Wednesday, February 29, 2012

our happy place

There is something about the morning light filtering into our home.  My living room becomes brushed with soft shadows and a certain sense of joy fills my soul at a new day...a sun filled blank canvas. 

The windows have been bare so long I really just got used to them.  I didn't have grand plans to dress them.  I was a little afraid actually to block any light.  I'm a light girl.  I desperately need it, so I was surprised at how much I fell in love with these IKEA curtains.  They warmed up the space so much.  Seriously I think IKEA needs to be paying me or something.  I'm like a walking commercial lately;)

Honey loves them too.  I don't know how many times he commented on them.  Love it when that happens.  Usually I'm talking him into things...didn't have to this time;)   I thought the fuzzy polka dots might be too much.  So wrong!

While I was editing I found some more sweet moments from my parent's visit.  Here's mom giving dad an impromptu haircut in the yard.  Remember we are just country folk.  The neighbors just have to get used to it;)

Little Chick loves a good game of UNO.  She rocks it too.  Competitive little thing!


Every day mom called home to leave a message FOR THE CAT!  It was's an excerpt...Molly it's momma.  I just want you to know we'll be home in a few days.  Make sure to eat your food and drink your water, and when Jim comes over to take care of you come out and say hi.  Don't hide.  I don't want to worry about you.  We love you Molly.  Sam and Kaley (the dogs) do too.  Keep the faith. 

That's my momma;)

Big Chick had to give a concert of course;)  We just signed her up for her electives next year.  Switching back to band.  We are just not pleased with the orchestra program here.  I think band will be more fun...more music...the chance to march eventually.  We are going to look into private lessons for the viola.  She's just a music lover through and through.

Candid shots of my dad coloring.  I love how whenever crayons are around they somehow find their way into his hands.  He loves to color.  Love that childlike side to him.

Story telling time with Grandma Dixie.  My mom can spin a tale.

Okay so I saw a door painted with chalkboard paint recently and swooned.  We recently took off a door and I knew just what to do with it.

Oh how I love chalkboard markers.  They work like a charm.  You can get them at Joann's.  Got the fun knob at Hobby Lobby of course.

This corner was the perfect spot...all nestled in with the polka dot lacy curtains.  We love this Bible verse.  What a great reminder to let God build the not try and do it yourself.  Oh how I need that reminder  The room is officially finished.  It's our happy place.  It feels like this house was always supposed to be ours. 

Have a happy blessed leap day;)

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456.  creative inspiration
457.  HOME
458.  coloring outside the lines
459.  a handy honey
460.  energy
461.  friends who bring me herbal supplements when i don't feel good
462.  silky hair

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  1. I can relate to the Country Folk best! LOVE to read about your sweet family and the curtains and door are absolutely perfect.......Gotta pin the door! :)

  2. I love absolutely everything about this post-
    The curtains (I may need to make a purchase soon)
    Your parents. How fun are they?!?
    The chalkboard door. LOVE!

    Thanks for sharing all of these goodies,

  3. you are such a lover and a feeler. you notice all the little details. i just adore that about you. i love your living room. that doorknob TOTALLY makes it! love it!

    ps: i'm gonna see you tomorrow!!!!! and boy do i wish it was today. i'm in over my head, girl.

  4. you are so stinking cute....just like you mamma. i love that pic of her - your chalkboard door is awesome - i'm going to paint savannah's closet door with chalkboard paint - think it will add some fun to her room. be blessed :)

  5. I love the chalkboard paint things people are doing everywhere, but I'm concerned about dust from the chalk and it rubbing on things as we walk by, do you have that issue?

  6. To answer Beth H's question. I used a piece of chalk to rough up the background. Then I used chalkmarkers to do the design. It doesn't rub off and there is no dust...YAY:) It comes off with a special eraser or I believe soap and water. LOVE chalkmarkers.

  7. Eeeee your Mama is too cute. If I had a house phone and answering machine, I'd be doing the same thing. :)

    Such great pictures. Your new house has definitely turned into a home. So happy for you.

  8. I have been searching and searching for new curtains and you found them!

  9. I just adore your happy place! I love the way your polka dot curtains still allow that sunlight to fill your space!
    Your chalkboard door is PERFECT! The doorknob is the icing on the cake!
    Love all the pics of the sweet moments with your folks. I love the way my dad acts like a kid with my kids- something I didn't see much of growing up. Safe travels to Alicia's tomorrow! I know you will have so much fun . . . even while packing! :)

  10. I love the chalkboard painted door and I love the way you placed it, love that fact that your dad colors still and your mom still cuts his hair in the back yard. Speaking from a sister county girl, your cup runneth over with such sweet blessings.

