Sunday, January 22, 2012

completely random

Good morning friends...hope your weekend is going well.  Did you get a crazy cancellation notice from Picnik??  My heart stopped for a second.  I thought they dropped me for some reason, but NO it's worse...they are stopping all together!!   WHAT??  Like seriously I had a little panic attack.  Picnik is how I make my pictures look sort of good.  I'm not techy.  I don't have the patience for Photoshop.  I recently bought Lightroom and I had a friend give me a tutorial recently, but in the back of my mind I knew I had my Picnik safety net to fall back on.  NOW WHAT!??  I hate change.  They didn't really explain what will happen after they close.  It was vague.  Hopefully there will be another option that's as great as Picnik has been.  If you have any suggestions.  Please let me know.  One of my readers sent me this link.  I haven't checked it out yet.  I'll pass it on to you though.

(This is what an unedited picture looks like...yikes!  BTW isn't this the cutest owl hook ever?? It's in my pantry holding all my aprons.  Hobby Lobby baby:))

With Picnik...horrible lighting, lots of noise...not perfect, but better. 

Which brings me to my next frustration....Blogger.  I've gotten many an email from you, saying you can't get on my blog.  That it whites out or you can read it from Google Reader, but can't leave a comment.  This just makes me sad.  I have no idea how to fix it:(   I'm seriously contemplating a big change.  It makes me really scared, but I'm thinking of switching over to Wordpress.  Have any of you done that?  Did you run into problems?  Were your readers still able to find you?  Do you like it?  Help me please!!

Okay enough about techy issues.  Whew...just had to get that off my chest.  We are playing hooky from church today.  Hate that, but Sunday's have become our only day of not running all over creation with this play.  So we had church at home, complete with praise and worship.  Gotta love that.  Honey and I sang all the songs we grew up with.  The girls muttered along, not really knowing the words.  Don't you wish sometimes that they still sang the oldies at church?  Don't get me wrong.  I love contemporary worship, but an occasional hymn warms me to my toes.

This post is so random...sorry.  Okay dream interpreters, this is your chance.  The night before last I dreamed Honey announced we were moving to Chicago.  I woke myself up crying...hysterical that he could be moving us again after we just finally were starting to feel settled here.  Than last night I dreamed he got fired and we packed all of our stuff and went back to Minnesota.  We went to our old house, which is now sold, and while the new owners were out we went inside and made sandwiches.  They came home and we made a mad dash for it...leaving Big Chick inside!  How crazy is that??  I have no idea what's going on.  I've really let Minnesota go.  I'm becoming very content here.  Hmmmm.  Maybe it has to do with those final strings being cut...the house finally selling.  Anyway I'm ready to stop with the nutty dreams.

Have a blessed day.

387.  a day at home
388.  a shiny brand new toaster, that doesn't burn my toast
389.  a renewed desire to create again
390.  blind faith that good things are coming
391.  vacation ideas bubbling in my brain

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  1. I think I read that something similar to Picnik will be on Google+...have to wait and see I guess... :)

  2. Hey Becky...I just went to Picnik and it is still up and running until mid April...all premium features are free too!

  3. so get this... i quit using picnik about five months ago when my phtographer said that using picnik lessens the quality of your pictures because the site shrinks them down so much to fit in order to edit. so really, it's a good thing, i promise. i've been using photoshop elements (not amazing, but ok) and am learning. you can learn, too! plus, lightroom is the best possible editing software around. i think there's always something wrong with blogger at some point. wordpress scares me because it's even more difficult to set up (i started out with wordpress and then made the switch because i could not understand it!). BUT, all the hard work with it would probably be well worth it in the end.

  4. It's like one of our conversations!!!! LOL I LOVE IT.

    I'm with you... totally upset of Picnik.

    And that dream... oh man we could have an entire conversation about it couldn't we?!

    I want to hear what you are thinking about vacations... :) Seattle?! Yes?! LOL

    Love you babe. Let's talk lots this week. I start James study... I'm excited. Okay off to clean for (hopefully) showings this week!

