Monday, January 30, 2012

oh my goodness!

Had my first binge day since I started my new healthy diet at the first of the year.  It was inevitable eventually I guess.  I cut sweets, soda and bread cold turkey.  Didn't even allow caffeine.  Saturday was spent painting sets right next to a kitchen filled with my favorite cookies....shortbread dipped in dark chocolate.!!!  I remained strong...walked on by. 

Then the PMS hormones kicked in full blast on Sunday and my cravings for chocolate were just too much.  I snuck a handful of frozen chocolate covered almonds, (I froze them thinking they would be too hard to eat...NOT) then because I'd already caved I thought shoot I might as well call it a cheat day.  Next followed a huge bowl of buttered popcorn, 7 mini Heath bars, a giant buttered bagel with cinnamon and sugar...hmmmm what else???  Am I the poster child for what not to do or what??  Let's see what is the lesson here?  I'm thinking if you are dying for really can't get your mind off it dying...just have it.  One little piece, and then be done.

Thank you so much for all the notes of encouragement and prayers concerning our house in Minnesota. We got a call from our realtor on Saturday night saying we had a new buyer. I know! Apparently they called all their realtor friends and explained what happened and kicked up a lot of interest. People were coming out of the woodwork!!! I really can't believe it, and as much as I'm relieved and excited about it, now I'm a little gun shy and feel like until the papers are signed anything can happen.

There is also this underlying sense of guilt. Within 24 hours my prayers were answered and another buyer came forward. I got so many comments and letters from readers explaining their own hardships and housing issues and to be honest they were a LOT worse than mine...and yet ours got resolved. I don't know why things like that happen. It doesn't seem fair at all. I don't have the answers at all except to say that his timing doesn't make sense. Your answer will come...IT WILL. Don't give up. Don't lose faith. He has a plan for your life...a very good plan.

Okay so I wanted to show you a little of what's been taking my time for this CYT play Big Chick is in.  She's going to be a Chinese villager and warrior in proud of my little actress;)  On the weekends I've been painting away.  One of the big projects they had in store for me was a dragon.  Eeeek...never done anything remotely dragon like before.

My friend Jean (she REFUSED to let me take her picture...geesh) and I started with a tracing machine and then that didn't work, so we sketched this dragon and a giant phoenix bird out by hand!  Then we traced it in with charcoal and finally started adding in the details.

Jean took the phoenix and I took the dragon, so this is my dragon baby.  I can't believe how good it turned out.  They are going to cut around it and then hang it from the top of the stage somehow.

When they found out that I was artsy they had big plans for my skills.  I didn't have a clue what I was doing.  I was a little nervous that they had too much faith in me.  But you know what?  It's like anything else that I start.  If I just begin...somehow HE is always there to help me figure it out.  It's like that in life too.  Just take that step of faith and the details will all come together.  It just does.  Love you girls.

Have a blessed day.

403.  a dragon baby;)
404.  a new friend to laugh with
405.  prayers poured out for my family
406.  answers and promise and hope

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  1. Prayers are still flowing your way for your new buyer!
    Your dragon is beautiful!
    It's great when our creativity is challenged!


  2. That dragon is AMAZING! And Heath Bars...Numnumnum. Miss those!

  3. I've been thinking about you and praying for you this weekend. It's hard enough having stuff like this happen, but to be so far away must make you feel even more helpless somehow. We've been renovating a rental house we have...getting it ready to put on the market. The market that really stinks here in Georgia right now...but we all know that thru HIM all things are may seem like a giant "it'll never happen" to us, but it's just a little no brainer to Him...We have to trust and believe. So glad to hear yours seems to be resolved and will continue to pray that it closes quickly and without complication.

  4. Praying these new buyers are THE ONES! Love your dragon, you did such a great job. It's neat to see you work outside of your usual style!

  5. God is so FUN!! He just LOVED to give you that sweet gift! Love it!!
    I'll keep praying for your peace of heart and mind -and for the new buyer to be solid. Hooray for sweet gifts!!

  6. Delighted that your house challenge is almost over! Never feel guilty about blessings. You haven't stolen someone else's blessing --- you have believed for yours and you have received it. And about eating the "forbidden" foods? My secret for losing weight has always been in eating half portions, even though it's hard to eat half a cookie. If you deprive yourself the yumminess of treats that you love, you're more likely to binge now and then. No more deprivation --- just moderation! (I am working on losing 15 pounds and have 10 more to go. Today I had some ice cream, but it wasn't a full serving!)

  7. Sending "selling" vibes your way...that's such great news. Hopefully it will all work out.

    Oh, and you know what I say to myself after having a binge's only ONE day. It's not gonna kill ya.

    LOVE the dragon, totally wish I had your talent. I can do things like that on a computer, but can't draw more than a stick figure.

