Sunday, March 18, 2012

eye candy with tammy

Hello my friends.  Hope you all had a beautiful weekend.  We wore shorts...IN MARCH!  Can you believe this weather??  I was looking back over some pictures recently and found these tucked in my Photoshop files. 

One of the moms I met at Mulan turned out to be an absolute sweetheart...actually several of them were:)  From the second I met her I instantly loved her spunk.  You know some people just have that spark...that thing that draws you to them.  That was Tammy.  Recently she invited me into her home, and then we spent the day going to all her favorite stores.  What an amazing treat. 

Doesn't she kind of look like Beth Moore??  She's a little spitfire too.  When I told her that she resembled Beth she didn't  know who I was talking about.  I need to introduce them.  Everybody needs to know Beth.  You know we are tight right??...ha! 

I got this picture of her last year at a conference.  I think anyone who sits under her teaching feels a you know her and would love for her to live across the street.  Anyway when I stand next to Tammy I tower her.  Oh how I love to tower;)  I'm only 5'4" so that feeling doesn't happen very often.

Her home was lovely.  It was rich, elegant and eclectic.  She uses lots of greens and oranges in her decor.  Did you know those are my two favorite colors?  I don't use them to decorate with though.  Hmmmm wonder what that means?

She had a wine room in her house!  Uh can you say that with me...she had a wine room IN HER HOUSE!  It was chilled to the perfect temperature and everything.  I've never seen anything like that before.  Of course I don't drink wine, so it was a little lost on me, but I can appreciate that it's a cool thing!


Her daughter Chelsea's room.  I met Chelsea backstage at Mulan...sweet girl.  She's 17.  I can't imagine having my girls be that age.  I know it's coming, but it slightly terrifies me.  Anyway this is a self portrait Chelsea did.  I think she's amazing.  I am really bad at drawing faces, so I can thoroughly appreciate how this girl rocked it!  Love the freckles. 

Okay so after a little coffee break and tour of her home we hit the town.  Wouldn't it freak you out to have me come over?  Me with my big camera in tow.  Snapping pics here and there.  She was such a sweetheart and didn't care at all!  Love that.

We hit some of her favorite shops and can I just say shopping here is the one thing that makes me really miss the Midwest.  It's expensive!  The consignment stores she took me to were more than I would have paid for brand new.  Like WAY more!  I'm pretty thrifty.  If I see a little coffee table I like, if it's coming home with me from a consignment store it better be less than a $100...way less.  I found one I loved for like $450.  WHAT IN THE WORLD?  What is that about?

She introduced me to a very upscale shop called Williams & Sherrill.  Over my budget, but worth the trip.  It was eye candy everywhere you looked.  They specialize in fabrics and wall paper, and the whole front section was home decor.  I bought one little thing.  A heavy metal home and white.  I think it might find its place on our red front door.   

I wanted to take pictures of everything in there, but I was afraid I would get scolded.  I hate getting scolded, so this is all you get.  Sorry.  Thanks for tagging along with us.  Are there any stores in your town that just inspire you?  Tell me all about it;)

Have a blessed day.

505.  an adventure day
506.  shorts in march
507.  dark chocolate pomegranate seeds
508.  roasted plantain chips
509.  my new nude sandals

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  1. Becky, I already recommended Dolce Designs and Tweed, but they are only if you will be in Short Pump already, not a special trip. I like the Lakeside/Ginter Park area for reasonable thrift/consignment shops and it's worth a field trip. :) And yes, it would freak me out a little to have your camera come to my house (not you, the camera!). I am sure you would be lovely to spend time with. One of my friends is a CYT mom too. I recommended your blog to her after you posted Mulan photos and her son was in one. Have a great week!

  2. Inspiring stores? Yes! Suzanna's Antiques in Raleigh. We live about a half an hour away, but it's a great store --- several vendors, lot of cool stuff kept outdoors so it's always appropriately weathered, nifty architectural stuff like old screen doors and porch pillars. So glad you're having fun, Becky. It's a life of total fulfillment, isn't it? Have a blessed and bountiful evening! 8-)

  3. oops. forgot to say how pretty Tammy's home looks! Lori

  4. A lovely home and a lovely friend. I hope you get to introduce her to Beth Moore. Who wouldn't want to look like our adorable Beth?

    Enjoying amazing weather here, too.


  5. Girl, I wish you could come here for a few days and I could take you to some places where you could get the "goods" for a great price. We have consignments shops out the "wazoo." I even help provide some of their inventory at times. :o)

    Oh, yes, your new friend definitely needs to meet Beth Moore. Love, love her! And,yes they do have similair looks.

    You are cute X 2 in that last picture! Happy week!

  6. You're a tease. With a title including the words Eye and Candy, I was expecting some photos of good looking men. Silly me!

  7. I love Home Goods : )
    I go to a thrift store in my neighborhood when i need something artsy : ) I barely ever need anything artsy. I am cheap.

  8. I love seeing home tour pictures. I feel like I went along with you :) Her house is gorgeous, just like a model home! I totally get you with the too expensive stores. I don't have any favorite stores to buy from because the stores I love are just for the eye candy and ideas I try to do on my own. My favorite store is Pom Pom in Santa Monica. I always want everything in there, but talk about out of my budget...hello! I did splurge the other day and bought something though and it was so much fun. Have a great week!

  9. Totally awesome photos! I get such inspiration from others photos. And do tell about your bag in the cute photo of you. I've been wanting a mustard colored bag.