  5. I don't edit obviously. I can't care because I feel like it will be a time suck I can't leave??? Crazy dreams here...this is where my worries manifest! I have had no problems reading your blog but I read from Blogger Dashboard. Have a good Sunday. I skipped church to see Mom and Dad.

  6. Hey Becky.
    I didn't realize that my blog was doing that!
    I haven't noticed anything here, I'm curious if it's because we don't have copy and paste layouts?!
    I just had my blog make-over.

    I played hooky from church today too.
    In fact when I do that I tune in to our old church back in Austin....
    I can watch live or I can go see a previous weeks message always fulfilling!

    I read about picnik this morning in my email and I'm kinda bummed too.
    I don't have lightroom although I'd love it, it's not in the budget for quite sometime.
    Oh well I'll have to figure out how to get a good picture sans editing I!

    I hope you have a Blessed Day!

  7. I don't seem to be having problems accessing your blog with Firefox as my browser. Internet Explorer was killing me. My blogger blog is all kinds of messed up right now, though. I learned about Picnik from you: totally distraught. I went to church by myself, this morning. I had to go, you know, b/c of the commitments. Which makes me glad I have commitments. I should commit to working out with YOU; then there might actually being some hope of my losing weight. Speaking of which: $40 for that book? Ugh! I'm so glad about your old house and you NEW feelings of being settled. It took me several years to figure it out (Good thing you're smarter than me!), but this is a great place to be. Hey, let me know when the girls have a day off, again; we'll go to the science museum. I have some passes I can share w/ you.

  8. P.S. I was so glad to read at Shannan's that you love GP's haircut in Sliding Doors. That's two things we have in common, girl: GP's haircut, and Jesus.

    I'm thinking that's enough to bond us for life.

    Still, I'm getting a little DIY...I mean DIMish. AND I might get in shape someday. So we might have FOUR things in common in the future.

    You should open your heart to the Wizard of Oz. That would be FIVE.

  9. I'm a Photoshop girl because of my business, but I wouldn't DARE want to use it if it weren't for what I do. Too much of a beast. I heard Apple has something Photoshop-like. Can't remember what it's called.

    I've been contemplating moving to Wordpress because I like that you can reply via email to comments. I hate when someone leaves a comment that stirs my heart to reply, but I have no way of doing it if they don't have a blog. I look forward to seeing what you decide.

    I don't dream much, but it sounds like you still have a lot of emotions to dump before the Lord. {So do I...about other things}. He can take it! And He can heal and fill every hidden crevice!

    Happy Sunday!

  10. Hi Becky. I was having that white out screen when I would try to leave a comment on some blogs, so it's not just your blog that has it. It does seem like it has something to do with comments that are embedded below posts though. Maybe if you change to a pop up it will be better. I also downloaded Chrome and now everything works fine for me.

    That is so sad about Picnik. That's such a fun program. I'll bet they'll be something else to use though. I edit my photos in Photoshop's pretty basic.

    That's interesting about the dream. It probably just has something to do with it selling and finally letting go. Have a good Sunday :)

  11. When you learn lightroom you will love it so much more than piknik! Trust me : )
    Don't fear. They said that it is going to be on google plus so you can just upload your pictures there and edit.

    Those dreams are pretty insane. I can't interpret but it seems like you did a great job guessing :)
    We went to my brother's church today. It was interesting. Long. A lot of older people. I love older people.

  12. NO problems on this end viewing your blog in blogger nor reader. Not sure if it may actually be some personal settings of the user? I notice some sites within the reader won't load all the way, and it is actually the blogger setting it up to make you "view the page" instead of using the reader. (I do know white out can occur in poor internet connections as well as if they have a smaller or larger screen resolution than you have set up.

    Wordpress...easy peasy! I have one... I've never tried moving over all my info yet, but it is a safety net!

    PS Picnik, I've had it...never used it. I use the general picasa on google, it works for what I want to do. I also have CS3, but um...I never get onto my desktop to use it and it just takes up too much room on my well, it gets used VERY infrequently but I love it still!