    BTW - Stopped by my parents house this week and they had hung their painting right in the living room for everyone to see...they just love it so much. Thanks again. :-)

  8. I totally can relate to the whole being gun shy. I went through multiple buyers myself. I wasn't completely at peace until the papers were signed and keys handed over. I will continue to pray for a quick turn around for you guys so you can officially close that chapter.

    Your dragon is beautiful! I wish I could draw/paint/be creative. I suppose we all are creative in our own ways... some more so than others. :)

    I recommitted myself to Weight Watchers 3 weeks ago. My goal is 30lbs by 30 years. I have aprox 4 months to do it. So far I've done good but I do allow myself to "Cheat" in fact it's incorporated into the plan! Seems to silly to say but everything in moderation is key. Eat less, move more. I applaud you for cutting so much out. My biggest downfall is bread or any carb. If I could, I would be on an all carb diet. Ha.

    Happy Monday!

  9. Hope is so real, isn't it. We have such a great God! He is always faithful, even if there was no buyer. But I'm really happy there is a new one.

    You have mad dragon skills!

  10. Why is it always that first step of faith that is the hardest? But, like you say, once that first step is taken, it all works together for His good.. :)

  11. very cool dragon! :) cool how things work out sometimes when we just give them to God.

  12. The dragon looks amazing, Becky. Keeping my fingers crossed for you with the house!

  13. YAY! So happy to hear the good news :) Will continue to pray everything turns out well with the deal :) You look beautiful in your pictures, Becky.

  14. Hoping and praying that the new buyers sign on the dotted line...SOON! God will make a way...remember that! Your dragon simply blows my mind!

  15. I did the same thing only it was with Pumpkin Muffins I ate three in a row.
    Your scenery looks like it is going to be just beautiful. So glad you have another buyer.

  16. SO happy you have a new buyer! I'll pray this time that it works out. The dragon is amazing and with a yummy cheat day!

  17. Is God cool? Yes, yes He is. That is so awesome! We don't always understand His reasoning or timing, but He's never wrong and He's never late.

    Dragon. One word; whoa-how'd-ya-do-that?
    (Like how I made that one word? Ha!)
    You're amazing.

  18. Love that dragon!!!:O) So glad your prayers where heard:O) And I had one of those binge days those darn Hormones!!!:O) have a great day:O)

  19. oh, you are SO right.
    sometimes starting is 90% of the battle for me, but when i trust Him, it all comes together! :)
    oh, yes, and i hear you on the cheat thing! eeek! been there, done that.
    what a blessing that God is showing us His goodness to you in such a REAL form, right NOW. i love how He uses these situations to teach and grow us all!

  20. I have to remember that God is good. Even when my prayers are not answered, God is good.

  21. First of all Good Luck with the new buyer. All of us who love your blog are on your side and faith seems to be your friend so Im guessing good things are coming your way.
    Cheeting on your diet when stress mounts is a given. I too cheeted Sunday. It felt good and bad. I think the good out-wieghed the bad.

  22. I love how encouraging you are to others out there that "God has a plan!" I've always believed that God knows better than we do what is good for us. But I never knew how true that was until after my sweet girl was born. The biggest lesson I've learned is that God truly DOES give you the desires of your heart......even when you didn't know they were there. I would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have thought to ask for or desire a child with Down syndrome. But God knew better. He knew I needed her. Sure, I can go ahead and pray for what I THINK I want, but ultimately, God knows better. He always does.

    So now, I can say with authority, experience, and truth that God has a plan for you and you and you and you! It DOES work out.

    Much love & prayers for a smooth closing on your house....YAY!!!

  23. Look at you, that dragon is super awesome! Crossing my fingers that this new buyer comes through!

  24. Oh girl... so many things to say from reading this post! You did good and cheat days are okay! I need one soon. Love ya

  25. Love the dragon! Prayers that the house drama will be over soon...for you and others who are in the same place. Cheat days...deserved once in awhile!

  26. well don't you just look adorable!
    and are those overalls? I hope so! I have been looking at them at thrift stores and Nikki says no way mom!
    well if Becky wears them then Tiffini can wear them right?:0
    Good to hear the news and I have been eating horribly bad...bad bad bad
    love ya

  27. He is too darn cute Becky ~ then again you are too! Will keep my fingers crossed on the new buyers and you are always in my prayers. xo

  28. I signed up for the Coop Keeper's boot camp today. Lord help me. I am so happy the house is getting interest! I have been praying! And that dragon is the shizam!!

  29. How awesome Is that a new buyer already? So awesome ! I'm totally like you I cheat a little then I lose my grip, go big or go home.. Welp right?;) I always feel guilty when something good happens to me when others I care bout are struggling so deeply I just dont understand all of it I never will, but I just have to accept that I will never understand all of his plans.

