Saturday, February 25, 2012

final touches

I'm sitting here hiccuping like crazy.  I hate the hiccups.  Drank some seltzer water and there you go...hiccups  Oh well.  Editing these photos made me a little melancholy.  My folks left early this morning.  I never get used to the goodbyes.  Never.

This picture was taken on one of our fun outting days antiquing.  Got dad wrangled into one of my mirror shots.  Notice his sweet hand on my back.  Had to black and white this one out because my hair looks like straw.  Have I mentioned how much I'm hatin' on my hair right now?  Anyhoo I get it fixed Monday and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the one.  That this will be the evasive magical hair lady who gets it right.  It's almost like looking for a pot of gold under a rainbow...does it exist??

The fun thing about antiquing is the back story on every piece that you find.  These photos were taken in a pool hall.  Mom, dad and I decided to go fancy;)  We were starving, so we found the closest place we could find.  It promised the best food in town written in marker on the it had to be good right??  The food didn't disappoint, but I've never felt more creeped out in my life.  From the second I walked in the door an icky, wouldn't want to meet him in an alley man had eyes on me.  You know the head to toe check out, but this wasn't the flattering kind.  This was the make your skin crawl, fearful kind.  Couldn't wait to get out of matter how good the chocolate cake was.

Okay so here was my find of the day.  When I go antiquing it's always with a certain thing in mind.  This time it was for a shoe dresser.  We've been throwing our shoes in a basket by our door and it was not working out so well.  Shoes were always sprawled out all over the floor.  Hated that messy cluttered look.  It was time to find some organization.

Saw this beaut in the corner...ugly as all get out...but just the right size.  I knew she was just plain enough for me to put my special touches on.  She had to be MINE!  Her price tag was a little high however (I'm finding that must be an East Coast thing), and I was holding my breath while the sales guy made a call.  In the end I got her for a very respectable price.  It always pays to ask if they will come down.  In my experience they usually do. 

Yesterday I had my dad rough her up for me a bit.

Mom and I added the color.  Got this paint on the discount rack for $7 at Home Depot.  Perfect color.  Knew I would use it one day.  Love me a bargain.


Once it was dry, I sanded the edges and used a little walnut stain to bring out some wood tones on the edges. 

The last step was putting on the paste and letting it dry and then buffing it out a bit.  Oh and yes those are flip flops IN FEBRUARY!  It was 79 degrees here yesterday.  What in the world?  I've never felt that ever in the middle of Winter.  Oh glorious day.

Oh and then the last last step was adding the bling.  Amazing how knobs can transform a piece of furniture.  It's my favorite thing.  Actually it's usually my first step to inspire my end result.  Hobby Lobby has the best selection and they are usually always half off. 

Here's the end result.  I got my knobs for $2 each.  Steal!!  I love how she looks parked right by that busy door.  All of our shoes fit perfectly.

My keys and change fit perfectly in the little butterfly mirror I got at HomeGoods.  Doesn't my keychain look great there??;)  I sell those in my Etsy shop by the way.  Any leather can made into a personalized keychain...just FYI.

Oh and see that sweet little vase on the top.  I got that from a friend for Christmas.  It makes me happy every time I look at it.  I had no idea when I was painting this dresser that it would match so perfectly.  Tell me that wasn't made to go right there in that special spot:)

After all that work it was time to head for dinner.  Our last meal together.  God gave us the most beautiful sky on the way home.  His creations take my breath away.  Can't wait to show you all the other projects we worked on this week.  Our home is getting all the final touches added and it feels so good.

**Oh and just in case you missed the B.Rooted post I's the link.  It didn't post until later that day.   

Have a blessed day.

444.  the perfect piece for the perfect spot
445.  transformation
446.  having helping hands
447.  a week of projects done
448.  sunsets that make me want to gasp outloud

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  1. I get really bad hiccups when I get them.
    The only thing that will get my diaphragm righted is to get a big spoon full of peanut butter and swallow it. The gulping motion usually sets things right.

    I hope that might help you!

    I have some funny stories of when I've had to track down peanut butter so that they will go away. I have strange hiccups and my family always laughs at me until I get things set right again. haha

    The new furniture piece is beautiful! Great find!

  2. I HATE hiccups! I don't know why they annoy me so much.

    Great idea for your shoes. We have a serious shoe-by-the-door problem.

  3. I love your new piece of furniture, that color is beautiful.
    Looks like a wonderful time you had with your parents.

  4. Wow that was a fast dresser makeover! It looks lovely, what a great idea to keep those shoes out of the way. Hope your hair appointment goes well!