  13. I freaked about your 2 complaints as well. Alicia mentioned something about Google+ but i'll have to check out the link you posted. I also couldn't get on your blog and comment too, but I can now! maybe you don't have to change :) I wanted to comment on the post about your house being sold. Praise God! He is so good :) Have a great Sunday, Becky.

  14. I'm a lurker ;) - but wanted to comment and encourage... Try Lightroom again. so nice - and I'm amazed how good my little ordinary pictures look after I'm done with them in LR! If it integrates with google+ that would be awesome!

    I switched from blogger to wordpress a couple years ago when I was still blogging. I was so nervous, but it went so smoothly and I LOVED using wordpress! I didn't have many readers, so I'm not sure what effect that had on my readership... ;) You can always leave a "last post" up with a link to your new site, so all people have to do is click over!

  15. Hi Becky,
    I know I told you a while back that I rarely leave comments ONLY bc I have trouble leaving them! I have heard from a lot of bloggers lately that they are having trouble too. One bloggers header disappeared randomly. Miss Mustard Seeds site vanished yesterday! (she posted about it today).
    And I can't view or leave comments on my own blog. The site freezes when I try. I have to go into edit comments to read what anyone wrote.
    Phew! And also, I would not recommend Wordpress bc I switched from them in the first place. It didn't leave too many options to do things.
    Still searching for a bible study group here too!

  16. I KNOW!! Picnik was something I just found...I know, I'm a little behind the eight-ball. So sad...but I guess I'll have fun with it until April.
    I have thought of switching to Wordpress, as well...but like you...change can be hard.
    Dreams...oh, if I only dreamed. I don't...or at least, I don't remember them...AT ALL! I kinda think you're are related to finally selling your house.
    Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.
    We played "hookie" too.
    Here's to lazy Sundays.
    Jen xo

  17. I have had some issued commenting on blogs but never on yours. I use Picassa for editing but will check out the link you provided. Your dreams are freaky Becky ~ I bet they do mean something! Kinda funny about the sandwiches in your old house ~ that is random for sure. Enjoy your Sunday ~ I am in sleep pants and attempting to do as little as possible. xo

  18. I freaked out too when I went over to Picnik! I have Photoshop...but, always feel overwhelmed when I use it. I guess I need to start learning. Boo. I was quite content using Picnik! :) I am sorry you are having problems with Blogger. I don't have that exact problem, but other things happen all the time. It gets really frustrating. I don't know if Wordpress is better, but I can assure you that your readers will follow you!

  19. I just thought that I would throw my thoughts into the mix. I used to use Picnik but I found that I could do the same things using Picasa and Picasa helped organize my photos better. So I haven't used Picnik for a while. I also use Windows Live Writer to write my blog. It makes it so much easier!

    I have tried to switch to Wordpress twice and gave up both times. I just don't understand it. I can do way more with my blogger account. I would have to hire someone to set up a wordpress blog because it is so hard unless you want it looking plain.

    P.S. I have never had a problem reading your blog or leaving a comment.

  20. I have had that problem with yours and others blogs too and I thought something was wrong with my computer. Thank goodness it's not my computer. ;) I agree about the songs at church. I like a mix of both. It would be sad to lose the old ones. We churched at home last week because it snowed. :)

  21. Yes, cutest owl ever! And, yes, a total Picnic panic attack! Frustration. But, as my grandpa always said- "It all comes out in the wash."
    We panic and then we adjust. :)
    (I hate change too.)

  22. I saw the April closing date on Picnik,too, and hate to see it go. In the meantime at least they are giving everybody free access to their premium stuff. I use Photoshop Elements and Topaz Adjust's newest version but still love Picnik and will miss it. I didn't know that Google may offer something in its place. Hope so.

  23. I have had this problem too, but not with your blog. Also had problems uploading photos with blogger. I am glad to know it isn't just me. Guess it is time to send blogger a message to fix it. Love the owl hooks!

