Wednesday, March 21, 2012

beautiful soul...give-away!

Good morning girlies.  I'm linking with my friend Alicia today for her new Happy Day project.  Wish I was feeling it.  I hate PMS.  It seriously distorts everything doesn't it??  Life is sweet, but PMS sucks.  Anyhoo...her assignment was to visit a nursery.  Luckily that was on my to-do list anyway.

I bought the cutest little red chicken feeder awhile back when I was in Illinois, and I knew just what I wanted to do with it.  Last year when I visited my friend Lissa she bought one and it was filled with succulents.  So me with my limited brown thumb thought maybe...just maybe, I could try that for myself.

It turned out really cute.

Speaking of cute;)

(heart banner is from Alicia's shop)

They are going on my fireplace mantle, but today they are adjusting.  I've got them freshly planted and sitting on my deck soaking in some light and love.  Once a week I'm going to sit them outside, so they can get a healthy dose of sunshine.  I'm hoping that will do it.  There are a few cactus mixed in and the lady said they need lots of light.  EEEK!  Who knows how long they'll live, so my project might fail, but at least I tried;)

Speaking of projects...I'm going to be adding some new art to my shop soon.  I'm loving the painted beachy wood look right now.  This beautiful soul is my newest piece.  It just looks like it was made for that spot doesn't it??  To celebrate SPRING and just life in general I'm going to give-away a smaller version of my beautiful soul. 

To enter you'll need to link up to the Feed my Family Friday post this week...I'll leave the link open until NEXT FRIDAY and that's when I'll announce the winner.  
Good luck ladies:)

Have a blessed day.

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511.  a new creative direction
512.  my fergie love
513.  a day to get things done

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  1. yeah!! you linked up :) i have got some serious love for that feeder thing and those succulents. so pretty! the succulents at my nursery didn't look so nice. also, you know i love that butterfly piece. if i don't win, you better have extras for us losers! :D
    xo, a

  2. Oooo, I'm so excited. I already know what I'll be linking up this Friday. On another note, I'll be praying for your day to be happy today.

  3. Those suculants remind me of my grandmother. She had them all my life. Now, they have become so popular and she's not with us anymore to know it.

    Who knew Granny Florence would know something was special before the rest of us would figure it out.....

    they look great in your chicken feeder. :)

  4. so i totally didn't get to a nursery! can't wait to see what the next assignment is. : ) oh my gorgeousness. this painting is stunning, becky! if i lived by you, i'd want you teach me how to paint. because i think it'd be so fun. and oh yeah, your planter is too darn cute. kinda jealous. ; )

  5. That feeder is fantastic! I love the pretty plants too. This made me smile this morning.

  6. I love those succulents. I've always dreamed of growing plants, but alas, my black thumb will not allow it. I've killed 'em. Good luck with yours.

  7. Love your new art creation (and the succulent-filled feeder is cool too!)

  8. L.O.V.E. what you did with the chicken feeder. I have a bright red tool caddy and i may just have to shamelessly copy you with the succulents! It looks so stinkin' adorable!
    I hear you about aunt flo. She just messes up everything. Ugh.
    I am in serious love with your latest painting! God has given you such an amazing gift and what a blessing that you're using it!

  9. oh, i just LOVE your feeder!
    we bought succulents, too. :)
    i'm going to go plan a nice meal, so that i can blog about it, and link up!
    that art is amazing!

  10. I have a black thumb and didn't get a chance to get to a nursery.
    I think a cactus is exactly what I need!
    On the other hand I want plants in the house....but I don't want to kill them. Boo....lose lose haha.

    I love the new piece.
    I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Big Hugs from your neighbor to the south!


  11. I ♥ what you turned out so cute!

    And PS--I hate PMS drives me crazy, and is no fun at all.

    I hope you have a good rest of the week.

