Friday, March 30, 2012

clean tacos and a step back

This week was exhausting.  I painted a room black!  CRAZY!!  Torturous, but I'm loving how it turned out.  I'll share pics later when it's all put together.  So with that fun project and life in general I wish I could say I threw together several healthy meals for my family, but it just didn't happen.  I did however see this recipe on Beautifully Rooted.  It turned out to be a great thing to throw in the crock pot and then eat quick before we were out the door for soccer.

It's called Easy, Fresh and Clean TACOS!!

You combine chicken, garlic salt, sliced onion, frozen corn, can of diced or stewed tomatoes and taco seasoning all in a crock pot and let it cook 8 hours on low, or 4-5 hours on high.  Shred and then just pile the meat on some corn tortillas.  Add some cheese, cilantro, light sour cream and there you have it...a really easy and healthy meal.  FAST.

Before I announce the winner of the Beautiful Soul piece I just wanted to let you girls know I'm taking a little break.  I've been going through the motions lately.  I'm in a burnout rut and I've felt for a long time that I need to step back a bit.  I have a tendency to ignore that voice and keep on going because blogging is my favorite thing, but I need to be obedient.   

So for the next few weeks I'm going to turn off my computer...EKKK!  I'm going to take walks.  I'm going to jump on a plane, and fly several thousand miles away with my family, and do nothing but take pics and lay in the sun!!!!  And when I get back hopefully the creative bug will bite, and I'll get some things added to my Etsy store that I've had on my heart for awhile.  It should be good.  Really really good.  I'll miss you something awful.  I know I'll go through withdrawal from hearing from you...but I'll be back;)

The Winner of the give-away is:

So here's where you grab my button, link up and share what you've been feeding your family!!  Thanks girls.  Keep taking pictures of your meals.  You'll need some recipes to share when I get back;)

Have a blessed day.

530.  a chance to regroup
531.  soccer season begins
532.  quiet time
533.  rediscovery
534.  vacation with my sweet peeps

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  1. i'm not going to say i'm not jealous about your plane ride. i have a little feeling where you may be headed. enjoy it extra for me, please?! : )

  2. I totally understand your need to step back Becky ~ it is something that I too have been thinking about but cannot seem to go there. Have a wonderful vacation with your peeps ~ I know wherever you go will be wonderful and that you will have a blast ~ you always do when you are surrounded by your favorite people in the world. I will miss you. Hugs & Love to you sweet friend. xo

  3. it's good to take a break. breaks are good. i hope you stepped away from the edge yesterday and got your project under control ;) thanks for the good chat...and the chance to blow off some steam!! ok so i'm bummed about the butterfly, but when you're all good and refreshed i'll get one from your store...but don't hurry just for me ;) xo, a

  4. tacos are my favorite and i love this version!
    sending you a hug, enjoy your break!
    may you be refreshed, and ruled by the peace of christ. wishing you plenty of smiles and sunshine today, pretty lady. xoxo

  5. good for you, girl - i took a HUGE long break from blogging on a personal style blog (nearly 5 mo!) i thought it was going to be a permanent decision, but i began a new fresh blogging space instead.
    'wonder woman wannabe' will soon be retired after i transfer a select few of my favorite posts/quotes to my new spot.

    feels GOOD to have a fresh start.

    enjoy your relaxation and revitalizing!


    ps-hubby made it to the final 3 candidates for the virginia beach university position, but no campus interview - looks like we're still minnesotans for now. ;)

  6. I love ya sweet girl and you just enjoy this break! (But let's talk on the phone lots so I don't go through terrible Beckster withdrawls.) LOL

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  8. Your clean taco looks delicious. I love that you used chicken instead of beef. I will be making it for my sweetie. Your daughter is growing into quite the beauty,what an awesome shot of her! Enjoy your time away. Relax and have lots of fun. I will be looking forward to hearing and seeing about your trip.


  9. Lucky girl I would love a long break from work but it's not in the cards yet, have a fantastic regenerating sabbatical, can't wait to see what you come back with.

  10. I hope your break is filled with lots of rest, peace, and tons of family fun :)

  11. One last thing before you log off. OMG! I looked at the photos of your are truly creative in so many ways. You home is so beautiful. Bye for now Becky.


  12. Oh, I will miss you something awful as well!!!! But if you're not going to be here, then maybe it will force ME to take a break from the computer as well! And I don't even have a blog. At least with a blog you can feel like you're being productive and useful with your time. I feel like a big fat failure in the housekeeping, mothering, wife-ing, and giving back departments!