  5. What a great transformation. Steve's mum does pieces like this to sell on. I love to see a 'tired' piece of furniture get a new lease of life like this.Rx

  6. Oh my heck. I want it. Bad. That is the best way to hold shoes by the door. Best!!! I love you and your projects and I the B.Rooted post. Glad you had a fab time with your sweet parents.

  7. I don't know why I started crying when I read they left. But I did. I am praying for their safe journey home. I am glad you could spend time with them. Very, very glad.

  8. I love how you notice and appreciate your dad's hand on your back in that picture...for some reason that just makes my eyes well up. Also, so glad you are feeling like you're settling into your house. I know that feeling oh so well of wanting it to all come together and feel like home!!

  9. I love working on projects when my parents are visiting. My mom is in heaven now ... but she was a project queen.

    And I wish the goodbyes got easier. So glad you had the visit.

    The dresser is great.


  10. I can SO relate to "it never gets easier to say good-bye"...after almost 25 years of living in Georgia and my parents living in PA, I still cry and go into a funk when I leave them, or they leave here... :( I told you in my email a little of their "saga" this year...well, they told me today to call the realtor about the house that is ACROSS THE STREET from me. Across the street, oh my goodness, what would I do?! Jump up and down, I tell you! It would just be a seasonal home for them, but to know they would be here for more than a week at a time once or twice a year just makes me giddy. Something to pray about!! :)

    I love your dresser, Im kicking myself because I sold one so almost exact to it in a yard sale. I probably gave it away. Why didnt I make it cute?! My parents and I spend our fun days together looking in antique shops and flea dad loves it as much as my mom and I. Im so glad you had a great visit...hope you see them again soon.

  11. HATE the hiccups. they drive me NUTS! and it seems like once i get them, I have them forever. I love what you did with the shoe drawer. I need to take lessons from you and alicia about distressing. seriously. also love that picture in the mirror of your drive. beautiful sky :)

  12. ADORE!!!!

    Okay so my man has had to go to the ER twice for chronic hiccups. His diaphram gets stuck or something that they have to give him an IV to get them to stop. We're talking violent hiccups that raise his blood pressure and cause him to sweat. It's the craziest thing you've ever seen. He'll hiccup straight for days.

    I love that vase. Seeing it made me all excited. :)

    Love you sweet thing.

  13. Love this post...all except for the creepy part. Yikes. I can understand that yucky-get-me-outta-here feelin'.

    LOVE what you did with the dresser - I have a similiar one ths kids use for their shoes. It need some TLC, too. Wanna do mine?

    Love the sunset photo...and your dad (photos) makes me miss mine all the more.

  14. I know what that tug of heartstrings is like. Never gets any better. You have such a good relationship with your parents and great fun when you are together.
    Love that little dresser. Great place to stow shoes. Adorable and you redid it so quickly.

  15. Oh Becky that dresser came out so great...I'm loving it! So glad you enjoyed your visit with your parents. I can see that you have a very special relationship with them and that's the best!

  16. For cute! Now I think I need a shoe dresser!

  17. Bless parental visits, eh? Glad you were able to share beautiful time with them! Great job on the cabinet!

  18. Before I saw what you wrote under that picture of the knobs in their little bins at the store, I just knew it was Hobby Lobby! Probably one of my favorite places for many reasons. I usually never buy things there unless they are 50% off because if they aren't this week, then they probably will next week. Or I just use the 40% coupon on one item that's usually online. ;) I get excited about going to HobLob!

    Glad you had a great time with your parents!

  19. What a wonderful way to spend time with your family. I miss getting to be with my parents so much! Love the shoe dresser! I have a hall closet and still the shoes end up all over the place!

  20. Sounds like you had a great visit with your folks Becky. Great find in the dresser ~ love finding that diamond in the rough! Hope you are having a great week-end. xo

  21. I love what you did with your find at the antique store. The color and the distressing is wonderful. I love the knobs that you put on each draw and the lovely vase on top. I need to do something about my husband and my shoes in our breezeway/mudroom. I love your idea but due to the snow in the winter and the mud in the spring this would not be a good dea. Who wants mud in a draw right? I'm thinking old crates. Thanks for shrig your wonderful ideas Becky.


  22. How wonderful to share these fun project with your mom and dad. That would be excellent I think.
    The drawer turned out lovely. Great idea for all the shoes.

    and dinner with your parents...Good times.. I am sure it will be hard for you to see them go.

    I have lived the greater part of my life miles and miles and miles away from my parents.

  23. High prices is an east coast thing. I could tell you some other east coast things, but I'm trying to be nicer. :) Sounds like a nice mom and dad visit. I hope they get home safe and sound.

