Thursday, January 26, 2012

Home Made Lovely

Good morning girlies.  Heather from Life Made Lovely recently asked me to be a part of her Home Made Lovely series.  Every week she features a blogger's home.  So far every single one has left me completely inspired.  I literally let out a little squeal when she wanted to include me.  I went around and took pics of most of my rooms, so now they will be all in one spot.  If you are curious head over here today:)

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Loved seeing everything in one spot Becky ~ you have made your new house a home and it reflects your personality so well. xo

  2. WOW!! I love your home! I love all the fun vintage touches, especially your old crib railing and church pew . . with the sconces . . . Oh I could go on! Beautiful home!

  3. Your house deserves to be featured!!! Excited to go see it!

  4. I love your beautiful home. It looks so welcoming. Some of my favorite things:
    *Bedroom chandie
    *Loving the lockers
    *Vintage orange breadbox (vitamin
    storage unit)
    *your bedroom quilt.

    I'm also thinking a turquoise piano would be awesome.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. You've done a wonderful job transforming your new house into a home. Though I've only seen your home through pictures, I can already sense that it is warm and welcoming. So lovely.

  6. you have done such an amazing job with your home!
    it looks so homey and cozy.
    you are so talented!
    love it all!

  7. your house is so cozy and homey. i just love it! congrats on such a cool format to show off your digs.
    (having a great time...thinking of you :))

  8. I miss your house... I miss you!! I love everything about your space, but you already knew that. :)

  9. you have a gorgeous home becky! love everything about it. that vanity in your bed room is SO neat! i might just have to go look at her post again :)

  10. I LOVE every stinkin thing about your home - Becky. It's so fun.

    I just may have to do some serious pinning. :) especially those lockers!

  11. I was using the google "next" feature, and came across your guest post, and briefly wondered why you were introducing yourself on your own blog. Ha. Then I realized it wasn't your blog. LOVE your home. I am so inspired by how your personality and interests show in your home. I wish I had that kind of passion for decorating, painting, etc. LOVE the side of the crib for jewelry organization. I just happent to have a few of those laying around! Yay!

  12. I love your home! I saw so many things that inspired me. You've done a great job of making it your own and showing your personality. Just curious, we're trying to decide on a color for our living room and I wondered what color the walls are in your piano room. Love the color! Thanks for sharing your home!

  13. Just checked out your home, and I am in LOVE. The color, the comfort, the sense of family. I think you need to add decorator to your feats of accomplishment. Fabulous.

  14. Your home is as lovely as I had imagined. Such beauty and your style is just cozy and relaxing.
    take care

  15. you have the coolest house!! I've always wanted a church pew, but I always thought of having to sit on the front porch. NOW if I ever get one, it's going inside!!

    and did you make your subway art "you're the peanut to my butter..". I LOVE what yours says, and would love to get one for my house.

    we're finally getting some snow up here in MN. such a mild winter we've had. Very few days of subzero weather. i know next year is going to be a DOOZIE!!

  16. how fun it was to go over there and see your home. I always enjoy seeing how people like to decorate and personalize their homes. have a big place
    do you know, with me and my hubby here in the country of southern alberta, my WHOLE HOUSE is 950 feet...probably the size of your ETSTY room.
    it is tiny for sure.

    thanks for the tour

  17. Ok that is the best jewerly hanger ever, loved the whole cozy casa.

    Thanks for the tour!

  18. What a beautiful home Becky. I LOVE it! It looks like a place full of love and coziness...a very happy place to live. I adore your vanity! :)

  19. How fitting for your home to be featured...your home IS made lovely. All your touches make your home seem so welcoming. And I've always thought that sentimental people are also sweet people.

    You are sweet for sure :)

    p.s. And I love your blue truck completely.

  20. Becky! You have to tell me where you found those yellow canisters. I am in love with those!!

  21. Becky your home is so lovely and I'm so thankful to find you and your blog. I so enjoyed seeing all of your creativity...just beautiful.

  22. Your home is exactly how I thought it would be: welcoming, lovely, cozy, happy, and homey. Thank you for sharing it with all of us who feel like friends more than readers. I loved it so much, I sat my husband down and showed it to him. He had all good comments and said he liked how you made everything fit together. High praise from someone who, when I met him (blind date), was using an air mattress for a bed!
    One of the ladies who commented asked about the color of your piano room. I was wondering if you might include your paint colors in a blog. I am a bit embarrassed to tell you this but a few months back you sent me the color and manufacturer of the paint color of your master bathroom...and I lost the paper I had written it on, sooooo....would you mind?
    Thank you for sharing your home with us.


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