  11. I am definitely country folk, too! Always have been...always will be! Your mom's voicemail to the cat...sounds like something I would do! Your pictures always leave me wanting beautiful and they never cease to tell a story.

  12. I'm a fan of sunshine, too. But our eastern winter sunshine is stronger than you think. It fades the colors from the rugs and furniture. LOVE your door. You have a lot of energy. :)

  13. Love those curtains. I love anything that doesn't blok the light. Most of my windows don't have anything on them.
    I love the door as well......the lights on it too. You are so creative.
    The picture that you took with your refelection in the mirror is so nice......shows both of your girls with their grandparents and you.

  14. All I can say is I LOVE THAT DOOR KNOB!!!!!!!!!!

    That's about it! ;) lol! Nice post, felt very intimate! :)

  15. i love the curtains! i just bought new curtains too, but yours are so much more fun than mine!!

    and i'm with alicia, the doorknob is super awesome!

  16. that picture of your mom cutting your dads hair is my fave. :)
    and that message to the cat!? so hysterical!
    your home is perfect.
    i love all of the details that make it distinctly yours and the curtains are the perfect touch!
    i also have a special spot in my heart for chalkboard paint. it's everywhere over here.
    but the chalk markers!?! i'm SO getting those. i get dust everywhere!
    love it all.

  17. the curtains are lovely...but the message to the cat is my absolute favorite part of this post. Just perfection!

  18. I love the chalkboard looks so good back there behind that chair. :)

    your parents remind me so much of mine...I can relate to the "we're just country folk" statement!!!

  19. Oh looks like home! Love the curtains and door...just perfect. Seeing your dad coloring shows where some of your creative and love of color comes from. And the fact that your mom called the cat makes me smile!

  20. Your mom leaving a msg for the cat: soooo funny! I love seeing your dad and Miss Thang in the mirror in the shot w/ your mom telling Actress a story...

  21. Thanks for the picture of the curtains - it was really messing with me - not knowing what they looked like. They're really pretty too!

  22. What a happy family! And, I LOVE that your Momma leaves a message for Molly cat. That is love, right there! :)

  23. Becky,
    Where oh where did you get that awesome yellow pillow? I MUST have one (or make one)! hugs, Margie

  24. it's official. i'm just as obsessed with your mom as i am you. warn her.

    um, those curtains are the dang prettiest ones i have EVER seen.

    and the door too??? girl, i wanna move on in!

  25. ps. i wore the prettiest necklace ever today that the sweetest gal in the universe gave me. : )

  26. Oh how I am loving that pretty yellow pillow! The door looks spectacular!

    Happy Wednesday!

  27. Thanks for sharing this with us and especially the verse on your chalkboard door. Wow, I needed to hear that today and it really is a pick-me-up when I needed it:) Everything looks beautiful-including your fun family!:)

  28. That picture of little chick and her grandpa playing UNO is so precious. I used to play UNO with my grandpa all the time when I was little. I think he would let me win. ;) Your house has sure turned into a home!!

  29. This post is like a warm blanket over my shoulders, filled with everything life should be about Becky! i love that your mom cut your dad's hair in the yard and that crayons find his sweet!! thanks for always sharing your life so openly my dear! that is one reason we all love you sooo much! muwahhh! T

  30. The curtains are lovely, whymsical and HAPPY.


  31. calling to leave messages for the cat is just too funny. i love that. your door os perfect and i absolutely LOVE those curtains. i am a light girl, too. i need it, i actually crave it.

  32. Love, love your space here.

    Maybe it's because I married my high school sweetheart too or because I have two girls as well or maybe it's because I am also a "walking IKEA commercial." But I can relate to you, lady!

  33. feel like I've just beensitting and visiting with your family in your living room!
    I felt the warmth of close family ties here and I just wanted to snuggle up on the couch and join right in with all the love in this room :)
    Thanks for the visit and that was so cute of your Momma to keep chatting with her cat! Love her!
    Bless you Becky and your dear family xoxo

    Deborah xoxo

  34. I really, really, really love your parents. The haircut made me cry. The smiles made me cry.

    I love the door. And the paint. And the love. I love the love in this post.

    I am thankful for you.

