Monday, February 27, 2012

feels like home

Okay this is going to sound bad, but one of the biggest things I miss about Minnesota was our local Ikea.  It was my happy place.  I could just mosey through the store collecting ideas, grab a few little (cheap) things here and some meatballs and mashed potatoes for $5.99 and call it a day.  I LOVE IKEA!  I've been meaning to get to the one here since we moved, but it's not a mere 20-30 minute drive.  It's a jump in your car as soon as the kids get on the and eat fast...make it home just the nick of time kind of trip.  BUT SO WORTH IT!!


So a few weeks ago I grabbed my "sugar sisters", and we headed out for our First Friday fieldtrip.  Back story...several weeks ago I was at lunch with these girls, and we did a pinky swear that we would be there for each other.  We would let each other in.  It's a conscious effort to do that with people.  Friendship is an investment of time, energy and trust.  We just decided it was worth a pinky swear moment.

We walked the aisles.  We gathered ideas.  And for me it was like being back home.  Don't you love that you can walk into a store or restaurant chain and it's pretty much the same everywhere.  Even though this Ikea was a little different, it was still the same.  It felt like home.  So nice that I can drive an 1 1/2 hours and get that feeling.

We did good.

I've been waiting around for the perfect barstools and let me tell ya they are expensive.  At least the ones I kept finding.  I found these for $69 at Ikea. When Mom and Dad were here we spruced them up. 

My friend Tiffini just recently redid some chairs and they were gorgeous.  She made her own chalk here for the recipe.  Chalk paint is really expensive if you buy it premade, so I thought what the heck I'll try it out.  You mix 2/3 paint to 1/3 plaster paris.  At least that's the "chalk" I used.  There are various recipes.  It was really a trial and error process.

The paint was SUPER thick and went on extremely gloppy.  I don't think I stirred it in long enough.  Mom was helping me and it took a good three coats to cover the chairs. 

The color is off in this picture, but the chairs finally turned out great.  I sanded them to give them a worn look and then waxed and buffed them with furniture paste.  They really add an awesome punch of color to the kitchen.  I'm hoping to figure out a numbered stencil to add to the front of each chair.  Tiffini did a no. 1 and no. looked so pretty.  I think stenciling is beyond hard.  Kind of chicken to try it.

I also found a funky rug and curtains.  Initially I wanted a furry, soft on the toes rug, but when I saw this one it made me rethink that.  My friend Joannie assured me it was THE ONE!  Do you think it's too crazy?  I like crazy.  Oh and the curtain post is coming.  I also made something super cool to go behind that denim chair in the corner.  It's so fun fluffing the nest;)

Have a blessed day.

449.  warming up a space
450.  finding just the thing you've been looking for
451.  the color RED
452.  graphic stripes
453.  my sugar sistas!!

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  1. Love the chairs! Great job on those. And I love IKEA too! Warning: that IKEA in Potomac Mills is crazy close to Christmas. Maybe they all are, but NoVa is a special kind of crazy anyway :)

  2. So excited for you! We had to get some bar stools for my parents new kitchen and they are expensive! : ) I love what you found. They look great!

    Happy Monday to my friend Becky!

  3. oh man, i need an ikea trip so bad. i love the rug and it's not too crazy, not at all. what a fun day!!

  4. What a fun day - and you got some awesome stuff :) Good for you and good for the friendships you are forming - I love reading your post - you are so stinking cute. Have a blessed week :)

  5. I love ikea, too! What a great store. We are lucky to have one 10-15 minutes away. Your bar stools turned out great. We need some too so you have me thinking! And the rug is perfect looking!

    I'm fluffing up my office/guest bedroom right now with pillows and it is fun!

  6. it all looks amazing, Becky!
    i love ikea too!
    too bad we live 4 hours away from one....:(
    having great friends to go with makes it even better! i love that!
    i love your rugs and your stools and all of your all looks wonderful.
    isn't it fun to make a house your home?

