yard....oh my goodness...I thought those were going to be shots of a professional yard or something from a magazine....could hardly believe it when I read that it belonged to a REAL PERSON. :)))

    I could not be happier that you are enjoying the weather and sweet friends in VA.

  33. goodNESS you take beautiful pictures!! lovely lovely!

  34. You take the most amazing photo's!
    So happy I found your blog..

  35. that top shot-stunning! what a beautiful yard!! I've decided that this is how I will spend my time when my kids (gulp) leave... Toiling in the soil, growing a beautiful yard to mirror my beautiful family, whom I will be sorely missing. :)


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