  35. I truly believe that you have been blessed to be a member of the most perfect family God ever created, Becky. :) ♥

    xoxo laurie

  36. Becky oh my gosh your mom is too funny calling the CAT!!! HAHAH I love it!
    The door turned out GREAT!!! so creative!

  37. Love it--just beautiful! And we are not 'country folk' but my mom cuts all of our hair outside! ha! i have spent lots of money on hair cuts, but i love the way my mom cuts my hair!

  38. I'm cracking up thinking about your mom calling the cat! lol

    That door is GREAT!

    My mom is Dixie too! ;)

  39. Love the curtains! Think they would be great in my sewing room. What precious time with your Mom and Dad. Beautiful pictures!

  40. SO many things I want to say, but I'll leave it at this: I love that your dad still loves to color. I want to be like that!


  41. Becky,
    Can I remember all of the things that I LOVE?
    I, too, am a lover of light!
    Love the curtains.
    Love that red door handle thingy.
    LOVE the way your dad is listening to your daughter play her instrument- the way his head is cocked. You captured a beautiful moment. But, you always do.
    xo, Cheryl

  42. Oh, I just LOVE everything about this...the curtains,pics, your words, the door/verse...all of it.
    I can't tell you how many times I have cut hair in the yard! LOVE that! ;)

  43. I love what you've done with your family room. Looks lovely. I'd love to sit and visit with you. Love the pictures of family. The love just pours through the screen. Hoping your chickie enjoys her band experience. My son absolutely loved marching band. It was such a great time for him. Made lots of memories and lots of great friends.

  44. Just a silly idea but next time your parents are visiting, leave a message for your mom from Molly. (*tee hee hee) Do some Meowing and then some ME-YOWing! I think she would get a kick out of it. You could even interpret for her and follow each meow with, "And play with the girls and don't forget to take them to XXXXXX, and give Becky lots and lots and lots of hugs." Something like that. You'll think of what you want Molly to say. Just a silly idea I had while I was reading your post. 'g-nite! ~Joy

  45. Love it! You are right perfect curtains, perfect door placement, perfect in every way!

  46. YOu are a flipping rock star.

    Love your mama's phone message.

    Sorry I forgot to answer your text... I couldn't at the time and then I forgot becuase I was so busy. We'll have to catch up on the phone.... give me a call when you are free and we'll talk.

    Love ya

  47. Oh I love your MOM! I call home to our dog when we are gone too!!! LOve what she said! that is the sweetest!!!!
    your home looks wonderful!!!

  48. oh I love it. And I think I have that same chair only ours is a red slipcover. (Ikea?) :)

  49. What a fabulous happy place. You rock using primary colors without it looking like it.
    And those curtains are fun!
    I'm looking forward to changing up my living room! Swapping area rugs with a friend is where it will all start. :)

  50. I love the curtains and the door. Of course I would! I colored 3 pictures today. I love to color. It is my go-to to not eat while watching the TV!!

  51. i just love your mama. love everything about her. you make her sound so amazing. what a blessed kitty. that's so funny.

  52. Your happy place looks like a very warm, inviting place to the curtains!! And oh how I love that your momma leaves messages for the cat:)

  53. This is such a happy post Becky and this space just looks perfect ~ a spot where you can come and curl up and just spend some time. Love your new curtains and your door ~ brilliant!! Wishing you a fantastic week-end. xo

  54. LOVE that pic of your
    mom and Big C with
    the reflection of your
    dad and Little C!

    xx Suzanne

  55. Just stumbled upon your blog Becky and I have to say I just adore it! The candid shots of your family are awesome!

  56. There's so much to love in this, music(my 8 yr old plays the violin:)), new curtains(polka dots!) and that rug...oh how I love that rug!

  57. I so love this post. Your parents are precious.....what I had always dreamed of growing up (so yes, I'm a little sad, but always happy for people who had the best :).

    Your curtains are DREAMY! So perfect, I may have to order me some! And I made the chalkdoor this weekend!!!!! You are truly the inspiration for getting that done :) Do the chalkboard markers wipe off like chalk?

    And the scripture is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I also struggle with that every. single. day! So much so, that sometimes I feel angry about the state of our house, which trickles down to my family.....YIKES.....being very humbled and honest here. I'm not proud of it :(

  58. I LOVE THOSE POLKA DOT CURTAINS!!! Can you tell me where you bought them?

    I want to get some too!
    ♥Lee Ann


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