  7. Love your pinky swear moment.
    I need one of those.
    I have never ever been to an IKEA- I know, I'm deprived right?
    I too am in the market for red bar stools- LOVED the way yours turned out.
    Looks like you had a wonderful girls night out!

  8. wow, this post is soo cute.. i also love spending time at ikea. your red chairs are cool, well done!!
    love, svenja

  9. never been to ikea over here. oh the tragedy! you scored big time. the rug is totally completely perfect.

  10. Love those chairs and the color!!!:O) Ive never been to Ikea..I know:( but will have to one day make a trip its like 30mins away from here. So glad you are making great friends:O) thanks for sharing:O)

  11. Love the bar stools. Looks like you all had fun as well. Only been to Ikea once and that was in Denver shortly after they opened. It was way too crowded. I will try again, maybe in Cincy.

  12. I have those bar stools. I love that you personalized them. I have mine in walnut. LOVE them. The closest IKEA to me is in Dale City, VA. It's a long drive. I've never tried the meat balls. :)

  13. i was just at ikea and left with nothing!! i was looking for a shelf to go on my kitchen window like i saw on pinterest, but they didn't have one in the size i needed--super bummer! i'm glad you found the stuff you needed...and chalk paint? i'm dying to get some, but now maybe i can make my own!

  14. We have IKEA close, and can you believe I've only been ONCE?! Its cuz Im chicken that I'll get turned around in Atlanta traffic and not find my way home. I'll end up in Birmingham or something. It's been on my "to do" list though. I was ga-ga the time I went, and definitely need to go again! Your stools turned out great. I love all the inexpensive cool stuff you can find there. Loved that pink and white room...maybe this weekend the hubs will take mercy on me, it's going to be my birthday, so Im thinkin' I could get a trip out of him :)

  15. It's very YOU! And don't freak out about the stencils. Here's what you do.

    1) Print out the number the size and font you want on the computer.
    2) Color the entire backside of the number with pencil
    3) Tape the number (Pencil side down) where you want it on the chair.
    4) Carefully trace the outline of the number with a sharp pencil and the lead will "transfer" the image onto your chair.
    5) Take a small brush and paint inside the lines. Sand or distress and you're DONE.

  16. That fist pic made me laugh! :) haha, super! I too have to drive about an hour to the nearest IKEA - so I don't get there much, but I will stalk their website now and again to get a quick 'fix'! HAha!

    Thank you again for your prayers and support! ♥ Oh and yes, DO eat the cabbage - it's AMAZING, really it is! ;) :D

  17. Your nest looks awesome. We don't have an Ikea anywhere close to us, I would love to go.

  18. What a lovely treat ... an old familiar place with new friends.

    I have had a long love affair with IKEA ... beginning in Seattle, then MN, then Chicago and a few in England.

    Your home is coming together ... yeah.


  19. I am dying for St Louis to get an IKEA! Love the chairs too Becky! great job :)
    Have a beautiful day!

  20. Wow, looks great red is such a happy color! IKEA I hate to say this but I pass ours on the way & back from work sometimes it's hard to keep my steering wheel from the exit especially when there is traffic.
    Can't wait to see the rest of your finds!

  21. I love IKEA...we have an awesome one here in Atlanta! I could spend hours in that place! You've painted your bar stools my fav. color...RED! Love how they turned out! I really love the look of your family room...rug, sofas, pop of color throughout! You did well!!!