  30. Look at you... just walkin' in faith like that! :)
    Thats an amazing looking dragon!
    And wow everyone needs to have a fun-day and eat whatever they want.
    Congrats to Big Chick!!!
    And was it just me. or did everyone turn there head sideways to see that picture of you with your
    You are adorable sweet friend!!
    So happy to hear the good news about your house...yeah God!

    Deborah xxoxoxoxo

  31. You are a great painter, the dragon looks incredible. How fun to be able to participate in the preparations for your daughters play.

    SO HAPPY that it looks like your house will sell now. The Lord often times has HIS own time-line for when blessings come to us. We just have to be willing to wait.
    and I am not always a good waiter.

  32. You are a farmgirl inspiration Becky...thanks for sharing your life story with all of us. I just love it and so glad things are going the right direction for the sale of your house. I'll keep praying.

  33. is it awful that i am encouraged by your binge?
    no matter, i totally agree,
    just have it and be d o n e.
    praise jesus, wow, love this report.
    beautiful dragon baby. i am super inpressed.

    happy monday night xo

  34. I love your dragon, your overalls, and most of all your short bread cookies dipped in chocolate. I am so sorry for your stress. I will pray that everything works out perfectly.

    I am excited about your talents and the ways that God can use you : ) I love that you share. You are a blessing to so many. I am thankful for you.

    Praying big prayers.
    Sending big love.

  35. i just saw the pix of your darling home over at "life made lovely." so cozy and inspiring.

    where did you get the clock in your dining room? it is exactly what i didn't know i AM looking for.

    and i am inspired by your vanity to paint one i have from my grandmother that is currently (for 7 years) being stored in my garage! how did i not think of this on my own? whatever! i'm thrilled at the possibilities now.

  36. Well, aren't you just a cutie patootie in that photo! lol! Aaaaannnndd.....I'm SOOOO feelin' your Carb Coma pain! I jumped on the scale yesterday and saw that I had fiiiiinnnnnally lost 2 pounds. (yeah...two whole pounds since December....woo hoo.) Sooooo... what did I do today? Can you guess?? After cutting way back on carbs like my friend Becky's (!) been doing, weakling-Laurie shoves 3 waffles with maple syrup AND 2 pieces of pizza into her pie hole today! AGGGHHHH!!!! So, yeah...I hear ya, my friend. lol!

    Anyhoo.....GREAT job on the dragon! You're a true artist through and through! :) And so happy for you with your house sale! Yippeee!!! Thank you, Lord!!

    xoxo laurie

  37. So glad you have another buyer for your house!

    And, as far the cheat day goes?? I LOVE to workout and eat healthy but I've seen waaaay too many of my friends take it too far or to an extreme. I used to beat myself up over going overboard on a cheat day but the older I get I think it's needed. I definitely think about everything I put in my mouth but there's also so much more to life than the number on the scale. It's taken me so very long to get to that point and I still struggle with it just not as much as I used to. I hope I'm not sounding preachy...I guess I just don't want you to beat yourself up! It's life, nobody's perfect. Enjoy it!

    Loved your dragon!! How's Big Chick feeling about the upcoming play? Nervous, excited, scared?? She is SO BRAVE!! I would be terrified to stand up and do something like that in front of an audience! Isn't it cool to be inspired by your kids :) Love it!

    Angie from Ohio

  38. As I said to you....I'm brand new to your blog! I love it. Your dragon is past gorgeous. Such talent!!!!

    On a personal remember God's Plan and my Jeremiah passage. It will get you thru ALOT. Believing that certainly has helped me. I have total faith you will be ok.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Oh wow! That is so great about a new buyer and what a wonderful example of how prayer works:) it really does! and you know what, it's working for the others who shared as well-it just hasn't shown itself yet:) I know I thought of everyone that night as I laid my head down on my pillow. I feel a bit guilty in feeling relieved that we are not alone in this mess of an economy-to hear that others are struggling too. I hate that they struggle but it makes me feel more "normal" to hear I'm not alone. And your news just gives hope! and that's all we need sometimes:)
    PS-Wonderful dragon! If your art group ever needs a new member, holler at me, would ya!? I'm normal ;) and love to create! It's super that you've found that group!
    Thanks for sharing your good news:)

  41. praying like crazy that your house will be settled...once and for all....that it won't fall through!!

    LOVE the dragon!!

  42. SO happy when I
    rec'd that text in
    Vancouver ~ praying
    it goes through and
    you can begin to
    have more peace.
    Love your dragon!
    E would draw nothing
    but dragons for over
    a year when she was
    about 10 or 11....her
    dragon phase : )

    xx Suzanne

  43. so happy for you guys...and your dragon is super cool :) xo

  44. he is beautiful, becky! (i say that a lot here!!)

    glad your prayers were answered and there are new possibilities for ya'll


  45. Becks, love the dragon!! I had the SAME thing happen to me last week! I'd been doing no sugar/starch sooo well and then PMS...I was a goner. Getting back to it now, but geesh!! Hard week!!!


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