  24. What a beauty love it. Can't wait to see the rest glad you had time with your folks.

  25. I love the shoe dresser concept!
    I also love how well yours turned out!!!
    And that sunset...ah-mazing!
    Can you get over this nice weather?
    I'm in heaven...well it's chilly now, but I looked ahead and the forecast promises more warm days ahead!


  26. :D Such a fun project with great results! I like the idea of a dresser like that for door way stuff, hats, mits, shoes, toys, etc. Will have to keep that in mind! Great last photo there - so nice. :)

  27. For sure, it is right at home there and looks perfect. Love it! And, what fun to share the "face lift" with your Dad. Sweet times.

    Blessings my friend!

  28. love your new shoe storage. Great pc. U know Ill be looking for one of those now...I love little dressers.

  29. What a CUTE idea, I don't have room for a dresser but maybe something short and wide with drawers. Thanks I love this idea.

  30. I know what you mean about goodbyes, Becky. I hate saying goodbye to my parents each week - and they only live an hour away. :)

    Love that sweet little cabinet! What a pretty color! It looks great where you placed it!

    Looking forward to seeing how your hair appt turns out! :)

    xoxo laurie

  31. Spoonful of grape jelly works every time, for the hiccups. I have a breathing technique that works, too: I'll show you next time we hang out. You know, for all those times you don't have grape jelly.

    Dresser looks GREAT!

  32. What a great transformation on the shoe dresser...I must say that my favorite part of this post is that your parents had their hand in the process. I am sure that each time you pass it or use it, you will think of them.

  33. What a great transformation on the shoe dresser...I must say that my favorite part of this post is that your parents had their hand in the process. I am sure that each time you pass it or use it, you will think of them.

  34. That picture of you with your dad made me teary. How sweet. I so miss my sweet dad. He doesn't really know me now. He thinks I am nice but he never calls me by name.
    And btw. I still love to hear your music. It really is the only blogger music I ever leave on! ((hugs))

  35. What a fun little transformation!

    LOVE oops paint at Lowe's and HD.

    So glad your parents were able to visit...

  36. That dresser looks fabulous! Sounds like you had a good visit. I almost always cry when I leave my friends and family, too. I always think "when will I see you, again?"
    xo, Cheryl

  37. Hiccups...drink a glass of water from the opposite side of the cup. Something about tipping your whole self over REALLY works.

    I have to know how this shoe dresser is working in terms of function. I LOVE the way you transformed her and we are in dire need of shoe-organization, so...does the family use it? Do they actually open the drawers and put shoes inside? Must know!!! :) It's adorable, becks!!

  38. Hi Becky,
    Glad you are liking good ole Virginia!!! Love the Shoe Dresser!!!! I was wondering where you got your rug that is right beside it? Thanks. Lori :)

  39. Lori I got the entry rug at Target this Fall. I think they still have them.

  40. always love your posts about your visits with your parents....they seem like salt of the earth people. :)

    sorry about the yucky man that creeped you out at the pool hall...hate those kind of moments. The fighter in me always comes out and I give a pretty mean stare down until the creepy creepers look away.
    What does that say about me?

    Your new piece looks the walnut stain!!

  41. the dresser is a champion!
    you're so fancy! love it.
    also, i need to get some farmgirl leather goods!

    hope your weekend was a delight xo

  42. oh. my. word.
    you worked some major magic on that dresser!
    love love LOVE it!!!!
    so sweet to see you with your dad, and him helping you out...makes my heart melt a little.

  43. I am in LOVE with that last photo!! Beautiful! And great job on that dresser :-)

  44. aww i like this a lot, so pretty!!!!!

  45. love that little dresser and the color you picked out:O) Love you are soooo inspiring:O)

  46. great score friend!! great idea too. i love the color you painted it. and i have some of that ink stuff, but i never knew you could put it on wood! wow! that's good to know! did you seal it with something??

  47. What I love about this post:

    *Antique shopping!!!!
    *Your shoe dresser matches all the pieces I refinished for my sweet girl's room....the curvey bottom is my favorite :)
    *The picture and description of your dad and his hand.

    What I don't love:

    *Creepy Guy......YIKES!!!
    *The fact that we don't have an Ikea, Home Goods, or Hobby Lobby near by.....I've never even stepped foot inside the first two---BOO!

  48. FUN, I gave that
    same vase to my
    friend who moved
    to Chicago, telling
    her to BLOOM where
    she was planted, as
    she really, really did
    NOT want to move.

    Hope you are feeling
    less blue. Those first
    days are the worst....

    Love the dresser ~
    so YOU.

    xx Suzanne


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