  24. Aaaah NOOOO - I LOVE picnik!!! I use photoshop and there is TONS you can do with it, but picknik makes it all SOoooo easy peasy!!! Booooo! *sob* :(

    The blogger thing isn't just you, I'm having the problem on other blogs too, (all blogger blogs though) BUT I did originally start with Wordpress and used it for a few months before making the switch to blogger. I would say stay with blogger! Though it has it's quirks and whatnot, it's like the picnik of blogging. Wordpress is great, it's what I used to host my website - but it is really MUCH more technical, which is fine if you want that and like that but I like the push button way of blogger. It's totally up to you, (obviously!) and we WILL find you, no matter where you go! (kinda creepy there....sorry!) And you can buy a domain and use that and we'll never lose you - but that all said....and that's alot said - I like techy things (a little...on the good days...) but I'd stay with blogger!

    Okay...well I hope this comment posts..... ;)

  25. See, you threaten to leave blogger and now I can post comments! ;) lol!

  26. Hey Becky!
    I got the cancellation notice too.
    I can't help, because I use PS Elements, but if I can figure it out, I know that you could, too!

    I'm always here to help!

  27. I, for one read your blog in reader and have had no issues. I love old time hymns....which we still sing at our Church every single week. I love Old Time religion.

  28. i had that panic attack too--WTF with picnik? i rely on it sooo much!

    the dream stuff: wonder if a part of you is waiting for the other shoe to drop after your great news that the house sold. sometimes it's tough to boldly accept the joy that is ours--but it really is okay to do just that without guilt and with open hands!

    smiles and love to you, lovely blogger.


  29. i just kind pf pretended that i didn't see that email from picnik, it's called denial. i don't even wanna think about learning photoshop, i get so overwhelmed by that stuff!

  30. Ha, I got that email yesterday and thought of you right away! I think you're the one who introduced me to it, like all other good things :) It'll be ok, we can learn something new together. Hang in there! Oh, and i'm having all kinds of crazy problems with blogger. I thought I was going crazy or that my new computer was a lemon, but i'm hearing lots of this through the grapevine...hopefully they fix it all soon!

  31. i think.....
    i'm pretty sure....
    i mean i think it might be....
    I'm leaving a comment!!!!!!
    hip hip hooray!! i don't even remember what i was going to say....

  32. I'm thinking your dream has something to do with the finalization of the move. I have to share my dream the other night. I've been obsessing about my weight (gain of it) and I dreamed the other night that I actually had an eating disorder and was way too thin and wasn't able to realize it and then I actually needed to gain weight! Then I woke up, patted my tummy and realized, no I eat too much and I am such problem ;) So all to say I'm starting a diet and working out this week. Wish me luck!

  33. i am sad about picnik too...WHY would they do that?? I too have been having problems leaving comments on some blogs...

    and (this is totally random...) I want to live in a house like in your paintings... sigh, maybe one day! Your work is beautiful!

  34. Hi Becky,

    I was one of your visitors who could not get to your blog. All I woud get was a white screen. But it looks like what ever the probelem was its gone.

    As for Picnik.....I have used it for fun. It really is a cool pogram and it is such a shame that it is being taken away. I just paid my yearly members fee too. Oh well. As for using other editors My faveorite one is Lightroom. I aso use PSE(also very good) but I have the full photoshop program and I am slowly teaching myself how to use it. There is so much to learn. But you can go online and do a search for videos that teach you how to use both Lightroom and Phtoshop.Like you, I *hate* change. But when my husband and I decided to open a small portrait studio I had to learn how to use the above editors.

    I've thouht about using Wordpress. I use Typepad and like i very much so I will probably stay with them.

    By the way, congratulations on selling your home. I'm sure that it was a huge weight lifted from you.


  35. Hey Becky ~ You're not alone in your panic attack. I had mine yesterday with I read it on Erin's post. My heart started racing and my palms got sweaty!!!! Oh my gosh! What are we going to doooooo!!!????

    Then....I started surfing the net for answers. I wanted to see an answer that said "This photo editor is JUST like Picnik!". But no. I didn't see that anywhere. What I did find was "" and a plethora of information there. I visited a bunch of sites and just started reading and looking at tutorials. I'm leaning toward Fotoflexor, Snipshot, SumoPaint, or Photoshop Express. But I will be checking out Lightroom, too.