  10. I love that you love Beth Moore too! I am going to one of her conferences for this first time this June and I just can't wait! Have you done any of her Bible studies?

  11. I know the story of the mustard-colored na na na na! =D I'm so glad you found Tammy!

  12. i just love your outfit. especially the pops of yellow in your purse and camera strap. and what a fun day!

  13. before I even finished reading I thought about sweat pearls on my forehead if your camera would enter my house;)))))..( I would love to have YOU over if you ever make it down south). I finished reading and had a huge smile on my face because you wrote exactly what I was thinking. Yep, great minds think/dream alike! And as said by some of your other readers, the pic of you in your pretty outfit is lovely!

  14. you look so cute in that last pic! and i think i better stay away from stores that inspired me for a while...made a big purchase this weekend. time to lay low for a bit :)

  15. Such a great home, looks like you had a blast. I love Sur la Table oh it makes you want to come home and cook, bake or polish your silver!

  16. What a fun friend and day!!! Also, totally loving that cute little dress/top you have on because I remember you wore it to Anthony's with ME!!! YEaH! :)

    Love ya girly. Can we hook up on the phone tomorrow?? I don't have much going on but just want to hear your voice and say HI. :)

    Love ya

  17. Looks like a fun store to window shop in. Your friend's home is amazing...just beautiful. Love your skirt. Did you make it yourself?


  18. i love the pictures! $100 for a consigned coffee table is over my budget too.

    you really rock the skirt over jeans look!

  19. I think you should check out Class & Trash Thrift Antiques it's probably less than 30 minutes from you and well worth the drive. You might have to "dig" a little :) But I always find something. There address is 11088 Washington Hwy, Glen Allen 23059

  20. This looked GREAT. Your friend's home is gorgeous. LOVE the shopping. You rock.

  21. What a beautiful home! I loved getting to peek around. I am pretty easy to inspire - Target gets me every time. :) I do live where there is an Old Town area that has lots of antique shops that I love walking through. I love mixing new with pieces that have had a little life. So fun. Have a beautiful week!

  22. Ohh, I LOVE Beth Moore too!! I saw her at a conference and she was AMAZING. :)

  23. That yellow yellow/mustard purse you have is too adorable! Love it! I'm with you on the thrifting and consignments. Second hand stuff is SUPPOSED to be cheap! Looks like you had some fun though!
    And seriously, I wish Beth Moore was my homegirl too :)

  24. SO FUN! I LOVE new friends and making connections like that!

    fabulous taste in friends you have....and of course, fabulous taste in shopping - WE MUST go shopping someday. SOON. :)


  25. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Your so good at capturing wonderful parts of a room and awesome shops. I have 2 questions for you. Do you carry your camera in your bag into the different shops that you go to? Do you ever ask permission to take the photos in the stores? I have been wanting to take photos of "things" that catch my eye with my big camera but I'm so afraid of getting scolded too. I've used my little point and shoot but it's just not the same. Oh and by the way I love the photo of you on the upper left of your blog. :)


  26. What a fun day!!! Thanks for letting us tag along on your outing! Her home is wonderful and i loved the wine room.. we lived in Northern California wine country and acquired a love for wine.
    Loved your outfit!!!

  27. What a lovely home and a lovely friend!!! It's always so nice being able to peek into someone else's home:) Love the wine bar especially!!

  28. Popping by to spend
    a few of my blog "calories"
    reading your post. Looks
    like a fun day. That store
    does look yummy! Sending
    you sunshine and flower-
    laced hugs from PS : )

    xx Suzanne

  29. love that you are making so many sweet friends there....and her home is beautiful. :)

    we have stores like that here....gorgeous things but outrageously priced. :(

    Homegoods rocks.

  30. Oh what a sweet friend and her home is beautiful!
    Looks like a fun time, even just for window-shopping.
    I get shy taking pictures in a store, because I dont know if they approve or not, so sometimes I just go and ask, and other times Ill just snap one quick pic! Lol
    So glad you are having great weather there..we have pretty well no snow left and I was in a spring coat yesterday which was almost too warm for the day. I drove by lots of girls wearing shorts and tee-shirts.
    I am loving this weather!
    Love to you Becky xo

    Deborah xoxoxoxo

  31. I'm sure you hit up a Patina a time or two when you were Minnesota, no?? I HEART Patina. I walk in and feel SO at home. I also love Anthropolgie. Someday I hope to have my entire house and closet be like Antropologie. So dreamy.

  32. Unfortunately (or maybe, fortunately) we don't have much shopping close by. Other than a few antique shops and ROSS (very hit & miss), I get my inspiration from skimming catalogues and brousing blogs ;)

    You. are. adorable!

  33. Okay, so that explains it! When I see stuff that some bloggers buy, and then I find the same thing here, it is always more pricey. Wah!!! I guess I need a trip to the Midwest ;-)

  34. Those in the Southeast must think their stuff is worth more! Ha. I read what other bloggers are picking up for very little, and I have to really hunt here for the bargains. There is a place in Augusta that really inspires me, and I will probably be dropping in this weekend.

  35. Try HOPE Thrift on Patterson. They have great deals--going there next week if you want to come :) Also I'm pretty sure Love of Jesus Thrift way down Midlothian is super cheap, but I haven't been there in years. Richmond area isn't the best place for us seriously thrifty shoppers but there are a few gems.

  36. Hooray for new friends! And ones who don't mind the crazy blogger's camera happiness! :)

    We just got back from a trip to Franklin, TN. I posted some shots of the charming downtown on my blog, but one of my favorites was Lulu.



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