  22. Love the chairs ANNNND the yellow canisters I spied back on the counter!

  23. Love your finds! Makes me excited for a trip to Ikea!

  24. Lucky! The nearest Ikea to me is in another state! Minnesota to be exact...a nice 3+ hour trip.
    The chairs look great!
    I have been wanting to fluff my nest as well. But I'm trying to lighten the fluff first.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  25. Fluffing my nest today too. On on a lunch break so thought I would visit you! Laughed when I saw the pic of you in front of IKEA. Cried when I heard of your pinky promise with new friends. Several of my besties have moved and Im sadly missing them. It's time to move forward but it's hard for me. I guess this post is my motivation to do so. PS LOVE THE RUG!! I MISS IKEA TOO. Its a 2 hour drive for me now. :(

  26. You're so brave! I get nervous when I have to paint stuff, especially if its new. I always feel like I'm going to mess it up. The chairs look great though! I don't mean to rub it in, but in a couple of weeks I'm going to MN for my boyfriend's track meet, and his mom, sister's and I are planning a trip to IKEA, as well as some antique shops. If you know of any good ones around the Mankato area, you'll have to let me know!

  27. LOVE the rug! And I thought that before I even read your thoughts about it ;) What a fun day!

  28. The chairs turned out so well! How about instead of a stenciled number, a metal number, like the ones put on houses. I have the same fun at IKEA and we are lucky to have one close by. Ann

  29. Dont let your jaw hit the floor but Ive never been to an Ikea before. Yes, I have a HUGE shopping list once I do get there but with the nearest one being over 4 1/2 hours away, it just hasnt been an option thus far. They need to open more stores! Love the deal you got on the stools. Thats an amazing price.

  30. I have always loved Ikea too - when we lived in the Seattle area it was about an hour away - when we lived near Dallas the same thing. The closest one to us here in Upstate NY is 4 hours away!! Sigh!!
    Love your chairs!

  31. Our closest Ikea is 1500 hundred miles away:) I sure wish we lived by one!!

    LOVE your chairs and your rug...your living room is gorgeous!!!

  32. I have to are amazing, Becky! I absolutely love all your little home projects. Everything looks beautiful. It will be two years this coming May that I've been in my new home & while I'm always thinking of creative ways to feather my walls are still mostly bare & I'm still searching for just the right window treatments...just sayin'. So you, my dear, are my idol.

  33. Well the chairs are great but the rug is the BOMB! Of course I saw curtains in the one picture that screamed at me! The nearest IKEA is 4 hours away. I see a roadtrip in my future!!
    So glad you have some pals to go with. Wish I were there!!

  34. We drove to the MSP Ikea last weekend to buy a bed for one of the boys. I wish I could get up there during the week, b/c the weekends are so CRAZY busy there.

    Your chairs look fabulous! I wish I had your knack for decorating pizazz :)

  35. Sugar Sisters - that is toooo cute! And, so are those red chairs, love just like you. You are so creative and I'm jealous! :o) Have a happy, happy week!

  36. that first pic of you is HILARIOUS!! too funny...and kinda like how i feel! i love love love love lovey love ikea! i am planning a trip there soon. and i am gonna do some major damage! but first i have to move...but you already know that ;)

  37. Ooooh what fun!
    I love Ikea too!
    Those chairs are great and how brave you were to paint them red...they look great!

    Deborah xo

  38. I adore that first photo of you, Becky! Soooooo sweet! I love seeing you happy, girlie! :) I MISS trips to IKEA. The closest one to me is a 2.5 hour drive away. Ugh! I think I need to find a bud and make a trip there this summer... Love your happy chairs!!!

    xoxo laurie

  39. Becky, the photo of you is priceless. I hope you frame it! I'm so happy that you were able to get to IKEA. I wish that we had one in NH. I love the hanging light with the crystals, it is gorgeous. Your bar stools look awesome painted in red and I love the new rug that you got for your living room. I look forward to seeing what you will be doing next. :)


  40. Yeah for sugar sistas!!! and that chandelier you took a picture of is the one I've had my eye on at Ikea. Thinking maybe over our bathtub!

  41. Hi Becky! I purposely did not read any of the comments before writing this b/c I don't want to see what I wanted to tell you already there! This post made me LOL--and then some! The Husband Unit and I are sitting in bed, winding down by answering e-mails, and I laughed so loud when I saw you at IKEA in your first picture that he had to come and check it out. Even H.U. laughed out loud! I SO know that feeling. I rejoiced right along with you! Then there is the picture of your friends with their carts racing down the aisle: PRICELESS! I could almost feel the people who saw them that day smiling. What fun. I am now going to turn in and smile as I drift off to sleep. Thank you, Becky, for sharing your joy with us. 'nite!