  12. oooh, i love that red feeder. very cool. and i have always wanted to try succulents but i don't have much of a green thumb either with anything but i am hoping to change that this summer : ) i love that beautiful soul painting, Becky, it is simple and perfect. now going over to check out Alicia's project, i guess i missed it, have a great day!!

  13. Okay I AM going to link up to you BOTh some day soon. I really Am! I hate not joining the party and I always think of it ON the
    DAY of the link up party. Why I can't get my act together right now I don' tknow. I think I'm recovering from being on the market off the market on the market and off the market again. (I can still use that excuse for a while right? At least til I settle in completely?) I told my book club last night that I'm about to settle back into that comfortably dirty home style I was adapting to three years ago before the houses went on the market... you know when I was home schooling. I miss the me from back then. I was more relaxed... here's hoping she comes back with the stress gone. LOL

    I wrote you a book. Must be missing you. :)

    The art is DARLING!!

  14. Ooooo, love the chicken feeder with the succulents - just lovely!!!!!!! :D See that's A LOT of exclamation marks!!! ;) And yes, your newest piece is excellent, I love the feel of it! :) Yay for creativity!!! \O/

  15. I can't explain what it does for MY soul every time I see a new post. SO inspiring and so very comforting at the same time.

    In love with BOTH of your projects :)

  16. No worries I have a black thumb and I have a few succulents they are supper easy, that is the sweetest arrangement. That piece is so appropriately named!

    Have a happy day!

  17. AAAH! Beautiful Soul! I just love that. So perfectly YOU and so sweet.

    Succulents is something I've always wanted to try! I'm not a plant-inside person, but I've always loved the little burst of fresh green these babies give. I love flowers, which tend to die quickly - but I think you've inspired me to do succulents. LUCKY GIRL(S) with the chicken feeder! I have chicken-feeder envy. Its a thing. Trust me. :)

    Ok, enough rambling....I've already got my post ready for Friday...I'm doing PANCAKES...! xoxo

  18. That is just the cutest! I'm trying my hand at herb growing this spring. We shall see!

    One of the blessings (?) in growing older is that you get to leave PMS issues behind. :o) I mean, you have to find the good in everything. :o)

    Happy Spring to you!

  19. Your mantle looks great! I'm really loving your beachy wood painting as well =)

  20. I love your new painting, it is beautiful! Thanks for the comment on my little guy-I really don't think he could get any cuter :-)

  21. holy cuteness on the succulents...i'd be naming each one of those guys, were they mine. (in my world, if i like you, you've got a name. if i really like you, you've got a nickname. you're becks.)

    and wow on the beachy-weathered painting. i LOVE this have such talent, my dear.

  22. The succulants look fantastic in the feeder. Super cute on the mantle with the art! You are so talented, Becky...really!

  23. Love the succulents in the chick-feeder...looks so cute! And don't get me started on your "beautiful soul" piece! Oh my, Becky, it's gorgeous!! Maybe you should make a bunch of they'd go like hotcakes;)

  24. I've been meaning to link up over at Alicia's ... add that to my TO DO list. I TOTALLY LOVE that new piece. You know how you feel about foxes that's how I feel about butterflies. OH, BABY!!!!

    I will be linking up for sure. :-)

  25. yes. you're right! I love it! what an awesome piece of artwork! It's calming. And your succulent thingy turned out great! The red is perfect for you!

  26. Oh my, I am in love with the Beautiful Soul piece!

  27. i have a feeder too...and it's been sitting on my deck waiting for me to do something with it! now i know! hippy!!!! love your mantel!

  28. Love your feeder filled with plants! They look like "hens & chicks" so they are perfect. Speaking of your shop have you thought any more about the charm bracelets? Maybe you have them there already ~ I have not been there in awhile *gasp*. The picture is perfect Becky ~ it is simple yet says so much. I will have to do something over the week-end to link up with you. xo

  29. I was just going to say what Lori said about the name of those little plants. That's what we always called them. How perfect for the "cuteness"... love that red feeder!!! I love it on your mantel. I love your beautiful soul. ;)


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