Tuesday, January 17, 2012

living in the ordinary

I've felt quiet on the inside lately.  There hasn't been any urgency to write or record my thoughts.  That's rare for me.  I've just been busy with life...painting sets for big chick's play, running errands...the daily living stuff. 

When you think about it most of our time is spent living in the ordinary. There usually isn't earth shattering excitement on a regular basis. We have our routine. We hit that alarm clock, stumble to the bathroom, make coffee or breakfast, get on with the to-do lists of today. If you are anything at all like me the first hour or so of the day is a sleepy eyed blur. It's usually my least favorite hour of the day. 

I'd like to change that if I could.  What I would really like is to hear the alarm clock go off and instead of groaning inwardly to myself, I would like peace to cover me.  I want a renewed excitement for the day to come.  I want to see it as a blank canvas ready to be decorated with splashes of joy, splashes of passion, splashes of purpose.   We are all artists.  Life just happens to be the canvas we get to decorate.  Even in the ordinary I want to create a masterpiece. 

Have a blessed day.

372.  lunch with a friend
373.  oatmeal with a pinch of coconut
374.  slow cooker cuban sandwiches that made me oooh and ahhhh
375.  going for a run...being able to run!
376.  a new day

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  1. oh i wish i loved the early hours too...never been morning girl. the house is full of "busy energy" and it makes me a little grumpy. i should just be grateful to have this beautiful life...
    i get what you're saying...

  2. I love the morning actually....just have trouble getting myself out of bed with my alarm clock- that is my struggle! I look forward to that first cup of coffee and checking my email and reading a few blogs before the day really gets started. I do get what you are saying though!

  3. I haven't posted much on my blog for fear I am too boring at the moment....thanks for sharing your thoughts...ordinary can be good at times too. I am sort of a morning person....and it is time to get moving! It is -30 here on the Alberta prairies today . Brrrrr

  4. sometimes I think winter is just like that... a little ordinary. and at least you don't have your morning friend there every day talking your ear off..... :) fergie ferg looks so cute and all sunshiny!

  5. I use to like getting up early, but I don't know what happened. I need to retrain myself. Start getting up a few minutes earlier every day.

    Do you have a recipe for cuban sandwiches? It sounds like something easy to make, with a good amount of leftovers. :)

  6. I get up at 5 AM every day to get my daughter up and ready for school. I don't really mind it because it gives me time...QUIET TIME...to talk to God and to prepare myself for the day ahead.

  7. so beautiful even in the ordinary of our days....right?

  8. My first hour of the day is definitely blurry eyed too. I have to get in the routine of putting the coffee maker on the night before....so lovely wake up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing.
    I am glad for ordinary. I will take it any day!!!
    I love that you are keeping your grateful list going this year!

  9. I always look forward to reading your list of things you feel blessed with. #373, yum-o! and #375, I couldn't agree with more. Hope your ordinary day is indeed a masterpiece! Have a great Tuesday.

  10. I love that idea. Peace flooding over when the alarm clock goes off. I will pray for that tonight.
    If you could pray for Kaish today that would be great. He is having a very hard time with friends and I am stressed to the max. He is getting in trouble in school. He can't sleep at night. I don't know what to do. My heart is hurting for him. I knew you would care.

  11. I just love your outlook on life! xoxo

  12. DITTO!!! My thoughts EXACTLY!!- I LOVE each day adding little bits and pieces to our "life canvas"...
    Happy day to you sweet friend!

  13. I used to be a
    VERY early bird,
    but something
    shifted over the
    last year and now
    it's a struggle to
    get up for those
    early spin classes
    or just for the
    "ordinary" days.
    Tomorrow I'll try
    framing the moment
    as a blank canvas
    and hope that helps!
    Happy Tuesday,
    xx Suzanne

  14. Such a lovely visual...splashing our days with laughter and purpose. You have given me an idea for my art:)

    So happy I found you...I was visiting that fabulous Courtney Walsh and stumbled upon yours. So grateful.

    Have a beautiful ordinary day!!:)


  15. I'm in the winter blahs, myself. I think it has something to do with the dirth of sunlight. I NEED me some sunshine.
    My life is INCREDIBLY ordinary. I like it like that.