    The tacos are an awesome we are in the middle of soccer as well....times two....and knowledge bowl and math competition and piano lessons and homework and school auction and teaching....and oooh I better stop. I'm being a complainer!

    Your Beautiful Soul is a perfect depiction of yours.....beautiful indeed. I'm so in love with both; your art work and your soul :) I can NOT wait to see what you add to your shop!

    Have a most blessed vacation with your sweet family!

  13. BECKY!!!!!! WHAT??? I WON?! Do you understand that I never, EVER win.....its one of those things I just enter by formality and then just put it out of my mind - what a FABULOUS Friday surprise....

    THANK YOU...I cannot WAIT to hang it proudly in my home. I will smile and think of you, DAILY. :)

    Have a great break....I will miss you, but am excited for you to have a break, a vacation and find inspiration.

    OH ya, and BLACK walls?! I'm DYING to see it!


    PS - if its any consolation - I haven't felt that your posts have been 'phoned in'/uninspired/going through the motions - you are so endearing, authentic and vulnerable that it just was another cozy conversation over coffee in our comfies and socks. SO - while you feel lack of inspiration, it didn't read that way. Just a heads up :) xoxo

  14. We have black walls will be great!
    Have fun and enjoy your family!!

  15. Ohhh, I will miss you for however long it is! But you've got to do the best thing for you!

    This recipe sounds perfect for our weekly crockpot night. Filing it away now...

  16. You'll be missed but I totally understand the need to unplug. Enjoy YOUR time.

  17. I have a gut feeling that you and your family are headed back to Hawaii. Am I right? Wherever you're headed, hope you have safe travels and make more memories than your heart can hold. I know you'll come back feeling refreshed and better than ever! Can't wait to hear all about your will be missed!

  18. :( But Im going to miss you !! You cant shut your computer off before you tell us which room you painted black!! I've seen your pins and have been expecting you to paint something major I need to know this!!
    Have a wonderful time, take great pictures and dont forget to drop in!!
    I have your beautiful painting sitting all wrapped so cutely by you, just waiting for my parents visit. They are going to love it...
    Have looked forward to catching up with you friend, dont stay away too long. Love...

  19. You guys are just so curious;) We are taking a break from my favorite place on earth...Hawaii...and this year we are heading to Palm Springs, CA. Yay:) Renting a house this time. So excited. While we are out there we are going to San Diego for the day should be fun. I've never been to San Diego.

    Oh and I painted the spare bedroom. It is simply stunning. It's more of a dark navy blue than black. Don't know why I waited so long.

  20. Have a great vacation Becky! Enjoy your time away from the computer and I pray that the Lord speak to your heart and gives you the inspiration you are craving!
    Our little guy is starting with Strikers in a couple of weeks. It's his 4rd season and daddy will be coaching his team this year. Yay!

  21. I'll certainly miss you but I'll be right here waiting when you get back:)
    We all understand the need for an "unplug" session every now and then. How can you pour out if you're never filled up yourself?
    BTW, my bracelet is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry now. And would you believe that the very first day I wore it I got tested on the saying BIG TIME? I treasure my "Becky creation." Thank you for all your patience!

  22. Enjoy your break!! Altho I will miss your posts (Im sure everyone will), I am happy for you recognizing what you need. Hopefully the California weather gods will be good to you guys while you are here :) Cant wait to see you when you are "Back in Black" lol....


    ps - LOVE that Tracey won!! That sign is sooo her ;)

  23. Yep, we all need a break now and again- and spring is the perfect time!!

    I recently painted the waiscoting in my bedroom black, and I love it. THe only thing, it seems to attract dust and cat hair... sigh... but I love it!

    Enjoy spring!

  24. I want to buy one of those paintings. And also, I think I may follow your lead on taking a step back...I will miss you though! :)

    Can't wait to see the black room!!!

  25. Good for you - listen to that voice - life it short, live it! :) ♥ Bon voyage and all that - looking forward to when you return and all your photos and creative projects! :D Blessings to you and your family!!! :)

  26. Booooo, I'm going to miss you. That's being selfish, I know you are being smart and taking a break. Enjoy every single second of it with your beautiful family. It is the most important thing on earth. I think you're coming near my corner of the earth. Enjoy Palm Springs, I enjoy that place so much. Let us know what you think of San Diego. My son is considering going to school there next Fall and I will be so sad, but will love to visit him there. Hurry back, but no pressure :) Hugs, Valerie

  27. OH I will sooo miss you!! Have a wonderful time off and please come back!!!

  28. Good for you girlie! Have a great time in San Diego. My brother lives out there, we went last year and had a blast! If you have time, go to Coronado Island (accessible by bridge from San Diego) It is simply stunning. The sand literally shines, it has all these crazy gorgeous glitter like specs in it. Great shops, an awesome cupcake bakery, ice cream parlors, so quaint and cute! Now i'm jealous. Have fun!