    Yeah. I HATE change.....

    xoxo laurie

  36. I use blogger and have had NO problems with it, I don't think you need to change. There were a few days last week alot of blogs were having trouble.

  37. Lightroom is supposed to be really awesome! I have photoshop elements and love it, but it's a bit of a learning curve. Also, from what I gather Blogger is having some serious issues right now. Not sure what but there are a lot of people having commenting issues.

    I hate those kind of dreams! Had a crazy one last night that my kids fell out of the back of a moving van. Hubby woke me up asking what was wrong because I was thrashing around and crying in my sleep. WEIRD!!!

    Have a great week!

  38. Hi Becky,
    Delurking here to say don't be afraid of Wordpress, I am a tech idjit and have been using it for 4 years!

    A couple of years ago I downloaded Windows Live Writer, and it became even easier.

    I have so much trouble leaving comments on most Blogger blogs that I just don't bother any more. I get the blank screen or they make you sign in and fill in their funky password over and OVER until you want to scream.
    Surprisingly, I had no trouble with yours!
    Love your pictures!

  39. Regarding your blog, I have always been able to read it and leave comments just fine. But I use Firefox. Maybe that makes a difference.

    I agree about wanting to sing old hymns on occassion at church. Love them! One reason, the harmony parts are just awesome {and harmony is pretty much all I sing}! Especially when it becomes accapella for a little bit. Awesome!

  40. I'm on and I think my readers were able to find me, but I really don't like it. So I'm going self hosted soon through lots more options going through self hosted.

    I'm STILL panicking about picnik closing. I have photoshop, but I don't know HOW to use it!

  41. I'm SO SAD! For whatever reason, every time I try to leave a comment, I am unable to type more than this length of a sentence :(

  42. I hear what you are sayin' - some of this stuff can be soooooo hard to use. Blogger is a pain - but I feel like it is the lesser evil ; )
    Have a great rest of your day,

  43. Yay....this is the first time I have been able to leave a comment for awhile. Everytime I'd just froze up on me.
    I am upset about Picnik too...I USE IT all the time.
    and I am NOT NOT NOT computer savy enough to have to figure other stuff out.

    so I googled...and found fotoflex
    It is almost like picnik, so I'll have to fiddle with it.
    I think it will work for me, unless I hear from someone about some other GREAT program

  44. I have no idea about your dream. But, I have to tell you, my favorite dreams, after flying dreams, are House dreams. Any house. Any rooms. I heart the house dreams. I'm a photoshopper, but I don't take many pics. Hmmm. I've been thinking of leaving blogger and going to Type Pad. We will see. I've had trouble seeing your blog sometimes, too.

  45. I was sooo sad too about picnik!! hopefully something wonderful will replace it!- blogger has been weird lately...maybe it's getting ready to change a bit and they are working out the bugs (rumor) Hope your week is awesome!

  46. The picnik thing
    freaked me out, too.
    Have to figure out a
    back up plan! You
    are better at leaving
    a place behind then
    I am. Hard to believe
    it's only been seven

    xx Suzanne

  47. i think you just need some chocolate. then all will be better;)

  48. Hi!
    Not being able to comment is very common on all blogs that I have been visiting. I think it's a glitch with blogger that will hopefully be fixed soon.
    As for no picnik...yes, I got that email. I too have recently purchased Lightroom3 and found the following blog that has been helpful:

    Best of luck!!

  49. 1. dreams are funny!
    2. i switched to wordpress b/c i wanted to use a pro-blogger template that lets me post bigger pictures (and i'm so happy w all that). i moved from blogger to squarespace, which was... okay. the wordpress i use is self hosted. it was a complicated move, but i'm so happy w it now....
    3. but, funny thing, i was just thinking how you have such a nice space here-the header, the background, your sidebar... :)
    4. i'm worried about the pic-nick thing, too!! (:


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