  16. we are His masterpieces, His workmanship. even though our days feel ordinary they never are. i like that. thanks for the reminder. and me not feeling groggy or crabby in the morning?! sign me up! : )

  17. Living in the ordinary & loving it! What a great perspective you have...beautiful thoughts:)

  18. Very true... I have missed you but I so get it. I'm gonna try for the next week to change my attitude when I wake up, you are right every day is a blank canvas, ooh what will I create;)

  19. Yeah for a run..high five
    Here is my take and only mine
    It is good this no urgency season. Enjoy it to the fullest.
    The time comes when things press in and down.
    In hindsight these times are the settling in of the nutrients
    Of life preparing us for the next season--now doesn't that sound smart
    LOL...I'm kidding you know. Seriously though I love your heart on each
    Day being blank. I hate typing on this phone. It hurts my brain
    Love ya!

  20. I want to be one of those people that get out of bed feeling well rested and ready to greet the day. This time of year I roll out and shuffle here and there ~ next week I am on vacation so I am hoping to catch up on some sleep and maybe get creative ~ I also am praying for some sunshine. Hope the rest of your week goes well Becky. xo

  21. amen. I feel my days lately are running on autodrive. I MUST get outa this funk!

  22. i read somewhere that if you give yourself that pep talk {"i am going to wake up refreshed tomorrow,""when the alarm goes off, i will feel fully awake," etc} as you drift off to sleep, you really can wake up energized...

    also, there's the no caffiene after 2 thing, but that never worked for me, either. ;)

    now to the REAL point of your blog... bingo! oh to live so fully and joyfully even in the mundane!!


  23. I've felt the same way as what you describe. Plus, a little mentally disorganized...and struggling not to wish away the hours of each day. I don't know why I do that...sigh. I love this post. It spoke to quiet me.

  24. How are the stage sets coming? I have signed up to work on stage designs for our church. I am excited and scared both. I know you get that. I always love your thoughts. Now I wish I could bound outta bed too. I do but it is at 3 am and then by 5:30 I am ready to climb back in! xoxo

  25. Becky --- you write so beautifully, do you know that? I mean, seriously....worthy of being in a book. You put your heart right out there on that computer screen for us to hold, and I just want to focus on each sentence and remember it. Thank you for that. You are such a blessing to me! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  26. Hola! from the Dominican! I just wanted to encourage you that I think that there has been much growth in you during this tough transition of moving, trusting, beginning again, finding your footing in a new place. I also wanted to tell you that something that has transformed my thinking recently is a book by Linda Dillow called Satisfy my Thirsty Soul. It has been revolutionary for me! It talks about how we get the two major commandments (Love the Lord w/ all your heart, soul and mind and 2) Love your neighbor as yourself) out of order so that we actually MISS GOD in the midst of trying to serve Him! It talks about how we do God rather than LOVE God. Anyways, I am not typically a reader or a commenter, but I really wanted to tell you how I see the Lord working in you and wooing you to Him! And I am not a morning person AT ALL (a wallower I am!) but since beginning this book I find myself waking up to sit with the Lord and enjoy Him. This has been a total gift for me!

  27. So true! I, too, have been struggling to find the joy in the ordinary (seems like I'm always just making a meal or cleaning it up). Yet that is where God has me in this season, so I need to do it to the fullest (and enjoy it!).

    PS- How 'bout sharing the cuban sandwich recipe for those of us 'stuck in a rut' gals..... Pretty please? ;)

  28. been thinking about you today....
    hope you're feeling extra loved on from the Lord....cause I asked him to squeeze you with his peace and presence.

    how are you doing in your new state?
    new people...new church.....new house...new schools for chicks.....new, new, new?

  29. I wake up to the alarm set to a hip hop station because it's the only station that I can pick up in my bedroom, it's just funny having the Black Eyed Peas or Rihanna telling you to get up and start your day. The rest of my day is as ordinary as I make it.

  30. For living in the ordinary, you sure are an extraordinary person! And so are these photos....such beauty in the simple things.
    Blessings poured over you,

  31. oh, boy....this speaks to me!
    i feel the exact same way, but the Lord has been faithful and people MUST be praying for me, because HE is changing me...and i can feel it.


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