  29. We will be waiting with bated breathe for your return. Enjoy your time and those tacos...delicious!

  30. Oh sweet girl, you enjoy your little break and time on that vacation. I so understand the need to step away from the computer for a time so you can renew! So proud of you for listening to what your heart needs. No need to worry, we will all be around and will pounce on your blog the minute you return.

    Love and Hugs,
    Lee Ann

  31. Yippee!! I'm so excited that Tracey won your give away! Isn't it awesome when someone you "know" wins your give away?

    Have fun on your vacation with your family...enjoy the time away! You WON'T regret it!!! :)

    Soak in the SUN for me!!!

  32. Enjoy your vacation and time away Becky!
    It'll be wonderful!!
    Have fun with your sweet peeps!

    Deborah xoxoxoxoxo

  33. I hope you enjoy every moment away from your computer, Becky. I took several weeks away earlier this year ... and left my computer at home. It was delightful.

  34. Awwwww.....we're all going to miss you alot, Becky! But rest up. Kick back. Enjoy life. Soak up the sun! We'll be waiting for you and more lovely treasures in your shop! ♥ Sending you off on your getaway with a BIG HUG! :)

    xoxo laurie

  35. Well, when you get back, we will be ready! Hope you enjoy your time with your family in the sun. :)

  36. Have a great vacation!!!!
    Can't wait to see the room! i love dark rooms!!!

  37. I've been hearing that same little voice in my take a step back...soon:) Enjoy your break and have a wonderful vacation! Safe travels...see ya when you get back to blogland;)

  38. Catching up on ALL of
    your posts as my hubby
    sleeps off his anesthesia
    and the kids do their homework.
    Back from paradise and
    frankly, I miss it!!! Best
    thing you can do though,
    my friend.....

    Your smoothie and taco
    recipes sound wonderful.
    I always love to expand
    my repertoire! Big Chick
    is adorable in all your pics;
    she's quite the southern

    Love and hugs,
    xx Suzanne

  39. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! We all need these breaks!

  40. Have a great trip!! Can't wait to see your black room!

  41. I hope you are enjoying your break and the sunshine, you deserve it my dear...xo, T

  42. You go girl! I took a 4 month break from blogging in the fall and never looked back. Now only back as inspired. Just the way it should be! Remember...make the blog work for you because you sure as heck don't need to be working so hard for the blog! :)

    Enjoy every last second of living it up in the present moment!


  43. I seeeee you! Ha! So glad I came to peak....LOVE your new header!


  44. YOU NEED will be
    and FULL of LIGHT and creativity
    love love friend and talk when you get back:)

  45. Enjoy your sweet family time! Can't wait to see your new Etsy stuff :)

  46. Breaks are awesome. I am thinking about taking one myself...enjoy and see you soon!

  47. Alright get your butt back here. Your break's been long enough and I need an update! (Or you can just call me this morning and give me one in person.. which you should do anyway. I have to get hoodlums off to school and then hopefully we can CHAT!!)

    Now blog on something already. I need a Becky fix. :) How long was this break supposed to last anyway?!!!

  48. A whole room black?! I have to see it!

  49. Enjoy your break! Can you see I have taken one for a long time from my blog and it has been the BEST thing I have done for me and the family!
    Enjoy your vacation as well...we leave in 2.5 weeks for one too...without the girls, can't wait!
    Miss you, but it looks like life is going oh so well!

  50. One more thing...I am making those tacos tomorrow night.

  51. Just wanted to let you know I've been missin ya. Missin readin your blog. I do hope you're enjoying some well deserved time of rest. Don't hurry back for our sake. Take your time. We'll all be here waitin for ya.

    Take care.

  52. I've been away too long... you are cooking now. What??? Those tacos look yum though. Enjoy your break. xo

  53. proud of you for listening to that voice... the tacos look delish- will definitely have to try!

    ps: my son's travel soccer team is called the strikers! ;)

  54. hmmmm those tacos look fantastic. i ♥ anything that has a crock pot in it to help me during the day!


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