  42. what a fun time you had with new're right. It is an intentional decision to let people in and to give yourself away. i'm glad you're finding your way there in Virginia.

    The chairs turned out all the color in your home!

  43. Praise the Lord for pinky swear times! Good choice.

    Love the rug.

    Love the barstools.

    Can't wait to see the curtains... I just hung some IKEA curtains myself and want to spruce them up somehow. Super boring but my windows were begging for a frame.

    AND.. that very IKEA was my home away from home for years before the Charlotte one opened. I drove the 4+ hours many many times. A few years ago I left at 4am, arrived as the restaurant opened, had breakfast with cousins from DC, kissed them goodbye as the husband loaded my furniture purchase in to my borrowed SUV, went back in to shop with my debit card bonus money, loaded back up, was on the road back to NC before noon, called a friend to get her strapping teenage son over to unload my car, returned borrowed buggy, home to assemble chair and ottoman, comfortably settled in by 7pm. That was QUITE a day but I loved every minute. Such an adventure.

  44. This was such a fun post. I loved that first picture of you! I will be doing that very soon when our kitchen redo is finally done. I have been living in chaos for so long. The guy doing our work shows up when he feels like it and I am about to go nuts with stuff EVERYWHERE! I also am on the look out for new stools for our kitchen (when it is done...gawwww) and I love those from IKEA. Our nearest one is a few hours away so I do not go very often. ;)

    have a lovely day...

  45. Sounds like a blast! Love your bar stools. You did such a nice job. Your rug looks perfect, not crazy at all. I SO want to go to Ikea!


  46. FInally getting around to visiting..3 days seems like 3 years!
    SOomg! I love the red! Those are WAY cheaper than PB's!
    I've never been to IKEA:( Is it like a Costco inside?
    Love the rug and can't wait to see what you did with the curtains. I just bought a barn door yesterday from one of the girls at work.
    She has amazing stuff like that. I am going to use it as a headboard.
    I am getting ready to fluff my nest next week...YES YES it is fun making it all homey. I love your color girl

  47. You had me at RED ~ it is my favorite color after all! Love that you have some sugar sista's there Becky and what a fun and productive trip you had. I have never been in an IKEA and I know I am missing out big time! Can't wait to see what else you are doing to fluff your nest. xo

  48. Dude...where's the pic of the curtains? Not that I'm living vicariously or anything...

  49. It IS super fun "feathering the nest", especially when you do it so well.
    The red stool definetly have Pizzazz.

    My IKEA is also an hour and a half drive as well.
    And an hour to Costco.

    The prices we pay living in the solitude and beauty of the country.

  50. Oh, I so hear you
    about a place feeling

    I need an IKEA fix.
    I have SO many home
    projects and I've been
    feeling kind of ADHD-ish,
    not able to land on anything
    long enough to see it to
    completion. You've inspired
    me, girlie!

    xx Suzanne

  51. Hi Becky! I have sure missed stopping over to see you. I had to laugh when I read your 1000 gift list after your post and saw that you listed your love of red too.. So did I just earlier tonight on my post. then also when I seen you mention your sugar sisters, I wandered if you are all giving up white sugar, like I have been doing over the past 2 weeks?? Anyway, have missed you and so happy to be here seeing you right now. You always make me smile.

    Love ya friend,
    Lee Ann

  52. Oh I forgot to tell you that I LOVE the red chairs!!!

  53. weren't you going to come to Colorado and decorate my house? I swear I heard that somewhere...

  54. Maybe I should make chalk paint as well. Thanks for sharing!



  55. Great job on the chairs and I adore the rug...crazy is good!
    I have NEVER been to an Ikea...must remedy that someday.


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